Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD)

Once again, initial crowd reaction, though polite, was tepid. As the concert went on, things livened up. The Goodman band and quartet took over the stage and performed the numbers that had already made them famous.

The encore forced Goodman to make his only audience announcement for the night, stating that they had no encore prepared but that Martha would return shortly with another number. When Goodman finished his solo, he unexpectedly gave a solo to pianist Jess Stacy. This concert has been regarded as one of the most significant in jazz history. After years of work by musicians from all over the country, jazz had finally been accepted by mainstream audiences.

Recordings were made of this concert, but even by the technology of the day the equipment used was not of the finest quality. Acetate recordings of the concert were made, and aluminum studio masters were also cut. Goodman took the newly discovered recording to his record company, Columbia, and a selection was issued on LP.

These recordings have not been out of print since they were first issued. In earlythe aluminum masters were rediscovered and a new CD set of the concert was released based on these masters. The album released based on those masters went on to be one of the best selling live jazz albums of all time.

She first suggested to John Hammond that he see Charlie Christian. Reportedly, Hammond personally installed Christian onstage during a break in a Goodman concert in Beverly Hills. What followed amazed everyone who heard Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) minute performance. Charlie was a hit on the electric guitar and remained in the Benny Goodman Sextet for two years — The sextet made him famous and provided him with a steady income while Charlie worked on legitimizing, popularizing, revolutionizing, and standardizing the electric guitar as a jazz instrument.

Goodman continued his meteoric rise throughout the late s with his big bandhis trio and quartet, and a sextet. By the mids, however, big bands lost a lot of their popularity.

During this strike, the United States War Department approached the union and requested the production of the V-Disca set of records containing new and fresh music for soldiers to listen to. Also, by the late s, swing was no longer the dominant mode of jazz musicians. By the s, jazz musicians were borrowing advanced ideas from classical music.

The recordings Goodman made in bop style for Capitol Records were highly praised by jazz critics. I like the piece and I like the way he played it. ByGoodman completely changed his mind about bebop.

After his bop period, Goodman furthered his interest in classical music written for the clarinet, and frequently met with top classical clarinetists of the day. Inhe met Ingolf Dahlan emigre classical composer on the faculty of the University of Southern Californiawho was then musical director of the Victor Borge show.

To do so, he had to change his entire technique: instead of holding the mouthpiece between his front teeth and lower lip, as he had done since he first took a clarinet in hand 30 years earlier, Goodman learned to adjust his embouchure to the use of both lips and even to use new fingering techniques. He had his old finger calluses removed and started to learn how to play his clarinet again—almost from scratch.

Clarinetists all over the world are indebted to Goodman for his being singly responsible for having commissioned many major works of twentieth century chamber music for clarinet and small ensembles as well as compositions for clarinet and symphony orchestra that are now standard repertoire in the field of classical performance.

He also recorded the clarinet concertos of Weber and Carl Nielsen. After forays outside of swing, Goodman started a new band in According to Donald Clarke, this was not a happy time for Goodman.

The screenplay was heavily fictionalized, but the music was the real draw. Goodman was regarded by some as a demanding taskmaster, by others an arrogant and eccentric martinet. Goodman is also responsible for a significant step in racial integration in America.

In the early s, black and white jazz musicians could not play together in most clubs or concerts. In the Southern states, racial segregation was enforced by the Jim Crow laws. Inhe added Lionel Hampton on vibes to form the Benny Goodman Quartet ; in he added pioneering jazz guitarist Charlie Christian to his band and small ensembles, who played with him until his death from tuberculosis less than three years later. This integration in music happened ten years before Jackie Robinson became the first black American to enter Major League Baseball.

They had two daughters, Benjie and Rachel. Alice was previously married to British politician Arthur Duckworthfrom whom she obtained a divorce. Hammond had encouraged Goodman to integrate his band, persuading him to employ pianist Teddy Wilson. Goodman appeared on a PBS salute to Hammond but remained at a distance. After winning numerous polls over the years as best jazz clarinetist, Goodman was inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame in Goodman continued to play on records and in small groups.

One exception to this pattern was a collaboration with George Benson in the s. He did, however, practice and perform classical clarinet pieces and commissioned compositions for clarinet. Periodically he would organize a new band and play a jazz festival or go on an international tour. Despite increasing health problems, he continued to play until his death from a heart attack in New York City in at the age of 77, in his home at Manhattan House, East 66th Street.

Irving Fazola December 10, — March 20, was an American jazz clarinetist. He decided to use the nickname as his family name, and many fellow musicians were unaware that Fazola was not his birth name.

Influenced early on by Leon Roppolowho Fazola continued to idolize throughout his life, Fazola was playing professionally by age When the touring Ben Pollack band came through New Orleans in Fazola joined the band and toured the country and played residencies in New York City and Chicago with them. His work with Crosby brought him national fame. He ranked first in the Down Beat polls of and as the top hot clarinetist, winning out over such other greats as Benny GoodmanArtie Shawand Edmond Hall.

While some of his fellow musicians urged Fazola that greater fame and fortune awaited him in the big cities up north, Fazola said he was more comfortable in his home town with its wonderful food which he ate in great quantities, becoming ever more obese.

According to Pete Fountainfor whom Fazola was one of his two foremost idols, Faz also drank heavily, which contributed to his weight and his early death. Fazola died of a heart attack in New Orleans in at the age of It was an Albert System clarinet, on which the fingers are stretched out more than on the Boehm System clarinet that Fountain played. Pete has played crystal mouthpieces ever since. Jess Stacy August 11, — January 1, was an American jazz pianist who gained prominence during the Swing era.

In Stacy moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Stacy cites his main influences at the time as Louis Armstrong and, especially, pianist Earl Hinespianist for both Louis Armstrong and the Carroll Dickerson band.

He reached a personal peak when he performed with Goodman at Carnegie Hall on 16 Januarythe first jazz concert ever played at the venue. When this most sensitive, intelligent and polished of piano players goes to work in the simple, traditional blues form, the result is likely to be more individual than authentic; and that was the case here. During his period with the latter band Stacy received yet wider acclaim. He won the national Down Beat piano polls in,and Stacy would later be credited with revitalizing the dying band.

When the Crosby band broke up, Stacy rejoined Goodman in for a short period before joining the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Stacy spent six months with the Tommy Dorsey band. He then left to put together a big band of his own, named the Jess Stacy Band and recorded with vocalist Lee Wileyto whom he was married.

The band did not last long and Wiley and Stacy would later divorce. In he moved to Los Angeles California. For a time Stacy worked as a salesman, then warehouseman, then postman, for Max Factor cosmetics. However Stacy was selective in his performances — he played for Nelson Riddle on the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby The years after that included compilations and some club work. Stacy had a tumultuous love life as a young man.

His first wife was Helen Robinson. Both were very young when they married in Stacy worked nights playing in clubs and slept during the day while Robinson worked days. She needed more security than Stacy was willing to provide, and Stacy was unwilling to work at a radio station in secure employment. This did not change when the couple had a child, Frederick Jess. Stacy did not attend her funeral. They had been friends and dating for a decade when they married on September 8, Stacy and Peck lived in Los Angeles and were married very happily for forty-five years.

Stacy died of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles, California on January 1, Since his death Stacy has gained new attention and honors. Although he is associated with dixieland he was in fact one of the finest rhythm bassists of the Swing Era.

He remained with the band until During the late s he played frequently in bands organised by Bob Crosby. From until shortly before his death, Haggart worked with own groups or as a free-lance musician in several jazz groups and toured all over the world. He wrote a tutor for double bass which has become a standard text. From to Matlock replaced Benny Goodman in the Ben Pollack band doing arrangements and performing on clarinet.

Matty Matlock was born in Paducah, Kentucky. Not unlike many famous musicians whose families had no musical tradition, Matty has a charming vignette from his very early years which, he believes, deeply influenced and pressed him inevitably toward a career in music. The scene took place when Matty was about to turn six. There is no evidence to the contrary, so it must be reported that the child Matty Matlock saw and heard while the waters of a river flood receded slowly about him an old Negro gentleman seated on a stoop playing a wistful melody on a tin flute.

From that moment, Matty soberly claims, the twig was bent. Several years later, the Matlocks had by then moved to Nashville Matty recalls an incident which appears to have a more logical, if not so quaint, bearing on his musical career. Sedentary occupations have a natural attraction to sensible folks in the catfish country.

Shortly thereafter, Matty joined the Boy Scouts and made immediate application for the band. Those with strong teeth and jutting jaws were assigned horns. A slightly receding chin qualified the applicant for the reeds.

Matty made the reeds. This was a sizable accomplishment since Mr. Matlock, Sr. Her would be gone from home for years at a time. Matty unfortunately could not be clearly seen behind the saxophone. Matty was able to spend all his spare time with sic.

He taught himself basic orchestration by writing down all the parts on Ted Lewis records. Banjo music at that time was noted on the clefs, symbols came later. Matty found he had ready made exams in analyzing banjo parts. He Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) to a slightly larger outfit, the Tennessee Ramblers which, Matty claims had the most impressive band picture ever taken. For the portrait the Ramblers we to O.

Matty alone was framed in a jungle of reeds: saxophones, oboes, clarinets, english horns. It was an impressive implication of doubling, tripling, and quadrupling. It was Ray MacKinley came in from Texas with eight feet of drums and the biggest wad of active chewing gum Matty had ever seen.

Teagarden staked himself out in a sample room of the Fort Pitt Hotel. Matty went to meet him. With six other musicians they sat passing a coronet around; everyone blew some, passed the born, talked and blew again — all night long. Teagarden and Baauduc returned to New York without ever hearing Matty on clarinet. Their official report to Pollock was terse. In Ben Pollock disbanded. It was a move Teagarden had been carefully planning for some years. Unfortunately, though, Jack had no mind for details; he had overlooked the fact that he had a five year contract with Paul Whiteman.

The boys picked Crosby. Bob Haggard, bass, joined the group early. Along with the original members he became a participating member of the cooperative, with Gil Rodin acting as manager.

For eight years Bob Crosby and Bobcats, consistently loyal to a unique, Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) swinging style, remained among the top few musical organizations along with such attractions as Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and the Dorseys.

By most of the original Crosby sidemen were sitting in with the armed services. With gas rationing and travel priorities, moving a band around the country was almost impossible and the cooperative was dissolved. Matty lives quietly with his family in San Fernando Valley.

With Ella Fitzgerald. With Ray Heindorf. With Ben Pollack. He recorded four tunes as a leader inand led his own band in —61, when he recorded LPs for MercuryAamco Recordsand Moodsville. It was an all-star group consisting of. Take 1 of each were rejected versions with vocals by Jordan. ARC issued the take 2 instrumental versions, which were outstandingly arranged swing.

Reuben Bloom April 24, — March 30, was a Jewish American multi-faceted entertainer, and in addition to being a songwriter, pianistarrangerband leaderrecording artist, vocalist, and writer he wrote several books on piano method. He was born and died in New York City. During the 20s he wrote many novelty piano solos which are still well regarded today. That same year, he joined Red Norvo. He also found time to play with Miff Mole and Tommy Dorsey.

From that part he mostly worked with small groups, infrequently forming his own band. With Goodman, he was perhaps the first well-known black musician to play publicly in a racially integrated group. Wilson was born in Austin, Texason November 24, He studied piano and violin at Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama. By joining the trio, Wilson became the first black musician to perform in public with a previously all-white jazz group. Noted jazz producer and writer John Hammond was instrumental in getting Wilson a contract with Brunswick, starting into record hot swing arrangements of the popular songs of the day, with the growing jukebox trade in mind.

Polka Dots And Moonbeams, 7. Azure Ah Moore - Song for Elle Jitterbug Waltz - The Duke Jo-Wes - New York, AugustTracks: 1. Milano, 2. Blue, 4. Blue Monk, 6. Half Nelson, 7. Lover Man, 8. C, March 16 March 18, Tracks: 1. Falling in Love With Love, 2. Jim, 2. Yours Is My Heart Alone, 4. The Gentle Waltz, 5. The More I 3. I Wished on the Moon, 8. Cool Walk 4. Wheatland, 5. March Past, 7. Blues Etude.

Introductions 2. Honeysuckle Rose 3. Let There Be Love 4. Peace for South Africa 5. Sushi 6. Sweet Georgia Brown 8. Blues for Big Scotia. Nighttime 3. You Look Good To Me 5. Old Folks 6. Reunion Blues 7. Song to Elitha. Jim 2. Yours Is My Heart Alone 3. Wheatland 5. March Past 7. Falling in Love With Love 2. The Gentle Waltz 5. The More I See You 7. I Wished on the Moon 8. Cool Walk. Town Hall, New York, October 1, Tin Tin Deo, 2. Rob Roy, 3. Blues For Stephane, 4.

My Foolish Heart, 5. Cool Walk 6. Ecstacy, 7. Just Friends, 8. Truffles, 9. She Has Gone, North York. Anything Goes, 2. Reunion Blues, 3. If You Only Knew, 4. Willow Weep For Me, 6. Mumbles, 7. In a Mellow Tone, My Foolish Heart, The Duke of Dubuque, Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

Mack the Knife. For All We Know, 2. When Lights Are Low, 3. The More I See You, 6. Limehouse Blues, 7. Easy Does It, 8. Someday My Prince Will Come, 9. Scrapple from the Apple, Jitterbug Waltz, Backyard Blues, 2. When Summer Comes, 3. Nigerian Marketplace, 4. Evening Song, 5. Satin Doll, 6. Love Ballade, 7. Hymn to Freedom, 8. Open Spaces, 2. Morning In Newfoundland 3. The Okanagan Valley, 4. Dancetron, 5. Ballad To P. Banff The Beautiful, 8. Lonesome Prairie, 9.

The French Fiddler, Harcourt Nights, Manitoba Minuet, Anthem To A New Land. Harcourt Nights, 2. If You Only Knew, 3. When Summer Comes, 4. Nighttime, 5. Love Ballade 6. Tranquille, 7. Ecstasy, 8. Peace For South Africa. What Am I Her For Limehouse Blues All The Things You Are Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Cotton Tail Laura One For Bunz.

Come Rain Or Come Shine 4. Stormy Weather, 5. Over The Rainbow, 6. Good Queen Bess, 9. Come Sunday, C Jam Blues. But Not For Me, 2. Stars Fell on Alabama, 3. Topsy, 7. Moonsweeper Blue, 9. Over The Rainbow, Satin Doll, Birdfeathers, 2. Dreamsville, 3. Zingaro, 5. The Duke, 6. I Hear A Rhapsody, 7. The Masquerade Is Over, 8. Horizon, 9. Just a Mood, Wail, Too Late Now.

Mambo Numero Cinco, 2. Sure Thing, 3. Overtime Mambo, 6. Giovanni Speaks, 7. Impressions, 8. Oh, Lady Be Good! From Lady Be Good! Our Waltz, 6. How Beautiful Is Nigh, 7. Days Gone By, 9.

Just Imagine From Good News, New York, FebruaryTracks: 1. East of the Sun, 2. I Like to Recognize the Tune, 3. I Hear Music, 5. Girl Talk, 6. Autumn Serenade, 7. Consternation, 8. Stars In My Eyes, 9. Very Early, Conception, Peace, New York, MarchTracks: 1.

Straighten Up and Fly Right, 2. Sweet Lorraine, 4. Nature Boy, 5. Homeward Bound, 6. Lost April, Peaches, Could Ja, Back In The Day, 2. Puente Of Soul 3. The Nearness Of You 5. Hallelujah, I Love Her So, 6. Eric The Great 7. Overdrive, 2. Wee Dot, 3. Lament, 4. One 4 J, 5. Johnson, 6. Short Cake, 7. Kelo, 8. El Camino Real, Enigma, Minor Blues.

Misty, 3. Duke Rays 4. The Way You Look Tonigh, 5. Something for John, 7. In the Spur of the Moment, 8. Suenos de La Habana, 9. Claudia, Descarga Ahora. Afro Blue, 2. If I Should Lose You, 3. If I Were a Bell, 5. Summertime, 6. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, 7. Blue Bossa, 8.

Festival in Bahia, 2. Poinciana, 3. Afro Blue, 4. A Song for Love, 5. La Habana Sol, 6. Blue Bossa. Trane-like, 2. Once Upon a Time, 3. Never Let Me Go, 4. Will You Still Be Min, 6. In the Tradition Of, 8. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, 9. Carriba, Memories, A Night in Tunisia Pannonica My Foolish Heart Blues for Fatha Sweet and Lovely Lullaby of Birdland Happy Days Rio Summertime Louis Blues, Serra Do Mar December If I Were A Bell Manalyuca Back Bay Blues For All We Know The Search, Contemplation, In A Mellow Tone.

But give credit where it is due. Come Sunday 3. Israel 7. Lover Man 4. All The Things You Are 7. Polkadots And Moonbeams 5.

Ltd Long Tall Dexter Free Ballad 1 5. Bend Over Backwards 8. Sure Would Baby Latin Like. Blue In Green 3. Precious Moment 5. Unforgettable 7. Silent Night. Marche Touche 3. Blues A La Russe 5. Mirlitonova 8. Vaunce Of The Flowers. Movement I - part II 3. Movement I - part IV 5. Movement II - part I 7. Night In Tunisia Out Of This World 9. Dear Lord. Little One. Step Lively 6. Strive 9. View Catalogs Online. Safe Shopping Guarantee. Buy a Gift Certificate.

Customer Reviews. Contact Info. Privacy Policy. Send Feedback. Forgot Password? Sign Out. Un disco historico no solo en la carrera de Miles sino en la historia del jazz. Aqu comienza toda la historia del jazz electrico y de la fusin con el rock. Podra decirse que estamos ante la mejor banda sonora para los tranquilas horas entre la medianoche y el amanecer Lamentablemente, la andadura de Clifford Brown fue fugaz, puesto que naci en y falleci en en un estpido accidente de trfico, como todos, cuando se diriga a recoger su nueva trompeta a la fbrica donde la haba encargado, no llegando a cumplir los 26 aos.

Cre un sonido abierto, sensual y viril, ms propio de un saxo tenor que de una trompeta y contribuy a restablecer la figura del solista compositor, muy importante a partir de entonces, y lo que es fundamental, con un sonido exquisitamente trompetistico.

Ambos msicos, lideres tambien en sus respectivos instrumentos, consiguieron en la versin de "Cherokee" el ms celebre arreglo jams realizado desde que lo tocara Parker en los aos cuarenta.

Un gran disco Cherokee 2. Jacqui 3. Swingin' 4. Lands End 5. George's Dilemma 6. Sandu 7. Gerkin For Perkin 8. If I Love Again 9. Take The A Train Musicos clifford brown - trumpet max roach - drums Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) land - tenor sax george morrow - bass richie powell - piano Sello Emarcy, En en Toronto, Canad, una asociacin de aficionados al jazz, la "New Jazz Society", eligi a los mejores msicos del jazz del momento y decidi contratarlos para celebrar un concierto con esa particular formacion.

Charlie Parker lleg a Toronto sin saxo, debido seguramente a que estaba empeado en alguna tienda de Nueva York a cambio de dinero para una dosis de herona. Por este motivo toc con un saxofn de plstico que le prestaron en una tienda del propio Toronto. Todos los solos son esplndidos. Charlie Parker transforma su saxofn de plstico en un instrumento del metal ms noble. Bud Powell parece que tocase con la mayor de las concentraciones.

En cuanto al desarrollo del concierto, se inicin con el impresionante tro de Powell, Mingus y Roach. A continuacin entra el quinteto y es cuando todo se desata: swing a raudales, bop de primera categora y una msica de primera categora. Uno de esos conciertos histricos en el jazz. Perdido Live Salt Peanuts Wee Live Hot House Live Oscar Peterson, fue algo ms que un pianista sntesis entre Art Tatum y Bud Powell, como muchas biografas lo encasillan.

Johnson, dieron un pianista con suficientes rasgos personales como The Oscar Peterson trio para ser considerado un caso aparte. Su portentosa capacidad instrumental y el desarrollo extraordinario de un concepto particular del tro, son suficientes argumentos para constatar la capacidad y la calidad de un msico que alcanz con las 88 teclas del piano una fuerza expresiva, un poder rtmico, y un sentido del blues absolutamente fuera de lo comn.

C-Jam Blues 3. Georgia on My Mind 4. Bag's Groove 5. Moten Swing 6. Easy Does It 7. The Honeydripper 8. Band Call Hymn to Freedom Volare My Heart Belongs to Daddy Moten Swing [Rehearsal Take] Now's the Time Estamos ante uno de los ms reconocidos discos del comnmente infravalorado saxofonista tenor Hank Mobley.

Primeramente quisiera remarcar los componentes de este lujoso cuarteto: el baterista Art Blakey, el contrabajista Paul Chambers y el pianista Wynton Kelly. Nada ms, ni nada menos. Prestar especial atencin al solo del pianista Wynton Kelly. Pura belleza y emocin aseguradas. Remember 2. This I Dig Of You 3. Dig Dis 4. Split Feelin's 5. Soul Station 6. Desde un punto de vista tcnico y ortodoxo, Chet Baker nunca fue un gran msico, y mucho menos un gran cantante, no obstante es una leyenda del jazz, seguramente por su carcter, por su magia, por su vida tortuosa, por la desnudez con que interpretaba su repertorio; en definitiva, por poseer esa esencia nica e irrepetible que caracterizan a las personas que, como l, saben llegar hasta el fondo del alma con muy poquito: tan slo unos fraseos de trompeta y una voz susurrante y a punto de romperse en cada estrofa.

Tal es as, que si hoy en da preguntamos a la gente por trompetistas en la historia del jazz, pocos se acordarn de Lee Morgan o Blue Mitchell, muchos nombrarn a Miles Davis o Dizzy Gillespie, pero seguro que todos recuerdan a Louis Armstrong y Chet Baker. A pesar de estar a aos luz de los msicos anteriormente citados en cuanto a tcnica e innovacin se refiere, Chet Baker se ha ganado un merecido puesto en la historia de la msica, convirtindose en un clsico del siglo XX, en un trovador que soplaba su trompeta directamente con el corazn.

My Funny Valentine 2. Darn That Dream 4. Chekeetah 5. Four 6. Ray's Idea 7. This Is Always 8. Cheryl 9. El disco esta estructurado en cinco piezas largas ya que ninguna baja de los casi seis minutos.

Passion Dance 2. Contemplation 3. Four By Five 4. Search For Peace 5. En este disco se conjugan una serie de elementos que hace que sea genial. En primer lugar y sobre todo es que estamos ante un disco de Thelonius Monk, el gran visionario del Jazz, un gran intrprete e instrumentista, todo un cono, una figura misteriosa, como un monje, un ser que comparte su condicin humana, pero al mismo tiempo devociona su vida a algo superior.

En segundo lugar, en este cuarteto acompaanado a Thelonius Monk se encuentra el gran John Coltrane, un msico de un virtuosismo solo comparable al del mismo Monk. El tercer elemento que hace de este una gran disco entre los grandes del Jazz, es que es una grabacin en vivo.

Este disco en vivo logra capturar la magia del mejor momento de las ms grandes figuras del jazz donde su msica proliferaba, donde sus estilos se entremezclaban, donde intercambiaban experiencias y experimentaban en los umbrales de la msica de su tiempo. Monk's mood 2. Evidence 3. Crepuscule with Nellie 4. Nutty 5. Epistrophy 6. Bye-ya 7. Sweet and lovely 8.

Blue Monk 9. Kenny Burrell tiene condiciones para ser un mito. Toca la guitarra, que no es mala cosa para empezar. Algunos de sus discos se han convertido en leyendas, como el que nos ocupa en este momento. Algun que otro guitarrista, George Benson, B. Chitlins con Carne 2. Mule 3. Soul Lament 4.

Midnight Blue 5. Wavy Gravy 6. Saturday Night Blues 8. Kenny's Sound - bonus track 9. Si tenemos en cuenta que Pepper es un saxofonista excepcional y a esto le aadimos una seccin ritmica de lujo con Red Garland al piano, Paul Chambers al bajo y Philly Joe Jones a la bateria, yya Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) tener bastante idea de la magnitud del disco del que tratamos.

Podemos notar como los diferentes estilos se entremezclan entre si, el cool y el hardbop se dejan sentir claramente, eso s, sin llegar a ser estridentes. Red Pepper Blues 3. Imagination 4. Waltz Me Blues 5. Straight Life 6. Jazz Me Blues 7. Tin Tin Deo 8. Star Eyes 9. Esta considerado como uno de los mejores discos de jazz de los aos Fue el primer trabajo que Basie realiz para el sello discogrfico Roulette. Decir que hasta su portada es de las ms famosas de la historia de la msica.

Kid From Red Bank 2. Duet 3. After Supper 4. Flight Of The Foo Birds 5. Double O 6. Teddy The Toad 7. Whirly Bird 8. Midnite Blue 9. Splanky Fantail Li'l Darlin' Silks And Satins Sleepwalker's Serenade Alternate Take Sleepwalker's Serenade The Late Late Show Este disco se autodefine como una autntica revelacin surco a surco, una alucinante fusin de instrumentos que girando en torno al jazz proponen una evidente bsqueda dentro de las races rockeras.

Los climas que se generan desdibujan una msica visceral y poblada de sensaciones diversas, cuyos momentos sutiles tropiezan repentinamente con la estridente guitarra de McLaughlin o el frentico violn de Goodman y entonces el oyente se ve sumergido en un frenes tan vibrante como demencial.

Ya hace 37 aos que esta obra maestra vio la luz a travs del vinilo y todava conserva esa capacidad intrnseca de todos los discos de John McLaughlin que le seguiran de ah en ms: la rara virtud de hacer vibrar el alma.

Meeting of the Spirits 2. Dawn 3. Noonward Race 4. A Lotus on Irish Streams 5. Vital Transformation 6. The Dance of Maya 7. You Know, You Know 8. La colaboracin se extendera incluso al perodo elctrico de la carrera del trompetista, anterior al registro de la seminal grabacin Bitches Brew en 1.

El resultado es sorprendente y mucho mas debi resultar en su poca. El snido es clido e innovador. Las composicones son tremendamente originales y refrescantes frente al claustrofbico bop.

La sonoridad de sus solistas se aleja de la extroversin y brillantez propia de los boppers. La banda no se volvera reunir y cada uno de sus msicos seguiran sus carreras por separado pero una nueva era musical haba comenzado y el resto Slo quince das despus del "contest" contra la banda de Chick Webb en el Savoy, Benny Goodman tocaba en el famoso Carnegie Hall, templo teatral de la clase media-alta neoyorquina, en el que es uno de los conciertos ms famosos de la era del Swing.

Si lo que pretenda Goodman era realizar una especie de resumen de lo que haba sido y era el Swing, no cabe duda que lo consigui. Muy pocos saban que lo que se pudo escuchar aquel da en el Carnegie Hall estaba siendo grabado parece que se le entreg al propio Goodman una copiay no fue hasta cuando Columbia edit una primera versin del concierto, despus de que el propio msico localizara dicha copia en un stano de la casa de su cuada.

Don't Be That Way One O'Clock Jump Dixieland One Step I'm Coming Virginia When My Baby Smiles at Me Shine Blue Reverie Life Goes to a Party Stompin' at the Savoy Dizzy Spells Sing, Sing, Sing Big John's Special Jam session Honeysuckle Rose Body and Soul Avalon The Man I Love I Got Rhythm Blue Skies.

Octubre de Coleman Hawkins regresa de Europa y graba, entre otros temas, una versin definitiva y revolucionaria del clsico Body and Soul modificando el curso del Jazz, y abriendo camino a los msicos que poco despus lo cambiaran completamente.

Hay muchas ediciones y colecciones en las que aparece el tema "Body and Soul"pero ninguna con calidad razonable que incluya tan slo las sesiones grabadas en Por lo tanto esta recopilacin, que cuenta con un sonido fantstico, servir perfectamente ya que adems de dichas sesiones recopila temas de grabados por Hawkins junto a un grupo de msicos ms amplio, de en plena ebullicin del "be-bop" y por ltimo decon otra interesante versin de "Body and Soul".

Meet Doctor Foo 2. Fine Dinner 3. Body and Soul 5. When Day Is Done 6. The Sheik of Araby 7. My Blue Heaven 8. Bouncing With Bean 9.

Spotlite April in Paris How Strange Half Step Down, Please Angel Face The Bean Stalks Again I Love Paris Under Paris Skies Encon un sexteto que inclua a Dolphy y Joe Henderson, Hill grab Point of Departure, cuya compleja paleta y casi subliminales cambios de ritmo se atribuyeron al origen haitiano del autor.

El hecho es que Hill compone como toca: intervalos extremos, silencios agudos; no tanto sncopa como un balbuceo tctico, en la estela espiritual de Monk. Sus piezas rara vez terminan donde sugiere el comienzo, y los heterodoxos desarrollos se basan en una especie de asociacin libre.

Hill sigue siendo un artista verdaderamente singular, comprometido con su tiempo y digno sucesor del ms lcido piano encarnado por Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols o el genial Duke Ellington. Refuge 2. New Monastery 3. Spectrum 4. Flight 19 5. Dedication 6. New Monastery - alternate take 7. Flight 19 - alternate take 8. Las grabaciones recogidas en este triple disco marcan el cenit de la obra musical de Duke Ellington. La orquesta logra la madurez musical entre y lo que hace que la musica que hacen sea insuperable.

Otro album imprescindible para los amantes del jazz. Se ha llegado a decir que si alguien quisiera un solo disco que resumiera lo que es el jazz con todo lo que Crazeology - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD) conlleva muy bien podra ser este Y ahora, pasen y disfruten. Temas Disc 1 You, You Darlin' Jack the Bear Ko-Ko Morning Glory So Far, So Good Conga Brava Concerto for Cootie Me and You Cotton Tail Never No Lament Dusk Bojangles A Portrait of Bert Williams Blue Goose Harlem Air Shaft At a Dixie Roadside Diner All Too Soon Rumpus in Richmond My Greatest Mistake Sepia Panorama There Shall Be No Night In a Mellow Tone Disc 2 Five O'Clock Whistle Warm Valley The Flaming Sword Across the Track Blues Chloe Song of the Swamp The Sidewalks of New York Flamingo Disc 3 Jump for Joy Moon over Cuba Five O'Clock Drag Rocks in My Bed Bli-Blip Chelsea Bridge Rain Check What Good Would It Do?

Perdido The C Jam Blues Moon Mist What Am I Here For? I Don't Mind Someone My Little Brown Book Main Stem Johnny Come Lately Hayfoot, Strawfoot Sentimental Lady Estamos ante uno de los discos que el propio sello Blue Note considera de los "definitivos" en su coleccin.

Bud Powell es uno de los indiscutibles titanes del bebop. Aqu podemos encontrar un resumen de sus principales composiciones, si bien a aquellos de vosotros que conozcais a fondo al brillante musico que es Powell os va a saber a poco. Gran innovador, eclipsado quizs unicamente por Thelonius Monk nos va a sroprender con algunas de sus piezas ms conocidas. Bud's Bubble Tempus Fugit Celia Cherokee

So Macho - Mad Daddys - Fifty Dollar Baby (CD, Album), Laugh-Gas - Haruomi Hosono - Omni Sight Seeing (CD, Album), Bossk (2) - Limited 02 (Vinyl), The Bucaneers - Youre Never Gonna Love Me Anymore (Vinyl), Lets Dance - Tina Turner - Tina Live In Europe (Vinyl, LP, Album), Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - The Gino Marinello Orchestra - Romantique De La France (CD), Mo Taters - Various - Las Vegas Grind Volume Four (Vinyl, LP), Los Indonesios - El Silencio Es Oro / Cant You Hear Me / Te Veré En Septiembre / Safe It For Me (Vin, The Loc Is On His Own - Jayo Felony - Take A Ride (Cassette, Album), Encres Jettées - Weepers Circus - Faites Entrer (CD), Cattle Prod, Im The Shit (Dirty Version) 128 bpm - Various - Urban Club Cutz 37 (Vinyl), Varbūt Tikai Mierinājums - Gustavo (6) - Beidzot! (CD, Album)