Liquid Titan

Hodder and Stoughton. ISBN Pioneer Project. March 26, Lorenz; Jonathan I. Lunine; Christopher P. McKay Archived from the original on NASA News release. Scientific American. Space Science Reviews. Bibcode : SSRv. S2CID Retrieved April 11, Retrieved June 6, May 20, Strobel Archived from the original Liquid Titan June 5, J Mol Spectrosc. Bibcode : JMoSp. PMID Liquid Titan 3, Retrieved 29 July Science Advances. Bibcode : SciA PMC Grinspoon Bibcode : AsBio BBC News.

March 18, June 27, The New York Times. Retrieved June 27, Ralph D. Lorenz, Elizabeth P. Turtle, Jason W. Barnes, Melissa G. Trainer, Douglas S. Adams, Kenneth E. Hibbard, Colin Z. Sheldon, Kris Zacny, Patrick N. Peplowski, David J. Instruments on NASA's orbiting Cassini spacecraftwhich has studied Saturn and its satellites including Liquid Titan, its biggest moon, since Junerevealed the presence of the organic carbon-containing compound liquid ethane in a Lake Ontario—size body in Titan's southern hemisphere.

Similar-looking patches abound in the northern hemisphere, indicating that Titan's surface is likely dotted with such hydrocarbon seas. The researchers confirmed the presence of liquid ethane with Cassini's Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer VIMSwhich picked up the hydrocarbon's telltale light spectrum signature.

The ethane forms when sunlight breaks down methane in Titan's upper atmosphere. It is theorized that Liquid Titan ethane then forms clouds Liquid Titan rains onto the ground, cutting streams via erosion and pooling them into lakes. Titan has long fascinated astronomers with its hazy, orange-colored atmosphere that extends over miles kilometers from the moon's surface. Titan is the only moon with such a thick gas cover.

The atmosphere contains mostly nitrogen and traces of methane and other hydrocarbons including propane, the fuel of choice for barbecues here on Earth. With a diameter of 3, miles Liquid Titan, kilometersTitan is bigger than Mercury and only about 25 percent smaller than Mars, making it the second-biggest moon in the solar system behind Jupiter's Ganymede.

Liquid ethane or methane has been suspected to exist on the Titanian surface. Faint, ghostly spokes dapple the dark side of Saturn's A ring as the planet's shadow makes a sharp diagonal cut across this image from the Cassini spacecraft.

The image was taken in visible light Spoke Leftovers. Xanadu's channels and dunes. A new image of Titan taken by Cassini provides a closer, clearer view of an interesting bright feature surrounded by darker material. During the two most recent flybys of Titan, on March 31 and A Angular Bright Spot. This image, taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, shows dwarf planet Ceres from an altitude of 2, miles 4, kilometers.

The image, with a resolution of 1, feet meters per pixel, was take Dawn Survey Orbit Image This view from NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows terrain on Ceres centered at approximately 37 degrees south latitude, 51 degrees east longitude.

The set of images shown here in color was acquired as part of a sequence intended to monitor any changes in the calibration of the multispectral Wide Angle Camera over time, but it also gives a bea The Beauty of Calibration. Saturn's A ring appears bright compared to the thin F ring, which is shepherded by the moon Prometheus, in this view from the Cassini spacecraft.

Prometheus can be seen near the F ring on the midd Prometheus Between Rings. Geological Map of Vesta. Oceania Australia New Zealand. International International Order Form. Products In-stock View All Products. What's new in the Secretlab Series Product Features. The same award-winning comfort for less Shop Series. Your Cart Cart is empty. United States Canada. United Kingdom Europe.

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