Christophe Beck - Rubber Bug (CD, Album)

It seems that the master tape is unavailable or lost. Fantastically rare, this live album has practically nothing else to offer. Note: These shows are often wrongly listed as having happened in as well.

This was the bootleg my school pal Walter really wanted to have after he found it on a catalog I had received from the US.

This is terrifying. So, a very trepidatious moment, knowing that if something does go wrong, it can hurt these guys, which makes the stress and the intensity even more insane. At the end, we were left with these two guys that were frozen and burnt and bit in this elevator, and it just made sense that someone has to clean that up. With you having had a closeup view on what is appealing to people about Bella, what would you say it is? I think in the big picture, she actually is super passionate and motivated and thoughtful about everything she does.

And that to me is something that I think is lost among a lot of influencers and social media personalities …. Part of that, I think, is that she was in the military for years [in the U. And that lack of ego and that desire to make things as good as they can be I think sets her apart. And I think the next five, 10, 15 years will literally separate her from what people see as a TikTok personality and make her something that feels more like a true artist.

Paul actually had a cameo, too. We wanted to make it super subtle. It was supposed to be that simple, but he actually brought a bouquet of flowers to the set, because he wanted to give his five-second cameo a background story. He was an absolute gem to work with. I had done a video for the Strokes that was experimenting with deep fake. And we found a deep fake artist — we worked with a company called Hyperreal that does 3D avatars — and we kind of put all the pieces together.

Paul loved it and we scanned him in 3D, and then we did a single day shooting the entire thing out, and about eight weeks of post. Two tracks also feature Chan Marshall aka Cat Power on floating vocal accompaniment. At the centre of Beck's universe beats a heart of purest nerdiness. This geekiness is both his strength and his failing. Musically his refusal to accept boundaries and deliver up the patent folky martian hip-hop was what made us love him in the first place.

However when it comes to genuine songcraft Beck's never been easy to judge. While his ability to give us tunes of heartbreaking beauty was never in doubt his lyrics are less easy to admire.

The cut and paste approach to words seemed playful when pitched against the peppy melange of days of yore. Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators.

The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process. NOTE: Anyone may read this Wiki, but if you wish to edit the pages, please log in, as this Wiki has been locked to avoid spam. Apologies for the inconvenience. Jump to: navigationsearch. In return for his services, the demon, called M'Fashnik, really wants to kill the slayer.

No metaphors needed. It Album) all out there in plain view. Life in the real world. Maintaining a house. Paying bills. Managing money. All the deathly dull stuff of real life. Poor Buff. But running a household, paying day to day bills? That's what gives her the real wiggins. See above. Life, money, bills. Oh and some demon guy. And the Trio as well I guess. And it is scarier than any icky demon or fangy vamp. We know she won't qualify.

No income. A house with hardly any equity. It is a hard lesson for her to learn. Stupid skirt! Buffy trying to fight M'Fashnik at the bank but being scuppered by her long, tight skirt is funny. Tony Head and SMG play the moment to perfection. Never does it get over sentimental. It is just genuinely warm and full of reserved joy. Giles vs. Willow: another portent of things to come.

Filmed in a darkened kitchen, the scene moves quickly from easygoing fun to tense, uncomfortable anger, ending with a dark threat from Willow. Both Tony Head and Alyson Hannigan are excellent.

His motivation seems to be he just wants to kill the Slayer, being furious with her for no apparent reason. Individually I like Andrew and Jonathan Tom Lenk and Danny Strong are both wonderful performers though Warren works best as the true villain of the three.

But not here. It takes until late in the season for him to move from being a goofy geek genius to becoming a truly vile, murdering misogynist monster. Here though, together, they are all just silly and totally non-threatening. Mope: Blimey! Luckily it is often broken up with moments of lightness where we get a glimpse of the old Buffster e. Buffy is broke. And yet Willow and Tara seem to be living there rent free and not contributing to the household budget.

However they seem to have money to continue their studies and keeping in witchy things and stylish clothes. Willow: Buffy, I know you're still getting back on your feet after Buffy: Lying flat on my back? Buffy: But, I haven't spent any money. I was all dead and frugal. Buffy: It's not like it's the end of the world. Dawn: Yes it is!

You can't charge innocent people for saving their lives! Anya: Spider-Man does! Dawn: He does not. Anya: Does too! Dawn: Does no Xander: Action is his reward. Loan Officer: The problem is you have no income. No job. I wish! Buffy to demon : Hey! Are you in the wrong line? That's for deposits, that's for withdrawals, and this one is for getting kicked in the face.

Xander: Score one for Captain Logic! Anya: No, no. Captain Logic is not steering this tugboat. I smell Captain Fear at the wheel. Giles seeing Buffy alive again for 1st time : You're Giles smiles : Yes.

But then I always thought so. Jonathan: How'd you make him do that? Andrew: What, are you some kind of Christophe Beck - Rubber Bug (CD The Force can sometimes have great power over a weak mind. Buffy: Mmmm Poor lumpy Giles! Buffy: Who's calling me? Everybody I know lives here. Tony Head actually does live in the Bath area, not that far away from me as it happens. I've seen him around town and shopping in the local supermarket, which was kinda surreal.

Anyway, this geographical trivia will come in to play at the start of season seven. We know two of the three geeks Warren and Jonathan but not Andrew. We have met his brother, Tucker, though. A not so soggy 3. Labels: anthony stewart headanyaBathBuffybuffy the vampire slayerFloodedJoss Whedonreviewsarah michelle gellarseason 6tv showxander.

Dawn brings the confused, newly returned Buffy back home and cleans her up, explaining to her how things now are at the house with Giles back in England and Dawn and Tara living there with them. Soon the rest of the Scoobies return to the Summers home and are overjoyed to see Buffy back and in one Album) at least physically. But a furious Spike, left out of the whole resurrection loop, warns them that their will be mystical consequences for what Willow has done. He is right. A ghostly demon has come in to being thanks to the dark and powerful forces used to bring Buffy back.

Said demon is haunting and also possessing the gang, freaking them all out. They soon learn that the creature is seeking to stay alive in this new world it has suddenly found itself in. As always in this show, everything has consequences. There is no fresh start, no reset button to push.

Everything affects everything else, just as it Album) in real life. And no one gets away clean. There is always a price to be paid. At first, we think that price has been paid in this episode. But as the season goes on we quickly discover that the ramifications of everything that has happened will only grow and grow until reaching horrifically tragic and apocalyptic proportions. And while the story itself may be very simple and easily resolved, the execution is at least reasonably creepy.

The way it is shot and the way she walks towards us, giggling evilly, white eyed, cutting her face with a big knife… Brrr. SMG plays the scene wonderfully. She gives the impression of a person beyond traumatised, beyond miserable or angry, as if she exists in a permanent state of nothingness; a hollow shell of a human being.

For a Jane Espenson script the laughs are fairly few and far between. In fact it is almost continually mawkish and grim. Once corporeal the demon is dealt with pretty darn quickly. Or more to death. Anya: Yeah, I mean, jet lag from hell has got to be, you know, jet lag from hell.

Anya: I found one of those hour places for coffee. Remember that bookstore? Well, they became one of those books and coffee Album), and now they're just coffee. It's like evolution, only without the "getting better" part. Spike: I do remember what I said. The promise. To protect her. If I'd have done that, even if I didn't make it, you wouldn't have had to jump.

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