In Dreams We Are Still

In Dreams We Are Still

 · In some cultures today, dreams are still considered to be a way of receiving messages from the spirit world. There’s no real way to tell if a dream is prophetic or not — it comes down to what Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

 · Dreams are mysterious and experts are still trying ways to decode the whole thing. There are so many explanations why you see dreams, but it is obvious to become confused, especially when you have weird dreams involving certain events and people.

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If we are still in any doubt as to the nature of dreams and that God has chosen to use this media to speak to us, one need only read the book of Isaiah. Isaiah was clearly an anointed prophet of God. He received anointed visions and heard the Words of the Lord.

We still don’t fully understand the purpose of our dreams, but that doesn’t stop our brains from creating beautiful yet weird concepts in alternative worlds that leave us stunned in the morning. But for some reason, certain ordinary objects and actions seem to never appear in our dreams, while flying elephants, battles with aliens, or riding motorcycles might be part of our normal dream.

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  1.  · The “continuity hypothesis” in dream research holds that dreams and waking life are intertwined with one another and thus involve overlapping themes and content. The “discontinuity hypothesis,” on the other hand, sees thinking during dreams and wakefulness as structurally ted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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