Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl, LP)

Try to keep up! I feel that being the young feller hanging around in the audio forum's, that none of my music would be considered Reference music. Perhaps my GF's music is considered more Reference material. Gwen Stephani anybody?

Tomorrow night I will sit down with a printout of your writeup and give a listen. I will say on my last listen to Pigs on my gear I was somewhat disappointed with the overall presentation. And I actually thought it was due to the format cd. It seemed a bit shallow in soundstage. I remember my Animals album on vinyl from way back. BUT, having said that, my room leaves a lot to be desired and my speakers are not where they should be!

I should have an opportunity to do something about that tomorrow night. You hit the nail on the head with the purpose of the thread, tho!

I now have something to zero in on. Nuck, Subdivisions is one of my favorite Rush tracks! I do not, however, currently own it on cd. And being that I am without TT, I can't figure out how to get my vinyl into the I think I will be making a trip to the store tomorrow to pick this one up I think that album at least a few of the tracks could find it's way into the "reference" category.

Nick- Nuck knows a thing or two about timing and pace and which player will deliver! Anybody else wanna chime in?. I think we're starting to scrape the surface. I know there's some pretty good ears out there!

My comment was a compliment to him. I look forward to your list. Posted on Wednesday, August 01, - GMT Dennis, I stated that I take one of my poorer recordings along to demos as well as other good stuff - that doesn't mean that I dust off an old 78 record and take that along! I have plenty in my collection, stuff I play heaps, that I consider to be poorly recorded. As I said earlier, a well recorded album played on ANY system will sound good so surely that's not all we've got to test, right?

Do you consider all your albums to have first-rate production? Bright kit would render a lot of mine painful. Posted on Wednesday, August 01, - GMT I think the intent here is not to promote one favorite over another, but to learn what to listen for.

Suppose someone already listens to live music and they find pieces that can bring that to them? However, when it comes to recordings, which is how I have not seen another thread that even came Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl to this. Clowning or nay saying not appreciated. Just go with it for the benefit of all, again, right or wrong. Nobody can know everything about everything, yes not even Jan. Indulge one another, allow us to post without rebuttal. Let it flow.

Oh, good God I am not from California. Jan-sorry I didn't mean Old, ahhhhh how about classic? MmmMMM sounds so good. Are DVD's ok? Well enough of me, I will let the experts get back to the posting, as I continue to learn. So I was explaining how the great saxophone solo you would hear in "old" rock was normally just sitting in, not with the band. The jazz players often recorded in the same studios and made a great contribution.

He wanted to know what sax solo since his idea of old rock was the late 60s and early 70s while I was talking about the s! Posted on Wednesday, August 01, - GMT I've realized most of the music I've enjoyed for the first 39 years of my life just wasn't that well recorded, or that the emotion it conveys is so blunt, for lack of a better term, that there is little sense in trying to extract detailed nuances from it, IMHO.

What I'm discovering is that with better equipment, I want to listen to new, better recorded artist, often having to reach outside my comfort-zone. Listen to what you like, but know what it is your listening to, and remember, you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. In both cases, it should give me an emotional buzz. Possibly the most heart rending jazz performance of this song ever made.

Typical ish Verve recording, easily made boring through disjointed reproduction and poor timing. Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde. Beautifully recorded solo piano - and a nice piano too. Led Zeppelin 2. Not particularly well recorded but superlative performances. Ray La Montagne - 'Till the sun turns black' - Fabulous recording, evocative haunting melodies. It seemed to change depending on the nature of recording, the style of music etc. Still not sure which CD player I'd choose The recording quality is awful and there's someone in the foreground tapping their nails against a glass out of time.

The performance is fabulous. Paco De Lucia - Siroco. Bright difficult recording. Fast Latin tempo, very difficult to get right. Mary Black - No Frontiers. Billie Holiday - Songs for distingue lovers. Evocative, yet not brilliantly recorded. Saint Saens Organ Symphony - Duruffle. French Conservatoire I think. Boring if the pace isn't right. Any recording can teach you something about your system. You just have to listen with both your heart and your head. Regards, Frank.

Post Number: Registered: Dec See whether there is more in it than you heard before, and, if so, try to identify what it is. I will print it and bring it along when I shop the used vinyl stores in hopes that I will find a couple on the list in either vinyl or CD.

Cheers good fellow! I too, have printed out your post for future consideration while perusing the racks. The variety in your library suggests to me at least these are truly gems. I'm listening and learning I find Frank's comments extremely interesting I can probably post some stuff that I find to be reference, to me at least, as well.

Like you, I just don't know how to put it into words. Frank's post was great. I didn't know one single artist in the post, but I think I will purchase some off that list anyway. And Justice for All: album. This song has some really interesting guitar tones, both with distortion and clean tones, as well as some really interesting guitar harmonies.

The fact that the bass is mixed in low on the entire album helps the ear to distinguish the guitars, as well the various drum and cymbal strikes. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a listen. I will pick it up. Some of the recordings you mention are excellent for system evaluation. I guess you could determine if it sucks even worse or has magically transformed into an audiophile's dream.

Would you really purchase equipment from this evaluation? Because I own some bad recordings. While I'm not looking for the system to make it sound better than it can possibly sound, it has to be listenable. There's no point in having a system that limits your catalog. Some great systems will make a bad recording unlistenable, while other great systems will make a bad recording enjoyable.

But, it isn't the be all, end all of the evaluation process. Its usually one of the last steps, and can be a final deal breaker for me. The recording has been somewhat cleaned up, but the imaging is way off, bass guitar sounds bad, and the drums sound like cardboard boxes. Its really a shame that music that good is recorded that poorly.

Some systems I've heard have drawn me into the music and forget about the short comings - Naim, Rega, Bryston, McIntosh for example. Every now and again I think about putting a demo disc together, but never follow through.

I generally take a random few CDs with me Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl I listen to most often. Mainly acoustic guitars, bongo drums, and some electric guitar. Scott Weiland's voice is very well recorded with very little echo. Some systems can make the song boring, while others can make it seem like you're there. Some systems will push the short electric guitar notes back, while others will throw them up front.

Led Zeppelin 2 - Whole Lotta Love In addition to what Frank said, the part in the middle of the song when Page's guitar and Plant's voice is circling around the room can show imaging height, width, and depth. It should sound like a continuous circling, and not randomly here and there.

Some of the best systems manage to screw this up. Combine that with Page's guitar screaming in your face when this part ends. I've heard too many systems make this sound boring. Staind - Mudshovel - From Dysfunctional The opening bass line can show how fast or slow a system is.

Alice In Chains - Would? Shows bass pace in a different way than Mudshovel Pink Floyd One of my favorite recordings and songs. It can sound very natural and organic. It can also sound dull on the wrong system. Korn - Make Me Bad If the system is the least bit muddy, this or just about any other Korn song will expose it and make it seem so much worse.

The guitars are tuned pretty low, playing in a lower mid almost upper bass region. In a clean sounding system with great PRaT, this song will move you. On the wrong system, especially one with a lower mid-range bump, it'll sound beyond awfull. Its hard to call it Metallica, because there's only two of the members playing.

It was recorded live for a radio broadcast. Great acoustic guitars, voices, harmonica Metallica's To Live is to Die is another one of my favorites for the reasons mentioned earlier. Its also a great song IMO. I've got plenty more, but don't want to take up too much space. I was going to mention Led Zeppelin as well as one of my favourite bands to listen to when auditioning.

On lesser systems I find Zeppelin can end up sounding rather "sloppy", perhaps because of the less sophisticated recording techniques used in the 70's I actually read in Guitar Magazine years ago that some of the guitar tracks - possibly from Zeppelin IV?

Stu, David and Christopher have some great taste in music. Stu every album you listed I have. Every song on that album has a insane bass line. Frank, I was just about to conclude that no one other than me listens to jazz music Notice my post above! I was thinking Art is the only one.

He has mentioned some good ones from time to time. I have many Oscar Petersons and a few Art Tatums but not listed in this specific topic. I am going to go now and see how good Oscar sounds on Pablo Rec vinyl! I have a lot of Pablo label. Oscar did a series of 5 LPs at a friends private studio in Germany, some of his best work ever. I never thought to consider the sound quality, the sessions are so great: "Exclusively For My Friends".

The Pink Floyd track I was referring to is Wish you were here. I haven't heard the Alice in Chains Unplugged album. Another great demo track - Phish - Julius From Hoist The intro and parts throughout the song, the soundstage is huge. This song is capable of imaging past the walls. But the soundstage collapses when the choir and acoustic instruments stop and the guitar picks up for some strange reason. I don't know why, but it sounds better overall on my headphones.

I also like Cheryl Crow's D'yer Maker better than the original. I hate that band, but they really did that song justice. When I was demoing a Bryston system, the salesman liked them so much he made a copy of the CD and uses those tracks during demos. It can certainly evoke emotions of out me on a good system; it can certainly separate good speakers from bad in terms of imaging, resolution, dynamics, etc.

And of course, it was the first album I listened to which made me realize what a good system could do. But as I listened tonight, I realized I never heard the "glass" end so abruptly either. After I moved the furniture around and moved the speakers away from the wall and no longer toed in I got a satisfactory listen with Pigs.

I also heard a note in Stevie's Riviera Paradise I've never heard before. Around Sounds like a broken string or an erroneous clanger. And Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl listened to that song hundreds of times. Subdivisions is my definition of "attack". That cut gets after it. I want to hear this on a poorer system. Listening to it in the car on the way home tonight gave me some insight to how things can go wrong.

Thanks for the nudge, Nuck. Thanks Stu. I'll be giving your stuff a listen real soon too. Next time I go over to my Dad's I'm going to bring some of this reference stuff I've been listening to here and give it a whirl on Dad's Onkyo receiver, cdp and AAL speakers. I should hear a difference there I can almost hear the muddy sound now.

I think I'm going to get a dose of what all this timing talk is about too. Thanks to everyone participating here There are a lot of instruments and musical activity if you listen carefully. The build up from the moment he Marvin Aday sings with the piano in the background starts to create an ambience for the what I find a sensational transient that starts at His voice in line with the choir like backing and the vocal harmony really embraces you.

Operatic Recital By Fernando Corena. Prologue Leoncavallo; Il Trovatore. LS - Etudes, Op. Jones [? Two record set. LS - Pastoral Suite, Op. LB - Yodeling - Native Artists [? LL - Impromptus Op. LL - The Symphony No. LL - Tapiola, Op. LL - Enigma Variations, Op. Carissimi LL - Sonata No. LL - Preludes 24, Op. LL - English Suite No. LL - Sonata in A, Op.

LL - Waltzes, Op. Music Box Revue Of Etudes Schumann - Julius Katchen [? Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl - Music of Africa No. LS - Lyric Suite, Op. LL - Don Quixote, Op. LS - Concerti Grossi No. Polonaise No. Symphony No. LL - Bach Cantata No.

LL - Planets, Op. Un Ballo In Maschera. O Juge! O Pe re! Partita no. The Fairy Lough, Op. Toccata In F Major, Op.

LL - Stenka Razin, Op. LL - Mahler Symphony No. Piano Sonatas. C Minor, Op. LL - Concerti for Orch, Op. LL - Petite Suite, Op. Orchestra [] 12 Inch LP. Ritrovarla Campora.

LL - Capriccio Italien, Op. Orchestra [] Two record set. This release is our most ambitious to date with a full color 3D cover with custom 3D glasses and a DVD featuring the Todosantos pods and digital tracks for all your serato DJs out there. Pods are the next wave of music, the idea that every track will have a music video to go along with it.

Juke meets Baltimore at BPMs that gets all the kids wu tanging at every block party and birthday party. As always with Four:Twenty, the choice of remixer is impeccable and this time we're treated to Leipzig-based Daniel Stefanik. Detroit meets Germany via Chicago sums it up nicely! Khan, renowned for his standing between the worlds of electronic and classic songwriting, glamour and deconstruction, ecstasy and quality plans with I'm Single to support his artistic vision with originality and creativity that will continue his goal of tearing down the walls of mono-culture and single style approach standardization in the world of music.

The path of I'm Single is not a trend or artistic turn that Khan has just picked up on. His roots in the first techno generation on labels like Force Inc. Bizz O. DJ Kaos famous for remixing!!! Part 1 of 2. A good year that was unexpectedly interrupted by cutting problems with Scary Grant's follow-up 12" and a serious computer-crash in the Lo-Fi Stereo studios by the way: thanks to Apple!

Insane 'Strawberry' vocal samples, a driving ping-pong beat and an acid bass line makes this release a sure shot alongside house and minimal house DJs. A designated follow-up and a winner and last but not least a complete minimal house package by the current football World Cup winners nation: Italy! Mile grazie amici! Detroit upholds its reputation to the max, smooth.

Ex-Repeat Repeat member, Mark Rutherford, shows his first solo work under his Object Object moniker, and proves easily why Andrew Weatherall calls himself a fan. This is a dark, somehow trippy, much weirder and faster version of the original -- which reminds us of submarine raves from back in the late s. The A-side is a twisted but soulful minimal piece which features Swiss poem artist Bettie Synclair on the vocals. This is a slow building 9-minute take on current minimal techno with warped funk.

On the B-side, 3 Channels Crosstown Rebels, Trapez from Poland re-interpreted the track into a more ravish version, with quantized drums and beats, bleeps, vocal snippets and sharp hand-claps.

We think this is one of the best pieces of work they've produced in the past few months. A fan of powerful electronic groups such as Visage, Soft Cell and Front as a teenager, Ralph has since gone on to Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl a number of important records on labels as diverse as Hartchef Discos, Below Records and Morris Audio. With a sound spectrum that ranges from deep house and tribal tech-house to straight up techno, all of Ralph's productions are distinctively endowed with an infectious dancefloor appeal.

No less on A-side 'Boutique Orange,' where a central throbbing percussion is submerged in a swampy ambience, enlivened by insectoid hisses and rattles. A subtle climb is fueled by a beat of evolving complexity and ever-intensifying synth pads. The B-side 'Less Varayd' is defined by an ever transforming hypnotic shuffled beat and argumentative samples that become more clear as the track progresses. An echoed metallic tone polices proceedings, releasing tension just when the mix threatens to boil over.

These tracks are classic Morse codes from the depths of club space. Sampled a million times, this is a true classic from '76!

Incredibly soulful lush string and horn arrangements give Caress a very mellow laid back sound. Those typical Patrick Adams spaced-out keys with beatiful vocals. Includes long disco version and shorter DJ version on the flip, Essential! Marco is the man behind the Final Frontier collective, and it has been a while since his last release on one of his own labels. His last work was out on Peacefrog, and this gave him a boost, getting him a higher level profile.

The two tracks 'Statostasi' and 'Nova' both represent the new direction Marco is moving in, somehow closer to a deeper and essential soulful house style, but still very groovy and well-linked to those early Chicago and Detroit flavors he's devoted to. This is the first of an intense release season for mister Passarani.

Keep your ears tuned in. Rasmus Hedlund's first release on Resopal demonstrates his profound grasp of reduced groove with four powerful cuts. The full EP will work on the way up, in peaktime, and on the way down, and it's all-in-all tracky enough and tuneful enough to be a great mixing tool anywhere in the set.

Powerful reduced techno for the peaktime. The ocean hasn't seen this much pollution since the Exxon Valdez! One minute slices of the mysterious madness! These battlepaks are designed for daring DJs on a mission!! Not for the faint of heart!

As a producer, Marley was the first to take drums off of classic records, revolutionizing the technique of sampling and giving his productions a sound far above the tinny sounding drum machines of the time. Remix work by Gomi. Check out the dub on this one! This 12'' also includes the original mix from Motown! Classic disco gem! Side a is super space disco affair while the flip holds a bass-led, dubbed out rocker that is reminiscent of the funkier The Clash cuts.

Two madly deep disco jams - sureshot party material. Ace again! For this installment we interviewed a small number of people that have been involved in the Megawords project in some form. People we've been inspired by, inspired, or in more than a few cases people that we think are sensational and deserve the attention regardless.

This one is a must have. The Walker Brother who rocked! Garage Fashion: the evolution of mop tops, turtle necks and Cuban heels from the '60s to today! The Sonics: Seminal garage heroes reborn. Moby Grape: part two of our exclusive story. All the hottest new releases and reissues reviewed! Psych, garage, beat, power-pop, soul, folk There's also an extensive pre-punk feature by Johan Kugelberg, with a foreword by Jon Savage. Lewis; Hot Chip The London quintet hatch a witty hybrid of urban electronic musics, taking in everything from minimal techno to Puerto Rican reggaeton ; Sightings The New York avant power trio explain to Marc Masters how their customary clouds of distortion and overdrive were parted by new producer Andrew WK.

First PSF compilation to focus on the linkages between the established underground scene in Japan and nascent ones in China and Korea. Politics and history had long prevented exchanges between the three countries, but in recent years increasing trade and cultural linkages have revealed exciting new synergies. Covers the breadth of new East Asian underground forms? Features relatively established names like China's king of noise guitar Li-Jianhong and motor-psych free-rock emperor Munehiro Narita, alongside a ton of utter unknown names.

Lunatic avant-free-rock, honed in guerrilla street performance. Debut album from one of the most exciting discoveries from the recent Tokyo Flashback 6 compilation. There's an entrancing sense of moon-kissed lunatic wildness about Ahousen the group's name means Ship of Fools. Their avant-rock meets free jazz meets enka melancholic sound is entirely their own, a crazed communion with dead voices, honed to blistering perfection in guerrilla performance on the night-time streets of Shinjuku.

For those of a genealogical bent, the group has some history. Guitarist Katsu played with original Tokyo Rockers legends Lizard in the seventies. Drummer Tail has played with Suishou no Fune. Many are the legends that cling to his songs -- political oppression, alcoholism, suicide, a ten-year period of mountain seclusion. On 10 Days Butterfly, his fifth album, he mines productive veins of profound melancholy, animistic nature, and unfathomable, hermetic affection.

The whole is couched in a veil of the most gorgeous, still melodicism, Kim's vocals and guitar shaded with subtle accordion, violin, piano, organ and harmonica.

A reflective and unearthly beautiful masterpiece. Bobb Trimble's first album appeared like a ghost that had slipped through reality's curtain. Impossible to place inside any rational context, the music and voices seem to have been created inside your head and indeed, maybe they were. A deluxe 2LP edition of the third and globally-astounding album from the young and talented Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes aka Dungen.

Ta Det Lugnt is a beautiful multifaceted musical trip straight into your head and deep out in the Swedish forests. It offers Dungen's most exciting and adventurous recordings and features stunning musicmanship, stellar vocals, Hammond B-3 organ, flute, violin, groovy bass, swinging drums, electric and acoustic guitars and screaming fuzz, spellbinding Swedish folkrock pop psych. The Romance Novels new platter holds two raggedly real and infectiously classic songs lamenting the passing of time and all the pitfalls and breakdowns of growing up and moving on.

Now with Leslie of the Red Aunts on drums, these two SUICIDE bomb-style tracks deliver surprisingly sparse and demonically danceable hits for the soundtrack to that gothic slaughterhouse you were always afraid to peek into, but now are left without option. Sliding into the same smog punk-layered territory as HoZac heavy hitters VOLT and SPIDER, and recorded with ratchety home equipment under similar circumstances, it's no wonder LA is looking a little brighter today with an accessible record like this, now available for a limited time.

Visitors to Algoma are amazed by the diversity of the options offered to them. The same question comes up when the fellas take the stage at Shanty Days. The Joyless Ones are all that and none of that, too.

They are Algoma boys and we are proud of them. We think this one is the best yet. White vinyl. Some of Venice Sun. A smidge of Bloody Nights A diddle of Fer de Lance. A perturbing stew of full-bore garage spew and psychedelic punkaroo, this disc will be the soundtrack to many losers' bad drug parties for centuries to come. By the end ofyears of music industry neglect and the abrupt departure for London of the few feckless punks who'd landed record-deals had left South Wales' fertile ground for D.

The most basic instrumentation, one-take recordings and black and white graphics ruled the day, so it's no surprise that not one of the records here sold more than copies. Mindful of these feeble sales, a dozen alumni of Cardiff's Z-Block label and various mates gave up releasing records altogether, and busied themselves in a frenzy of increasingly-sophisticated home recording. Here's just the tip of that iceberg -- 23 songs on the CD, plus six bonus MP3 tracks.

Unreleased recordings by Reptile Ranch [live], the Sane [ex-Dec. Some of the best fucking music out of Denmark since cult Mercyful Fate!! Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from fucking Face the music, prepare to die!!!

Idiosyncratic song structure and melodies interspersed with a destructive drum stomp are reminiscent of the early electrified blues of Junior Kimbrough, or the black hole rhythms of Kousokuya.

In a interview in The Wire, Elisa Ambrogio said, 'I want [The Magik Markers] to concentrate on music and focus inward, to concentrate on our own language of sound. With a mix of blues simplicity, an almost Sonny Sharrock wailing Summertime In Venice - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl a janky Americana punk reminiscent of Pat Place and Roky Erickson, Ambrogio avoids preciousness like a rash.

On boss, a tent rises right out of the empty plain and we are thrust into a full-blown revival show with no audience and no lights; it is just Elisa preaching, Pete blowing Gabriel's horn, and the mad wind of the prairie blowing all around. Yoshi Wada is a Japanese sound installation artist and musician -- he moved to New York in the late s, and became well-known as a Fluxus artist with links to La Monte Young, and has been involved in many performances and sound installations.

However, he has released only two recordings, which are both hard to find. This CD contains two pieces: track 1 features a solo overtone voice he studied with legendary Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath recorded at the performance space Dry Pool literally a dry pool that Wada slept in before this recordingwith a deep underground echoing feeling. Track 2 displays Wada's trademark dense psychedelic drones using his "pipe horn," a home-made, bagpipe-like instrument.

These wondrous sounds will take you to another, better world. An accomplished pianist, Jack readily admits the label was a showcase for his own talents. However, as his knowledge increased of the record business Regina began to grow. His music enterprises now include two publishing companies and a record club. Recently he signed a deal with EMI to distribute his label on a world-wide basis and packed an agreement with Murray Deutsh, vice-president and general manager of United Artist Music Co.

With a TV show in the works, an expanding record company, and a plastic flower empire, all vying for his time, Jack is currently studying guitar, voice and acting. Squirt Does Its Thing. Cafe Rendezvous - Bill Snyder. The New Johnny Smith Quartet. Sentimental Sy - Sy Oliver. La Pachanga - Rene Touzet.

Dalej, Dalej Pędzą Konie - Czerwone Gitary - Dzień Jeden W Roku (CD), Gene Farrow - Unique Mystique (Vinyl), Some Kind Of Fool - Hurry Sundown - Can You Feel It (CDr, Album), And On The 8th Day, Foghat - Night Shift (Vinyl, LP, Album), You And I - Mireille Mathieu, Paul Anka - You And I (Vinyl), Rainy Dayz (Long Dirty Mix) - Various - Bring Da Ruckus - A Loud Story (Vinyl, LP), ScRatch&JUggLE-SouNdZ III - DJ Clear (3) - Nuclear-Breakz (Vinyl, LP), La Paula En Te Unes Mitges - Nuria Feliu - El Cuplet À Barcelona (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stay - The Szuters - The Szuters (CD, Album), Rasta Band Wagonist - Lutan Fyah - Rasta Band Wagonist (Vinyl), The Thrill - Jackie Gleason - Lovers Portfolio (Vinyl, LP)