Never Be Forgotten - Whitelaw - Rise Of The Battalions (CD, Album)

Tom Naumann - guitars. Stefan Leibing - guitars. Mat Sinner - bass, backing vocals. Klaus Sperling - drums, backing vocals. Henny Wolter - guitars. Mat Sinner - bass, backing Vocals. Out in the Fields Gary Moore cover Kill the King Rainbow cover Mat Sinner - bass. Henny Wolter - guitars 2. Tom Naumann - guitars 1, Countdown to Insanity intro. Metal Mike Chlasciak - guitars tracks 6, And Justice For All.

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Reilly, Lance B. McBrayer, and Donald B. Of pandas and people: The central question of biological origins. Overture; II. Lament; III. March; IV. War Dance; V. Pastoral; VI.

Gounod I. Adagio and Allegretto; II. Andante; Cantabile; III. Scherzo; IV. Hahn I. Lesquercade; III. Romanesque; IV. Courante; VII. Giroux - Symphony for Band I. Adagio-allegro, II. Reed - Symphony in Three Movements I. Chorale, III. Rhythmic, II. Untitled, III. Williams There is still an air of family in this business where customers are placed first. Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of this organization.

Curiale- Joy-Compassion-Symphony No. Gillingham- Dionysiaques, Op. Schmitt - Festive Overture, Op. Noon - Serenade No. Pastor-ale, III. Nocturne, IV. Scherzo, V. Shostakovich K. Gillingham W. Bencriscutto III. Corigliano I. Waltz; III. Gorb I. Presto; II. Andante; III. Grantham - Symphonic Metamorphosis I. Allegro; II. Andantino; IV. Wilson - Folksongs for Band - Suite No. Gunther, Conductor; Symphony No. Queequeq, III. Red, II. Violet, III.

Vermilion, IV. Blue, V. Purple - Sinfonia da Requiem Rogers - Symphony No. Stevens - Sinfonietta I. Introduction and Rondo; II. Pastoral Nocturne; III. Small White; II. Painted Lady; III. Peacock Butterfly; IV. Wall Butterfly; V. Hutchison I. On the Mountain Top; II. At the Fiest; III. Down in Rio Valley; IV. Fred - Second Suite for Band I. Son Montuno, II. Guaraxha, IV. Paso Doble A la Corrida! The brisk young Sailor who returned to wed his True Love ; V.

Reed - Symphony No. Allegro energico; II. Kreines - Lincolnshire Posy I. Holtz - Maestro! Nakata Divertimento for Band, Op. Reed-Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Williams Find our releases on ClassicsOnline. Baker MarkCustom. Chou - IV. Allegro from Serenade No. Mozart - Cantos Populares Portugueses, Op. Stuckey - II.

Recitative: Slow — Fast from Symphony No. Nordhagen - I Hear Him! Yiu-Kwong - II. Bretagne LentIII. Ile de France VifIV. Alsace-Lorraine LentV. Mashima - Bulgarian Dances, Opus 35 I. Ching-Wen - Tongku Saveq I. The Cheerful Shouting, II. Love Song, III. Haefliger - Symphony No. Maestoso — Allegro giocoso, II. Moderato, III. Andante serioso, IV.

Rodrigo - Symphony No. Slow — Fast — Slow, II. Summer in Chandu, II. Kublai, III. Reis - Sinfonia Breve No. Cardoso - Cantos Populares Portugueses, Op. Menuet, IV. March, IV. War Dance, V. Pastoral, VI. Che-Yi - Sketches on Paintings No. Mutual Admiration, II. Sinfonia: Allegro, II. Theme and Variations, III. Grainger - Dream Carousels I. Capriccioso, III. Meccanico Sempre, IV. Capriccioso, VII. Jacob Sinfonietta I. Sousa DVD www.

Ito - III. Bryant - III. Gorb - Wild Nights! Oliver - Symphony No. Across the groaning continent, II. The Americans, III.

Boysen Jr. Cervera Lloret - Chamber Symphony No. Lento, III. Molto adagio, II. Tears of Nature, II. Grrrevolution, III. Stand up! Tango, III. Charleston, IV. Pastorale, II. Romance, III. Allegro con brio, II. Byrne - I. Allegro from Horn Concerto, No. Gould - II. Bryant - Symphony No. Chung Evocation I. Accueil Des Dieux, II. Epopee, IV. La Joie de Vivre, II. Mousquetaire et Amour, IV.

Olas grises, II. Nocturno, III. Hyldgaard - Tower of Babel I. Tower of Babel, II. Settlers from the East, III. Building the Tower, IV. Hope, V. Confusion, VII. Hirose - Sinfonietta I. The Landing, II.

Sword Dance, III. Nightfall by the River, IV. Chaconne, II. Holst Lincolnshire Posy I. Song of the Blacksmith, IV. Holst - Symphonie in B fur Blasorchester I. Death Be Not Proud J. DonneIII. Apparebit repentina dies, II.

Dobrado, Excerpt from II. Villani-Cotes - Introduction to Strava! Beltrami - Introduction to Suite No. Cantadoras, Excerpt from II. Bambuco, Excerpt from III. Grange - The Spiralling Night I. Tenebroso, II. Animato, III. Phibbs - Omaggio I. Burla, II. Barcarola, III. Littlemore - Divertimento for Band I. Aubade, III. Valse, III. Woolfenden - Winter Dances I. November, II. December, III. Carroll Gallimaufry I. Church and State, II. Inn and Out, III. Starts and Fits, IV.

Father and Son, V. Advance and Retreat, VI. Farkas - Introduction to Divertimentos No. Blank - Introduction to Reflections Serenade No. Devreese - Concerto for English Horn I. Elegy I, II. Folk Music, III. Elegy II, IV. Coryn - Cantica de Sancto Benedicto I. Gloria Patri, II. Gloria Filio, III. Linklater - Percussion Concerto I. Con Forza, III. Lancen - IV.

Broadway from Manhattan Symphony - V. III, Excerpt from Mvt. Excerpt, II. Excerpt, III. Excerpt, IV. WoolfendenIntroduction-Partita in D K.

Andriessen-Introduction-Seascape Op. Gruntz I. Prior to the s many Freemasons were recruited internationally. These well placed, professional connections are still paying dividends today, particularly in Ireland, but Australia was no different. Aristocrats particularly those with strong Norman ancestrypoliticians, bureaucrats, media glitterati, social workers and even Christian clerics Album) worship at the altars of Satan.

Norman Lindsay left was never homosexual but, that said, he at times enjoyed the favors of very young girls. He engaged in work surrounding the mysteries of the vagina, particularly the Kaula rites of Tantric Magick. Nearby there are chambers beneath the ruins of a now derelict mansion that was burnt out some decades ago.

I understand that these subterranean chambers have not been accessed since the s, when that mansion was sold. Norman Lindsay discovered that the use of ritual and sex created a separate world where normal morality was forgotten.

Young children initiated through such rites displayed cognitive distortions, often becoming disciples of their original abusers. Through him the Alpha Lodge in Australia began organized sexual exploitation, harnessing their rites towards power and the control of the individuals involved. The child victims were disoriented by the robes, incense, incantations and locations.

Who is going to believe a little child haunted by shame and terror talking about sexual abuse and torture at the same time they mention the bizarre aspects of ritual? Norman maintained that secrecy and silence were the first and best lines of defense; followed of course, by the lack of credibility of the victims themselves. If a child speaks of what occurred, they become victims of a dismissive, incredulous society and the sensationalist media circus which generates itself around the ambiguities of their stories.

It was discovered that a few evocative words was usually enough to cripple a victim with visceral flashbacks of the shame and agony being relived again and again — for their memories are a prison without walls.

Lindsay rediscovered that in a threatening ritual situation — with its heightened sense of alertness, with reaction and responses at fever pitch — if the chance to respond in a constructive way is denied then everyday responses to danger become dysfunctional. In such individuals fear, anger and sadness can be manipulated to quickly escalate. Emotionally numbed and fatigued child initiates can develop a separate sense of complete difference to others together with a belief in the total power of their perpetrators.

He has become greater than the mortal He knew would die that a God may be born. His feast is twenty-one days after the Eve of All Hallows. A young virgin girl is presented to the Temple, prepared by female members and initiated by the most advanced male in attendance who wishes to do so.

Others may then take their turn. Her bodily juices are collected and used in later rituals, principally to consecrate or in ointments. Both were involved behind the scenes in organizing for Harold Wilson and Edward Heath to become Prime Ministers of Britain, as Wilson was a high initiate of the left-hand path and together with Nat Rothschild, Britain is still influenced by their seminal work.

Heath, on the other hand, was the highest initiated Satanist in Britain to become Prime Minister. The Wood holds some serious secrets stretching back in time to before Roman Britain and indeed it still does. Balmoral Castle also sits atop a vast expanse of underground workings. There are secret tunnels beneath London that lead into the Earth. Some of these may be natural whilst others have been constructed. Prior to London becoming a Roman city there were mines in the area, mines that were later discovered and used.

Indeed, it would be true to state that thousands of people could live in the tunnels and caverns beneath the City as there are abundant water sources. Both Wilson and Heath used to sacrifice children and the British royal family still does. Apparently he used to engage in ritual outside of London on a Common associated with Francis Dashwood.

Likewise, the British royals have public and very private lives. Their obsession with hidden, esoteric traditions stretching back millennia is nothing short of amazing.

Prince William is being groomed for big things. He is a man to watch! The Dark Lord, Peter Mandelsonleft apart from being openly gay, is one of the highest initiates in the United Kingdom. He was trained in the hebdomadry system of Magick, the same system used by both the Alpha Lodge and the Order of Nine Angles.

His close association with international business figures and the Bildberg group have been of great, indeed inestimable use to the left-hand path. Following well thought out and well honed traditions, his dream is a prison-grid global community. He loves to control. Europe is now reverting to a neo-feudalism structure with bankers as the overlords of their indentured citizenry. Britain, America and the rest of the world will go the same way.

Kleptocratic politicians are merely vassals. While politicians call that a catastrophe it would actually be freedom for millions of disenfranchised debt-serfs. Wages will continue to be cut even as taxes are increased to service the debt owed to the Banker Lords. Politicians everywhere are bowing and scraping before their Lords, promising deeper cuts and higher taxes.

This is as it should be and will effectively cripple economies around the world. This is what the filth want and we will give them what they want — taxation, poverty and war. The next war will start in Iran but will bring the entire Islamic world into conflict with the [Christ]tian west.

Right-hand pathers like nothing better than wars and killing. For long before I was born the Alpha Lodge has been orchestrating to give them what they want. After the next big war we will be in a position to take over everything that is left. They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen ones…Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. He lives by the left-hand path code of honour, loyalty and revenge.

Hekate and Diana are both Goddesses of the night and the Alma bridge tunnel sits beneath crossroads. Indeed, when looking at the memorial on the ground floor of Harrods — complete with the more obvious fish bladder and chalice — little is left to the imagination. Indeed, one of the things the flaming torch represents — apart from a Wand — is the golden semen of the thirteen royal families of Europe. Diana was largely kept out of the inner workings of the British royal family owing to her inability to toe the line.

After William, she was expendable and rightly so. Her death was merely icing on the cake. Princess Diana was a sheep among wolves. She was chosen owing to her Stuart blood. Both loved the fairer sex and monogamy was impossible. He succeeded! Poor, beautiful, doe-eyed and stupid Diana never achieved much intellectually and was therefore perfect for her purpose. Neither is Prince Harry, although his conception was out of spite as much as misplaced infatuation.

If Satan has a vice-regent on Earth it is Him. Satanism is elitist. In the Alpha Lodge killing is a test that those moving through the grades must fulfil.

Targets are chosen, assessed and dispatched. Usually it starts off with street people, vagrants or young kids. All of these make easy first timers. A favourite method to get initiates used to killing was to befriend an alcoholic living on the streets. You give them food, money, tobacco and little bottles of vodka. At the correct time you substitute methanol.

With their damaged livers it works pretty well, but you get blooded by your first proper killing. Temple sacrifices are another thing altogether. From all I know there must be coppers involved. Numerous media are used. These people are elegant and calculating.

They are stylish. Even the way they carry themselves is crafted. They dress like actors and actresses in their own productions.

They will succeed. They work at the highest levels like a shadow government. But it also incorporates babies, young children, torture, blood-letting and perverse sexual filth.

Many of its members are plainly wealthy, highly educated and well connected. Alpha Lodge Satanists share an old heritage going back to places in Britain, particularly England. The Order of Nine Angles is a case in point, but apparently not the only such order. As the twentieth century unfolded they were involved behind the scenes. Norman Lindsay, known throughout Australia as one of our foremost artists was heavily involved in Satanism and little girls. Indeed, young girls featured prominently in the Masses I attended.

Apparently the United Nations has more than its fair share of left-hand path adherents, as does Belgium. Brussels in particular. Apparently Mr. Lindsay believed in corrupting children as early as possible. He liked young children. For the last nine years of his life he devoted himself to studying how to increase the incidence of homosexuality in prepubescent boys. His discoveries have allegedly been implemented internationally and unhindered since I remember being told that over a cocktail of vodka, lime juice and grenadine.

For Alpha Lodge Satanists sex, degradation and trauma go together as an exhilarating part of the programming. By shock, fear and disgust the personality can be profoundly altered. There were children, young children involved as sexual playthings. Fortunately there were no Downs Syndrome participants. There was also the sickening whiff of shit. That seemed to be very important. Everything was candle-lit until the lights came on and the perversion started.

I lay upon my back, and waited; watching the night revealing the thousand sordid images of which by soul was constituted. The average person, if they ever think about Satanism, think of it remotely through movie images and television sensationalism.

From my impressions their rituals are old and formulaic. Sexual energy is very important to them. There is always a priest and priestess who collect and direct those forces. Often the energies are stored in crystals. I saw young boys being used as sexual tools for older women.

The paedophilia and child torture DVDs were like nothing I want to describe in cutting edge detail. Then there were the young kids who engaged in pantomime sex acts before the main rituals. And the mysteries of Sex and Death were ever constant themes. Lives are ended that others may start.

I was told that this scripture was translated and then obtained from some Catholic nuns in the Philippines. This happened decades ago.

Only the highest grades received permission to read the book and study its purpose. They work in the background of politics and business. They remain politely discreet, deadly charming and highly cultured at all times. Many have a matinee idol quality. They are essentially cold. Even the women are emotionally cold. Inflicting suffering means nothing to them.

I saw them push a fireworks sparkler into a penis, then laugh at the screams. From talk I heard there was even a Madonna and dead child ceremony, apparently.

I know that something very important happened in Britain in the s. It involved a woman hanged in Britain and Dr. It was political and international in scope. Some British film producer and a whore who worked for British intelligence were operating a vice ring out of New York and it involved John F.

I guess that a society receives its values from its ruling class. That class is bound together by the intoxicating lust for power and the unfettered ability to destroy. We are the light holders and our true light comes from Lucifer. To every Temple a God. From my brief experiences, Satanism is the glue that connects and binds various families, groups and associations. They use disassociated personalities, triggers, the work of Norman Lindsay and demonic communication, as well as possession, to advance their agenda.

They boasted that they were even in the Vatican! For them the Christian god represents cruelty, perfidy, the hatred of mankind, barbarism and the rejection of science. And I know that once infiltrated they also use the churches to perform their rituals.

Australia being large and mostly uninhabited I assume that Narsagonan was correct when he said that bodies were disposed of the in the bush. I was also told that a can of Chum dog food emptied into a bag over the side of a boat attracts sharks. These were good looking, manipulative young lads who sought to compromise the rich and powerful. They were the ones who serviced the higher levels of society, like Narsagonan said that Lilith did.

Just little boys. Or by guilt, self-abasement, dishonesty and self deceit. They said it like some sort of cult thing. Nowadays, porn is everywhere, catering to any predilection, taste or desire. This is where I found myself and of what my soul had become constituted. I glanced at the clock. Half past two the street lamp said. In a few short weeks I was up to my neck and in Never Be Forgotten - Whitelaw - Rise Of The Battalions (CD dark.

Done things. Met people. Having never been involved with Satanism or its adherents I had become deeply entrenched in a very short time. I wondered if that was how both Peter Narsagonan and Aloysius Fozdyke had become involved; the wrong people and the wrong place at the wrong time. They are certainly ruthless and dedicated.

Anyone who kills babies and rapes toddlers needs to be, and well connected. And they appeared to have money. They are aloof egotists and pragmatic. They are the glamorous, self-chosen gods and goddesses. They come first. Everyone else is a slave. Society functions only because of the misery and pain they provide its people.

By understanding psychology and providing fascination, advertising, propaganda and mental viruses they utilise fear or danger and then spread their message by sex, sentiment or wonder. Sort of a more debased version of National Socialist magic in that sex, sentiment and wonder are utilised as powerful channels to influence and control.

Satanists use symbols because images are a language that cuts across barriers and cultures. They also work on rituals for society. Events like sports, parades, commemorations and even some church services are used to control and further stratify the masses while collecting and directing their energies. These predatory events are also used to de-programme the participants and break psychological ties. Fetishes are exploited to stimulate, reinforce and debase. It really is the Age of Stunts. Same with advertising.

The Alpha Lodge is big in the media, entertainment and advertising industries. They seek to spread alienation in its purest forms. They gaining control of the public by keeping them distracted, diverted, undisciplined, ignorant, confused and disorganised. Junk food for the soul. It attacks their physical, mental and emotional strengths. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was one of their triumphs. They have people in D. At the same time they have people in politics and the bureaucracy.

Stephen Ward of the Profumo affair infamy seems to be a figure of such continuing adoration, indeed worship. Apparently Dr.

Ward was a skilled magician with connections to British intelligence. He was murdered. I was told that an Asian Chinese? Stephen Ward is considered the quintessential satanic practitioner who remained almost undetected, suave and manipulative until the end of his time.

A lot of politicians were discussed. There were Australian, British, American, Canadian and New Zealand politicians and people in the general scheme of things who were mentioned, discussed or whose photographic portraits hung on the walls. Their names were flung about casually.

One person whose photographs and Never Be Forgotten - Whitelaw - Rise Of The Battalions (CD painted portraits I saw more than the others was Henry Kissinger.

Eugene Never Be Forgotten - Whitelaw - Rise Of The Battalions (CD me that they use graft with governments and corruption with commerce and all of this occurs at the highest levels of policy with contracts between corporations, special interests and particularly with the American Congress.

These tactics are worth exorbitant amounts of money but by their nature are legal. He told me that law-abiding citizens were once never afraid of the police but that those days were gone. Today the militarised, often jackbooted police can bully, threaten, and harass while there is precious little anyone can do about it.

He said that the recent laws against filming the police were introduced to prevent the exposure of their increasingly viscous, psychopathic misbehaviour.

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