Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD)

Four separate performers provide the raw Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD), and these have been sequenced into a total of 16 kits.

Each kit offers about eight basic rhythm loops, along with a variety of fills, effects, bass lines, raps, and lead parts the trumpet is particularly special! Although many of the elements of the mixed rhythm loops are also provided separately, so that you can easily program your own patterns from scratch, perhaps the greatest strength of this title is the rhythm programming, which is gutsy and effortlessly propulsive.

The ingenuity of the fills, and their combination with the loops, transforms what could so easily be just a bunch of programmed sounds into something which lives, breathes, and terrorises the neighbourhood when the moon is full.

This inspired programming combines with extremely punchy and upfront sampled sounds, and immediately marks out this CD as something a cut above the rest. To help you find your way around the library, each kit has a tempo indication which seems to be bang on and a demo track of about a minute. The Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD) tracks mean that you can scan through the entire contents of the library looking for sounds in about 15 minutes, which has always seemed to me to be a strength of the construction-kit format.

I was particularly pleased that the samples used in the demo were then almost all available free of any effects — although the downside of this is that you can't build the demo track itself easily, this isn't going to cause a problem with this library, as you'll probably be looking to take only individual elements of the mixes for use in your own music. I was also delighted that the audio CD had a small click at the end of every sample to make editing a no-brainer, and that loops from the same kit could be put in series without the rhythmic lurches common to many lesser libraries.

If only all sample libraries showed as much consideration for the user. But the most important thing about this library is that it's a complete riot!

There is something so playful, exuberant, and just plain bonkers about this whole production that every demo seems to have at least one element which simply begs to be sampled. Left-field pop, electronica, and hip-hop producers in particular should ignore Phat Dull?!

- Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD) From The Box at their peril. This free sample collection focuses on the dance sounds that emerged via acid house and rave during the '90s. There are arps Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD) basslines, which lean heavily on Novation's original Bass Station pictured below along with beats and synths, all stinking of hedonistic nostalgia. There are a few others that are too repetitive, such as the Fly Pan Am track and the 1-Speed Bike track.

However, overall, it is a great compilation with a lot of variety that ranges from the minimal to the extremely noisy, yet quality runs through the musicianship here. Though the tracks are not always the best of some of the bands and not always representative, the entire collection makes quite a cohesive statement in the end.

This is definitely a good find if you can locate it, or Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD) order it, as I did several years ago when I started first discovering some of the bands on the collection. In the Italian prog rock label Kaliphonia released this interesting compilation album featuring many lesser known and unknown Italian prog bands and artists, along Collage from Poland.

Fancy Fluid delivers Neo-prog with fiery guitar, modern sounding keyboards and some nice musical ideas in the varied Nuove Effemeridi. Consorzio Acqua Potabile CAP surprises with a wonderful intro on piano, warm vocals and sensitive guitar work with a lot of tension in Cavaliere Mascherato. Combat by Marcello Capra contains beautiful interplay between acoustic and electric guitar. Deux Ex Machina delivers complexity and bombastic atmospheres with Jean Luc Ponty inspired violin work in the jazz-rock orientated Luna.

In Jakazan by duo Clarion Dull?! - Various - Kurkonzerte Sampler (CD) ex-Zauber member Paolo Clari we hear warm flute play like John Hackett, but also a pretty irritating drum sound. My highlight is Prologo by New Credo with Steve Hackett-like guitar, fluent keyboards and many shifting moods. We hear pleasant guitar play in Happiness by the five-piece formation H2O. Polish formation Collage with Midnight Flyer also on the Collage compliation Changes from delivers a blend of pop and prog, very accessible with good vocals and pleasant keyboards.

Incentive from Ars Antiqua has a dreamy atmosphere with soaring keyboards and some fiery guitar runs. Only the keyboards and the final part with howling electric guitar can please my ears. My rating 3,5 star. Review by Matti Prog Reviewer. One is a good example of the band's symphonic style, featuring very nice keyboard parts.

Hmm, not a wise idea, the result is such a mess. Very nice, and the question of how 'prog' it is, seems irrelevant. Kaipa makes modern symphonic prog that's often too bombastic for my taste, and this one's no exception. The male vocals are unpleasant. The arrangement has nice acoustic elements but the sad song itself is a bit boring. I suppose it's the opening part of the nearmin. Well, seems every other modern prog band sounds like this, and the vocalist is mediocre.

Furthermore the album wasn't fresh at the time anymore. This sampler contains some usual good stuff from the contemporary big names, and tasters from acts less familiar to me, of which only Rob Gould enters my check-out-some-more -list. Not many delightful new names, nor is the diversity of modern prog very widely represented here, or maybe the year wasn't that great?

I think two stars is enough. Powerful, slightly dystopic feel especially for the partly distorted vocals which I don't like that much. Best Price. PQ Electronics. Multi Pixel Media. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. PartsCom USA. Premium Wholesale. Compute4Less Corp. My Goods. Airlink Tech. Ports n Wire Computing. Shipped by Newegg. Direct from Manufacturer.

Less than 1 Year. Free Shipping. Top Sellers. Firestorm was pretty good, heard the new repulsive wavz is fuckin nice. Originally posted by Arkitekt heard the new repulsive wavz is fuckin nice.

Originally posted by djruffnek Ez rollers drum and bass is quite good I use it quite often. Quote "like a vocal snatch from a Cilla Black" Satin Storm has already been there. I must have about 80 of these fuckers and the only one i could recommend is Bizarre Guitar

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