In Case You Missed It - Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers* - Album Of The Year (Cassette, Album)

The next clip can be dated exactly: July 23, at the Jazz Festival Montreux. I was not able to find out the exact date McCoy Tyner played there on February All in all there are more than 80 minutes from Aarau, but the source video gave me trouble.

After the first 30 minutes or so, the video starts repeatedly to stall while the music goes on. So i just added some screenshots to the music. Part 3 unfortunately has no footage, as I explained above. On March 23, the Jazz Messengers played at the Again I could not identify the tune:. In fact there is a more than an hour of the Jazz Messengers at the Subway. I found a better version than the one I had shown here previously. Here it is:. I found over an hour of footage from this concert, for technical reasons I had to split this into three parts.

For the last part of the show or this broadcast? And finally something rare and special: At the Estival Jazz Lugano in summer exact date unknown Art Blakey — who otherwise did not play there — was presented with an honory award for his life achievements. On that occasion he agreed to improvise a little with Guido Parini and Oliviero Giovannoni, two fine drummers from the italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Blakey has to be pushed into this somewhat by the announcer, I have left this out to protect the living …. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Thanks so much for posting these great video rarities! He ended up playing with the Mingus Big Band, and we just ended up playing in many different surroundings together. We knew each other but I never played with him.

The range of music in this collection is a window into the various driving forces behind the passionate pianist. Slow, somber and haunting, Evans closes the album with a powerful reminder of the indelible influence of Don Cornelius on Black music.

How many featured articles can you remember? But the real deal is, without Don Cornelius, none of this other shit would have happened. Like, you really want to get into BAM? And so basically I just wanted to do my little tribute to him.

Not just the cooperative nature of performing the music, but also in terms of what music was performed. The vast landscape of jazz repertoire which includes Blues, Tin Pan Alley songs, show tunes, and pop songs, is most enriched by original compositions Album) jazz musicians themselves, which through the social contexts of the music, became standards in their own right.

Songs from Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, and Wayne Shorter had become modern jazz standards of their times because of their popularity and exposure within the jazz community.

I then started focusing on today, and my experiences at jazz performances. Yes, the headliner is playing his or her original work, and yes the band, on some occasions, may feature a tune or two from a bandmate, but what were the odds that they would play a tune by a musical peer beyond their own band? Slim to none, as far as I could tell.

Which got me to thinking: What is the modern jazz standard? I began looking through the several Real Books laying around the house. With the plethora of prolific writers in jazz over this span of time, I found it odd. What does this mean? The collapse of crucial major jazz labels, and a shift in the art of record producing has birthed a DIY era of record making which, while incredibly liberating, also has its share of considerable consequences.

Evans, who paid tribute to his mentor, saxophonist Bobby Watson, on his release Faith In Action, believes firmly in honoring his influences while they are still here; a philosophy which jazz has struggled to reckon with for the last several decades.

The genre seems to be contented for better or worse between two musical polars: an homage-obsessed one, and the other which seems, at times, completely musically isolated.

Years ago, more musicians had record contracts that required them to record more often, demanding more material. And now, for some of us, we write far more tunes than we have a chance to record. But another big reason, I think, is that jazz tunes have become more labor intensive to learn. Most of the music written now by musicians of my generation requires some pretty heavy rehearsing.

But regardless, an original tune back in the day was no more than 32 bars, with maybe an intro, then the head, solo on the melody form, head out.

Now a four or five page tune is no surprise. And the road maps through the sections can be really tricky. There is only so much of that, you can put in front of the band each gig. Moreno recently released his stunning fourth album, Another Way World Culture Musicwhich features all original compositions, but is known for his uncanny ability to interpret standards, and has released two standards albums on the Criss Cross label.

Classic records were already classic. It would be nice if there was something like it, but who would buy it? After all, who buys Real Books anyway? The more advanced musicians usually have already studied that material, and then when they do want to play more modern stuff just transcribe it themselves and write out the charts rather than spending the money on a entire book to get a few tunes out of it. But a lot of times my favorite tunes were not in Real Books.

I always transcribed myself. It might be more profitable for publishers to just put out individual songbooks by current artists. Few already exist. Then it might have an effect on the scene overall, making the records of today that will end up as classics documented as such.

I think it is still too early. It just may be. We have to keep playing the music. Two decades of music is not represented in that book. The people within the scene are disconnected from each other. And I think all of that fracturing puts people in a whole different place.

I think there are isolated instances most certainly of that: of people building community within smaller groups. The ideal that there was a general, cultural knowledge of this music that jazz musicians interpreted, basically everybody knew those songs. This begs the question: Who is the modern musician playing for?

I do think there is some tension between this crazy connectivity and access to so much information and then how kind of isolating it all is. However, I do think we could benefit from more documenting and collective publishing of modern jazz compositions. Collectivity has always made the music what it is. The music being more than just the sum of its parts, as NPR producer Becca Pulliam said to me in a recent interview.

That being said, I think at some point, it may be worthwhile to publish an updated book of modern compositions and start creating a rightful place for our generation in the spectrum of contributions. The first milestone! One year ago this month, Alternate Takes was launched. After going over it in my head, waiting for timing to meet opportunity, I finally decided to add my voice to the much needed conversation about musical, social and political ideas, with jazz as the nexus.

One year ago, I would not have imagined how well it would be received thank you! My main objective was to speak with him about the Grammy category cuts, which had just occurred. One of the great music minds of a generation. Speaking of wisdom, the interview which author and scholar Robin D. Kelley graciously granted me about his Thelonious Monk biography is another one of my favorites. On my quest to write critically about jazz, there is no shortage of seasoned writers to model after. However, I want to model after the great ones, and Kelley is a leader of that esteemed and very small pack.

Geri Allen speaks about the importance of a broader spectrum of writers in our interviews also — another pinch me moment! Trumpeter Nicholas Payton has emerged as one of the most important voices off of his instrument. I was grateful to talk to him last May for Alternate Takes. You guys seemed to really enjoy that. The Drummers Who Compose series was one of the most enlightening journeys for me.

As open and exposed as I like to think I am, it was most eye-opening to learn about the process of composition from master drummers Adam Cruz, Kendrick Scott, E. I received a lot of great feedback from this series, and even some requests of other drummers you all would like to see covered.

The next instrument in the series is going to be bass, by the way, so look for that in the months to come! A big part of the goal with Alternate Takes was to showcase the younger generation of movers and shakers in the business. Their ideas, passion and commitment are powerful forces in this music, and I hope you will continue to support them. They are game-changing, inspiring artists. If you missed their stories, please check them out.

Last year, their seminal The Low End Theory hit its twenty year milestone, and I had the honor of talking to Ali Shaheed Muhammad about this and a whole lot of other subjects, like the group working with Ron Carter. What a gracious interviewee. The level of intellect and accessibility these men displayed turned my blog into an amazing classroom. I learned so much, and I think a lot of you did also.

Guthrie Ramsey. I spoke with both he and the mind-mezmerizing Dr. Shalamishah Tillet during their Jazz Is a Woman course. What a thrill! You can still find me over at Nextbop as part of their talented team, as well as other jazz publications, contributing editorial.

For Alternate Takes, sending you all a huge thanks for your readership, involvement and support. I think when you stop reaching, you die. Todd's latest musical vision is a contemporary fusion of styles -- rock, soul and electronica -- that continues the tradition of boundary-breaking works from this visionary genius. Born out of frustration and by accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive attack on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment.

Smith and snarling punk attitude. A full-on kick to the senses inspired by the Sex Pistols, The Last Poets, and '60s garage and soul music. Picture disc edition. HQgm black vinyl. The release comes fifteen years after Atlantic released the cast recording for the original production in and thirteen years following Atlantic's release of the original motion picture soundtrack for the film incarnation. The album is produced by Hedwig composer Stephen Trask, Tony Award nominated sound designer and platinum-selling record producer Tim O Heir, and the production's music director Justin Craig.

There are definite dark undertones and a slight post-punk influence to their music and lyrics, but this is still far more aggressive and stripped down than the sounds of the currently fashionable goth-revival thing.

They lead to overblown phrases such as essential for every fan and one of his greatest ever shows. This recording of a concert Bruce and the E-Street Band played in Philadelphia in February really is that of a legendary Springsteen show, a seminal moment in his career, a classic performance and an essential part of any fan's library of The Boss' work. Previous press for Made In Spokane: - : "Catalyst stars. Supplies a tasty straddle from where quick punk and new wave coalesce.

Recorded in various studios, beds, and hotel rooms around the Bay Area, this LP magnifies Chris McVicker's beautifully fucked pop vision into clear focus, letting the rest of us unworthy souls bask in the glow of truly weird indie-pop euphoria.

Following her self-titled debut inTorres pushes herself to even noisier extremes on Sprintera punishing self-examination of epic spiritual and musical proportions.

Scott escaped the confines of her churning mind in order to find herself by recording in the market town of Bridport in Dorset, England; and then at the Bristol studio of Portishead's Adrian Adrian Utley.

With his guitar riffs and synthesizers lingering in the background like a lowland mist and PJ Harvey's Robert Ellis and Ian Olliver on rhythm—the two fortuitously reuniting 23 years after the release of Dry. Within Mind Control 's blood soaked grooves you will hear Album) tales of bizarre desert ceremonies, religious brainwashing and drug inspired mass slaughter! Imagine the original Alice Cooper band jamming in a cell with early Black Sabbath and the Stooges, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into their fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem.

Grounded in the guitars and traditional rock structure of his previous band, MK Ultra, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines serves as a preface to the quirkier and more experimental of his future releases, known for the oftentimes-political lyrical undertones, inventive and experimental takes on pop.

The classic "Tabu" was written by Margarita Lecuona also responsible for "Babalu," a classic as wella cousin of the famous Cuban composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. HQgm color vinyl. Luckily, local radio station WNOR was on hand to preserve this storming performance made on July 20 thby the soon-to-become-legendary blues guitarist.

Considered by critics to be the finest album of their early rock-oriented sound, described as "epic" and "a defining moment," it was the first Waterboys album to enter the United Kingdom charts, peaking at White Hills are one of the most legendary acts in psychedelic rock today. Walks For Motorists is the band's definitive statement, showcasing a new intensity for the band, emphasizing rhythm and groove.

Possibly surprising to fans familiar with the Hawkwindian guitar squall of earlier albums, the songs on Walks For Motorists began as a keyboard melody or bass line, and several songs on the album don't even feature guitar at all.

This is propulsive, open music, surreal to its core but made to inspire people to get out of their seats and move. However, according to a press release, the majority of the track album was written with "an album in mind, but toured extensively first, as well as songs that singer-guitarist Colin Newman introduced to the group in the studio just prior to recording. One can recognize certain melodic inflections, guitar and bass motifs, and drum rhythms from Wire's idiosyncratic vocabulary but it has a remarkable freshness.

The album takes the pioneering honky-tonker back to Warner Bros. Yoakam's distinctive, supple vocals, accented with his Kentucky croon, sound as strong today as they did on his debut, 's Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc. A full-length album of inspired interpretations of traditional British Isle folk songs.

Joshua Abrams — Magnetoconception 2xLP Eremite Magnetoconception is Abrams' first large-scale work on vinyl, the fullest measure yet of his sound world and his explorations of the guimbri, a three-stringed North African bass lute. You might think that's pretty standard for a movie like this, so Alessandroni starts messing with you by injecting some proto hip-hop beats with flutes and synth melodies.

Things get stranger the further you get in as we have dissonant electronics that sound like chiptunes, funk beats, chilled electric guitar, and interludes of operatic vocals. And then there's the amazing downbeat guitar piece that sounds straight out of a spaghetti western. And one day, on a long flight to London, I thought: why don't I do it myself? It makes for a splendid roil. So Tough cycles through all manner of roots-based rock. Records Recently released on CD — now available on vinyl.

Guests on this daring symphonic experience are French chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist SoKo and Italian actress, singer and director Asia Argento. Blues rock icons Canned Heat teamed up with blues legend John Lee Hooker for the classic double album Hooker 'N' Heat and embarked on a subsequent historic tour together that has been captured here.

While preserving her distinctive traits of bare-skinned honesty and visceral delivery, 9 Classic Tracks sees Chadwick venture into decidedly more lush territory-her unmistakably raw vocals present this time through a Vaseline filter and with an air of reflection indicative of both artistic growth and intimate evolution. Originally released on Impulse inUniversal Consciousness is a major turning point in Alice Coltrane's momentous career.

Joan label in under the name Guitar Roberts -- this album has been unavailable in any form until now. Distilled the blues form into bleak, minimalist lines and tone; a compound of influences spanning Louisiana guitarist Robert Pete Johnson to painter Mark Rothko. His creative use of sound effects adds mystery and allure to this epic fantasy of political and sexual intrigue. Recorded in EMI studio in Lagos inthe sound definitely has echoes of the soul funk American scene mixed with deep Afro harmonies, great horn section and tremendous percussion.

Black Emperor. Deeply rooted in North African and European folk traditions, the album features evocative vignettes with breezy vocals and minimal accompaniment of classical guitar, strings and woodwinds. This forgotten gem is a cocktail of catchy melodies and skewed humour resulting in an exciting and delightfully bizarre strain of new wave. Equally calling to mind the s proto-punk of New York City and the sprawling psychedelia of 90s UK shoegaze, it's a sound that is infused with youthful attitude and is altogether self-assured at it's core.

A call to arms to the tune of weaving guitars and baritone crooning, this Montreal four-piece has been turning heads and catching ears worldwide. See beyond the walls. Tracker features eleven new Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including authors Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting.

Multi-instrumentalist Henry Frayne crafts musical landscapes interweaving layers of warm, instrumental sonic tapestries. For Frayne, the inception of Backyards began nearly a decade ago, and is a culmination of his career as a versatile musician best known for blending genres and bending guitar styles to create layers of airy overtones. Francisco Lopez — Untitled LP Taiga Untitled was created from multi-track field recordings made in the Chafarinas Islands off the coast of Morocco in the summer of Side A was created from recordings of a large seagull colony; side B from hydrophone and contact mic recordings of very small shrimp-like crustaceans, dolphin sonar, and occasional fish; both sides were mixed and edited freely to go beyond a traditional "soundscape" perspective.

As its name and sigil demands, Mastery is a vessel to ascend the partial mind -- one impulsive and chaotic, the other of collected illumination. A meditation unto the subconscious. Limited second vinyl LP pressing with new cover art.

Nochexxx — Plot Defender LP Type Fires the influence of vintage electro and early bleep techno through an arsenal of barely-working gear to create a sound that's as grubby as Wolf Eyes but with the unmistakable slap of late '80s Detroit. Inspired by childhood film memories from the s, this is his most personal work -- described as a "cinematographic emotion of a soundtrack to a film that actually does not exist in reality I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise even to myself.

Nun's sound flows from sinister drone-orgy and hyperkinetic synth-punk to saturated new wave worship by incorporating huge, gnarling basslines, shimmering analogue synthesizer, punishing drum machine and the most malevolent vocal presence since the Dalek. Weird and psychedelic in a vague, bad-trippy sort of way. Peach Kelli Pop's third album of sticky bubblegum pop hits. His music is unique: a blend of Creole blues, maloya and international folk.

Peters travelled through the '70s and the '80s like a shooting star, alone or with a band, with his Sahelian lute, his reel-to-reel tape recorder, firewater and ill-fated genius. He died inaged Poet, musician, singer and melody-maker, he left behind a handful of sublime songs that are gathered here for the first time on vinyl.

Hints of McLaughlin, Zappa, and Duane Allman all manage to coexist in an instrumental jungle that is dense, angular, and boss. Includes an extra LP featuring demos and live recordings. Their working process involves digital manipulation of musical phrases on the piano, or any sounds that the pair find interesting to sample and process sonically.

All nine DJ Premier tracks are presented here as instrumentals on this release. Pye Corner Audio — Pye Corner Audio 10" Death Waltz Mystery abounds; the hiss and buzz of old machinery envelops you—the voyage has begun and you have awoken from cryogenic slumber. Welcome to A doom-laden synthesizer riff takes control and guides you with unerring precision, the inevitably incredible beat providing weight and heft along the way.

Electronic screeches echo in the darkness, suddenly silenced. Queen Forever celebrates the extraordinary musical path of one of the world's greatest rock bands.

Features three previously unreleased Queen tracks featuring late singer Freddie Mercury. Raw Poetic never strays too far away from jazz-underlined production and that still applies for Cool Convos. What makes the emcee so tantalizingly raw with his microphone abilities comes from his natural groove that emulates through his technical but always honey-like Album).

K-Def provides drum breaks and jazzy melodies with minor elements of spacey ambiance to create a semi-futuristic vibe. The Beetlejuice soundtrack, first released in on LP, features most of the score written and arranged by Danny Elfman from the film.

I try and incorporate a late '70s punk vibe, a marriage of dub and krautrock repetition and cavernous space. Punishing static hiss coupled with tough-as-nails riffs, careen down a belligerent groove, with immense, crushing noise that comes right to a halt, only to resume with even more thunder.

The influence of '80s punk is strong, likening the style of The Descendents or The Replacements. Twilight Ritual — Ritual LP Onderstroom First vinyl release of Belgian minimal synth masters debut, originally released in in a tiny cassette edition. Vintage Piss is the baby whose seed was planted on the Rocket From The Crypt US tour, which also paired some members of the band with legendary s New York outta control rock 'n' roller Sonny Vincent.

Low Road Ramble has a more cohesive approach to songwriting with an emphasis on performance. It offers an intimacy and a sense of humor, while including more of the style and energy of a live show.

As hinted to by its name, most of the material on the album is drawn from traditional folk music. Recorded before their break up, Olden is divided into three sections, with each section separated by two short interviews with David Eugene Edwards, the band's vocalist and lead musician.

The last In Case You Missed It - Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers* - Album Of The Year (Cassette songs are live recordings from their session at the Mercury Cafe in Denver in This vinyl version includes all of the Lennon CD tracks presented on a gorgeous extra-wide spine gatefold double-LP.

Limited copies of both titles pressed on color vinyl. New album from the Brighton-via-Minneapolis pop-rockers. Joseph Bauer — Deadgirl [] LP VCR Joseph Bauer's original score to one of the most brutal independent horror movies of the last five years, Deadgirlis now available for the first time on vinyl.

Music sourced from the master recordings as provided by the composer. Limited HQgm two-tone vinyl LP pressing. Like the RSD version, this is rather limited. The West Virginia's cult groove metallers return with their fifth album. The astoundingly adept trumpeter was always greatly appreciated by Monk, who quickly accepted the invitation to accompany Terry on this occasion. It was an album full of firsts and rarities: Monk's only Riverside appearance as a sideman; the first of Terry's many recordings on flugelhorn; the first of a great many Riverside dates for the great bassist Sam Jones; and the only occasion on which Monk and drummer Philly Joe Jones recorded together.

He was a member of legendary Brum band The Prefects, and hung on long enough after the name-change to appear on a couple of early Nightingales singles. In Joe began his solo career and recorded a two-song demo "Compulsion" and "Absent Friends. The chillingly beautiful "Speak Volumes" finds an eerie church organ creeping through D's gravel-crunching critique of underground hip-hop's booty-ness. Stuart Dahlquist, recorded over an month period between andand is a lush composition teeming with a quiet intensity, subtle beauty, and pulsating with moments of raw, emotional catharsis.

But while built from the same rudiments, each Danko Jones record has possessed a distinct sonic identity and attitude. Voodoo features an extensive line-up of musicians associated with the Soulquarians musical collective.

Produced primarily by D'Angelo, the album features a loose, groove-based funk sound and serves as a departure from the more conventional song structure of his debut album, Brown Sugar. Death — N. Transcendence through screaming to your soul. The historical sounds of Death arrive at today without missing a step.

If their first record since the sessions of isn't N. Limited quantities pressed on color vinyl. The album introduces extraordinary new layers of pop craft, highlighting Kat's uniquely infectious vocal style as well as her equally exceptional songwriting skills, blending memorable hooks with lyrics that are witty, wise, and tender.

In May Eels embarked on an ambitious show world tour. On the night of June 30 Eels returned to London's legendary Royal Albert Hall for the first time in nine years to play a stunning show that was filmed and recorded. New album featuring the song "Immortals" as featured in the motion picture Big Hero 6. This is one of two in a collection of first ever official live albums of the band, which was taken from their Live tour following the successful release of fourth studio album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action in August The UK hardcore band continues their journey into weirder, esoteric territory that stretches the genre's boundaries and yet retains mammoth rock power.

Eleven nuggets of Italian library music between big band funk and bossa rhythm, with whirling horns, wild flutes and buzzy synth lines inspired and occasionally framed by sounds of Formula 1. The legendary Paul Morrissey directed with the assistance in more ways than one of Italian filmmaker Antonio Margheriti, with the productions overseen by Andy Warhol.

The Italian composer Claudio Gizzi, with harmonious themes, created a dark and romantically laced score that works very well within the well-known gothic tale of Dracula here directed in a not so conventional way by the genius of Morrissey and Warhol. Working from the "speculative poetics" of author and critic Allen Grossman's "Summa Lyrica" and addressing the subject of artistic inspiration itself, Goldberg's cross-genre compositions—combining jazz, rock and klezmer—are complex and compelling.

Good Riddance announced their In Case You Missed It - Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers* - Album Of The Year (Cassette back inand Peace In Our Time marks the group's first new album in nine years. Vince Guaraldi and Eddie Duran had been longtime associates in the local music scene and their rapport is self-evident, while bassist Dean Reilly fit right in.

With an ebullient swing on the up-tempos, and a subtle, unhackneyed approach to ballads such as "Sweet And Lovely" and jazz standards such as John Lewis' "Django," this LP marks Guaraldi's triumphant first complete album as a leader. With Eddie Duran and Dean Reilly.

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