The Raven - Harder To Fall - It All Becomes So Clear (CD, Album)

Intermezzo and Pavane continue the sage with beautiful execution. I love the keyboard motif on Pavane giving it an agreeable Spanish-Latin texture. The atmosphere is dense with imagery of darkened forests and that creepy old house that falls into the tarn after the appearance of the apparition.

It segues nicely into the preternatural Fall. This last part is the finale though it is less than a minute and could have been longer. It builds with crashing staccato keyboard stabs that chill the marrow of the bone as the house sinks into oblivion. It creeps me out everytime, sinister, dark and terrifying on every level, this is as dark as the band would get. To One In Paradise closes the album with a more pleasant song, though it softens the blow for me, and I would rather it had ended with Fall.

Not that this is a bad song, but it is out of place here. This song is very gentle and has lovely harmonies, ending things on a more positive note. Overall, this is definitely one of the all time great debuts, absolutely essential listening and groundbreaking for prog.

The remix version is also worth a listen as it features dialogue and added segments enhancing this original version. This was when APP were at their most innovative and they would continue to produce one excellent album after another for the next few years until it dissolved into standard AOR commercial pop in the 80s.

This album is an astonishing achievement and must be listened to by every serious prog fan. For starters, it delivers for the first time Alan Parsons' already established high tech quality- engineering skills, into his own pen-written album. Very creative music compositions that move in very opposite grounds, melting these differences with ingenious studio-effects and arrangements. So everything flows naturally. Even if the ambitious goal is pretentious, the result is invinting.

Add to that; good songs and arrangements. Poe's poems it turned out to be a relief for him and us. MUSIC-wise, this work is fun, well performed and exquisitely accomplished. Good things grow well with age. There have been so many opinions already made on this album, but most seem to rate it around 4 - 5 stars, which it definitely deserves.

I remember falling in love with the music right away, at least the tracks on the first side, and then later developing a love for the orchestral masterpiece "The Fall of the House of Usher", which is based on a combination of classical composition, especially from the early 20th century style, and instrumental, rock styles and it was all merged together so beautifully and convincingly.

That might have been a little much for the rock audience, but progressive rock lovers should have been able to understand the influence. It took me some time to fully appreciate this track, but I now recognize it as an amazing achievement.

Of course, the other tracks here are quite memorable too, and the theme of the album does justice to it's inspirational material. My love for this album started with the single "The Raven" and the flip side of it "Dream Within a Dream". When I first heard it on the radio, I was hooked, and then when I played the flip side, it totally supported the fact that I had to buy this album. These songs are dreamy and wonderful with just that hint of darkness.

There is also the lush beauty of "To One in Paradise" that is tucked away after the expansive and cinematic " Even now, after all these years, this album always amazes me. I find it just as strong as it was when it was new, timeless and exciting. Yes it leaned a bit towards the pop art style that they would finally completely embrace, but this album was done before they had been sold on that idea completely. Alan Parsons Project would never rise above the pinnacle of this album, though "I, Robot" came close, and other albums had hints of genius in them, they were overall too much immersed in the pop side of things, which is where they really got their notoriety.

I have been familiar with the works of Poe for quite a while, even before the release of this album, I had read these stories, and always felt that the music does Poe's works justice. This is definitely a 5 star affair, and the strongest album APP would release. Alan Parsons is a name known to all fans of progressive, art and electro rock.

Parsons, born professionally as a sound engineer, soon recycles himself as a composer and musician. The experience gained as a technician - in the creation of magne works such as Abbey Road by the Beatles and The Dark Monday, August 9, Review Permanlink. And who doesn't appreciate Mr. Poe, his spooky poems and the myriad of For me, this is an album I have to be in the right mood to access properly.

The overblown arrangements on some of the tracks can unnerve my senses and kill my mood. That said, in the right mood, this album can blow me away. I can see how this is the favorite of some and loathsome in the eye The Alan Parsons Project is not a typical band per se, but more of an in-studio collaboration lead by music producer Alan Parsons, working with a huge array of different musicians as and when possible.

It wasn't a touring outfit, and the style of music varies from song to song. While the "group" It is an interesting record. Alan Parsons was a well known producer of music and the project was a cooperation with a lot of people amongst which the keyboardist Eric Woolfson is i Oddly The Raven - Harder To Fall - It All Becomes So Clear (CD, Alan Parsons was the first band that brought me into the prog world, so I have him and this album partly to thank.

I always view this album as the Parson's version of Darkside of the Moon, as he had such an influence on that album it most definitely carried over here. While this album Report this review Posted by Mr. Mustard Friday, June 29, Review Permanlink. Their first project is uncharactaristic to their later works in that it has more of a lively, organic feel, and even though there are many musicians involved, they sound more like a band here than they ever did.

That being said, I don't consider it their best album, and I think they perfected Alan Parsons Pro. Naturally translate into music the masterworks of Poe is extremely difficult and pretentious, yet despite this we can say that Ala The first, the best Even through the subsequent wonderful works as I Robot and the successfully Eye in the Sky which, by the way, have defined the sound for Alan Parsons, is here, with "Tales Beyond the rema What happens when a songwriter and producer make music.

They make something as amazing as this. This being a milsetone in prog rock, it really does live up to it's standars. Amazing experimental styles of songwrting for band and orchestragreat vocalists, and amazing instrumentation work.

It's been awhile since I have really listened to this so I spun it again before this review. Leaving aside the "prog-or pop? Side one is my favorite on this release: " A Dream within a Dream", Edgar Allen Poe is a figure that divides opinion, in spite of his influence many feel his neo-gothic poetry and prose is too ugly, too cold, too unpalatable. It is strange then, to find that Alan Parson's album inspired entirely by the works of the man, tries so hard to cover all bases.

It would Well, this masterwork has been reviewed about a million times, so I won't go into any lengthy discussion. One of the few albums where there' The first album I heard from Alan Parsons Project and one of the first prog rock albums that I enjoyed.

That was some years ago not many, really. Probably, four of five years and in that time I wasn't ready to listen to Larks' Tongues or The Wall. I was almost a child and I wouldn't understand Absolutely essential! The day this was released I bought it and was pretty much disappointed. Friends told me to buy this, because so many well known artist appear. But unfortunately, after just buying albums like Relayer or Foxtrot this one came as a bit of let-down. So why is it essential.

From far, the best APP album - and their first one. Based only on Edgar Allan Poe stories see the track titles, like The Cask Of Amontillado or The Raventhis is one of the most innovative and magnificent progressive albums.

Favorite moments? I must say that I was very impressed, even upon my first listen. This debut reminded me of some Pink Floyd's atmospheric sounds and effects an obvious connection b I'm basing this review on the "Deluxe" version of this album, released in early This 2-disc set contains remasters of the original album version of "Tales", and the remixed CD version along with the usual extras tracks, etc.

I've always been a fan of Parsons, having bought "Tale Prog rock perfection from an unlikely source. Whether or not you are a fan of their other work, this one deserves a listen. All the tracks hold up very well and have stood the test of time. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. A more mystic and atmospheric music was never discovered before it's release and must been heard by any prog fan out there! Some people say this is the best album ever made, now I know why.

My father had the original lp from and as I heard it the first time, I was absolutely surprised! This record is The Raven - Harder To Fall - It All Becomes So Clear (CD of art and brings the perfect atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe's horror-storys to place. It would would too long to talk about any single song, you can write whole books about all that tracks, so I just say: If you have the chance: BUY!!! Apparently aside from the ominious narration by Orson Welles, which I feel lends some much needed context and atmosphere to the orchestral interludes, these included some synth additions and a couple of guitar solos.

I must say that while I think this is quite a decent concept album based on themes by the tragic writer Edgar Allan PoeI do feel it to be somewhat over-rated. With futuristic vocals using a vocoder directing an atmospheric, melodic tune that switches from hard rocking to ethereal at the drop of a hat, this tune has one hell of a hook.

The raucous vocal performance of Arthur Brown is the highlight of its Tell-Tale Heart, which is generally a straight ahead rocker. Then there's The Cask Of Amontillado, which has some great orchestral themes interacting with conventional rock backing, topped off by a nice vocal melody from John Miles and Terry Slyvester chiming in with Hollies style harmony vocals. I do feel that Dortoc Tarr and Professor Fether is quite a lightweight offering despite some Cathedral organ from Parsons and unfortunately the first half of the 16 minute, 5 part track The Fall Of The House Of Usher fails due to the stupendously boring 7 minute Prelude.

Arrival with its beautiful rippling waves of music is great, Intermezzo is appropriately dark and mysterious, Pavane reminds me of some of Mike Oldfield's layered New Age-tinged compositions So it's real pity that the first half of the tune is so dull. This is a well built album, filled with excellent songs from start to finish.

A conceptual album around the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Parson did a great job aof including the symphonic elements to his mostly poppish songs. This is the only "problem" here. This is not progressive. Not at all. Art Rock as it is called, but really this is mostly pop from the 70s. An absolute album, but progressively talking, not the strongest. Still, a good 4 stars. That wonderful album would not sound they we hear right now without the minds and the skills of Mr Parsons, I admit.

Even, my CD of Dark Side of The Moon is the original version, no remastering, Album) I still consider that the sound produced by this record was awesome. With that experience, I expected that this first album of Allan Parsons Project would sound the same or at least close to Dark Side album.

It does not seem so even though I purchased the digitally remixed version. This album sounds a bit dry because it has less bass sounds. But it does not mean that this is not a good production. It is. Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW. I must admit, when I first bought it, I did not expect much, since the band seemed to consist largely of members of Scottish band Pilot, who were commercial and not apparently very talented, but they do a fine job and have since developed into very capable musicians.

Two future members of Sky also contribute as well as a variety of guests and session players. Several vocalists are used including John Miles and Arthur Brown. My original vinyl copy has no narration, which I suspect is a good thing. But this should not be a problem while listening to this type of music. Latest members reviews Alan Parsons is a name known to all fans of progressive, art and electro rock.

You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Forum user Forum password. Donate monthly and keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Jakks Enchanted Messages Musical Vanity. ColourPop Shadow. Pottery Barn Kids Bedding. Disney Princess Planners. Huffy Disney Princess Bike.

Disney Princess Videos. Celebrate Moana Ultimate Princess Celebration. Celebrate World Princess Week! Ultimate Princess Celebration. Celebrate Ariel Ultimate Princess Celebration. Celebrate Tiana Ultimate Princess Celebration. The dark force of the king of terror is rendered very mildly: Edgar Allan Poe is not the stuff of "musical hipsters", however good and goal-focused they may be.

For the rest the album stands at excellent levels. A note can also be moved to the suite, which is not satisfied with being melodic and "spendable", to aspire instead to a timeless but ultimately stale classicism.

It is as if Parsons and Woolfson wanted to blend the musical and artistic influences of a lifetime into a single song. Nonetheless, some instrumental openings for example the dark-dreamlike one contained in the Pavane section have a non-negligible magnetic force. The Alan Parsons Project's debut is a powerful and elaborate record, but still not quite in focus. The genius of the duo Parsons-Woolfson will fully explode in the following years, to give to fans of sophisticated rock pearls such as I Robot and Eye in the Sky.

From the founding myth Poe to the foundation of a new myth: the eyes of the Project will soon turn to the sky social review comments Review Permalink Posted Monday, August 9, Review this album Report Review Chris Rainbow's lead vocals are nicely backed up with harmonies, and the song's very hummable melodies are not plain bad, but also sonically this tender pop ballad is far from the finest Alan Parsons touch as a producer and engineer.

The saxophone addition finishes the cheesiness. Of course compared to much of the mid's commercial pop, this still is pretty fine and sophisticated. Well, his vocal contribution is Album) average here, and the song itself is, after the fairly promising beginning, dead boring in its "dramatic" pop hit approach. And those sharp, cheap synth sounds, they're something that never should have come out from Parsons' hands. A disappointment. However, the end result was still pretty good.

Yes the prog ended up being quite lite compared to the previous album, but it still managed to be excellently produced with a pristine sound and a good variety of songs. The things that did stay consistent with their debut album is that the songs were sung by several different vocalists this, of course, would be the usual formula for The APPthere were a couple of instrumental tracks, and the music was high quality. Yet, the album would also feature more accessible music and no epic tracks.

There would be a more minimal use of orchestra this time, but there would also be more use of two chorale style groups. It does somewhat harken back to the atmospheric feel of "The Raven" from the debut album.

This is followed with a somewhat mediocre track "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You" which was released as a single, but "Some Other Time" is a bit better and also reflects the sound that fans would fall in love with, a slower ballad The Raven - Harder To Fall - It All Becomes So Clear (CD a nice symphonic feel.

The use of the choir at the end of "Breakdown" is an excellent touch and really helps with the final payoff of the track. That segues into the most experimental track on the album "Total Eclipse" which is a thick, dark and dissonant wordless chorale piece with orchestra done again by The English Chorale.

This one is very spooky and almost disturbing with it's strong dissonant sung chords and ominous orchestra and tense atmosphere. This finally resolves into the lovely mostly instrumental epilogue "Genesis Ch. This album wins more because of the production and the overall layout of the tracks and the presentation of the material.

Yes, it might not be strong with the progressive aspect, but it is still a favorite of mine. The album would end up inspiring other bands to explore art-pop. It would also be a template for many APP albums to come. In the end, you can hear the quality of the production that also has some echoes of "Dark Side of the Moon" which Parsons helped with earlier. This is still an album that I consider essential at least for my own record collection even if it doesn't reach the heights of the projects first album.

The concept of the album has nothing to do with the short stories written by Asimov in his book I, Robot. The idea revolves around robots in general than characters and plot points in Asimov's universe. The music sounds more like art rock than progressive rock in my opinion but to some people progressive rock and art rock are the same thing.

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