Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao - The Deviants (2) - Disposable (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The label was the same generic design that London was using for its distributed labels e. Above that was the logo inside a horizontal rectangle, with a reversed-out script London logo underneath it in another rectangle.

The Sire label was purple and turquoise on white, and the Sire logo itself featured a rampant lion next to "Sire" spelled out in Old English display type. Limited picture disc version. Live from the 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent, in the summer of ' NO LIP LIAR NO FUN Two separate LP sleeve albums packaged together, original artworks, gram HQ vinyl. PORGY SLIME His true debut album pre-the self titled album on Apple recorded in '' Heavy distorted guitar mixed with Latin bass and percussion LP to create a kind of south of the equator Latin groove meets West Coast psych with a slightly poppier feel.

Taken from various live performances throughout Europe and Japan froma kind of "best of" compilation. BLUES On red vinyl. FATAL LP Surf. WHY Re-released by Get Back in the original artwork, with 4 bonus tracks from ultra-rare singles. CD Jazz. II comp and additional tracks. WALIN' CD Classic Rock. Featured Rik L. Rik of Negative Trend, and originally released on Posh Boy in After hearing this joyful news, they emptied the store much to Pappag's dismay.

They then heard a commotion outside the store and they found that King Neptune had arrived to meet them. Pappag and Camie were shocked by his presence in the lower waters and were astonished when King Neptune invited the Straw Hats to his palace.

On their way Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao - The Deviants (2) - Disposable (Vinyl the castle, Pappag scolded Luffy and Nami for not giving Neptune the proper respect. Pappag thought about the Mermaid Princess, and Brook asked him if he was right in remembering that Pappag was once best friends with the princess. Pappag gave him a long "ssshhh", and Brook realized that Pappag's claim was a lie.

Upon arriving at the palace, everyone looked at in awe. Brook said that it made Pappag's mansion look like a flea, prompting the starfish to tell him not to compare them.

After entering the castle, Luffy wandered off in search for food. Pappag wondered in horror what Luffy could be doing wandering around the sacred land. After receiving word of the mysterious disappearances of the mermaids from Mermaid Cove and of Madame Shyarly's ominous prediction, the palace guards and personnel took action against the Straw Hats and locked up Zoro who arrived at the palace earlier.

Nami, Usopp, and Brook overwhelmed some of the guards in the ensuing battle. Pappag was surprised that Usopp became more reliable. Zoro busted himself out and joined the fight and eventually, the Straw Hats subdued and tied up the king, the ministers, and the royal guards. Pappag and Camie stood on the sidelines quaking in fear after witnessing the trouble that the Straw Hats LP themselves in. The three princes of the Neptune Family returned to the palace only to find it under the control of the Straw Hats.

As Zoro made some demands, Pappag begged the pirates to tie up Camie and him so they would not be labeled as accomplices. Pappag then listened to Fukaboshi as he revealed Jinbe's message. Pappag stayed behind with Zoro and the others in the Ryugu Palace during Hody's attack.

Pappag was the only one not to be captured. Brook tried to communicate with Pappag through his spirit form, but Pappag ran away in terror, fearing it was an evil spirit. Eventually, upon realizing this "spirit" was Brook, Pappag helped Zoro, Usopp, and Brook escape by locating and retrieving Zoro's swords, allowing Zoro to break the cage the three were trapped in.

Pappag and the group then met Sanji at the palace entrance and headed for Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao - The Deviants (2) - Disposable (Vinyl Plaza. When the Straw Hats were preparing to fight, Pappag was seen in the Soldier Dock with Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, telling them to leave since it was Album) crowded. Usopp told Pappag that he did not care about the new weapons and told him to get off instead. Pappag then said that he was afraid to go outside.

After the Brachio Tank V came out of the Thousand Sunny, he was seen in the cockpit with Nami and Usopp, asking why a shipwright would build weapons like this instead of ships. He later went with the Straw Hats to check on Shirahoshi. When the Minister of the Right wondered why one of the towers was cut in half, Pappag tried to tell him Zoro was the one behind it. Zoro slapped him and told him to let the minister blame it on the thief.

After the celebration ended, Pappag was seen with Camie and Hatchan, bidding the Straw Hats farewell. One Piece Wiki Explore. Spin-Offs Video Games. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Location: Tokyo, West-side Location: Toronto. GreenFuzJun 21, NonhumanDec 20, Mechanical ManDec 20, Location: Austria. FranzDDec 21, Location: united kingdom. LordThanosDec 21, Location: Glasgow, Scotland.

In the early 90s when working in a Glasgow record shop, I met Twink a couple of times. It was mainly his own stuff he had, plus the Half Man Half Biscuit catalogue.

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