Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD)

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In Stock! Ready to be shipped! Out of stock! Get an email when back! Notify Me. Octomore you say? Sea salt, brine, lemon juice, seawater, freshly shucked oysters and raw iodine drops. Hard to argue with this level of chiselled intensity and precision of character. Anything that contains this much salt probably needs water though With water: beach pebbles and flint smoke now. Wet seaweed, smoked mustard, miso broth, lemon scented medicine and freshly peated malt. Mouth: despite the high strength this is surprisingly approachable when neat.

A rather kippery, leathery smokiness. Bracken, peat, damp soil, crushed seashells, squid ink, razor clams, hot paprika and lime juice. With water: a rather more grizzly and workmanlike peat profile now. All turf, diesel oil in brine, sheep wool, iodine, natural tar and bonfire smoke. Comments: These young, full term bourbon matured Octomores are undeniably impressive whiskies.

SGP: - 86 points. Nose: despite the magnitude of the Octomore distillate, what strikes first is still the oak. With water: a big carpet of smoke, salted almonds, more smoked meats, mercurochrome and hot wood ashes. Mouth: the wood, the wine and whisky really clash here. This is tough. With water: still not too cohesive. Peated aspirin, cranberries, young crusted port, mint leaf, camphor and hessian sack cloth. Some meat broth and mutton notes as well. Comments: I really struggle with this kind of whisky.

That barley translated into casks, the majority of which were apparently second fill. Notes of boiler smoke, gentian, natural tar, herbal toothpaste and assorted smoked shellfish. A wink of earthiness as well. In time it becomes greasier and seems to fatten in the glass.

Mouth: to quote Serge Valentin Huge delivery on arrival, beautifully medicinal, metal polish, frying bacon fat, glycerine, lemon jam, dried herbs, pure seawater, black olives, squid ink in brine, lighter fluid, wood char, iodine, kelp and more of these really lovely herbal toothpaste notes.

This is bigger and more immense than either of the other two and the strength is obviously higher, but it is also more complex, more interesting and just more charismatic. With water: mustardy, salty, a very pure peat smoke, some linen cloth, lemon juice, turmeric, bay leaf, white smoked fish, oyster sauce. Many excellent things.

Finish: long and full of antiseptic, embrocations, tar, lime juice, ash, crushed seashells, ink and beach pebbles. Comments: I often thought that the process of creating Octomore was one that obfuscated any characteristics of terroir from the barley. Who ever needed an excuse to taste some Springbank? Totally cool that Springbank would release something so daft and fun way back when.

Mind you, Campbeltown in the swinging 60s was probably quite something to behold Nose: Superbly fresh and coastal with an almost glycerol, syrupy quality. Anyway, continues to flex with these notes of shoe polish, mineral oil, precious waxes and hints of beach sand and medical tinctures. Mouth: old shoe polish mixed with yellow Chartreuse. Wool, lime peel, plenty of hessian, metal polish, soot and waxy citronella. Finish: good length and getting increasingly waxy, sooty, oily and coastal with a kind of flinty mineral side.

Comments: I wonder how much freshness was retained by bottling in large format? Having said that, there are also a few wee glimmers of good OBE in this one as well. Anyway, well worth seeking out. Delicious and quaffable young old Springbank. Not sure it would ever be possible to know exactly how many. Colour: light amber.

Nose: a rather mineral and clean sherry character which works very well with the pretty chiselled, coastal Springbank distillate style. Perhaps some blood orange and a toffee crisp as well. Mouth: feels a tad disjointed between the sherry and distillate - which is something I often find with contemporary Springbank in sherry.

Lots of spiced orange marmalade, some nutmeg, camphor, stewed fruits, marzipan and things like gauze and light antiseptic.

Finish: medium-long. Lots of spiced ginger cake, medical notes, umami broth, soy sauce, lemon cough drops and some slightly farmy notes in the distance. Comments: Good, solid contemporary Springbank. Not convinced by the sherry cask here. SGP: - 85 points. Thanks to Martin and Billy.

December 7, Some very unusual new Irish Indeed, some will be simply sourced and doctored-up, some others rather ueber-terroiry. Charring oak using peat, really? Pears, for sure, and a wee touch of hand cream, orange-scented liquid soap, cherry-flavoured beer, a pack of cinnamon Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD) A first indeed. Mouth: cloves and caraway, Fanta, pepper, fresh oak, and more pears. Finish: medium, a little sour and bitter. Burnt aftertaste, burnt pears, wood smoke Comments: I give up, this is not really my scene anyway.

Rather do A. Not exactly a good start… Tipperary 8 yo Colour: damson juice working on my descriptors, you see. Nose: rather okay so far. With water: pretty nice. Grenadine, cherry juice, pomegranate, clafoutis… This is coherent. With water: more oak spices, ginger, some earthiness, red apples, raspberry liqueur and chocolate, cherry sweets… Finish: long, a tad leafier, as almost always with these casks.

Some ginger and tobacco in the aftertaste, perhaps a wee touch of stewed spinach. Comments: surprisingly coherent, and even good. Proof that the chef is as important as the recipe. SGP - 81 points. In short, wine concepts in whisky, and… terroir. With water: putain de bordel de merde!

Finish: yada, yada, yada. Whiffs of new bandages in the background, as well as, perhaps, a little olive soap. Mouth: this is rather incredible, things getting pretty different now, that is to say much fruitier, rather on all things apples. Compote, cakes, pies, cider, calvados… etcetera.

Actually, a kind of grassy greenness remains. Finish: long, waxy and grassy. Grapeseed oil, a touch of grapefruit in the aftertaste. Comments: so a rather raw Glenlivet, quite the opposite of an easy, gentle Speysider. With water: a little chalk and earth are getting in on the act. Mouth neat : very fruity this time, around fresh orchard fruits, icing sugar, pears, greengages, Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD) apples, then candied angelica… With water: western summer fruits going bananas so to speak.

Various apples, including very sweet ones, as well as green and Provence melons. Finish: medium, superbly fruity. So some excellent, rather pristine middle-aged Glenlivet au naturel.

They sometimes used to add their own labels to indie bottlings, as the Italians used to do Sestante et all. With water: some wee hints of rubber that will need quite some time to go away.

Otherwise, apples. With water: candy sugar, candied fruits, maple syrup, a touch of marzipan, barley water, Cointreau.

Finish: rather long, a tad on mulled wine. Cinnamon, star anise and such. After all, Christmas is coming. Comments: yep. Now go find a bottle. Colour: amber. A lot of speculoos and pumpernickel here, morello cherries and guignolet, cherry-flavoured pipe tobacco, and just raspberry jam.

With more water: a big, fattish sweet cherry-like sherry. A rare case of rhyming alliterations being not purely superfluous oh-my-God.

Finish: long, rounded, sweet, syrupy. The fact is, I love my cherries. Comments: a bit bombastic and yet pretty elegant. Colour: only pale gold, which is quite astonishing. Nose: bingo, honeys and menthol-driven herbs and teas. A perfect combo when balance is right! Smaller elements here would gather pine resins, pollens and beeswax, sesame oil, dried figs, a wee touch of amaretto, and an old empty cigar box. Of course, no water to be added here.

Mouth: bingo again, no excessive old black tea from an old teapotno greenish tannins, and no bone-dry black chocolate, rather an arrival on marmalade and roasted coffee beans, then cassata, kougelhopf ice-cream, glazed chestnuts and good old rhum agricole.

Some pecan pie too, and never a single weakness despite the low strength. Finish: the resins and the marmalade are back, with a little liquorice Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD) black chocolate. A fresh, slightly mentholy aftertaste. Not the case at all here, this old baby still has the fire.

Thanks again Tom! I mean, a whisky. A fresh CaolIlaness for a start, and then some fresher lemongrass-like aromas that should have come from the oak. Something of a lemony cough syrup. Mouth neat : sweet Vishnu, indeed, that worked. With water: rather more on ginger, I would say, and sour white wine, Muscadet… Finish: medium, with touches of ginger again, sourdough, nutmeg… Comments: the very good people at Duncan Taylor have provided me with the original distillate, before it got octaved, which was cool.

SGP - 80 points. Right, any Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD). Mouth: goody good, creamy, uncomplicated, with some limoncello and oyster juice, brine, oysters again, and perhaps langoustines covered with custard what mad soul…? Finish: medium, brine-y, lemony. Comments: just wanted to check something.

Nose: there is this kind of manzanilla-like sourness that can work so well with peaters. Mustard, charcoal, lit cigars, old riesling, camphor, whelks, garden peat. With water: wet dogs we sure owe you, dogs and soot. Mouth neat : unusual and good, and indeed pretty sour.

Lime juice, seawater, grape skins, that dandy old riesling, grapefruit juice, and touches of lemony oak, whatever that means. So, only a few drops here, please. Some pineapples; bizarrely, pineapples often come with active American oak. Finish: long, appropriately sour and fruity. Comments: there may have been a little wizardry behind this bottling, but I like it, even if I tend to prefer the blade-ier Cis I had CI10 at WF 90, for exemple.

Right but indeed, this is extremely clean, vertical, narrow, and all on seashells and pure lemon juice. With water: w andering throughout a working kiln. Watch your clothes. Mouth neat : perfect clean, narrow, yet slightly fattish coz of the barrels CI. Smoked limoncello blended with seawater. With water: millimetrically pure ex-bourbon Caol Ila. In other words, vanilla-coated peaty whisky. Finish: long, a tad fat, perhaps. Comments: marvellous, but perhaps just a tad too vanilla-ed for me.

I know, splitting fairy hairs. Nose: right, kiwi and lime juices, garden bonfire, angelica, small Cherry Cola - Various - All Areas Volume 76 (CD) oysters I would suggest Prat-Ar-Coum — never mindand a wee chalkiness. Very elegant and pure, this young Caol Ila. With water: gets more medicinal. Mercurochrome and bandages, plus anchovie paste.

Mouth neat : exactly. A drop of agave syrup in lemon and oyster juices, plus kippers and green pepper corns. With water: exactly perfect. Lemon liqueur, a touch of salt, sardines, cigarette ashes, and a little crushed chalk. Finish: long, pristinely lemony and salty. Comments: as good as it gets at ten or eleven years of age.

Well selected, The Tall Stills! Which, in itself, is perhaps a little r……. Nose: get-out-of-here! Well, that, more or less. With water: careful, please never drown these oldsters. No water is the way here. Finish: perfect when undiluted, with tropical fruits dancing right on your tongue. Not that it would need any at Big medicinal smoke at 33 years of age! Which explains why I just cannot wait… Colour: gold. Nose: camphor, garden bonfire, old embrocations, new linoleum ask your parents, youngsters!

With water: but it would cross the Atlantic! With water: amazing, tense, salty, as sooty as old CI could be, ashy, with a few pine needles and a smidgen of top-of-range toothpaste. And lemon. Finish: rather long, just perfectly fresh, which really comes as a surprise.

Comments: an ode to age, or the new Helen Mirren of Scotch whisky. But we know that Caol Ila ages gracefully right, just like Helen Mirren. SGP - 93 points. Nose: macchiato and butterscotch for a start, then whiffs of sour wood fallen trees in a dump forest and a lot of green tea. Rubbed fern. No water in this! Mouth neat : really very good indeed. Mentholy apples? With water: water work rather better on the palate. Comments: a forgotten style. Try to catch one before they become totally undiscoverable.

Not that they were very seminal, having said that… SGP - 86 points. Remember Cadenhead last year? With water: gets sourer, but that is pleasant. Swiss cheese, tobacco, fermenting plums got some in the garage, will distil them soon! With water: same feelings. Comments: what a lovely experience! Probably the oldest Mosstowie ever, and indeed, much more than just an anecdotal whisky — but then again, it is neither Clynelish nor Springbank. Colour: gold, but moves like syrup. A little cardboard too.

Mouth: ethanol, molasses, tinned pineapples, cardboard, corn syrup, sugar. Finish: very short, a little bitter and sour beyond the sugar. Bitter grass. SGP — 60 points. Nose: kerosene, UHU glue, fermenting grass, ink, and picked capers. With water: fermenting plums, and I mean, really that. Mouth neat : huge. With water: extreme smoky and almost acetone-y olive brine.

Finish: very long, very salty and, well, still rather acetone-y. Comments: an infernal bone-dry Hampden, on the far end of the spectrum. Unless, of course… SGP - 87 points.

Nose: gentler, less extreme than that Hampden, more complex as well, with some smoky earthiness, no acetone this time, rather a feeling of smoked banana cake, cigar ashes, a mild oliveness, and whiffs of camphor and eucalyptus wood. With water: the varnish comes out, together with more very lovely earthy tones and fermenting tropical fruits. A combo that always works very perfectly. With water: really, marc.

And then, indeed, olives and tarry liquorice. Some sides remind me of that crazy thing that Silver Seal did, called Grhum. Which is grappa finished in ex-rum wood. Finish: rather long, funnily grape-y, and then appropriately olive-y. Colour: pale straw picture, a mock-up bottle.

Coca-Cola Cherry returned to Canada once again in the summer of and as part of the "Share a Coke" campaign. Cherry Coke, in flats of 24 cans, have recently been available at Safeway, Sobeys, and Loblaws-owned stores across Canada with markings indicating production at the Brampton, Ontario bottling facility. Originally available in certain markets in the country, availability of soft drink has expanded to other regions; while Cherry Coke has been relaunched, Vanilla Coke has also been launched.

Packaging for Coca-Cola Cherry differs greatly from country to country. Coca-Cola has altered the logos and label designs in the U. In most areas, the current can and bottle label designs are based on the standard Coca-Cola label in a pink or purple hue, often with images of cherries.

Jay-Z was chosen to be the spokesman and played a part in designing the new can graphics. A new diet version, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, was also introduced.

The original Diet Coke Cherry had still remained available in packs up until when it was replaced with Diet Coke Feisty Cherry.

These designs remained in place until earlywhen a cleaner design closer to the label designs used overseas was introduced. The word "Coca-Cola" is superimposed upon a red disc with a picture of a cherry below the text.

The background color of the can or bottle remains the same shade of purple introduced in the design. The word "Cherry" is placed above the red disc, similar to the "Original Taste" text currently used on cans and bottles of original Coca-Cola. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cherry-flavored cola soft drink. For the historic house in the United States, see Chericoke. The Coca-Cola Company.

Archived from the original on February 18, The New York Times.

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