Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing... (CD)

In my setup I am using the tape loop in on an Aesthetix calypso. So basically your setup in the review and mine bypass the need to use the bypass on the SC-1 moreover can you compare the two individual playback signals from your record.

The sound of my records when played without the the tape loop SC-1 engaged is far superior in every aspect in playback compared to when the signal is passed through the tape loop tothe SC This comparison in playback has yet to be written about and should be since such an unwelcoming difference exists between the two signal paths at least in my system.

Lastly I will note that only the power cord to the power brick is stock and the tape loop interconnects are Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing. (CD) to the same caliber as others that are used in this signal path. I cannot believe at this point what I am experiencing in playback through the tape loop is caused by the level of interconnects and the power cord Please post a comment if you will on what you hear when comparing the two methods of signal playback on your setup.

I sadly Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing. (CD) at this point on Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing.

(CD) my unit back for a refund based on my experience. I use a software tool called "Click Repair" that is quite cheap and works like magic. I imagine it is very similar to what this unit does. You can listen to the original signal, the processed signal, or what it is removing so you can adjust the aggressiveness without removing music.

If I get a rare LP that is too noisy for me to enjoy, I digitize it and use this tool. You could use it in real time with a good quality USB audio interface and a PC and it would probably work nearly as well but be a lot clunkier. Nice to see someone come out with a convenient box to do this. To the commenter above. If you like the unprocessed sound better, you don't really have a noisy record.

Does this also help lessen vinyl surface noise? I have some records that I love that really don't have many pops but have some distracting surface noise. Would love to be able to decrease that.

Fact is the end product is FLAWLESS and the mere fact the music ends up on analog format a second time around, it Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing. (CD) injects that extra touch of warmth or the small portion you imagined you lost during the digitalization process except you really didn't - and if you did - it isn't noticeable to Search form Search.

Analog Corner. News News Analog Gear News. Michael Fremer Apr 9, End of Part 1. Log in or register to post comments. I was skeptical Submitted by uniqueusername on Mon, Submitted by Michael Fremer on Mon, You don't have to digitize the album before de-clicking. You can listen in real time, enjoy and put the record back on the shelf!

Strength Control Submitted by corsentino on Mon, The Strength control on the chassis is a knob not a Sugar & Promises - The Aluminum Group - Introducing. (CD). I'll ficks it. Thumbs up… Submitted by corsentino on Tue, Thumbs up emoticon. Submitted by Anton D on Mon, This is the perfect toy for beloved yet flawed LPs. Remember the SAE A back in the day? It would be big fun to compare and see where this new technology struts its stuff!

A member of our Hi Fi club got one and I will get to hear it in 3 weeks at his meeting. Thank you for reviewing it, it is on my short list for shopping.

SAE Submitted by cundare on Sat, Submitted by mraudioguru on Mon, Is so much better A less-expensive alternative Submitted by Johnnyangel on Mon, However Submitted by Michael Fremer on Tue, Not interested in laptop interface Understood, but Submitted by Johnnyangel on Tue, RT version is no longer available Submitted by rtrt on Tue, Thats good to know thanks Submitted by rtrt on Wed, I had a quick look on Hoffman and as you say there seem to be people using RT as of Any insights?

Submitted by Johnnyangel on Wed, That is Submitted by Michael Fremer on Tue, A good point. I wouldn't play seriously damaged records and having the spare stylus is useful. However, while I don't enjoy fixing the tick and pops manually I do enjoy seeding my lawn one seed at a time. So satisfying! So precise! Digital RIAA? Submitted by treyroscoe on Mon, Demo proved impressive Submitted by theroey on Mon, My thoughts, exactly!

German White Album Submitted by tbromgard on Mon, I should have done a few of those. Maybe in a follow up with some audio posted.

How's the Technics? Submitted by analogdw on Tue, Enjoying it? Axpona Submitted by Lazer on Sun, Maybe a Game Changer Submitted by foxhall on Tue, I get the impression the SC-1 will just make LPs more enjoyable without any effort. SC 2 Submitted by davidz on Tue, Still curious Submitted by cdlp on Tue, Too bad they jacked up the price! Submitted by jon on Tue, Submitted by Rudy on Fri, Reminds me of Dolby Digital Submitted by mschlack on Tue, Submitted by Lazer on Sun, Dolby Noise Reduction Submitted by rwwear on Fri, Is what you I believe you mean.

Yours in SweetVinyl. Hey there SweetVinyl folks! Submitted by OldschoolE on Thu, Gray heads at classical music concerts Submitted by marechalney on Thu, Typos Submitted by marechalney on Thu, Line 6: your to you're. Line 7: an to and. Edinburgh: Mojo Books. The Rough Guide to Rock 3rd ed. London; New York: Penguin Group. Minneapolis: Voyageur Press. Gimme indie rock : essential American underground rock albums August 27, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved Official Charts Company.

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