King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down... At Last! (CD, Album)

My good friends at Torpedo Booking have a lot of cool stuff going on and they recently posted a recap in a myspace bulletin, check this out: "Hello all, it's been a while but we got some good news and Tourstarts for you. First of all we would like to welcome Italy's Psychobilly Band No. We will send them on the Road soon, right now they are in the Pre-Production of their new Record.

A few Live Dates will be announced soon. If you haven't heard of them yet, go check them out at: www. Be prepared to hear those old-school Tunes! DE D - Nachtleben Let's keep our fingers crossed that all goes well. So far, thanks for reading, and passing this on. Your Torpedo Booking Agency Team! Posted by Josh at PM 52 comments. Southern California psychobilly veterans Calavera are looking for a bass player. You can contact them via their myspace page HERE.

Think you have what it takes or know someone who does? Please send us a message or email us at info calaveraonline. Its words that all psychobilly fans throughout Australia never wanted to hear, but due to circumstances beyond everyones control the tour has been postponed due to practical complications.

All parties involved tried everything in their power to make this tour go ahead but were unsuccesful But the boys will def be coming out early as it gives everyone involved more time to organise and fix these problems at hand. Both the band and us here at Creepshow Promotions wish to apologise to all those out there who have been counting the hours that Mad Sin grace our shores, though like stated above its a problem that is out of everyones hands but will be fixed asap for a fresh new tour in We are currently working out ticket details and refunds for all you fine people out there who bought tickets to the shows.

We are hopefully going to organise a way for you to exchange your tickets for the future shows in For more info please contact venues and ticket sales merchants. Creepshow Promotions Mad-Sin".

The GutterDemons will hit the studio this winter, Yes my friends, there will be a 3rd album. It should be ready next spring. Of course an extensive tour will follow, There's nothing much to tell you right now, beside the fact that it will be a GREAT record loll We'll keep you posted with all the news and details, so stay tuned!!!

This is one of my most anticipated releases. The Tabaltix have been around for a few years and they finally have a record coming out. Definitely one of the coolest sounding young bands in the scene. I this this is a fantastic video, and this has always been by favorite song on the album, from Tony Slash : Here is our debut Video!

Hope you like it!! From the Just for Fun team clipped from wreckingpit. The new venue it will be on the main beach in a big tend. We will keep the beach bar as meeting point during the day as is located in Pineda de Mar. We decided to change the dates of the Psychobilly Meeting because you will get better hotel prices and good deals for flight tickets, as the high season stars in July and the weather is already sunny and hot. We are going to update our page soon with list of Pineda hotels and prices.

See you at the beach!!! Just for Fun". Support for the tour will be by German rockers Built 4 Speed. Confirmed dates will be posted soon" Sounds awesome to me! Within months they became one of the hardest working bands in the Psychobilly scene that spent the next 2 years working on familiarizing the bands name and their music with anyone who would listen. No Looking Back 2. Issues 3. Sickness 4. In The Name Of 5.

Dial Z For A Zombie 6. Hardest Thng 7. Walk Away 8. Liberation 9. A Shadow Drove Me Mad. Posted by Josh at PM 23 comments. Also clipped from WreckingPit : "Komety will have a new album out soon. The Polish language version of the album will be released on 24 of September and the English language version will be released on the 22 of October. Both albums will be available on CD and vinyl. Tracks: 1. You Don't Look Good 2. Trust No One 3. No One Buys Your Records 4. Poser 5. April Rain 6. El Ringo 7.

Finally Pregnant 8. Nobody To Love 9. On The Other Side Take Me Home" Check out Komety here. They recently posted an update on their Myspace page: "Well We have a lot of stuff planned and we are currently recording our new album. We are so chuffed with the songs we have written and the sound is more 'Neo'.

We are also in the process of editing our new DVD. We have done a lot of filming One thing we want to do in our 25th year is a World Tour We have a lot of stuff sorted already with our 'regulars' but we want to broaden our horizons. Spread the word We know some of you guys out there have been having trouble getting hold of the album so hang on!! In the meantimeyou can get hold of all of our productsCD's and T - Shirts Leave details and requests and we will get back to you Steve Whitehouse is still in the process of finishing his first solo album so keep an eye on this page for more news about the release date.

Gonna do a personal MySpace page soon too. In the meantime We are negotiating lots of other shows at the moment too For all of you noticing that our Website is down This has been going on for a while and will inc a download facility and online store. With all the other stuff going onit has been put back a bit Hang on thoughwe really wanna get a new Frenzy Website up and running soon. More info soon The first hour was all for Doug.

The next hour was in honor of the publication of Enduring Cowboysa book, published by New Mexico Magazine. I wrote one of the chapters. Labels: OPRY. Shortly thereafter he checked out of this earthly plane.

There was Songs of Sahm by the Bottle Rockets back in That was a fine effort worth seeking out. Little Willie G. But after listening to this song for more than a couple of seconds, nobody but a drooling moron could mistake Doug Sahm for a limey.

Ry Cooder produced and plays a great grating electric guitar on this track. And we stay in East L. Somewhere, Sir Doug has to be smiling. The Opry starts at 10 p. Mountain Time, and the Sahm segment starts right after the 11th hour. Labels: tuneup. The lovely and talented Deano Waco that's him on the far left of the photo is offering free downloads of 14 songs with the fabulous Meat Purveyors.

You can find that HERE. Don't be a freeloading scumbag. Use the Paypal button to leave a little dough for Deano. As the man says, "Think of it like I'm your bartender and I've just given you a round on the house! For some reason, my column this week did not appear in Pasatiempo. However, it did show up on The New Mexican 's Web site. You can check it out HERE. Somehow a story I did for the Legislative page in today's paper got held also. Maybe I've been fired. It was actually based on several short reviews in recent e-Music monthly reports published on this blog.

You can find those HERE. Psychobilly is all about having fun. Politics is not fun and therefore has nothing to do with psychobilly! Bridge Nine is owned by Chris Wrenn of Salem, Massachusetts, who began the label in and produced its first release in The label is named as a metaphor for what Wrenn wanted to do in creating the label, bridge all parts of the hardcore scene into one label and then put his lucky number nine in the title. Indecision is known for their song "Hallowed be Thy Name".

The song features the lyric "For those I love, I will sacrifice" that fans across the world have turned into a tattoo. The photo was taken for a military newspaper and went on to win photographer Laura Rauch an award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Notorious for their tireless work ethic, Indecision toured the world until exhaustion, literally.

They released three full length albums, as well as countless 7"s and EPs. Indecision is revered for their uncompromising integrity. Inspired some, hated by many but ultimately respected by all. Initially Indecision played mostly in local clubs.

Over time, a lot of the venues in their neighborhood closed down, which prompted them to take a larger step and lead to the bands integration into the New York City hardcore scene. In the early days, the band would often show up to gigs all in one car, with their equipment tied to the roof with Bungee cords. The infamous "Battle of the Bands". Our first show as Indecision. Also playing was Out of Line, Confusion and Purge. Indecision had a different drummer, two guitarists and two bass players at the time.

What the fuck were we thinking? We used to tie Bago's bass cabinet to the roof of his car with fishing rope and drive to the shows like a caravan. Indecision in late Indecision, being a relatively new band at the time, would often open up the Sunday matinees. After they had finished their set, the club would quickly empty out. This only added to their mystique and quickly built a cult following.

Inspired by bands like Black Flag, Indecision embarked on voracious trailblazing tours, and it became their trademark usually spending a solid 9 to 10 months a year on the road. They were dubbed "The Working Man's Band" for their affinity to tour cities and countries that other bands wouldn't dare. Indecision was the first American band to play in Croatia Zagreb after the Croatian War of Independence ended in Indecision also showed its appreciation for its home Brooklyn as well as New York City—which they regularly labeled "Gotham City" on merchandise Over the next 7 years, Indecision would tally over a dozen 7-inch singles on a number of different labels, including many limited color vinyl and special edition covers.

The band got known on a very grassroots word-of-mouth level from New York City to Thailand, where Indecision remains one of the most popular underground American bands to this day. The album featured an eerily prophetic manipulated photo of the Manhattan skyline, including the World Trade Center, completely engulfed in flames. Post-September 11 the album cover was banned in many places.

In Decembera gas leak at a Union Carbide India Limited plant in Bhopal, India, results in tragic loss of life in what is known as the Bhopal disaster, when up to 20, people lost their lives.

Records and on Overcome Records in Europe. This, arguably their most highly acclaimed album, would be their last. The lyrical content was notably more socio-political with songs questioning the government and health care and conspiracy theories in regard to AIDS and cancer research. It was the first album recorded with full songs with singer Artie Most of their album art and merchandise was somehow controversial. The band always claimed it wasn't done maliciously or hatefully, but to "stir-up a dialogue and inspire free-thought and discussion.

During their first European tour inafter having played a show in Wels in front of a handful of people at an indoor skate park with Flatline and Racial Abuse the band was stopped at the Austrian border on their way to Zagreb. The members were strip searched and held for hours, while the van was disassembled by the customs officials.

Another incident happened on the last day of a tour in Quebec inwhen they had all their money and merchandise seized. A follow-up to "Release The Cure" was in the works and tentatively entitled "The Curse" but the band broke up before anything was recorded. Contents [hide] 1 History 2 Members 2. They adopted the name after it was suggested by Freddie Madball.

Madball also helped the band by giving them guest appearances at the end of their sets. In JanuaryAlbum) and co-founding member Frank Smarra left the band due to family commitments and was replaced by Warren Lee. The band continued to play a large number of shows in the tri-state area and up and down the East Coast. They went to Japan in April Warren and Beto left in May after the West Coast tour. They recorded Strength Through Unity in Julywriting half of it on the spot.

Mike left in August and was replaced by Dave from Faction Zero. Seth Meyer left the band in February and was replaced by Rob Pallotta. A band that definitely deserves to be in this list is Cold Front.

However, he wasn't part of the band until the late '90s, and as you can hear on their demo, that didn't mean they sucked. Excellent stuff. Unfortunately my copy of the demo didn't come with a lyric sheet, nor does it mention a line-up. But the Cold Front myspace mentions the line-up on this demo as: 'M. All 3 songs would be re-recorded for the self-titled CD Mike Dijan, while not playing on this album, did produce it.

For more info on this band, check their myspace. In the meantime, enjoy! Disbelief - Making Progress 7" I'm not sure I know enough about this band to make a fair entry, but I will put this up for now and edit it as info comes in. Shades of Snapcase and older bands like Outburst come through, and I find the overall energy and manic feel of the music compares to an overlooked favorite of mine, Inner Dam from Long Island, who were around at the same time, although I don't know at all if either band knew of each other.

Oddly enough, singer Mike's voice is a dead ringer for Civ, but just slightly grittier, and it works for sure. Being that I'm too lazy to look right now, I can only talk about recalling that members of this band also spent time in Longshot, including I believe Steve who went on to 86 Mentality and a bunch of other awesome bands.

A friend of mine recently gave me a shirt of theirs he found online, and it now resides in my collection, unused because it's too small for this gut. I ripped this direct off the 7" into my computer, and accidentally let side B in as one file. I'll do a better job next time. Enjoy, and if you have any more info about Disbelief, drop me a line. Bladecrasher - Club 7" Goat cover, numbered 89 out of Thirty or so of these were lost so only about 65 exist.

Blade Crasher played a very straight forward, fast hardcore with just the slightest little almost heavy punk part to it. Youth positive, angry, and energetic; they existed for an all too short time with an equally all too short amount of output demo, 7inch, and apparently 1 other track.

I do have the Blade Crasher demo second gen copy from the good old tape trading days but cannot at the moment place my photocopy of the cover, but look for it in the future. All in all, one of my favorite bands from the 90's revival, even if the 7inch does suffer a little of a thin sound the demo doesn't. For now, here's the Blade Crasher 7inch, released on Youngblood Records.

The origin of music from within the state is also diverse, including cities such as Richmond, college towns such as Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, and rural areas. Contents [hide] 1 Notable music artists from Virginia by genre 1. Several towns claim her as their own, including Gore and Winchester. Multi-Platinum certified artists are in bold. Winchester Neko Case - country singer, b.

Alexandria Steve Earle - country-rock musician and songwriter, b. Wolf Trap features a large outdoor amphitheatre, the 7, seat Filene Center, as well as a smaller indoor venue called The Barns. The Old Dominion Opry is another major venue, located near Colonial Williamsburg, a popular tourist attraction. Phase 2 the former Cattle Annie's, but significantly remodeling in is a popular, large club venue in Lynchburg with a reputation for attracting prominent performers.

Garth Newel Music Center in Hot Springs was once a farm that is now known for classical, jazz, and blues concerts with gourmet meals and views from the side of Warm Springs Mountain. Richmond's West Grace Street has housed a punk and rock-oriented club nearly uninterrupted for nearly three decades.

Most famously known as Twisters throughout the s, more recently the building has been known as ClubThe King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down. At Last! (CD Raygun, and Bagel Czar before re-opening in as Strange Matter. Like its predecessors, Strange Matter hosts up-and-coming local and national touring acts nearly every night. Alley Katz in Richmond continues to have regular shows.

Toad's Place accommodated mid sized bands in and but closed shortly after that time. Another mid sized venue is The National which holds around 1, people. The Hampton Roads area also has several more intimate venues.

The most prominent of them is the Norva Theatre, which is a small club-style venue for smaller to mid-size acts. The Shenandoah Valley hosts a few smaller venues. The mockingbird in downtown Staunton hosts a seat newly renovated grass roots and acoustic music hall. Clementine cafe in downtown Harrisonburg has cemented itself as the premier venue in the valley. Winchester is home to the Celebrating Patsy festival for Virginia's country legend Patsy Cline; Winchester is also home to the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, which includes a major bluegrass concert.

The festival began in and features camping and a wide range of music from bluegrass, rock, reggae, folk, zydeco, African, and Appalachian. In, and Richmond is hosted the National Folk Festival that features Virginia-area regional folk music as well as folk musicians from around the world.

Galax is a small town that is home to the Old Fiddlers' Convention, held since ; it is the largest and oldest festival of old-time Appalachian music in the country. Galax and the surrounding area has long been a rich part of American, and Virginian music, and is known for an intricate fiddling style and instrumental and vocal traditions; music collectors like Peter Seeger and Alan Lomax visited Galax and recorded the region's music.

The aforementioned, FloydFest always features bluegrass and traditional Appalachian mountain music. In fact, Johnny Cash's last public performance was at The Fold in the summer of The area around the Virginia and Kentucky border, folk, country and bluegrass remains a vital regional tradition.

In record producer Ralph Peer of Victor Records began recording local musicians in Bristol, to attempt to capture the local sound of traditional "folk" music of the region. One of these local sounds was created by the Carter Family, which got its start on July 31,when A.

Carter and his family journeyed from Maces Spring, Virginia, to Bristol to audition for Ralph Peer, who was seeking new talent for the relatively embryonic recording industry. At best it's an average recording, but mostly fairly poor. You can tell that behind the many generations of tape-to-tape that led to King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down. At Last! (CD tape, there's a pretty decent original recording, which sounds like it's from the audience, but everything seems quite balanced behind the tape hiss.

It also doesn't sound like the full set - there's an obvious 'cut' during the crowd noise at one point, plus the Pistols were playing more than 11 songs a night at this time. Very good audience recording, plus the band's John Peel session from the same year - one of the last sessions broadcast before the great DJ's passing in October This sounds like an audience recording, but it's certainly a very good one, if a little heavy on the bass.

Excellent FM radio broadcast. There are a lot of voice-overs between songs but, as these are over the music, I haven't edited them out. They don't, however, detract too much from what is a superb show. I can't remember which stage they played on, and can't find the programme also in the cupboard under the stairs, I suspect to check. This is, however, a stunning set by the Fannies. They were third on the bill on the Friday night, the same day the Cramps headlined see earlier post for that show.

Excellent radio broadcast capturing the Inspirals performing songs from their debut album 'Life' as the 'Madchester' exploded nation-wide. The Inspirals always seemed a better proposition live than on record, and this set finds them in fine form, performing songs from their first three albums. Superb FM radio broadcast. FM radio broadcast. Another tape bought years ago at a record fair - one of those institutions that seems to have been killed off by the internet.

I used to love flicking through the boxes of records and tapes, never knowing what I'd find. I often bought tapes from a market stall in Lincoln - they were always graded "quality: A" despite the quality or lack of on the tape itself Three FM radio recordings of Grant Lee Buffalo - the first two highlights from a brace of shows at the Glastonbury Festival, the third a BBC live radio session, recorded, if I remember correctly I hadn't properly dated the tape on a Saturday afternoon, sometime around the second Glastonbury appearance.

I don't know the date of this show, but it was broadcast on the radio on 16th Mayso was almost certainly in early May of that year. The Mighty Lemon Drops looked, for a short time at least, like real contenders but, sadly, their moment in the sun was brief. They did, however, leave behind one of the mids indie-guitar classics in 'Like an Angel' which was later covered by Pop Will Eat Itself. For some unknown reason, this didn't make it onto the Stuffies' 'Live at the BBC' compilation a couple of years back, which is a shame, as it's a great recording from what was their final tour.

But here it is for your enjoyment. The date and radio station details are unknown, but here's Bob Mould and his band running through much of his debut solo album 'Workbook' live in the studio. The back cover is mostly black with minimal copy but also shows a shot of the band lit from beneath. Although the band is obscure by any standard, The Head Shop is probably the best known and one of the last of the many projects masterminded by Milan, an enigmatic music industry professional who produced and performed on a variety of recordings released in the 's.

Virtually all of the Milan projects, including The Head Shop are highly sought collectors' items, and original sealed copies of the Epic album surface occasionally. The album has been reissued on two different German labels, Synton Records King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down. At Last! (CD and World in Sound Records in The latter reissue includes 7 bonus tracks, along with a copy of the Screw Magazine ad.

The bonus tracks run the gamut from folk to flower power to psychedelic pop and include songs by Household Sponge the predecessor band to The Head ShopLicorice Schtik a band being promoted by Maxim in the same time periodand other earlier Milan projects including The Aladdins.

Labels: Hinnocent Labels: CLost In Tyme. Saturday, January 27, Labels: 16ForeverG. Labels: nikosP. Labels: CRainy Day Sponge. Labels: LLost In Tyme. Labels: ArcadiumG. Labels: LRoxanne. Labels: Lost In TymeS. Labels: ArcadiumP. Labels: ALanchester. Maggot Brain is a album by the American funk band Funkadelic. It was released on Westbound Records. The music swings through psychedeliahard rockgospel and soul musicwith tremendous variation between each track.

Inthe album was ranked number on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest albums of all time Track listing 1. Worrell 3. Did I mention the beautiful singing? No Funkadelic album would be complete without a freakout song, and "Wars of Armageddon" fits the bill here. It sounds like they pulled out a sound effects album and got funky with it. George faded out the rest of the band when Eddie played this, because they weren't playing as well as Eddie, and the result was excellent.

The album is Funkadelic at its best in that it's impossible to predict. It starts with a psychedelic solo guitar piece, moves on to a gospel-inflected soul-stirrer, continues with a hard-rock organ-driven tune, swings toward a politically charged soul-gospel piece, soars with one of the first heavy metal tunes in history, moves back into the political realm with a touch of taste and a horn influence, and concludes with a freakout as bizarre as anything ever recorded.

This kind of heavy eclecticism would be seen on several of the next Funkadelic albums, but this one is my favorite. Hazel's solo at the end is excellent. Jackson playing jew's harp. He would open for Funkadelic on King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down. At Last! (CD occasions, doing a stand-up routine. Just when everything has settled down, they finish it with the utterly bizarre "Wars of Buy this album now if you don't own it!

Labels: Fnikos Labels: ArcadiumEGV. Labels: VlasdanceY. Labels: Enikos Labels: FLanchester. Labels: ArcadiumK. This is a magnificent live album, three lead guitars, a wall of great hard rock, and an intensity God, I'm starting to use that word too much which is not for the faint of heart.

I once went over to the house of a friend who claimed to be a fan of great guitar music. He played me some Steely Dan and I played this album, and he was very intimidated by the music. This is loud, it's nasty and its full of delicious licks. It starts off with Deke's "" from 'Iceberg' which had been expanded from a perky little single to an 11 minute assault on the senses. Next are "Codine" and "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", two old standards that Quicksilver had originally recorded for the 'Revolution' soundtrack album which was somewhat rare at the time, but was later reissuedDeke's vocals on "Codine" are incredible.

For the B-side there are two old classics "Many Are Called" and "Bananas" both turned into extended jams with all three guitars getting a chance to stretch out. Ted Koehorst's commentary on allegations that Mickey Jones went back and rerecorded much of John Cipollina guitar work see his liner notes for 'Be Good To Yourself' deserve refutation, but since I really don't know any better, all I can say is that if they are true I prefer to live in an alternative reality where Minni-Vanilli can sing, Michael Jackson is innocent, and Mr.

Cipollina's guitar work didn't need any studio tampering, and shame on you Mr. Koehorst for spreading vicious allegations about the non-existence of Santa Clause, etc.

But the real highlight of this album is Deke's longest set of liner notes to date reproduced in glorious HTML for the first time below. It's a classic essay on the history and habits of Man's extended family, with further notes on the philosophy of car theft, police notes in triplicate, the dangers of Argentine Corned Beef and bolas in general. Last night I met and old record critic friend of mine at a concert and he could still quote large sections of the notes, having last read them some 15 years ago.

He also wondered why I couldn't, and all I could say was that this was the first time I had read them while not stoned. Labels: nikosT. Labels: innocent76S. Labels: 16ForeverR. Labels: ArcadiumF. Labels: GLanchester. Labels: DgradorM.

The legendary and indispensable psych-rock classic. The work of a guitar master so admired that he was auditioned by the Rolling Stones in Labels: Hinnocent76M.

Labels: Pstavros Tracks 1. Nasty sex 2. Melynda 3. I wanna know Quiero saber 4. If you want it Si tu lo quieres 5. Shit City Ciudad perdida 6. Under heavens Bajo los cielos. Labels: Lnikos Labels: HRVlasdance. Pressed in Canada but the group was from Marin County and had help from David Crosbywho even on coke knew good music when he heard it.

Although this album was pressed in Canada and lists no home base for the group on the cover, it is known that they were based in Marin County. The album, which is pop rock with male and female vocals, sounds like a cross between Pablo Cruise and later-day It's A Beautiful Day - which is defined as "psychedelic" by some record dealers in Europe. Kelly Bryan had earlier been in the short-lived Grootna, and later played on a couple of albums by Jesse Colin Young. Labels: Ostavros Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this BlogC.

Labels: MRainy Day Sponge. Labels: Cstavros Labels: nikosU. Labels: BRVlasdance. Labels: ArcadiumL.

Labels: nikosR. Labels: stavrosT. Labels: LanchesterP. One of many rock groups signed to Columbia or its Epic subsidiary that got lost in a shuffle of under-promotion in the s, West played mild folk-rock emphasizing their clean, careful vocal harmonies. Their most famous member, by far, was ex-We Five leader Michael Stewart brother of singer-songwriter John Stewartalthough indeed it's hard to figure out exactly who was in the band.

Not that it was much cause for speculation among the public, since few listeners heard the album oAlthough West manage a pleasing, Byrds y sound on their Bob Johnston -produced debut, overall it sounds rather thin and unoriginal. To be unkind but accurate, these sound like the sort of cover bands that low-budget movies would employ to play familiar material when the original performers and versions were obviously unavailable for the soundtrack. The few slices of self-penned material are very much in the mold of California folk-rock circaand are pleasant though not outstanding.

Occasionally country influences become pronounced as on Stewart 's eccentric "Donald Duck"and at other points there are odd touches of poppy production that sound like folk-rock with a half an ear cocked toward easy listening airplay.

A request. Atsorry about that but this one it's very rare. Here's the deal Labels: stavrosW. Labels: Ginnocent Labels: Cnikos Labels: stavrosV. Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this BlogH. Labels: JLost In Tyme. Not to be confused with the famous Surfaris, the ones who did "Wipe Out," this entirely separate surf group from Orange County, CA, was forced to change their name when the other Surfaris got a big hit.

A respectable band in their own right, they managed to record a few very obscure singles and compilation LP tracks, as well as an unreleased album.

Their best tracks, "Bombora," "Surfari," and "Latin'ia," boast the spooky reverb guitar lines and Latin-influenced minor melodies that were hallmarks of much of the best instrumental surf music, although the bulk of their recordings were run-of-the-mill.

Labels: 16ForeverO. Labels:00i00S. Labels: innocent76T. Labels: Rainy Day SpongeV. Iron Butterfly was signed to ATCO records a division of Atlantic Records in the spring of and released their first album, aptly titled Heavythe following winter.

In July ofIron Butterfly released the monumental LP, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidafeaturing the minute side-long track that shook the entire music industry with its phenomenal reception. Most recently, "Vida" received the Multi-Platinum award.

To date the album has sold in excess of 30 million copies and remains an undisputed classic in the archives of rock with DJ's and audiophiles worldwide. Ball remained on the charts for 44 weeks, followed by two more album releases in - Liveand Metamorphosiseach charting respectably in the Top Labels: Istavros Labels: fuzztunnelM.

Labels: DVVlasdance. Labels: BPstavros Labels: AJLanchester. Seven more singles from the cellar This single, released aroundon the cult Rockadelic label, is full of fuzz, that creeps in your brain. Here's the Lama review: The titles and band name promise some pretty hardcore neo-psych, and the A-side single delivers, from the heavily reverbed bass riffs to the incessant, spastic lead guitar to the sound effects on the vocals to the absurd scream that ends the verses.

The B-side is a bit slower, but has the same spaced out, crude feel to it at one point it seems like the bass player or the drummer misses a cueand plenty more of the fuzz guitar. Fun, indeed. Estrus ES75 A trio from Eugene, Oregon, released a few more singles and three or four albums, mostly on King Rat - The Guana Batz - Held Down. At Last! (CD Septembergurls label. This is their first single frompressed on marble-grey vinyl, with two driving garage songs, one of the best releases of Estrus.

Three tracks of crazed surf-garage, perfect for this time of year. Surprisingly, this came out on Independent Project records, incomplete with hand-printed card stock cover and insert in a limited edition of Its produced by Vitus Matare.

Dead Moon - D. Mayby wider known in Europe than in the U. This is in mono as almost all the Tompstone recordings. Brian T. Two of these tracks resurfaced in the French version of the "Plan 9" LP. Slow crawling rhythms and the dusty voice of Micheline make this a fine listen. Who was Micheline? Lee Joseph only knows. As you may have noticed there's an edit in this post on the last single.

Labels: GLost In Tyme. Labels: DgradorH. Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this BlogD. Labels: 16ForeverI. Horribly rare, British progressive from This album managed to mix classical, folk, progressive and mainstream rock influences to create an avant garde classic. Only 99 copies were pressed in Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this BlogS. Labels: innocent76M. Labels: BRainy Day Sponge. Labels: stavrosVarious Artists.

Labels: innocent76Opa-LokaS. Labels: innocent76L. Labels: KLost In Tyme. Labels: Lost In TymeW. Labels: Rainy Day SpongeS. Labels: PstavrosW. Labels: HLost In Tyme. Labels: FHinnocent76M. Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this BlogO. Labels: Hstavros Labels: Binnocent Labels: ILost In Tyme. Labels: fuzztunnelL. The Sons of Champlin are very much a part of the rich tapestry that was the San Francisco music scene of the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms. Often hard to define because of their eclectic mix of material, the Sons were playing acid jazz before it had a name.

Always known for their outstanding musicianship, they have become the benchmark against which other players have measured their chops. The Sons released seven albums between and After a twenty year hiatus, the Sons reunited for a series of successful reunion gigs in The earlier studio releases never quite captured the magic of their live shows. Labels: Sstavros Labels: nikosS. Thursday, April 17, January Side 2.

This was probably inspired by the emergence of The Band, straightforward, downhome and everyone's favourite name to drop at the time. With a working title of "Get Back" rehearsals began at Twickenham studios on January the 2nd, The project quickly ran into trouble, George Harrison walked out after eight days complaining of continual criticism from Paul McCartney. However, he returned a week later. The TV show idea had to be dumped because they couldn't find a suitable location.

They thought about hiring an ocean liner, but somewhere along the line that idea was also shelved, along with a number of other exotic suggestions. But it was John Lennon's suggestion to record a selection of songs in the controlled atmosphere of a studio. It seemed ideal for what they had in mind. The Beatles last ever public concert took place around mid-day on Thursday January the 30th and lasted a full 42 minutes, and may well have gone on longer had it not been for the complaints of the neighbour, Stanley Davis.

The wool merchant next door was not a Beatles fan so it seemed. He was quoted as saying "I want this bloody noise stopped. It's an absolute disgrace". But the banker, Alan Pulverness, at the end of the street was kinder, he said "Some people just can't appreciate good music". But by the time it was premiered on May the 13th,The Beatles had split. The dream was over This is a great comp for all the biker b-movie fanatics. This bootleg has been floating around for a while on file sharing programs, with a different and slightly more extended track listing than what can be found documented online.

But still good fun and now available to download! Great tracks such as the timeless classic written and composed by Harley Hatchercalled Satanoff of Al Adamson's film Satan's Sadists "I was boooorn By the time I was twelve, I was killing for Sataaaan! Bust out your copy of Wild Angels and enjoy!

When the LP was released, it contained the song " War". College students all over the country began to write to Motown about releasing the song as a single. This is during the time when young college students began to protest about the war in Vietnam. Motown decided not release the song on the Temps because of other plans they had for the group at that time.

So Norman Whitfield asked Edwin Starr would he like to record the song. Edwin agreed because he hadn't recorded anything in over six months and was ready to get back into the studio.

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