Toes - Lights (5) - Siberia (File, Album)

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But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Select one Female Male Unspecified. They even have a beachhead in China. Chenchen Zhang tells us about the racism and misogyny she found on the knowledge sharing platform Zhihu. And Leta Hong Fincher explains why patriarchal authoritarianism is central to the success of the Chinese Communist Party.

Chapter six in the new ToE Failure miniseries. Apr 24, But China is also exporting new philosophical and business models. Hao Wu explains how live streaming in China is powered by failures and James Griffiths explains why the free and open internet may soon be replaced by Cyber Sovereignty. Chapter five in the new ToE Failure miniseries. Apr 3, Must listen!!! Mar 14, Failure Flashback! Toes - Lights (5) - Siberia (File has always been a key concept for your host so this week we pull two stories out of the Benjamen Walker podcast archive.

Mar 2, Critic Anand Giridharadas demystifies the rise of the thought leader, artist Chris Vargas rememorializes the Stonewall riots and your host clears up where he stands on the YouTube platform. Chapter three in the new ToE Failure miniseries. Feb 12, In the 's,Theodor Adorno fled Nazi Germany.

Chapter two in the new ToE Failure miniseries. Jan 10, Filmmaker Astra Taylor asks "What is Democracy? Chapter One in the new ToE Failure miniseries. Dec 25, Also, reporter Paris Martineau tells us about a new game changing online harassment tool: the thotbot. Earlier this summer at a listener meet up in Vancouver your host learned the difference between Listeners and Fans. Find out why this distinction matters. And if you are a fan or a listener donate now to the Radiotopia campaign! Dec 12, Singer explains how likewar works.

Plus Sleeper Net? Nov 28, Fake it till you make it False Alarm! The grand finale of False Alarm! Centuries in the making plus a message from the future! Nov 7, The Night Wolves are a Russian biker gang. Their rallies and bike shows run on state TV and Putin gave members medals for their contributions to the annexation of Crimea. The Kremlin outsources violence, propaganda, and intelligence gathering to groups like the Night Wolves because it supports the intentioned ambiguity of Non-Linear Warfare.

Trump is now openly calling for a biker gang of his own. Is this the real Russia connection or is it simply more theatrical ambiguity? A handful of tech barons now own the news but only one can rule the fake news. Oct 13, Eight years later the hoaxers are everywhere, the pizzagaters, the climate deniers, the nationalists, the gaslighters - even the President is a hoaxer. Your host travels to the heart of Hoaxer Darkness: Florida.

Sep 26, Toes - Lights (5) - Siberia (File 13, I set out on this False Alarm! Phase Three of False Alarm! Jeffery Lewis, Nuclear expert tired of people ignoring his direct warnings, thinks it can— and he just wrote a novel — a fictional account of what led to North Korea bombing America. I also recently came across a non fiction book, a book that argues it is Logic that will enable us to better deal with our new reality Dr.

Eugenia Cheng wants us to think about logic in a brand new way. Hero Stormy Daniels. Aug 23, Second time as fake False Alarm! The Nazis believed the secret to turning a lie into a truth was repetition, for the Spiritualists it was denial, have computers come up with something new? Phase two of our mega-mini series concludes and we return from our tour of the s and s. In the s people turned to the the dead for answers. In phase two of False Alarm! Aug 7, A postmodern prehistory of post-truth and an alternative history of the Civil War.

Plus: another installment in our False Alarm! Jul 24, As the border between border science and science dissolves we continue our examination of two other time periods when science tried to account for both the real and the unreal.

Jul 11, Esoteric historian Gary Lachman investigates and discovers an unholy alliance of memes, chaos, and positive thinking. Michael Hughes, author of Magic for the Resistance offers us some counterspells. Plus your host takes a magical ride down the Trump Tower escalator. Jun 22, It is happening again False Alarm! Little girls who can talk to ghosts! The Nazi Supernatural! Jun 6, Artist Sam Stewart introduces us to a creature and his luxuriously useless furniture.

Unless our new ICO pulls in millions! Learn all about it. May 21, The Fake in the Crowd False Alarm! The power of the fake person, multiplied! Curator Karen Patterson puts a Toes - Lights (5) - Siberia (File outsider artist in the museum and artist David Levine puts on a museum show about the fake crowd.

We hear from a radio play that featured both Orson Welles and the first fake crowd ever broadcast on the radio. May 1, Our investigation of the real and the fake continues as your host hunts for a way to monetize it! Lyn Jeffrey takes us to China to learn about the multi level marketing craze of the mid s and Jed Rothstein tells us about his new movie The China Hustle.

Apr 18, The future of face-swapping! Album) REAL deepfakes speaks! Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson tells us how technology has transformed the way she plays with fact and fiction. Dipayan Ghosh warns us about AI powered ad-targeting. Our New ToE series on the battle between the real and the fake begins with a text alert sent out to everyone in Hawaii on a balmy Saturday morning.

We also hear from the man who has written the text alert that will go out to all New Yorkers in the event of a real emergency. Plus the little boy who cried wolf meets the Emperor with no clothes! Read our Medium page for details on the entire episode Illustration by Jordan Crane and new series logo by Val Dorito. Mar 22, Our search for Utopia comes to an end at Christiania, an Anarchist haven in the heart of Copenhagen.

In this Utopia went legit, the squatters become property owners. But now they must figure out how to preserve their alternative community, preserve the historical buildings they are now responsible for, and preserve their future. Mar 7, Feb 15, Artist and Filmmaker Ruth Dusseault tells us about how the internet has changed the American Commune.

Dec 30, Underneath a giant American Flag in a Midwest Airport Your host takes a knee in order to tie his shoe. Big Trouble. Plus False Flag meets Dictionary. A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local news service and essential information on living, working, and moving to your country of choice.

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There is a 4 way crossover that is incorporated to finely tune all the balanced armatures. The super tweeter is a brand new BA that was just released this year. That is a whole lot of things to pack into a small acrylic shell, I am still amazed at how CustomArt fits all this in while keeping it looking pretty.

I received the Ei. The tips were black that gave it a nice contrast to make them stand out. Inside Peter used black acoustic tubing which I have never seen before, I absolutely love it. Peter is known for attention to details especially small ones, he used red wire for the right side and blue for the left. View attachment Also included is your standard 2-pin connector attached to a black twisted cable with a gold plated plug.

CustomArt also gives you a 12 month warranty and a 30 day refit. You will often find Peter in the CustomArt thread and is very fast to answer any questions or concerns about any of their products. Now that is some of the best customer service you can get, nowadays if you call a company you're lucky if you get a live person. View attachment View attachment CustomArt was mostly known for their silicone customs until a couple months ago. The most recent offering was the very affordable Ei.

Making acrylic shells is an art in itself, the shells I received were pretty much flawless. Peter asked me what kind of design I would like to have, I left it to Peter and wanted to be surprised. The black faceplate and gold lettering couldn't have come out any better. The overall look is very modern with a little class, but nothing Toes - Lights (5) - Siberia (File flashy or overdone.

One risks of getting customs is if they fit right since there a handmade product. Since CustomArt had my old ear impressions it was pretty easy, the only thing I asked them to do was to make the canal a little thicker for a better seal.

I am happy to say my Ei. View attachment View attachment View attachment The most important part how do they sound, let me start off by saying it is a must to have your customs in right. If they are not seated properly the sound is going to be way off, especially the lower end.

Peter also noted to me to make sure the dots on the connectors have to be facing up.

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