In Heaven, There Is No Beer

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How do you rate this music title overall? You may: Login as a Member or. White people have developed lots of techniques for impressing potential mates but none more effective than Polka. Blank shows us the sausage being made, literally and figuratively. His immersion in the subculture includes a joyous sausage-making sequence, succulent stuffing being pumped into translucent skin, tied off by fingers fat but deft, and hung up proudly on display.

Here it's accompanied by the rambunctious polka classic Who Stole the Kishka. Every single person in both films has a smile on their face. Happiness seems to be Blank's subject, and he locates it There Is No Beer communities, in people connecting with each other In Heaven amplify their joy. The polka fans documented here — from young boppers in tight jorts and….

One summer, long ago, I quit my crappy job as a janitor in a ball-bearing factory, and drove my Volkswagen Beetle cross-country from Los Angeles to a small town in rural Wisconsin to spend a month living with my aunt and uncle.

During this extended period of funemployment, I went water-skiing and kayaking with my cousins, drank cheap beer in dark little bars, backpacked along the Ice Age Trail, and drove like a bat out of Hell down backcountry roads in my cousin's "beater" with his 8-track blaring. When the Fourth of July rolled around, my new girlfriend and future wife took me to the annual tractor pull at the….

The first Blank film I've seen that digs deep into "normal" white culture as opposed to hippie California or Cajun country or Werner Herzogwhich is as close There Is No Beer my roots as Blank is gonna get, so maybe that's why this hit really hard? It's not geographically focused, but one of the groups is from Frankenmuth, I grew up in white culture and semi-amidst Polish culture and am half-Ukrainian, so many faces look fairly closeand remember my parents singing "Who Stole The Kishka?

I watch this and I think about the joy that these people are clearly experiencing, a joy I experienced many times in the watching. And I think about their attitude towards race, which…. In Heaven entertaining documentary on the food, music, culture, and pride of the Polka communities in the US. Not much on the food or beer actually, but I dare you to find another film that has a medley of "Rock of Ages" and "Yakkity Sax" in it.

In my mind the goal of every filmmaker is to make films that no one else could possibly have done, there really needs to be consistent proof of the art makers presence and persistence in any successful art.

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