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You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. No other living being did the Elves encounter on the Silverspire, yet still Orion sensed another presence there, one not unlike to his queen, Unlock The Morgue - Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD) whose unspoken whispers echoed through his mind.

When Orion brought word of this back to Athel Loren, none were more intrigued than Ariel. The Mage Queen had long believed that Morghur was scarcely aware of his own actions, and that the Chaos Gods guided his steps.

It was they who drove the Corruptor to devour her and Orion, to consume the godly essence of Isha and Kurnous as his dark masters had all but consumed the Elven gods. Thus were the wars of the heavens echoed in the mortal realm.

Seldom had Ariel given thought to the idea that there might be others like her and Orion; certainly, she had not encountered them. But if there were, it was likely that Morghur would be driven to devour these also.

Many turnings of the world later, this theory seemed to be all but proven. Morghur was again reborn in the lands west of Athel Loren, and was drawn to the Silverspire once more.

This time, however, they had allies in the struggle against the Corruptor. Since last the Elves had striven with Morghur, the rough humans of the western lands had united under the banner of a mighty champion.

The Silverspire was sacred ground to these primitives, and they too now mustered to its defence. It would have gone ill for the humans had Orion led this second Wood Elf host, for the King in the Woods had little fondness for such humans. As it was, the midwinter snows laid heavy on Athel Loren; Orion was naught but a memory and a hope, so cooler heads than his prevailed and an alliance was struck.

Before long, Morghur arose again, this time in the Forest of Shadows. As they had before, the Wood Elves found the Corruptor all but immune to their weapons, but Ariel had planned against this circumstance. Indeed, she relied upon it. At the battle's height, Ariel directed a great convocation of Spellsingers to snare Morghur and transport him through the worldroots to the Oak of Ages.

There she bound the foul creature with all the dark magics at her command, and began the ritual that would make his power her own. She would have succeeded in this disastrous plan had it not been for Durthu. The Elder had felt the disturbance as the Corruptor had been brought along the worldroots, and was outraged that their sanctity could be so violated. Hastening to the Oak of Ages, he slew Morghur before the ritual could be completed. Ariel screamed and railed at Durthu, but dared do no more.

Even deluded as she was, the Mage Queen knew better than to harm one of the Elders, so she let him depart, claiming ever after that it was mercy, rather than weakness, that stayed her hand. In all, Ariel spent more than three centuries hidden from the world.

It is likely she would have tarried longer, had she not discovered that Morghur had been reborn. Ariel sensed that this incarnation was more powerful than any that had preceded it, and that all of Athel Loren would need to unite to defeat him. But she knew that dire times have ever required dire sacrifice, and emerged at last from the Oak of Ages. Great was the rejoicing that Unlock The Morgue - Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD).

The Wood Elves had all but given up their queen for lost, and now welcomed her without reservation. Most joyous was the reunion between Ariel and Orion, for they had spent long centuries of sadness and anger apart.

If the Corruptor had returned their queen to them, said the Elves, then at least the misbegotten creature had done something wholesome in his vile existence. A taint of darkness can never be fully driven once it has taken root, a burden the Mage Queen would have to bear ever after.

Often its darkness would call to her in the still watches of the night, when hope seemed lost. In the ages after, Ariel would never truly know which of her decisions were made out of malice, rather than reason. The beast had already annihilated an army of knights riding from nearby Gisoreuxand doubtless believed that the host of Elves arrayed before him would fall Unlock The Morgue - Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD) as easily.

He was wrong. Having been forced to confront the darkness within her own soul, Ariel had lost her fear of Morghur and had accompanied her folk to war. Though she was content to let Orion command the battle, Ariel matched and overcame the dark sorceries Unlock The Morgue - Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD) the Bray-Shamans with her own magics.

Worse for the Beastmen was the fact that Naestra and Arahan too had accompanied the Elves to war. At the last, their ranks scythed down by arrows, or scattered by the hooves of the Wild Hunt, the Beastmen could take no more. As one, the warherd turned and melted away into the woods.

Only Morghur stood his ground, gibbering his wild madness at those who came to claim his life. The Corruptor was gravely wounded, his hide pierced by many arrows, but still the will of the Dark Gods drove him to defiance. Then a final bowstring sang, and at last Morghur fell dead, a black arrow protruding from his eye socket. Great was the feasting Unlock The Morgue - Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD) Athel Loren when the host returned.

Many heroes had made their names that day. Most lauded of these was Scarlocthe archer whose arrow had finally felled the Master of Skulls; but there was glory aplenty in which all the Elves could share. Thus passed the Season of Redemption. There was a great wailing amongst the trees of the Glade of Woe, and Ariel knew that Morghur had been reborn once more. Scouts soon located the vile creature in the Forest of Arden and, no longer content to let others keep the Corruptor in check, the Mage Queen dispatched an army to kill the beast whilst still young.

So it was that AralothLord of Talsynand Naieth the Prophetess led many warrior kinbands on the hunt. They tracked Morghur and his warherd through the darkness of the forest, felling stragglers with bow and blade. Mas, as Araloth readied his blade for the killing strike, the air rang to the blare of crude horns and the bleating of unclean beasts.

So intent had the Wood Elves been on reaching their quarry, that they had not noticed the Ungor scouts shadowing their every step. Up until now, the Wood Elves' casualties had been light, for they had chosen the ground upon which each of their battles had been fought.

Now the Beastmen took their bloody revenge. Glade Guard fired until their quivers were empty, but there were always more foes to replace those that had been slain. With a heart twisted by anger and sorrow, Araloth left a rearguard of volunteers to hold back the raging Gorsand led the rest of his force on a desperate retreat out of the Forest of Arden.

At the last, only Naieth, Araloth and a handful of others escaped the Forest of Arden. They survived only because Naieth roused the slumbering trees to form walls of branch and briar that barred the Beastmen's passage.

Shamed by his failure, Araloth soon returned to the Forest of Arden as part of a far larger host, but Morghur had gone — the Beastmen had used their primitive magic to spirit the creature away.

It would be many years before Araloth would have his chance at revenge. Morghur was once more revealed within the Forest of Arden, and Araloth of the Hooked Blade begged leave to lead the hunt. The horrifying event took place in Mumbai where the year-old man had been found unconscious at a bus stop.

He was treated for an electrolyte imbalance and given a blood transfusion to combat anemia but was pronounced dead two days after being admitted to hospital. When morgue workers retrieved the body two days later to begin tests to establish cause of death, the man awoke. An inquiry has been launched to ascertain how the grave error occurred, which will now include a post mortem as the patient died shortly after being retrieved from the morgue. The incident is unfortunately not an isolated one.

One such person even attended their own funeral. So, how do you present as dead when you are in fact alive?

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