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The individual rankings of each jury member as well as the nation's televoting results were released shortly after the grand final. Below is a breakdown of points awarded to Germany and awarded by Germany in the second semi-final and grand final of the contest, and the breakdown of the jury voting and televoting Unser Lied during the two shows:. The following members comprised the German jury: [35].

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Retrieved 4 May Retrieved 29 April Retrieved 18 February One of the marching songs of the British Union of Fascistsknown as The Marching Song or Comrades, the Voices was set to the same tune, and its lyrics were to some extent modelled on the song, though appealing to British Fascism. In Spainthe Falange fascist movement sang to the same tune:. Por el honor, la Patria y la justicia, luchamos hoy en este amanecer.

Diremos al caer. For honor, Fatherland, and justice, we fight today in this dawn, And if death comes and caresses us, Spain be raised! We shall say in falling. Note that this was a traditional Falange march Movimiento Nacionalnot a march of the original Falange. We shall smite the Jews and the MarxistsWe shall avenge our brothers killed by them, So that the National Socialist ideal Should one day be proud and victorious.

In modern Greece, Golden Dawnan extreme right-wing partyuses the "Horst Wessel Song" with Greek lyrics [30] [31] in its gatherings or events such as the occasional public distribution of food "to Greeks only", [32] while its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakosoften uses the song's key stanzas e.

From the granite face of Olympus to the enslaved land of Cyprus. The head held high and our heart remains tough.

Vonsyatsky was arrested for violating the Espionage Act. The dawn is close, Banners on high, brothers! Death to the murderers of our dear liberty! The fascists sword is our enemy's damnation It will sweep away forever their bloody system. Comrades, our Motherland awaits us! Everyone under the banners, the Motherland is calling!

Vonsyatsky, our leader who scorns treason and cowardice, With us, fascists, Unser Lied lead the march! Blackshirts, get ready to the battle! The Iron Front of fascists unites us And towards the enemy is an iron wall Fearlessly, as one, we all go. Luo lippujen! Nyt, veljet rintamaan, mi valheen vuolteet sulkee ja voittoon vie tai urhon kuolemaan! On katseet kirkkahat ja rinnas uskallusta, ja toivoin katsoo meihin tuhannet.

Rally to the flags! So the blackshirts march side by side, with a solemn step Now, brothers, to the front that closes the rivers of lies and takes us to victory, or the hero to his death Make way, as the black group marches!

It brings down all obstacles. With bright gaze, and chests full of daring and thousands look up to us with hope. The horns call us to the final battle, O hear the roar of the new day! Remember that we swore to the Lord Unser Lied longer may Finland lament! So the blackshirts march side by side, with a solemn step Only the wretched scorn our colors as our land of birth languishes in pain. Some versions simply changed the political character of the song:. The flag high!

Red Front Unser Lied with iron-firm pace. Comrades, shot dead by the Steel Helmet Swastika March in spirit in our ranks. The Communist Party of Germany substituted completely new lyrics:. Bauer, steh auf! Erheb dich, Arbeitsmann Gewehre nehmt! Gewehre gut und scharf geladen! Tragt rote Fahnen hoch im Kampf voran!

Load the guns well with live ammunition Carry high red flags onward into the fight! These versions were banned once the Nazis came to power and the Communist and Social Democratic parties prohibited. However, during the years of the Third Reich the song was parodied in underground versions, poking fun at the corruption of the Nazi elite. There are similarities between different texts as underground authors developed them with variations.

Below are several versions. The prices highthe shops tightly closed Poverty marches and we march with it FrickJoseph Goebbels, SchirachHimmler and their comrades They go hungry too, but only in spirit. Die Unser Lied hoch, die Schnauze fest geschlossen, Hunger marschiert in ruhig festem Schritt. The prices high, the snouts firmly closed, Hunger marches with a quiet, steady step. In the unemployment benefits office SOS is sounded, All we men stand prepared to register as unemployed.

The street stinks of the brown battalions, A cushy job winks at the Stormtrooper. Perhaps tomorrow he'll be a fat cat and get millions, But that means jack-shit to us. In the first year of Nazi rule radical elements of the SA sang their own parody of the song, reflecting their disappointment that the socialist element of National Socialism had not Unser Lied realised: [36]. The prices high, the cartels are tightly closed Capital marches with a quiet step. The stockbrokers are now party comrades And capital is now protected by Herr Schmitt.

Kurt Schmitt was Economics Minister between and Or do you think an internal pick would have been better? Let us know in the comment section below! Just a German guy who lives for Eurovision! When I'm not watching Eurovision I usually chill on Instagram, playing the latest songs on piano or doing some anime stuff. Also I love to dance hip hop! People born in late or early can compete…but NOT for Germany. Sometimes such a show can prove success see Melodien Festival but sometimes it backfires.

But when they had a jury-vote program, the artists never made it to the final. No no no, ARD what are you doing? Songwriting camps are a big NO in my books, especially when a country like Germany has the biggest music export in Europe. They only chose the safe choice to represent them.

So maybe they can go back to internal selection to ask for some daring songs. So basically the same disaster as this year. Good call. Always stay to true to your NDR dinosaur selves. I still think this is a good model to pick the song. Sometimes a good selection can still end up in a mediocre pick Id say the same about France or Hungary this year.

I think I read somewhere that they try this format without changes one lasr time to see if Michael Schulte was a lucky pick and it is bad or if S! Anyway, the fault lied with the jury and the public. As if the majority of Germans would know what good music is lol I say that as a German… We often do this kinda disappointing picks. There … Read more ». Well, at least it worked in The artists in Unser Lied seems have to be involved in the songwriting, which is a good camp criterion.

Many professionals are working in a team. Honestly, the NF works quite well but Germany can never, except ofc, pick the best song. This year they had 3 songs that could bring them to top I hope to see a change of the demographic of the people that watch the show. Unless they … Read more ». As a reference: in the years NDR collaborated with ProSieben, a popular broadcaster among younger generations.

That co-operation was what made Eurovision interesting again as it reached far more people and therefore could promote it even … Read more ». The show and its format are not the problem but the voting is. Like, both jury and televotes are tampered that it blatantly favored the weakest song during the national final.

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