The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr)

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Written by Anonymous. Pennsylvania, Vol. Gorilla Warfare 2. Keep It Correct 3. Rise Above Hate 4. Powerless 5. DMT members may email rocktheshow at aol. It went off well, despite a long wait at the door and Lunatarium not having its liquor license current which caused it to close at 4am.

We figure on eating around 9-ish and then being back here after Tsunami is back!!! Credit Tsunami with being on the vanguard of getting new people in. Credit Tsunami for bringing many of us together. Credit Tsunami with providing a safe environment. Credit Tsunami with keeping ongoing despite naysayers. Vibrasphere was pretty squirrelly in screwing over a local promoter, but that is the nature of the beast.

Bring toiletries towels food and warm clothing! Donate what you can to Paul or Mike. January 23 Wednesday Pacha Mama U. Premiere Like so many Israelis, Moshe Kastiel decided to travel to India after completing his military service. While in Goa, he embarks on a spiritual journey that leads him to establish a commune in Costa Rica. Pacha Mama examines the fascinating world of that commune and its attraction to followers from around the world.

Director: Asaffa Peled. Runtime: 61 minutes English subtitles. Dj Angeles Chiletrance-6th element Please check every week for our special guests. It is more crowded than in the past but unfortunately not completely wholesome so watch your belongings. A fellow Greek in the crowd had seen me and Lisa at a party several weeks ago, then went to Athens. Dino Psaras did his usual hard early set and finished the morning with a groovier one.

Although Yahel was playing to Israelis in Brooklyn double booking — yuck! The crowd was heavily young and American. Tsunami- heard a crazy rumor. January 30 Wednesday Chiletrance at Opium Den Come and enjoy the music with us in this winter, that actually is not winter, but anyway welcome!! Dj Angeles Chiletrance-6th Element See our web. Their location at west 26th is one of the nicest. The water is free, the vibe is intimate, and the price is very reasonable.

Featuring the lame-duck snowboarding DJs, jacuzzi, sound system, fireplace, snowball fights, psychodrama, and more. Everyone try to get Vitalik to come back out this year — I first met him at the DMTSki house a year ago, when he showed up at 4am, out of the blizzard. He was suspiciously quiet, but I could see wheels going on behind his eyes. Must be willing to share sleep quarters with others. The biggest thing you have to concern yourself with is to get a ride.

Ski lifts are 10 minutes away. Few end up skiing. There will be someone me! Thanks to Vitalik, Dima, and the Omnitribers for putting on another good party. But it did thin the crowd out midway through the evening. A bunch of Israelis were tripping for the first time and thought the music was in their heads.

Kelly was literally rolling on the floor. The DMTSki was fun. I just got back this morning. It was fun to hibernate in the jacuzzi then run around out in the cold, steaming. The challenge as always is to get transport out there. Hello all. I am pleased to announce that Jaime and I will be throwing a little psytrance bash for her birthday. And you are invited! February 8, You will be emailed directions to the part when we receive payment.

As mentioned above all food and drink is free at the party. To get on the list either: 1 The easy way. We will definitely be present at either Tsunami, SS or both this month. Alternately, give it to Lori or Boris. We ask your cooperation in making payment in advance. We are trying to do something special here, and a guest list is the only way to keep the part free of both unwanted guests and the LAW.

Feel free to email me ben at cownow with any questions. Since, I hasten to add, Burning Elf. Many thanks to everyone. You had to be there!! Special thanks to Boris for his sound system and a great set. People are still at the afterparty at DMTski.

And we have another good private party next Friday at the new Tribeca Trance Mission. The Groove never stopped from beginning to end. Once in a while, there might be a 5-second lull between waves of sound, and The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) would break into spontaneous applause, to reward the hard-working DJs.

Speaking of the Dance Floor, upon it was Intricate Diamond Patterns in Day-Glow tapes, creating a kind of karmic force to those dancing above and upon it. The Front of the room had a kind of Cosmic Healing area. There were also beautiful people writing out signs and statements explaining why we are all here…. Amazing talent. One woman looked like a Tiger, another like a Lion. Every face I saw all night had the biggest Smile I have ever witnessed at club, and believe me, I go to clubs nights every week.

It was infectious. The Light Show was amazing all night long, the constantly changing DJs gave everyone ample chance to find the groove they were seeking and the revelers were each and everyone satisfied. I prided myself in locating the best, happy party I can ever remember attending. Several Israelis got in trouble with the Feds for being involved with ecstacy.

Between that and straight out INS deportation, the more lawless element is The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) squeezed. February 11 Monday More on the Big Mexican Trance Party Here are some of our Mexico pictures, there should be more coming soon: Most of the time we stayed in Tulum, in small wooden beach huts right on the beach. Most of the pictures were taken there. We actually had to walk through the jungle for several kilometers to get from one pyramid to another.

Overall, I think Coba is over 80 sq. Nohoch Mul is the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula and is the main pyramid in the city dedicated to the Sun God. Swimming with tie-dyed colored tropical fish on the after-party-first-day-of-New-Year-morning was awesome, I managed to completely get over my phobia of water and whatever else the sea might hide, and Max even swam with a huge sea turtle, which is considered a sign of very good fortune among Mayans.

Aquarians get their first drink free. Think liquid. We can refill our water bottles in the poopdeck! Chinese Water Torture. Crazy aquatic visuals. Viviana is the bartender; Machinelf is your captain. Bring: bottled water, holy water, water guns, dolphins, mermaid outfits, toys and waterproof art. Anything flowing. Bring enough to share — including you, as you are mostly water anyway.

Wylie will be there getting prepayments for his loft party Friday tba on safetdance Monday. February 13 Wednesday Chiletrance at Opium Den Come every week to enjoy the trance music in this nice bar.

CHECK our web. Where back!!!! I passed by this and met some really cool people, and interesting japanneeese trancers. Garen I do believe in go go go NYC, but just wanted to let you know that the sound system at Twilo is actually top 3 in the world which makes it one of the best, not necessarily the best behind a mega-club in Manchester and another club in Berlin.

I read about that a year or so ago. February 14 A new initiate in trance Why am I sending this? He put a lot of effort into writing it. I think I would have had a much better time at the Roxy if had been mentally prepared for the musicbut I had no idea on how I was supposed to comprehend the music and was catapulted into sensory overload.

Jung, Wilson, H. Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, p. I was actually working at a thrift store 2 summers ago, and while I was working someone dropped off 4 boxs of these books, right about the same time I was finishing the Illuminati trilogy… jackpot!

I cut my hair that way not because I was a Kristina or anything but because I had my integrity put to the test which was more like a psychotic experience. I was at a disco biscuits show the wetlandsand an unfriendly was making his presence known. I was in an extremely susceptible position i had recently eaten half a vileand I realized that there was nothing stopping me from crushing this unfriendly.

I am NOT a violent person as in I avoid conflict at all costsand these thoughts really scared me, fortunately, I am FULLY trained in handling my mental condition and was able to hold myself back. I was twisted, to say the least… so I cut my hair to reflect that evening. You may recall Rocky who has done numerous DMT and Omnitribe but not the last one as was on the flyer and Synthetic Sadhus the pyramid projecting near the front area.

He makes the event special. Without him, we wander in a desert peopled only with mirages of the mundane. February 15 Friday Lord of the Trance This will be a large, high-energy private loft party that will go until the wee hours of the morning.

If it is anything like the successful New Years party, it is a do-not-miss. There is another party at a lounge in Williamsburg. Level X at N. Free to get in! Open DJ spots for anyone who wants to play! Join the worlds largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail. February 20 Wednesday Chiletrance at Opium Den Come and enjoy with us every week in this nice bar……….

Crazy weather, right??? Scary thing is, after all I been through, I am not concerned at this point over free speech from behind expensive sunglasses. That bygone era seems so long ago now. I wish I actually had the discretionary income to actually procure these illicit substances of which they speak; if I did have the income, I would replace the speakers confiscated by the NYPD last summer.

Nice mix of Israeli, UK acts. Slinky Wizard is a personal favorite. The bass just rolled through the floor. We saved the big bubble to use at outdoor events this year. And now we have Tsunami every Saturday.

So much competition these days. People will vote with their feet. Maybe NYC can catch up. Either way, the bar is being raised — looking forward to the next! Just got off the phone with John Emmanuel. And the first two Saturdays will be full-on hard scandotrance. Time to tweak the viking getup!! I myself will be back for Tsunami on Saturday night. The house is available only through mid-March. Buses and rides available. Email rocktheshow at aol for details. Yon-E and Joa open. All list proceeds will go towards rebuilding the DMT sound system for the bridge parties this year.

Buses available. Two Hour drive. Some coming back Saturday for Tsunami. Others stay through Sunday night. Email rocktheshow at aol for info. I just got out of a meeting with John Emmanuel Gartmann of Tsunami. Shelter this Saturday with Talamasca is really looking good. The old club Speeed was bought by the people who ran Shelter at Vinyl back in the day.

Although it maxes out at people the roof is still closed they have completely remodeled the place. There is of course the Phazon sound system, but there is also new AC installed on the top floor.

JEG envisions this weekly to attract new non-trance people, something Tsunami has excelled in since Bien sur! Ofer goes to sleep early!!

Proceeds go to DMT for festivals this summer. See, I never read Anne Rice so just shoot me with a silver bullet. Maybe lavender liquid-filled vampire teeth? I do know however that I served it most of my mortal life. Astrix- Kali Sound Sorcery 2. Talamasca, Yuman and Benji- Gold Singer unreleased 3. Nomad- Demons rmx unreleased 4. Logic Bomb- Orbit Earth 5. Absolum- Pulse Shaffel 6. Talamasca- Speaking Robot 8. Space Cat vs.

Talamasca- Armaggedon rmx unreleased 9. Alien Project- UFO unreleased Talamasca vs. Good sound. What do they have now? A newly installed Phazon system. Do the math. The crowd — The place was packed by 2am. I estimate but it still could have squeezed in It was still comfortable though. The Decor — The decorations were about as good as could be managed within the constraints of a basement location no space for projections, and limited wall space for expansive murals.

The Sound — Nobody was used to not having to yell to be heard, even while standing in front of the speaker this shed light on s-e who were used to anonymity. Eduardo had come in that day to tweak the system. He started hard and eased up in the morning. Kamal came on after 8am and played through 11am. His first track was Deeper in Zen, fr- the upcoming American psytrance Soular Records compilation fr- which Ofer also produced and played a track.

The Vibe — Lisa and Kelly behaved themselves this time. There were m-ents when at least 8 women were all chanting in unison. On the first floor was a fantastic food layout with cake, chocolates, fruits. The old skool Shelter crew were up on 3 rd floor with a bigger sound system, many hot and heavy gay black men. Curiously, only the hardcore of thirty or so stayed to the end.

All in all it was a promising start and I have faith in their ability to keep the space indefinitely. The brainmachines email list will continue. Flyers hard to get Now if Home of Trance will carry their flyers as opposed to allowing the accursed Paul Oakenfold style flyers, everything will be Logical on Vulcan.

I had faith however that I would be able to circumvent the checkpoint. I kneeled down on the grate and grounded both of my hands. I quickly ran off the grate at full steam head.

I was in an old s like a deserted subway station. I was guided in the right direction by very subtle arrows in the crisscrossed tile floor. March 12 Tuesday Finally, the details of my case can be released. As we expected, all my charges were formally dismissed this morning and sealed — burglary, trespassing, possession of K, possession of paraphernalia, possession of needles.

All misdemeanors. They tried to find felony drugs in a bunch of Pez candy I had but tests proved fruitless. So the computer crime unit and narcotics lost any interest in even meeting with me. With all the hippy and drug-related posters, medical diagrams, MRI brain scans, brain machines, electrodes, bags of funny-smelling unidentifiable powders, scales, syringes, computers, costumes, tennis bags full of Pez candies which tested negativepictures of me in Amsterdam wearing Cyberdog pants, Polaroids of me smiling with a gas mask and beaker and a huge assortment of legal smart drugs and literature etc they mistook my party pad for a drug lab!

Note to self: Keep apartment presentable to the authorities should they ever be allowed in by a guest. There have been numerous instances where police would call on a known drug dealer, go there, and steal whatever they can.

Had he been honest I would still be in jail and the judge would have probably not granted me release on my own recognizance without having to post bail My lawyer is also President of the New York Criminal Bar.

As my case was dismissed, I still have plenty of credit for the retainer. I have plenty of documentation of my possessions and a battery of solid testimonials and a job and all that so my lawyer says my chances are good to make a difference and show the police that we are innocent until proven guilty.

Much thanks to Omnitribe who kept the outdoor spirit alive last year! I went to see it last night- it was awesome. However, it is not really about him doing acid. It was one of the most moving movies I have ever seen and I recommend it highly. He may be there tonight too as it being the last day. It will be playing today at the film forum at,and If anyone does not get a chance to see the movie, get the book Be Here Now It has been life-changing for many. Hope to see you all there!

My favorite moment was sitting out in the driveway in an Audi concept car with designer who showed us his rough draft playable demo on his laptop that was more powerful than a stand alone x-box. He has also recently made a compilation for Medium records and you may also know him for remixes of other artists tracks like Atmos, Quirk, Der Stern Von Afrika and Paps. Fasten with scotch tape. There are two so that you can make one with your c-rade. Again, this promotion has nothing whatsoever to DMT o with Omnitribe and any apologies to those who are offended by the references, even though s-e may argue that the best trance c-es fr- fascist repetitive minimal beats!!

As in walking 13 blocks due north to Tsunami!! How to type -: type in backslash, then highlight and chan axis or ally — I would issue a reefer decree declaring it punishable by death to ever actually use the O and M when typing their name. Or, for that matter, A and U and M. That way, if the cops or anybody ever walks up all they see is a bunch of Sanskrit gobbledygook. Then they will want to know who the heck this Ni tribe is all about: web stone-dead.

Their biggest ever. There must have been at least in there with a lot of new faces. I feel bad for DJ Purple, though. There were 15 people who stayed through the end. As Omnitribe was broken up at 8am, I wonder if any made it up to Shelter to round out the morning?

For future reference, Shelter lets in people through 9am; the brainmachines list is open through 8am. Party at beach with the pyramids! You think people will show at Tsunami this weekend?

Planet BEN has a following. Plus, the ingredients are there: low cover, brainmachines list contribution to the DMT, Phazon sound, top DJs, and open until 11am. On a further note, Home of Trance is now allowing Tsunami flyers in the store.

Plus, the ingredients are there: low cover, brainmachines list contribution to the d, Phazon sound, top DJs, and open until 11am. And on a final note, Omnitribe will be doing their April 12 party on a Friday so Tsunami is in the clear thus far! And, enfin, Astrid made an appearance at Opium Den last night, en route to Mexico! DJ Planet B. Planet B.

He has also released techno Productions on Superstition, Container and Naja. Ben has written music under the names Planet B. He has completed projects with people such as Jan forthcoming album planned which will be released on Flying Rhino Records later on this year. I feel that the New Yorkers received some flak i. But, New York represented well, we are all very unique, a microcosm of the world, even if not everyone can appreciate it. In Tulum, the cats from iboga really kicked some ass and the site was beautiful.

I was being spied on basically…and this is no delusion if you saw what I looked like! Free Breakfast! Synthetic was a new bar with the taut Scando music and artwork in sync. Logic Bomb, Laughing Buddha and Yani more than picked up the slack. I got to the party really early, at like when there was about 25 peeps there… the opening DJ started it off right.

I forgot last week to thank AtomicJuice and the sacred geometry dude DNA Dan for creating the wonderful video pyramid installation in the chillout room at Synthetic Sadhus.

These guys were the same group as who donated use of their speakers for the DMTSki house. You guys rock! Both parties this weekend were sparsely attended and I attune that to the Passover and Easter. Almost eight months ago the DMT generator turned up missing.

Initially, we supposed some bike thieves took it, but the kryptonite lock was found unlocked in the mess on the floor several months later. This person accused me of stealing it, and continues to do so. I agree to undergo a professional polygraph to clear my name and answer any questions any of you may have The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) the missing generator.

I am willing to answer anything, for as long as requested. Even if they do not offer an apology, or agree to be accountable for the generator replacement, this matter should be considered case closed, I will be content to go on with my life. In any case, I will hold no grudges, and will continue to support everyone who makes trance happen.

I will never harp on this again. I will be out of your hair, but will be forever shamed by the treachery! This is no popularity contest, this is a determination of slander and character assassination. I have been through a rough personal patch with the police etc.

Almost all of you know that — but I want to set the record straight. After all we have been through you owe me that much. Forget money or speakers or generators, without trustworthiness we have nothing. And it has to be a professional reputable polygraph, not a cheap Radio Shack kit! Unfortunately, I do not have the funds right now, and even if I did and underwent a polygraph myself then the results would be suspect. But if anyone is willing to chip in for the test, I am so there and this matter can be cleared and the real liar s exposed.

Maybe Kamal would be a good choice to organize this, or even Mark at indole. Will anyone step forward? I should not raise money for this, because if I am a liar then I can not be trusted with money. There should be at least two witnesses, and that the results be made available to everyone in the DMT.

Fair enough? It should be. Financially feasible? Sometimes I feel like most people I know are unemployed. But large parties attract a general crowd. Tsunami has had its ups and downs. SS seems to have a nice trance mafia all around.

The irony is that more ravers go to Amazura. Although some people refuse to go there. There are also raves thrown at Amazura. Probably the same who were smoking angel dust.

We are finding out that venue has a big influence on vibe. Tsunami at Vinyl are always standing room only. SS at Marc Ballroom was always hot crowded but wonderful. Tsunami at Shelter is comfortable but somewhat sparse. Ho Ho Ho. So lock your shit up and enjoy the music! I often go to these parties alone. I go to dance and hear the music that reflects my attitude: f- crazy.

Im sorry that peeps are getting discouraged. No guest list, just Yoni and others playing their best shit at rock-bottom bargain-basement prices. To get on the email list for Sacred Mirrors Funds will also be collected for the upcoming ayahuasca ceremony in May. The vibe was so heavy girls were practically taking off their clothes, in a good way. We were all on a journey on the ship of the imagination. Both the dock and boat were packed with beautiful natural people, bigger than a trance crowd, the vibe was intense.

On the boat, the dungeon engine room had sensual electric wizardry and horizontal video screens projected from above. Alex Grey had a room in the aft with art and books and the Mindfold, a device that enables to keep your eyes open and see complete blackness, and comes with earplugs. And the fire dancers on top of the boat — wow! Many new faces and many old ones. Many new connections. Looking forward to the next one. The biggest lesson from the psychedelic sixties I think was that people confused the realm of the senses with spirituality.

This path led to the descent into speed and coke The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) the 70s. The intention of everyone seems to be key, the sword that can cut the Gordian knot of trying to live and heal in New York in. It was great to see the whole psychedelic community come together. The energy was intense and beautiful. It really touched the essence of why we all go to parties.

Much thanks, love and respect to all who came out to make it happen. The Chapel foundation is adding a section on the web site that will highlight the last two parties and future events. Photo and video credits will be posted, and very appreciated. Saturday, April 13th: Same party, different DJs, same prices!

Michael Bloomberg and pot Today in the news. Various psytrance DJs. Another Mexico story — from Asher The spirit of Mexico rises from the earth and grabs you forcing you to look to the heavens for guidance. As I trekked through densely karmatic land I was blessed to walk into amazing reincarnates of the spirits that helped the Mayans through these turbulent times.

The food and drink of this land is rich in love and soul. Within 2 hours she reminds me that this is why we are here and to surrender. As The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) walk off the pier, Ticon is taking this beautiful morning to an afternoon we will never forget. Then we find my aura or aka Mayoora very upset about the fact that I never picked him up from the airport.

After introductions to the Swedes we all danced for hours as family — it was truly amazing! When the party ended there was a nice creek where we all went swimming as Wylie taught the side stroke method using take the condom from the machine and put it on the penis.

It was great last week, good sound good people, lots of fun. Welcome everybody!!! Jamin…Cosmophilia Shai K. I send you good vibes and warm sun and hugs and kisses… love Serena p. DJ Liran a nd others. Promises to be full on ecstatic Israeli trance energy. They The Bearer - Various - PAHC: Pennsylvania Hardcore (CDr) a multitrack recorder.

Shes Lost Control - Stiff Kittens (2) - Try To Cure Yourself (Vinyl, LP), Dumb Dick (Instrumental), Hopeton Lindo - Gang War (Vinyl), Ni Gillar Det - Allt Är Skit - Demo 2014 (Cassette), I Kiss The Flower In Bloom - Close Lobsters - Headache Rhetoric + Foxheads Stalk This Land (CD), A morning without you - Pull my Strings - Pull my Strings (CD), Dont Stop Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson - MP3 Collection (CD), Various - Urban House (Vinyl, LP), Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - The Gino Marinello Orchestra - Romantique De La France (CD), DJ Unity - Golden Lights / Freedom (Vinyl)