Put My Little Shoes Away - Woody Guthrie - Muleskinner Blues: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 2 (CD)

Carambolage - same vinyl rip, Carambolage was a German, Berlin based, all-female band active in the late 70s and early 80s featuring Angie Olbrich on guitar, Elfi Esther Steitz on vocals and Britte Neander on drums. They played fairly stunning female art punk and were connected to the polit-rockers Ton Steine Scherben. This forgotten album is a little jewel in the avant-punk canon. Again, "Je T'aime" is fairly traditional, but they inject a healthy an oxymoron dose of angst in it.

Then the Arabic chanting and tribal menace of "22 Rue Chenoise" is also quite neurotic, with "Bretter Bretter Bretter" also being one of their most inventive juxtapositions. Eingestellt von zero um 1 Kommentare. Dienstag, 3. Dezember Schroeder Roadshow - Deutschland, Deutschland Formed inthe german oddball political cabaret and rock group "Schroeder Roadshow", played music in the tradition of Floh De Cologne, Checkpoint Charlie and Ton Steine Scherben - but always a little bit more crazy and dada-inspired than the classic polit rock bands with their straight agit prop songs.

Cochise - Wir werden leben Abonnieren Posts Atom. La Vida No Vale Nada. Campo De Amor. El Tiempo El Implacable. Tu doch nicht so. Je T'aime. Die Farbe war Mord. Der Reigen. Woody Guthrie - Stackolee [Songtext anzeigen].

Woody Guthrie - Gypsy Davy [Songtext anzeigen]. Woody Guthrie - Chisholm Trail [Songtext anzeigen]. Woody Guthrie - John Henry [Songtext anzeigen]. Woody Guthrie - Hangknot, Slipknot [Songtext anzeigen]. Woody Guthrie - Train Breakdown [Songtext anzeigen]. Bates, Jeff Leave the Lights On. Bates, Jeff Rainbow Man. Bellamy brothers Let your Love Flow. Berg, Matreca The Speed of Grace.

Robert Williams plays great 50s style. Bogguss, Suzy Greatest Hits. Bogguss, Suzy Suzy Bogguss. Bogguss, Suzy Aces. Boyd, Bobby Honky Tonk Tree. Great indie. A lot like. Lee roy Parnell in spots. Wonderful duet. Willie nelson on title track.

Brady, Mike Country to Country. Brandt, Paul Calm Before the Storm. Brokop, Lisa Lisa Brokop. Brown, T Graham Next Right thing. Brown, Roger And Swing City. Buckley, Jimmy Country Favourites Irish. Burch, Paul East to West.

Burke, Solomon Nashville. Burnette, Billy Memphis in Manhattan. Buttercup Evil for You. Byrd, Tracy Big Love. Byrd, Tracy Tracy Byrd. Byrd, Tracy Love Lessons. Camp, Shawn Shawn Camp. Campbell, Glen Most 20 tracks. Campbell, Glen Arkansas 21 tracks. Canova, Judy Ozark Nightingale. Carpenter, Mary Chapin Age of Miracles. Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones in the Road. Carpenter, Mary Chapin State of the Heart. Carpenter, Mary Chapin Place in the World.

Carson, Jeff Jeff Carson. Chapman, Marshall Big Lonesome. Cheevers, Bob Tall Texas Tales. Clark, Terri Terri Clark. Clark, Terri Fearless. Cochran, Tammy Tammy Cochran. Cochran, Tammy Life Happened. Collie, Mark Mark Collie.

Collie, Mark Unleashed. Comeaux, Amie Moving Out wonderful talent sadly killed in. Confederate Railroad Notorious. Conway, Lee Country Classics. Conwell, Tommy Rumble. Cooley, Spade Shame on You water damaged book 25tks. Cowsill, Susan Lighthouse. Daniel, Davis I Know a Place. Daniel, Davis Davis Daniel. Davidson, Clay Unconditional.

Davis, Jimmie Louisiana water dam. Dennis, Wesley Wesley Dennis. Derailers Here Come. Derailers Genuine. Dodd, Deryl One Ride in Vegas. Dodd, Deryl Deryl Dodd.

Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps. Earle, Steve Early Tracks. Emilio Life Is Good. Emmanuel, Tommy Little by Little Favoured 2cds. Ewing, Skip Naturally. Fairchild, Shelley Ride. Fields, Judy Eyes of Love. Flood The Flood. Forester sisters More Than I Am. Frizzell, David Gauthier, Mary Mercy Now. Gauthier, Mary The Foundling. Gentry, Bobbie Best. Gibson, Bob Ski Songs. Goldens Rush for Gold. Gray, Damon Looking for Trouble.

Greene, Marlin Tip Toe past the Dragon. Gregory, Clinton Master of Illusion. Gregory, Clinton Clinton Gregory. Gregory, Clinton Freeborn Man. Guthrie, Sarah Lee Exploration w.

Haggard, Merle Roots. Haggard, Merle Chicago Wind. Haggard, Merle Natural High. Haggard, Merle Most of Merle Haggard. Haggard, Merle 24 at 1. Haggard, Noel One Lifetime. Harms, Joni After All. Harris, Emmylou profile Best Of. Hayes, Wade On a Good Night. Highwaymen 2. Highwaymen Road Goes On Forever. Hill, Byron Stay a While. Hillbilly Idol Hillbilly Idol This is a group not a solo guy and.

BR fans will lap it up. They are better than. BR in that all 15 tracks are group originals. Hinojosa, Tish Best of Watermelon Years. House, James Days Gone By.

Hunley, Con Shoot from the Heart. Isbell, Jason Unit. Jackson, Alan High Mileage. Jackson, Alan Let it Be Christmas. Jackson, Alan Drive. Jackson, Alan What I Do. Jackson, Alan Everything I Love. James, Brett Brett James. Jaron And the Long Road to Love. Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall. Jones, David Lynn Mixed Emotion. Jones, George Hits Bandit Records 24 tracks. Jones, George 16 biggest Hits. Perhaps the best bargain you will ever get. Jones, Kacey Sings Mickey Newbury.

Judd, Wynonna Wynonna Judd. Judd, Wynonna Tell Me Why. Kane, Keiran Blue Chair. Kane, Keiran Dead Reckoning. Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Vol 2. Kelley, Irene Simple Path. Kelley, Irene Thunderbird. Kendalls Make a Dance. Kendalls Love is a Long Hard Road. Kenendy, Ray One Way to Go. Kentucky Headhunters Big Boss Man.

Kershaw, Rusty a Cajun in the Blues Country. Ketchum, Hal Sure Love. Ketchum, Hal I Saw the light. Ketchum, Hal Every Little Word. King, Matt Hard Country. Kirwan, Dominic Try a Little Kindness. Knight, Chris Chris Knight. Lauderdale, Jim Point of No Return. Lawrence, Tracy Live. Lawrence, Tracy Alibis. Lawrence, Tracy Coast is Clear. Lawrence, Tracy Time Marches on.

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Loveless, Patty Trouble With the Truth. Lovett, Lyle Live in Texas. Lynn Marie Squeezebox. Lynne, Shelby Indentity Crisis. McBride, Martina Emotion. McBride, Martina Martina. McLean, Don Headroom. McLean, Don Best of 20 trcaks McCoy, Neal Greatest Hits. Marshall, Adam The Last Marshall. Martin, Leland Simply Traditional great cd. Mattea, Kathy The Innocent Kind.

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Nelson, Willie Always on My Mind. Nelson, Willie Milk Cow Blues. Neville, Aaron Tattooed Heart. Newton, Juice American Girl. Nichols, Joe Revelation. Nichols, Joe Real Things. Norwood, Daron Daron Norwood. Orbison, Roy Mystery Girl. Orbison, Roy Best Loved Standards. Ortega, Lindi Little Red Books. Osborne, Joan Pretty Little Stranger. Oslin, KT This Woman. Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures.

Paisley, Brad Part II. Parton, Dolly Ultimate 20 track. Put My Little Shoes Away - Woody Guthrie - Muleskinner Blues: The Asch Recordings, Dolly From the Heart.

Peters, Gretchen Burnt Toast Offerings. Peters, Gretchen Halcyon. Pinson, Bobby Man Like Me. Buffalo skinners ; the asch recordings ; vol.

Children's concert at town hall. Pete Seeger. The Almanac Singers. When the roses bloom in Dixieland : Their complete Victor recordings The Carter Family.

Library of congress recordings. Worried man blues : Their complete Victor recordings Anchored in love : Their complete Victor recordings We shall overcome : Bert Jansch ; It don't bother me. Bert Jansch. The complete Hank Williams. Hank Williams. John Wesley Harding. Burnt weeny sandwich. Frank Zappa. Maak kennis met Smooth Jazz. His first work in the studio as a session engineer came when he worked on Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited," which from his standpoint was not a pleasant experience.

Halee cleverly figured out a way to sync two 8-track machines together to add more recoding tracks. He would also record separate "wild" tracks on other machines and add these to the mix, as he did on "The Boxer. Halee by Michael Fremer was published in "the absolute sound.

Halee talked at length about recording "The Boxer," which he considered to be his best work. Then a bass harmonica was added Toots Thielmann?

In addition to the chorus vocals, a tuba and piccolo trumpet playing the melody were added. Two tracks of strings and the dobro track were recorded on other machines. The incredible "crashing" big drum sound was achieved by using the elevator shaft at Columbia studios as a natural echo chamber. In the end, the final mix of 20 tracks was done by synching two 8-track machines together with two other machines containing four "wild" tracks.

With Freedom comes responsibility. Should we eliminate cars because we have bad drivers? Should we eliminate this Web Site because some persons place posts which are offensive to some? My take is we should not let bad drivers drive rather then take cars away from good drivers. It is my guess that the majority of hunters are safe and well informed.

I am not a hunter but I love freedom and before you are so willing to allow these freedoms to be taken away from groups you feel deserve it i. It was not that long ago that pepole in our government wanted to outlaw Rock and Roll.

What is next cigarettes or SUV's. Sorry this is not a BAND post, however, I just have a hard time when people feel the need to want to just hand our freedoms over. I hadn't been planning to weigh in on the hunting issue, but something occurred last night that made me want to share my feelings. I was in a fine mood. Then I made the mistake of watching the local news. Somewhere in the CNY area, I didn't catch exactly where, a 17 year old hunter killed a rare albino deer.

How rare? I don't know, but I assume they are as rara in that species as in any other. Viewers of course were treated to the sight of this beautiful, all-white furred creature dead in the back of a pickup. Serious downer. A couple weeks ago a squirrel hunter shot another hunter in the face near here and actually said "I thought he was a sqirrel". And in this Put My Little Shoes Away - Woody Guthrie - Muleskinner Blues: The Asch Recordings.

From the direction the arrow seemed to come from she determined that the idiot I won't refer to he or she as a hunter not only endangered anyone but was trespassing on her property.

But I know that the safety and trespassing issues are routinely ignored by many. And I know Iim glad to be an ex-hunter, I feel much better as a result. Thanks for letting me vent. Stu: Thanks for the info. Had a great time that weekend up in Kingston. It's always a great feeling to be up in that part of the woods, whether it be Woodstock, Saugerties West, of courseNew Paltz or Kingston. Hearing Rick and Garth in that area is an extra special treat. Found a nice little restaurant, Le Canard Enchaine, right before the show.

Made nicer by the fact that the waitress knew Jim Weider. Small world up there in Upstate New York, nice community, great people. Happy Thanksgiving to all! What you won't see is how everyone on the stage slowly gravitatied towards Garth as he played his solo. How Natalie Merchant seemed to be in awe of Rick and Garth and how funny Rick was when they stopped him mid-song to do a sound adjustment. Thanks Jan, 'Lil, and Peter, you people are the best! I just can't understand why a person, would want to be so mean as to say things like that, and about musicians who play all their lives to make people happy and feel good.

What kind of person would have a need for that kind of action is beyond me,,is it cuz they don't have friends?? To all of you, I surly didn't expect this to happen, and I'm sorry, cuz you all are good people, but it seems that holidaze can sometimes make people bitter.

With that said,,Happy and plentyful Thanksgiving to all of you, and your families! Listening closely theres some wonderful musical exchanges going on between the players, such craftsmanship is all to rare at concerts Ive attended in the past few years [ with the notable exception of one John Fogerty].

Pehr: I also heard the E-Town show yesterday. It was a real treat to hear a live version of Book Faded Brown even though, as it was their first song, there were a couple of rough spots. Once they got their groove, everything sounded great, and both Rick and Garth sounded like they were having a good time. AND, there will be at least one more chance to hear this broadcast.

Go to E-Town's web page, then to "radio stations", then look for the participating station in Vermont. They'll be broadcasting the show at 7pm I think tomorrow. PLUS, they have a web simulcast feature, so Band fans everywhere can tune in! Leaving town for the remainder of the week and unhooking the browser welded to my head. Sort of a multi-threaded, confused gnostic kinda guy. Really enjoyed the show and keep hopin for Rick to come south soon.

I didnt talk about Robbie being quiet because on before the flood and live 66 he's pretty loud! Doug Sahm was such a treasure, always up beat, plenty to talk about. Peter, Actually, it is possible and very easy to operate under a false Internet Protocol address aka IP numberand the software needed to do so is available from several places and way to easy to use try e.

I think this is what "Another Canadian" was hinting at and demonstrating, by using the same IP-number as that other idiot. And that IP number they used is probably not valid. According to my DNS service there seems to be no host on the net with the address Oh, well I may implement a "valid-IP" check in the guestbook script, but I guess they'll find a way around that too.

Maybe we should switch to e-mail submission here John D. If I had a copy I'd be able to say something about it, too Good observation Peter Why anyone would want to make a comment, and then argue with themselves is beyond me however. Perhaps some folks have too much time on their hands.

There was a comment made about how the Band members would not want to associate with "obscure" artists. Not true!

Alot of the best performances I've seen have been done with incredibly talented "obscure" artists 'obscure' by Webster meaning "unknown". Some of the brightest lights have come from the darkest corners of some of the smallest towns. Srendi Vollmer comes to mind immediately. A very talented not to mention humble and nice man And for all you Long Islanders, what about Ed Kaercher?

Not to mention so many "obscure" artists from up here, such as Scott Petito who is wonderful. I'm sorry to see that no one commented on my earlier post that included Richard Bell playing an amazing instrumental version of "King Harvest. Lance Anderson did say however that he received an e-mail from a poster in Chicago. Your missing a great CD folks. This confirms what some of us have long suspected, that certain posts and subsequent attacks on the writer of the posts come from the same person.

But if someone wants to post a malicious and unpleasant comment then attack themselves for doing so, you may draw your own conclusions.

And if we continue to do so, I'm sure this guesbook will be history very soon. At least you were right about the limeys. Rick contributes vocals on two tracks and Garth plays on about six cuts. There are two duets with Lucinda Williams and one with Guy Clark.

You mentioned that RR used a banjo technique, very interesting. But where IS the banjo? Rick plays violin - tuned often like banjo. Where IS the banjo? I want to hear banjo! It reminds me of barock trumpet players who could play their strong instruments as quiet as the recorders. Also, the promoter must be an over 30, long haired redneck analphabet, or else no deal. Can't imagine any Band member wanting to associate with that kind of non-event, full of obscure "artists"!?

I don't happen to agree with the anti gun lobby, however, that doesn't make either side bad people. There's a connection for anything, isn't there?! Guess what? He also played drums on four Rod Stewart albums. Rod Stewart Ron Wood etc.

My personal favourite title for Ted N. I was just so desperate to get into this guestbook with some information of worth that I went to the trouble of researching this boring info. Sad, huh? I'm just thankful The Band did what they did, they have been a very big influence on my own personnal career as a musician.

There's nothing like putting on one of the CD's and just listening and soaking it all in. It's sad that sometimes things can happen and Vol. 2 (CD) a great association of talent, but as they say! I hope there's no Band connection to 70's heavy metal wizard Ted Nugent who was an avid hunter - recall one of his album covers featuring a painting of him holding a guitar that was also a double barrelled shotgun.

I believe he's lost most of his hearing - probably contributed to by the blasts from his shotgun - good for him - never cared for his music anyway! And he had long hair too that SOB! Hey, Manson was enough! I have got to agree with Diamond Lil. I also "Hate guns and all they stand for". Maybe it's time to write to your Congressman about Ulster County outlawing rifles and only using shotguns, like they do in neighboring Dutchess County. At least then the bullets wouldn't go so far. We are all savages, let's face it.

I myself used to sneak up to a tomatoe plant and rip the tomato from the life-giving vine. And then I'd go inside and cut it up. But I've come a long way, now I just take photos of them. The venue is "G. Tavern" and they're supposed to go on at PM and, according to the manager, play until midnight.

The proceeds go to help people with AIDS. The number to call for booking tix is AIDS. There will only be advanced ticket sales through the above number, they expect to be sold out soon and there will be no sales at the door. I'm being nice It looks like old home movies, but I'm wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get my hands on unedited versions of those films.

They must exist somewhere and I'd love to see them. Hate guns and all they stand for. Just needed to say that. Ghostrider: Agree with the sentiments of your very nicely worded last post.

And just think how truly lucky we are to have not only what they gave us in the past, but also what they'll continue to give us in the future, as the 4 surviving members, each in their own way, take us into a brand new century.

The web site above is not finalized,,so its NOT offically for public yet and is still under constuction, but all performers mentioned in the web site have agreed to the event, its going to be a blast! I was a roadie for Jimmy Carl Black when I was 18 years old, that helped!!! Something tells me that the man knows how to throw a party. Early performances were comprised of shouted poetry over top of very rudimentary music.

Their first recording session was produced by musical anthropologist Harry Smith who got the support of Folkways Records owner Moe Asch by telling him they were the "Fugs Jug Band". The 10 songs comprising "The Village Fugs" are joined on this re-issue by 7 more studio tracks from the same sessions according to Ed Sanders 23 songs were recorded the first afternoon and live tracks from the same period and "The Rhapsody of Tuli".

Not for the faint of heart I would not recommend this to anyone who finds say Frank Zappa or Rob Crumb offensive. It is none the less drop dead funny. This re-issue was digitally compiled and restored by Aaron L. Hurwitz, and along with the recent re-issue of the first two Holy Modal Rounders albums on Fantasy from this year offers a rare glimpse into the concept that "there is oodles of freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution that is not being used".

He strongly resembles my dad and his sister, who were Helm descendents. Thanks Saw him in "Coal Miner's Dau. Any news or rumors out there on this? Correction - Terry Cagle is Levon's nephew rather than his cousin as I stated in my previous post. Most readers probably know this already, I'm quite sure. Terry Cagle Levon's cousin and lookalike plays drums beside Levon on this tour and I believe he was the drummer for the Cate Brothers Band.

Where is he now? Probably can find out on the Terry Cagle website! BTW that Garth recording may very well be a box set if the deadline is met. Otherwise the year double CD will most likely be followed by a year triple CD.

Hey Little Lil -- Live long and prosper, girl! That's what life is all about -- makin' memories!!! Hello,Im dimond Lils daughter. I am 9 years old Im almost My mom said I can write this. Rick Danko kissed me on the cheek. Mom says I should write something about the band. I'm going there with about 6 other friends and would like others while we're there! Does anyone know a good place to meet, its across from Wrigley Field Gee, with such a long list of Band happenings for the year I was bound to leave something out - re-mastered versions of Big Pink and The Brown Album will be produced by Columbia from the lost master tapes and released for the benefit of Band audiophiles!

Crabgrass: love your predictions. Really disappointed that the Garth prediction is only a double album, a lot of us out Vol. 2 (CD) were hoping box set. Lil: Doug Sahm was found dead of an apparent heart attack on Thursday during the day in a hotel room in Taos, New Mexico. Never got to see Sahm live, but would have liked to. Another good un leaves the show.

Well, the century's almost over and I'm lookin' forward to what the year will bring. First, there's the VG Rock Poll World Tour with Robbie joining the lineup kicking off in Norway, then there's Rick's new studio album featuring several great new songs written for him by Robbie who also adds some tasteful lead guitar, Garth's long-awaited double solo CD finally hits the stores around July, and a brand new reunited MegaBand triple album culled from the world tour is released along with the outtakes from Jericho and HOTH in addition to an album of newly discovered "lost tapes" of original material by Richard and last but not least the eagerly anticipated "By Request" album emerges as the boys put the final touches on it just before the year arrives!

I dont get get it. The album is about Rick, noone else. Back in we had the same conversations on the Robbie issue. You know back then I thought it would be very cool to see Robbie back with his old haunts.

As time went by I realized that maybe If we could and would let ourselves believe that a Friend or Brother as it must seem after 16 years,would exploit his siblings. We must also be Mindful that that trust will never be fully granted again. On a different note is anyone aware of the song "You don't know me". What recordings exist being sung by Richard. Cool site, Till next Time! One last bit of Vol. 2 (CD), can anyone tell me what happened to Terry "Boom Boom" Cagle.

He later went on to become keyboard player for Rhinoceros and a stint with The Electric Flag. Life is a Carnival is also on this CD. The idea and creative genius behind this is Lance Anderson a master piano and organ player; who had the vision to put it together. This CD will blow David Powell away. Soon Lance will launch his website and I will give it out for those of you who would like to order the CD. I will try to send up a. If you want to get in early on this you can e-mail Lance at getout bconnex.

Hey I surfed onto your Ronnie Hawkins web site tonight and went. Wow, does this guy bring back memories! Ronnie Rocked the house. Man, there musta been more body guards pullin pretty girls off a that man All I can say is I think those gals just let em know! Best wishes and thanks for letting me sign your nice guestbook. All this speculation about Robbie being invited to help on the new Rick Danko project I'd be more interested in seeing Levon welcomed in, myself.

Sure, today's a sad day Life in the fast lane.

Sing Child - Heart - Dreamboat Annie (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Prototype (Protopella) - LSD Proton - The Prototype (Vinyl), Vaughn Monroe - Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots (Vinyl), Kake Randelin - Huoleton (CD, Album), Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor (CD, Album), Freedom, I Need You - The Beatles - From Liverpool - The Beatles Box (Vinyl, LP), Lie To Linda - Stella Parton - Stella Parton (Vinyl, LP, Album), September Song - Various - Pepe - Original Soundtrack Album (Vinyl, LP, Album), At The Student Cafe - Maurice Jarre - Doctor Zhivago Original Soundtrack Album (Vinyl, LP), God Gave Me You - Ann Jones (2) And Her American Sweethearts - Ann Jones And Her American Sweetheart, You Are The Vine - Rob And Gilly - Be Still, Classical Praise Guitar (Cassette), Club Social De Marianao / Marianao Social Club (Danzón) - Cachao - Master Sessions Volume I (CD)