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Citizens of the town worked together to BUILD the cinema that a fire had burnt down. It would Секрет - Пять (CD wrong to I know you Fill In: by, of x2in, [or, with.

Alexander Sokurov is perhaps one of the most successful Russian film directors He is best known Sergei Dontsov, who stars Sokurov creates a sort b Andrei Tarkovsky. Certainly, Sokurov is one of the finest film makers of our time. A: Have you seen Bill recently? B: Yes, actually. I ran A: I think we should run B: I agree.

We need to be ready for our first performance tomorrow evening. A: Is it true that you ran My parents actually worked in the circus.

A; Did you finish that landscape you were painting? B: No, I ran A: Why are you so late? B: I nearly ran Choose the correct word for each sentence. Christian Bate, is a fantastic film. A servant girl, who wants to become the princess, kidnaps Pea with the help of Roscuro, an evil rat. It is up to Despereaux to defeat his opponents and rescue Pea.

It features a great cast of voice actors, with Mathew Broderick starring as Despereaux. It might not do well at the box office, because it is more artistic than action-packed, but it is sure to be a significant film for true film lovers.

Everything we expect from an Indiana Jones film is there: the action, the special effects, the excitement, and the clever dialogues. The four Pevensie children enter the wardrobe once again, this fime to help Prince Caspian get his kingdom back from foe villain, the evil King Miraz. The Lion, the Witch suid the Wardrobe, a success and continues to entertain the audience with its intriguing characters, One problem with it, though, is Its runtime: parents might find it challenging to keep their young children stili and quiet for almost two and a half hours!

AU the kids loved it! Heroes in films are usually How did the superhero manage to They've temporarily stopped shooting the film, because some members of the Love stories are so Then use them to complete the sentences below. After this album few would Fill in the crossword using the words that complete the sentences.

The first letter of each word is given. The main The story is about an Rick: I can't see why this is Rick: Maybe, but! Now, that's a fascinating work of art! John: Are you kidding? It's a painting about war! Rick: Perhaps you're right, but I think it makes a John; Well, I suppose everyone has different tastes when it comes to art.

New Messafie Dear Mike, How are you? How is your studying coming along? Lucky ior me my exams finished last week. So now that I'm tree I've been to two concerts! I went to go see U2 and Britney Spears last week. U2 has been around 1 -j j U2's show ran U2 is by far one of the This was the second fime i had seen Britney, but I think she sang Maybe she had a cold!

All in all, 1 enjoyed both shows and it was a great treat after studying so hard. Good luck in your exams! B: Afraid? B: No, I find it Alice prefers going to the theatre from seeing films at the Album). Laura prefers concerts to listen to her favourite artists on CD. The Waltons would prefer to see the play tonight rather than to wait until next week. Choose the correct answer. This original Dali painting is Then use them in their correct form to complete the sentences.

When the doctor told her that her puppy was going to be fine, she Instead of When the kitten was found, it was very sick, but luckily it Read books for Design posters to put up around your neighbourhood. Volunteer to give animals at your local animal Ask your school principal if your school can patiicipate in No matter how you choose to give your time, you will be making a huge difference! Fill in: staff, foster, remove, answer, rescue, worthwhile, victims.

After the animals recover, they are placed in. This charity aims at helping It is against the law to The local community centre is asking for i volunteer to Then use the words to label the pictures below.

B: a Go past the chemist's and take the first turn on the left. B: a Take the No, 10 bus. B; a I'm not sure. B; a Take the No. B: a Sure, what are you looking for? Q Listen and mark each statement as True, False or Not stated. Who won the best director award at the Oscars this year?

The award Don't worry, homes Did you get the tickets to the show? No, because by the time I got to the theatre, all tickets What exactly do you do at the animat shelter? I make sure all the animals What are you going to wear to Sarah's party? Helen goes, she takes her laptop with her. W 3 Write sentences using the causative, as in the example. What is he going to do? The Milters' roof was leaking, so a workman repaired it. What did the Millers do? What does Mrs Pearson do? What is Stephen doing?

What has Gary done? Rowling in B: Certainly. B: Unfortunately, they are four days I shouldn't have to shout to Katie told her friends to make Is he alright?

A yourself 6 his self C himself The house Everyone is Секрет - Пять (CD A team of Remember I told you that I would be visiting Warwick Castle with my classmates? Today, the castle has the Great Hall where meals were eaten, bedrooms and a Секрет - Пять (CD with many windows on which canons were placed to defend the residents of the ca.

Also, there is a steep hill called the Mound, which stopped attacking soldiers from getting into the castle. Now, it has become part of the pretty hillside garden.

Of course, there is also a gift shop and various restaurants serving tasty meals. We arrived there at 10 am and were taken around the Great Hall and the Cold Tower. Then my teacher surprised us by taking us on a Christmas journey. It was truly magical!

We went through a pine forest with big ice sculptures of animals, Jack Frost and the Christmas Fairy, as well as a twenly-five-metre high Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it all ended too quickly. Would you like to come with us? Love, Mary Para 1 name? You have just been on a day trip with your friends to an amusement park, the seaside, etc. Write an email to your friend James to tell him all about it. Well, ru see you at the entrance to the train station at 8 am if you are coming with us.

Let me know if you can come along for the day. Is it far from here? Around 50 metres. Thanks for your help. A vet named Dr Elisabeth Svendsen got tired of bursting In she decided to start a charity to help them. The Donkey Sanctuary has been taking care Volunteers at the Donkey Sanctuary show kindness We are always looking for donations and volunteers.

Visit our website www. There is one extra heading. These people felt they needed a green space in the city to relax and make them think of beautiful towns and villages away from the big city.

The first urban park that was created was Phillips Park in Manchester. Another park that was created was Hyde Park in central London.

It has since become the best known park in England. The Park is also well known for its music, Some of the most popular rock bands in the world have held concerts in Hyde Park, In it held a Live 8 concert that was part of a massive charity campaign.

Other things that take place in the park include a swimming race on the Serpentine named the Peter Pan Cup. It is held on Christmas morning every year for people who are brave enough to swim in the freezing cold water. Firstly, it has two spectacular arches. Marble Arch and Wellington Arch, both constructed in the s. It also has a number of monuments including a statue of the fictional character Peter Pan and a fountain remembering Diana, Princess of Wales.

This is a unique area where citizens are allowed to speak to the public. Many -fascinating public speakers can be seen talking to crowds about their political and philosophical ideas. Hyde Park is a place for people to relax and hang out. Some wander around the park with their dogs and others jog on the paths. There are also sports areas where people can play informal games of football or cricket. A short distance away from Hyde Park there are many things to enjoy, such as an IMAX cinema as well as interesting museums and important landmarks, like Kensington Palace, The area offers something for everyone!

Urban parks were created because people wanted A more green areas in the city, somewhere to go to after work, a place where they could meet their friends, a place that reminded them of the countryside. C tourists get information about local attractions. D citizens ask politicians questions.

In Hyde Park you can A watch professional sports games. D visit the Science Museum. Hyde Park A is located in central Manchester. C is known all around the world. D is the most famous park in England. Match the words in bold to their meanings.

A people read about politics and philosophy. I live across the street. London is by tube, 4 For their anniversary, the Smiths decided to No visit to Bangkok is Also, it's a great way to catch a Today, many of the kiongs have been covered over to make way for motorways and pavements. This is where hundreds of traders sell fresh fruit and vegetables from small boats. So, why not take a boat ride down a Wong? You can do some shopping at a Talaat Naam !

The Moscow Kremlin is the best known Kremlin of all. The wall around the Moscow Kremlin dates back toand at first it Since then, it The Kremlin Four palaces and four cathedrals are some of the structures that can Inthe Moscow Kremlin Rewrite the following sentences in the passive form.

Did he tell you so Rewrite the second sentence to mean the same as the first. Jack about his fear of needles. Not everyone is as brave as you, you knowl I have a fear of I realise my fear of birds is completely Even just thinking about going in a n Emma started Then use them in the correct form to complete the sentences. How do you ? A 1 roll up my sleeve.

Have you ever avoided medical treatment because you knew a needle would be involved? A No, never. But I usually try to C Many times. I always try to How do you feel when you see a picture of a needle? Mostly A's: Lucky youl You have no problems with needles. Mostly B's; Congratulations. Mostly C's: It's possible you may have belonephobla. Talk to your doctor. Thank you. Can 1 help you? Fill in: coastguard, mountain rescue, falsa call, line, unconscious. B: Please, be careful next time.

You can get into a lot of trouble for making a n I need an ambulance to come to my house, please. B: Please, hold the I'll put you through to Emergency Services. H H Fire department. How can I help you? Is your address Mulberry Road? Please, send help. What service do you require? What's the matter? Where are you rushing to?

The hospital called. Mike was in an accident. Sorry, I dialled the wrong number. Stay on the line, please, help is on the way. The coastguard, please. How many people are injured every year because their fire alarm does not work? A faulty fire alarms. C cigarettes. Which is the best place to put a fire alarm? A cook at a low heat. C make sure devices do not get wet. What does the firefighter advise us to do in preparation for a fire?

A Practice staying calm. C Have an organised plan of escape. Then say what type of conditional each sentence is, as in the example. Italy next year, we'll go on a tour of all the important historical sites. Lisa wishes she had saved her work. If only he I hate being home alone. B; Look, if you're really afraid of being alone, I B: Oh, come on! He's just jokingl I wish you Then use the phrases in their correct form to complete the speech bubbles.

J have My friend Katie is such a health nut! She goes jogging every day, and eats a She says the She says my lifestyle is a n Well, I agree that my eating Avoid all No, thanks! Doug has already done it.

I have some ice cream after dinner, please? To begin with, most gyms have a large amount of equipment and exercise machines.

For example, gym members can choose to use equipment that exercises different parts of the body. Consequently, members can get an all-body workout by using different equipment, which means exercising is not boring and repetitive. In addition, gyms have trained instructors. Not only do they give advice on exercise techniques, but they also help members achieve their fitness goals with proper diet information.

In my opinion, the cost of a gym membership is not worth it. For those who want to exercise and keep fit, there are many free and more enjoyable options to choose from. C I I On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to a gym membership.

Firstly, it costs money. Monthly or yearly fees are often expensive. Secondly, gyms are often crowded, especially in the evenings and on weekends. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to go to the gym at unsociable hours to avoid queues for machines. I DI I Many people, with busy working lives, choose to join a gym for exercise. But is joining a gym the best option? People should be aware that there are both pros and cons to being a gym member. One reason why. Violent films can have a very negative impact on some kinds of audience Pets are great company for children Match each argument against fast food restaurants with its appropriate justification A-C.

Arguments They serve unhealthy food. The quality of what is served is not always high. They do not encourage healthy eating habits. Justifications Children, especially, choose junk food instead of healthy snacks.

The meats are not nutritious, but high in fat and sugar. Many ingredients used are either frozen or pre-cooked. Iio Ask young children to keep People take up martial arts. Mostly, however, 1 But how do martial arts help you improve your self-defence?

Firstly, it must be noted that you should use martial arts techniques only when it is necessary. Indeed, many people say that the best martial arts experts I I. The most important self-defence skills are being aware of your surroundings, as well as the ability to run away from a threatening situation. Obviously the best martial arts techniques to learn are defensive rather than attacking techniques.

The hands are far quicker than the legs and attackers usually grasp the upper body. It is also best to try to learn techniques that do not need a lot of strength. Most IT martial Секрет - Пять (CD include defensive techniques but, ], the best martial arts to take up are the Korean martial art Hapkido and the Japanese martial art Aikido. Whatever martial art you decide on, keep working on it continually. But always remember: your common sense and intuition to avoid risks are your most important skills of all.

There is one phrase that you do not need to use. C 0 F G and that is when a martial arts technique can save you from harm martial arts teach you ways to protect yourself when in danger to defend yourself from an attack rather than violently trying to harm your attacker taking all the points discussed above into account this can cause fatal injuries never have to use self-defence techniques in their lifetimes Read the text again and mark the statements below as T TrueF False or NS Not stated.

Martial arts are popular with young people. When in danger, it is better to try to escape rather than stay and fight. You must be strong to practise martial arts. Look at the highlighted words in the text and choose the most appropriate definition for them, as they appear in the text, spiritual a related to one's beliefs b related to mystery snatches a does sth quickly b takes sth by force combat a fight grasp a take hold of b see swiftly a soon intuition a instinct b competition quickly knowledge 71 3 Underline the correct item.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Unfortunately, I broke my arm. If only i If Tom had been there, he Tom comes every day after work and brings flowers. Anyway, give my love to your family. I'll come and visit you as soon as I'm feeling better, unless I I were you. Use two to five words, indoding the word in bold. I 1 Choose the correct item. Five years ago, he was badly injured in a skiing accident. The doctors all said it was unlikely he would ever walk again.

But James didn't listen. Right from the start, far from feeling He said he was going to keep hts Michael Petter. Kelby A. Perry Mick.

Nikita Khrenov. Brandon Bohn. Jared Linn. Kyle Miller. Ash Corvida. Mark Burger. Jordan Stone. Alexa Malakhova. Kevin Cloe.

Bolko Maiwald. Purchasable with gift card. Compact Disc. We can not send CD's in countries such as: Ukraine. T-shirts dedicated to the 8th full-length album "Oktagramma" Octagram. Black red. Black color. Intro Slashing serpent was defeated By the hand of a young warrior, And young king has ascended The throne by the milky trail.

Captivated by Dawn-Maiden, He dances with her in bloom, He lit a fire in the heart With the fern flower! Tree branches are getting heavier, Sowing is replaced by harvest hour, Feast is sweet, sundown is scarlet, And leaf fall spins around. Course of time cannot be overcome — The night will quench the heat of the heart, Serpent will spread the wings of dark, Секрет - Пять (CD will open the Gates of Winter.

But the hero will be born again, And the blood will go on fire, The sun will come out of the gate, Eight times it will convene the feast.

Look, The laughter of the young dawn Awakens The power of the earth. Who would you recommend it? Write the book review according to these notes. Title and author — Murder on the Orient Express — by Agatha Christie — published in — a detective story — one of the most famous works by Agatha Christie Who and what it is about — Setting: on the train called the Orient Express — Plot: Detective Poirot is travelling on the Orient Express; a man is murdered and Poirot has to find the killer who is still on the train — Characters: truthful, vividly described — Ending: surprising Personal opinion — Murder.

Think of the book you have enjoyed reading. Discuss your notes with a partner. Write your book review. Write about words. Unit 1 29 Lesson 8 1. Famous writers, etc. Draw the map and mark the literary routes on it. Draw pictures and write down any necessary comments for places and routes.

You should take a look at my bookshelves. But not until then. In fact, as soon as he left school he began to write for money — in every letter his parents got from him.

Britain is famous not only for its rock groups and rock singers but also for its long and strong traditions of folk and classical music. Look at the musical map of Britain. Here is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. They still meet every year at the Eisteddfod. London is famous for its opera houses and concert halls where famous musicians conduct the best symphony orchestras.

The first nights of his famous rock operas often take place in London theatres where every seat is usually taken. Unit 2 Lesson 1 35 3 Compare the map and the story about musical Britain.

Where do they take place? S 5 In the text find the sentences with nouns, which attributes are expressed by personal or geographical names. Match them with the rule. S In your culture. Russia has got its own musical places.

What would you tell your foreign friends about some musical places of Russia? Use the words from the box. There are wonderful C Theatre. The Mariinsky is famous for the C! Many Russians like. In the band came to live to Kazan, and in to Moscow. Their concerts have always been very popular and successful and they have often played D.

They are very popular among older people. EL In your culture. Prepare your comments. Unit 2 1 37 Lesson 1 Lesson 1. The history of rock and pop music in Britain and the USA includes many outstanding names and groups. Some of its first stars were black. Then white singers appeared and the most popular of them was Elvis Presley. The Rolling Stones offered aggressive rock. The Beatles or the Fab Four fab is from fabulous made a breakthrough in pop and rock because they took all that was good about early rock, and changed it into something original and even more exciting.

The Beatles entered the world charts in Their music was everywhere and the group toured the world with great success. They recorded and released 12 albums and their recordings sold by the millions! They are still worth listening to. Their young fans know the lyrics and the tunes of their songs. In the 80s, musical technology changed. Some bands began to use electronic instruments called synthesizers.

Th6 As Techno music and all kinds of dance music were very popular. Singers like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez became popular. Today new idols have appeared and many young people follow them. S 2 What have you learnt about British and American rock and pop? When and where did rock and roll music begin? What contribution did the rock and roll musicians make?

What kind of music did the Rolling Stones offer? What was special about the music of the Beatles? What speaks for the fact that the Beatles were very popular? Can we say that the history of rock and pop finished in the 70s? What was special about the pop music of the 80s? Why were Live Aid concerts organised?

What musicians made their way to the stage in the s and in the early s? What are they? Replace the underlined words and expressions with the new words that fit. He was one of the most popular songwriters and performers for more than 20 years.

He visited many countries with his concerts. But her solo singing is still very good to listen to. But some people think the words of her early songs are dangerous and destructive. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box. Their c told about the problems of the time. In the young musicians met Boris Grebenshchikov who invited them to Leningrad. In the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets published the list of the most popular songs and the song Povorot by Mashina Vremeni t i for the first time.

Mashina Vremeni became the best rock group of the year. Many young people enjoyed listening to their songs. In the group recorded 2 c. They were t - Later the group took part in different TV programmes and films. In the group c Africa and Great Britain. The group c and t more than 20 albums. Their songs are still c listening to. EL Young people write what they think about modern music to different Internet sites.

What do they think about modern music? The world of rock and pop music in Russia is large. Use the Fact File or use your knowledge. Teenagers have always had different musical tastes. Ben and Robert are talking about the music they prefer.

Most of my classmates like rock. But my parents think that their music is too aggressive and dangerous. I agree that their albums are great achievements with no bad songs on them. But their music is too complicated for me. I like dance music with its catchy tunes. I want only a rhythm and a tune.

Ben Madison I like classical music. I have got two favourite composers though they are very different. The Russians have always put so many feelings into their music. Gershwin is my other idol. Which of them belong to Ben and which of them belong to Robert? Led Zeppelin, Cream and Jimi Hendrix are musicians who have gone down in history.

His music has great tunes and some catchy melodies. I think some young people even create idols of modern musicians. He was a very important composer because he created something new. I think there is much in what I have always liked What I most enjoy in Besides, I am absolutely crazy about So what I need in music is To sum it up, this music is S 1 What do Ashley and Melody think they will see?

Ashley: Do you know that Sting is giving a concert next week in London? Melody: Is he? I am eager to see it. And what about you?

Ashley: I am going to buy tickets tomorrow. I think I will queue up much earlier than usual. Ashley: It opens at 11 a. Melody: I am sure you are going to enjoy the concert because his programme of his best songs is worth coming early. Present Progressive: I am going to the concert tonight. His concert is going to be a success. Present Simple: The concert starts at 7 p.

Which questions could they ask the box office assistant? Which questions could the box office assistant ask Ashley and Melody? Which date do you want the tickets What concert are you going to next week? How many tickets do you want? Is that all you can offer me? When does the concert begin? How much are the tickets? Will you join us to go to the concert tomorrow? What can you offer? How much does the ticket cost? Would you like the seats near the stage or would you prefer to sit further back?

Which questions from ex. I will be happy to join you! The orchestra and the performers are perfect, their programme is very interesting. She is talking to the box office assistant. What performance is Melody going to see? When is the performance taking place?

How many tickets did Melody buy? You want a ticket for the Thursday performance. You have got 30 pounds. Choose the performance you want to see. Seat prices: Friday at 4. Pupil card 1 Y You are a Russian pupil who is going to see a concert of pop music. You are talking to your foreign friend about the forthcoming performance of a popular singer or group.

Discuss the performer sthe songs you want to listen to, the time the performance begins and the price of the tickets. Pupil card 2 You are a British pupil talking to your Russian friend about the forthcoming concert. Fill in the Word Web.

What kind of music can people hear? I Who comes to the concerts? Promenade concerts When are the concerts held? Choose the correct answer, listening for detail 1. The Proms were started a in the 18th century, b in C in the autumn of C the Queen. Henry Wood was a a musician and a conductor, b a well-known musician and a popular composer c a conductor and a composer.

Henry Wood conducted the Promenade Concerts a for 50 years, b until Every year the Proms a offer 70 concerts. BB The Promenade concerts may be called the most important event in the musical life of Britain.

What musicians and orchestras take part in the Proms every year? In the story the children are taught to sing by their nurse Maria. SO DO! El 2 Consult the dictionary and check if your choice has been correct. Complete the second part of the song with the correct words.

I was a musical prodigy. At three I composed an opera. At four I wrote a minuet. At five I wrote a complete symphony. At five thirty, as usual, I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee. Classical music is music written by famous dead foreigners. I play the piano like Rachmaninoff — with both hands. Unit 2 Lesson 9 Lesson '14le 'media in facto afid. The media covers a great variety of things from television, radio, newspapers and magazines to the Internet. About 97 per cent of homes have a colour television set.

On average, people spend about three and a half hours each day watching TV. Alcohol advertising is banned on television before 9pm and cigarette advertisements are banned both on TV and radio. There are over radio stations in the UK. The BBC Network Radio serves an audience of 31 million each week transmitting 43, hours of programmes each year on its five networks. As for the UK press, there are 10 daily national newspapers and 9 Sunday national newspapers.

Each day about million people learn about the news from newspapers. More than 15 million homes use the Internet. The US media is considered to be the biggest mass media in the world. Pair work. What speaks for the fact that the US media is the biggest mass media in the world?

Fill in the gaps. Answer your Card No 2. Questions Do Americans like listening to the radio? What is the US media like? Who watches TV most of all? More than C' per cent of homes have three or more television sets.

But most people usually watch 15 TV channels. There are about 11, commercial radio stations in the USA. There are also radio stations free from commercials. They are They transmit their programmes to Eastern Europe. There are about daily newspapers and 11, magazines in the USA.

The US is the home of the Internet. More than 85 per cent of US teens go online every day. More than 50 per cent of homes have three or more television sets. On average, Americans watch television about four hours a day. There are about 2, television stations and hundreds of channels. But most people usually watch. American children watch about I 40, commercials a year.

There are about commercial radio stations in the USA. They transmit their programmes to There are about 1, daily newspapers and 11, magazines in the USA. Below are some facts and figures about the Russian media. Is there? How many? What are? Have you got? Are there? The Fact File can help you. Television viewing is very popular in the UK.

On television the BBC has 8 channels. BBC 2 transmits scientific and educational programmes about literature, art and history; documentary films, serials for teenagers and cartoons. BBC 2 also provides business news, educational and political programmes, shows on crime, sport, cookery, gardening, comedy shows, and intellectual games. There are no reality shows or low-grade entertainment on BBC 2.

BBC 3 is a channel for original UK comedy, drama and music as well as art and educational programmes. BBC 4 is based around art, music and debate. ITV is made up of 15 regional television companies which offer a great variety of high quality programmes.

Channel 4 broadcasts programmes from independent producers and formats of different TV programmes from overseas. Channel 4 broadcasts popular serials, comedy and game shows. It is watched by 80 per cent of the population. It shows quality programmes: original productions and programmes from independent producers. It also broadcasts news, popular American serials and sport.

Units 65 Lesson 2 Words to guess 1 T. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box and then listen to check. Radio 1 does not make ZZD. It offers a great C 3 easy listening music from the last thirty years.

BBC Radio 3 is a serious classical station. It broadcasts concerts and performances. EL Choose a project you would like to do. Draw an emblem for the Channel. Make drawings or attach some photos.

News for the youth Think of a name for your own magazine or a newspaper. Choose and describe three most impressive sections and give them names. Think of the content of each section. Think of the style, language, graphics, pictures, etc. Draw the pictures and attach some photos. Add your own ad! Think of an advertisement TV, radio or print. Decide what your advertisement will look like: draw some pictures or attach some photos.

Explain your ideas and choice. At the end of the 9-year course pupils take a C j. In comparison with the British system of education, Just as in England, Both in England and in Russia In contrast to England, in Russia English children must attend school until they are 16 years old.

They have a lot of tests and examinations during the course. We usually study from 8 to 12 GCSE subjects during the Years 10 and 11; and then choose subjects we will have the exams in. After Year 11, we have to decide what to do next. There are different opportunities.

At the 6th form stage, pupils are highly specialized in three or four subjects and take A level exams. But not all pupils will get higher education after the sixth form. If you fail A level exams, you can go to colleges of further education or start looking for a job.

But I hope to get a place at a university. Peter mm 2 What opportunities do year-old pupils have? Words to guess college ['knlicfe] n —? There are different opinions where it is better to study at the 6th-form department or at the 6th-form college. Nick and Allie are talking about their experience in choosing where to study.

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box in the correct form. I soon understood that people who had gone to were doing more interesting things, generally had better choice of and after school activities, and were treated as grown-ups. In the end I left school and the college. I never really enjoyed school, but college was quite different. The sixth-form college an excellent atmosphere and good preparation for university. Unit 4 Lesson 2 99 3.

There are different opportunities to continue education after basic school in Russia. After exams at the end of Year 9 I can If I have good exam results, But if the results are not very good, Complete secondary school prepares At the end of Year 11 we will After finishing school I EL Present the system of Russian education in the form of a table, showing all stages of education.

You can use AB Lesson 1 ex. The system of education in the USA is different from the system of education in England. Complete the missing information. Most children attend Schools where children not only study but also live are called C D 4.

Education is compulsory between the ages C 5. At the age of 5 most children start c. Comprehensive schools provide c ; 7. At the end of each stage pupils take c.

Children can get higher education at. To enter a university you have to take c-- D sa 2 Listen to the information about the US system of education and circle the sentences in ex. The USA free schools are called a state schools, b public schools, c private schools.

The education is compulsory between the ages of a 5 and At elementary school a student spends a either 5 or 8 years, b usually 3 years. C 6 years. Unit 4 Lesson 3 4. High schools provide a higher education, b elementary education, c secondary education. Taking an exam is usually stressful.

Some teens try to cope with it with the help of lucky mascots. E9 1 What lucky mascots are the teens talking about? Match the names of the teens and the lucky mascots. Do they help? Some British schools have Internet sites. On the sites, teens from all over the world ask questions about school life.

S 1 What are questions that foreign children ask pupils of one of British schools? What did she tell the teacher? I answered to Stacey who wanted to know whether we had already had tests in Maths. I also wrote to Yannick and Hanna who wanted to know how many terms there were in English school year.

Alice: Do British children often go on excursions? Stacey: What exams did you take when you were at school? Stacey wanted to know what exams I had taken when I was at school. Match the direct and reported questions. There are three extra questions. What school do you go to?

Samuel was interested what school What school did you go to last year? I had gone to last year. What will you do after Year 9? Stacey asked what school I had Do you like studying? Did you enjoy writing tests? Have you written the test yet? Will you write a test after Year 9? Sebastian asked me what school I went to. Yannick was interested to know if I had enjoyed writing tests. Hanna wanted to know what test I had written. Ira asked if we would write a test after Year 9.

Samuel asked if we had already written the test. Ira asked what school children went to last year. Hanna asked me if I liked studying. Stacey wanted to know what I would do after Year 9. SL 5 What other questions about school do you want to know the answers to?

He is talking with his teacher. What did the teacher want to know about Leon? First report general questions, then report special questions. The teacher wanted to know She asked Leon The teacher was interested Alex from Britain and Michelle from America are talking about their school life. Here what they told each other. SB 1 What were the questions? I really like playing American football! Which questions did Alex ask? Which questions could they both ask?

What did they answer?

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