Walking In L.A. (Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD)

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Guns, God and Government - Live in L. Malibu singel Miley Cyrus. Move You. Adore You. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart. Norbert Kozakiewicz. In Utah, people will drive eight hours to see a band they love. Rochester to Buffalo is 78 miles. This seems like a trek, but there is one club in Buffalo that is just off the highway, making it a straightshot one hour drive.

This creates a cross-promotional opportunity, a secondary market, and, depending on what you do, either a problem or a solution. Using your geographic knowledge, along with information on secondary markets, will help you to ensure that: 1. The tour has a greater chance of success. The tour has less of a chance of failure because of stress, miles, or money. Less wear and tear on machinery and people.

There is less chance of someone dying during a hour overnight drive. Some venues will have a non-competing clause in their agreement that will state that you cant play within 60 miles and 60 days or 80 miles and 80 days of another show. You need to understand why that clause is in your agreement.

A club in Manhattan will argue that a show the week before or the week after in Long Island or Brooklyn will dilute the audience base for their show. They might be right. Further upstate: if you play Rochester on a Friday and Buffalo on a Saturday, unless you are careful, the Buffalo promoter will advertise in the Rochester paper, and cheapen the ticket price.

If it is a hotly-anticipated show, the Rochester promoter will advertise the show in Buffalo and try to get people who cannot wait one more day to see the band to jump on the highway and see his show. If you are not careful, you can decimate earning potential and upset a promoter.

If you are smart and if youre reading this then you are already smarter than the guy reading Tour:Stupidyou can plan your touring activity to take advantage of secondary markets. Plan to hit Rochester rst or whichever is the smaller club where you have the best connections in the surrounding markets. Promote that show in Buffalo. Do not announce a Buffalo show until you are on stage in Rochester. Sign everyone up to your e-mail list and hand out postcards.

If you are playing to a few hundred people a night, then perhaps 50 people from Buffalo will be at the Rochester show. They want to support the band and, after all, you have not announced the Buffalo date yet.

So, you have a happy promoter in Rochester, the people from Buffalo get to see you early, and the Rochester show was so well attended that 60 of those people come down to see your Buffalo show. Throw in some incentives like a live or remix CD that is only available at the merchandise booth or a special shirt that cant be bought on the web and you are really creating your own destiny unless you are crap and your shirts suck.

Then you are walking through jello creating your own density. DATE Regular way At the Buffalo show, there are people from Buffalo, more than usual, because their friends had told them about the Rochester show, plus 60 kids from Rochester make the trip and 15 kids from another town who heard how crazy it was, for a total of people!

Just by adding in a few weeks and planning See the Ultimate Routing later in this chapter! The Tour:Smart way It has the advantage over map-questing in that you can sit on the phone, run a budget, and dial up distances at the same time.

It will also show you options that you might not have thought of previously. If you are lucky enough to be traveling by bus, you will be able to easily see which cities lie within the magical mile overdrive mark. I cannot think of one single agent I have ever met who doesnt need this tool or frighteningly, one that already has one when I meet them!

It has been the catalyst for the rerouting of several tours, which not only reduced the overall mileage, but put us in the right venues on the right nights. The other reason you need one is to dial up the total distance covered on a tour, divide that by the gas mileage of your chosen vehicle, multiply that by the average cost of gas, and begin a budget.

Cant wait, can ya? Go to the chapter on Budgets to work through some examples. Dial up the mileage and you will be able to see potential problems ahead of time.

I can guarantee that your longest drive will be the night of the show with the latest curfew and the night before the all ages show with the earliest doors ever. Thats just the way it is and always will be See Murphys Law. Note to self: when trying to communicate effectively, try to avoid analogies and examples from For instance, some towns have strict curfews that will shred your audience halfway through your show.

Some cities have transportation restrictions that compound curfews. Some cities bars are open late, some bars in Chicago stay open until 4 a. The curfew laws in Boston just changed. Venues cannot have an over 21 show on the same night as an all ages event.

An all ages event cannot end later than 11 p. There are changing socioeconomic elements, too. The rst time. The military is gone, all the jobs have gone a couple miles across the border.

The state of Michigan isnt far behind with thousands of jobs disappearing from the automotive industry. And Youngstown, Ohio get bored. Boredom doesnt even exist. If you want a building in Youngstown, Ohio, the city council will give you one! But, before you gets expensive. It is not an answer to not play the smaller markets. You have to play every night within a reasonable traveling distance of the last and next show.

A day off is the easiest way to shred a budget, and creative people get bored. Boredom gets expensive. Expensive is bad bad is not good You might nd that an enthusiastic small crowd in a city without a record store or a Hot Topic is exactly the place you need to be to build your audience, sell loads of merch, and keep the business of your band running!

TourinG Patterns The map on the facing page shows the one hundred largest markets in the U. If you draw a line from Minneapolis to Texas, only 15 of those cities lie west of that line. All of the miles, the exploding transmissions, the melting brains, the people left behind at the side of the road, the dangerous mountain passes closed by three feet of unexpected snow, are to the west of that line. Not to mention eight of the ten most expensive states to buy gasoline are west of that line and eight of the ten cheapest places to buy gas fall east of that line.

A huge decision you can make is to stay east of the line Read the section on Project. We can all draw nice patterns on a map, but it gets shredded when you start to book events, a certain club only has Thursday nights for your type of music so you have to double back.

An important radio show can only happen on a certain day. You just have to t the tour to the opportunities at a certain level rather than trying to t the opportunities to your pre-conceived plan. Does this mean that you shouldnt make a plan?

No, you need to be aware of all of these decisions. You can tour:. ReGionally Usually involves a band staying close to their home base and slowly traveling further away in concentric circles. Its easier to get the idea with this schematic before you tackle the routing.

The next maps illustrate the routing for an eight to 12 week long tour. In this example, we acknowledge and use the markets that are close together.

The rst set of dates fuels the second set of dates four to seven weeks later. If youre on top of this strategy, you can be your own advance team in San Antonio with the singer announcing from the stage, See you in Austin in four weeks motherfuckers! Your merch crew could be giving out yers and hanging posters for the next date in the bathrooms. Your most important street team members from Austin could be invited to the show as a thank-you kick-in-thepants, as well as an opportunity for them to pick up cool merch and more yers if they need them.

Youll be able to see at a glance whos enthusiastic and working and who isnt. The second loop on the gure eight adds about four or ve thousand miles to the total distance traveled over a ten week period when compared to a regular shortest distance between two points or Hamiltonian Routing.

In class, all of the answers concerned insisting on more cash from promoters, telling the Walking In L.A. (Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD) to get you more money, paying the opening bands less Every idea came with a backlash or a consequence that could end up costing you more.

If you confront anyone, it needs to be as a last resort, not because you didnt look at your Excel sheet. So, look at your Excel sheet and think of a few solutions before you look at the next page Aside from illustrating the value of Excel or just simply paying attention, another essential part of this lesson might be that the agent didnt suggest this.

He doesnt lose money on a day off; he isnt rewarded for reworking shows for better routing and more efcient use of your time; thats your job.

A very cool area from everything I had heard. So I was excited. Our friends found some other great bands and it looked like it was going to be a great night. When we got to the club, I asked how we were going to get paid. The guy at the door said that in order to get paid, we needed to have 15 paid friends that would come to the door and say they were there to see us.

There were ve bands on the bill and each band had a half-hour time slot with some change over time in between. So essentially, anyone that came to the show had to go up to the door guy, tell them which band they were there to see, pay ten bucks, and he would mark a little line next to that bands name to show that one person paid for that band.

It made for a terrible night. All of our friends were on our guest list, and we werent going to make them pay! And to make matters worse, most of the people who did come out came to see a specic band left immediately afterwards, so much for building any camaraderie among bands or fans.

I noticed at the end of the night only one band got paid out of ve bands. Play every day, twice a day if you can! It is not an answer to not play the smaller, poorer markets. Play every night within a reasonable traveling distance of the last and next show. A day off is the easiest way to shred a budget. Creative people get bored. Always ask why! Be careful about the number of people in your band. Two to ve people is easier than ten to twelve. Except if you are Gwar or Pigface.

If you draw a line from Minneapolis to Texas, there are only 15 of the largest cities west of that line. Stay east of the line. Play secondary and smaller markets. It is not an answer to not play these places. The rst set of dates fuels the second set of dates four to seven weeks later, be your own advance team! Maybe part of touring in a band has nothing to do with the music. Maybe it has more to do with meeting people, seeing the differences in people across the country or around the world, and discovering their changing attitudes.

Lets start with the tour bus. If you are in a car or a van, you dont want to read about it. If you havent toured yet, you can still fantasize that you will be touring in a bus. Be careful that you are not traveling in a bus too early in the massive exponential curve of your meteoric career.

Well, number one, nothing makes sleeping on a bus over a long overnight journey sweeter than having spent a few years driving in a crappy vehicle, eating dust and unidentiable truck stop food. Reason number two is more intangible. It has to do with social structure and part of the essence of the imsy rubber band that holds this together.

When you are in a bus, it becomes a traveling cocoon. People like to be safe and comfortable in all understandable things everything is there: cell phone, fridge, toilet, and band members begin to magnetize to it.

When you are in a van, you need people to stay with. Youll nd those people by staying in the club longer, interacting harder, being more alert, smelling better, and not drooling. Yes, free accommodations also come with obligations, but its these social obligations that interlock and weave their way through the fragile endeavor of Breaking America.

I dont mean this to sound careerist or mercenary because thats not what I mean at all. I dont remember many of the people I bumped into drunk or shagged in my last 25 years.

But it is the people who I stayed with that I still have interaction with today. And thats a special legacy from that time in my life. There is an unwritten underground contract that strangers in a city honor when they trust and open their hearts, homes, showers, beds, washing machines, and high-speed DSL lines to a beat-down band on the road. To deny that contract, to deny that 5 a. Maybe it has more to do with meeting people, seeing differences across the country, and discovering their changing attitudes.

All you see inside the bus is the changing landscape, the mold growing inside the refrigerator, and the bass players growing porn collection. Before you even call a bus company, make sure you have a proposed routing. You should be able to tell the bus company the approximate total mileage before you pick up the phone. If you cannot, then you already look like someone who doesnt have a clue, because literally you dont.

Its only by dialing up the distances and looking at the touring spreadsheet that you can get any idea of what will make or break your budget. Be aware that in addition to the drivers daily bus rate and any overdrives, you will be paying for generator services one or two a weekthe drivers hotel which he must have every daya taxi for the driver to the hotel after load in, and a taxi from the hotel after you have loaded out.

You will also be responsible for washing the linens once a week. This is not a place to save money, as you will discover. Some companies have a tiny per mile maintenance fee, which can add up. Including bear bathroom mirror that was smashed pizzas bought by the driver as an apology for by your guitarist when he broke up with getting us so lost we missed dinner. Drivers will require at least enough oat for a full ll-up and more.

Youre going to get about 1, miles per ll-up. Also beware: There is also something called deadhead, an allowance of time for the bus to arrive from wherever it was to wherever you need it to be.

This is usually two days on the front and two days on the back. I agreed to that several times rather than ask, What the fuck is that?

You will be paying for two plus two extra days of bus, and two plus two extra days of driver. But wait, your driver will arrive with a bag full of receipts from Walking In L.A. (Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD) two days of deadhead Walking In L.A.

(Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD) expect to leave the tour with bus oat for hotels and gas on the way home.

Beware of cheap bargain vehicles, buses, vans, anything If you are at a level where you should be traveling in a bus instead of just pretending you are Anytime the driver disappears into K-mart, WalMart, or any kind of Mart except methe receipt will go into your envelope that means you bought the chocolate raisins fatty!

It was my birthday. I was exhausted. I vowed to never again skimp on the tour bus. You will pay for it many times over in the end. If the deal seems too good to be true, it fucking well is. You should be concentrating on your career and your war with your body and mind, not dealing with maintenance issues. Whoever negotiated Walking In L.A. (Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A.

- Dance Mixes (CD) bus deal with the Killing Joke 88 tour, thanks! I am sure you thought you did a fantastic job. But your foot didnt fall through the oor of the toilet while pissing at 60 miles an hour. You were not aware that a loose pipe was dripping gallons of piss onto my drum kit.

You werent on stage when the drum kit was hit by the light system and pure candle power that only a New Jersey night club on a Tuesday night can providecreating clouds of steaming piss! Breathe deep! Oh yeah! At least if you are dealing with a large reputable company when things go wrong not if, not if, not ifthey will have the machinery and nancial cushion to deal with you. Keep your cool; write everything down. List everything as it happens so that you can communicate the details effectively.

You might not remember all of it when you are swimming in the middle of the problem. Same with a van rental company, when your van explodes, at least you can get a larger company to deal constructively with the problem. You need to look at the potential savings when working with small companies in terms of what will happen when you have a breakdown on a Friday afternoon the night before your biggest show with no prospect of help from a company 2, miles away from their one and only ofce, where everyone leaves at four oclock and wont be back until Monday.

Get a few different quotes from people, but make sure you lock in and nail down the actual bus you are going to get. The less you pay, the more tempted the company will be to send you out in Old Daisy no joke ever seen mushrooms growing in a coffee pot? I usually keep asking for reductions until someone tells me to fuck off, then I dial it back a click. In this example, Ive listed all of the problems day by day for the bus company and for myself. Its easy to list the cost of a hotel or a replacement RV, but I go on to make several points more difcult to quantify that are real costs to your career: there was no networking in New York City, we had to switch buses one of the most stressful things you can do on the road, somebody always loses somethingone promoter refused to ever work with us again, and during another show, we went on stage after an year-old-age-limit curfew.

If you can point this out without being hysterical, you make your point more effectively. No one could sleep. It was horrible. It was like something out of one of those submarine movies Run Silent, Run Deep. A stick-your-head-in-an oven kind of experience. The next morning I really lost it with the driver.

I threw pizza boxes into the front well of the bus. The driver reacted as if I had thrown a hot, bubbling pizza in his face! He pulled over and, very quickly, it Walking In L.A. (Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD) go time! Cars were honking. We realized we were standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas!

It was the only thing that stopped a big ght. This is called an overdrive. Anything over miles in one blast is called a double overdrive. Thats when you pay the driver three times the daily rate. So before you allow your agent to explain how amazing the Denver show on a Tuesday night is going to be, make sure the potential upside isnt swallowed by double or triple bus fees and extra gallons of gas!

This is true of well-maintained buses, which will cost you more per day because they probably look nicer, but someone claiming on the phone that their deathtrap is going to get nine miles to the gallon, only needs to be two miles to the gallon off to cost you, nobody else but you, thousands of dollars that you could otherwise spend on drugs and the latest fancy equipment.

The average U. If Please God, no, how could it be! What will happen as you make these calculations half way through the tour because you are bored or up all night speeding? You can have so much fun doing things like this with your new Excel prowess! The corridor in the bunk space has a door at each end and is going to be dark with boots, some kind of horrifying underwear hanging from a peg, arms, and God knows what else, all potentially very dangerous.

Any kind of roommate laws having to do with space and mutual respect should be underlined twice and highlighted in yellow. One of the great benets of a bus to a budgetary-challenged, hard-working band is a full size refrigerator. It enables you when a promoter does provide you with the rider to take perishables with you for the next day when the next promoter doesnt. It also means you can eat cheaper, better, and stock up with essentials.

It also opens up some of the catering rider strategies discussed in the Riders Chapter but someone, if not everyone, needs to pay attention to the refrigerator and the trash!

An overlooked benet when one venue feeds you well, you can take the lasagna away for the next day! Where and what is to be smoked where and how. This is a group meeting discussion. Dont let strangers on your bus or you will eventually be sorry. You should develop a set of rules as a group for how and why visitors are allowed on the bus your home away from home. This keeps the rear lounge as a safe haven for valuables and anybody who needs to chill. It also prevents guests from trudging through the aforementioned dark corridor in the bunk area.

Do not ever transport anyone from one city to another, excluding the occasional partner. Bus Keys: for some reason, even though there will be 12 people on the bus, the driver only arrives with one or two keys. Everybody on the bus should have a key. If you dont ask the driver to arrive with 12 keys, he wont. The last thing you need to deal with in the rst few days on a tour is people who are like, Well, I didnt lock the door because I didnt have a key.

When traveling by bus, always make sure your feet are facing the driver; otherwise, if he brakes quickly you could snap your neck. Even if there is a stuff again and again and again. It is the Walking In L.A.

(Slick Idiot 12 Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD) busy to shower, or is so sweaty that they could use between the cracks.

Neil Young another one. One band came to this method a few said it best, Rust never sleeps. The tour stopped and the band broke up. CAR The ideal, man oh man, not many people, no nine m.

I just dialed up car rentals for 28 days it said that was the maximum rental and just on an economy car within the Chicago area. So, if you are embarking on a cross country trek you might want to do more than pick up a car from the handy place around the corner!

Shop around for the best m. See the appendix for some examples. VAN The rst step up is essential if there are four or more of you plus sound, lights, merchandise, etc. The cost of the days on the road starts to rise, but you have some exibility in carrying some special elements of the show and some extra people. Be careful to consider that it will be a member of the band that is going to be driving, as well as having worked and performed that day.

You want to leave town as soon after the show as you reasonably can, but that increases the dangers from fatigue. Probably one of the band and crew will become the night guys, someone else will be the morning person. The driver controls the musicalways! If its a long drive have someone not get blasted that night and take a nap in the afternoon so that you can have a driving buddy.

Its much safer that way. Dont do it! I guarantee you that your fans will not appreciate your sense of vehicle aesthetics nearly as much as they will appreciate you actually making it to your show on time. If youve spent any time on freeways in this country, you know full well that everybody speeds, and only a few people are actually stopped and ticketed. Nothing in the world says pull me over and give me a ticket like a punked out touring van.

You do not want to encounter the police as you make your hurried drive from Minneapolis to Chicago especially if your driver has a green mohawk and a Fuck The Police patch on the shoulder of his stone-washed denim vest!

Make your artistic, political, personal, and aesthetic statements on stage, not with your vehicle. Camouage the fact that you are a touring band! If you have any leftist political bumper stickers on your van, remove them!

Even though nobody gives you a second look in NYC, that No Blood For Oil bumper sticker might just get you hauled into jail by the red neck sheriff as you drive through the middle of nowhere Georgia on your way to a great show. Feel free to add a yellow ribbon magnet, some Bob Dole 96 bumper stickers, or a Jesus sh. This not only greatly reduces your chances of a run-in with law enforcement, expensive trafc tickets or worse, it also protects your gear and merch from theft.

You will often have to park your vehicle overnight with your gear inside. If you make the mistake of letting your van look like a band vehicle, you are advertising the fact that there is probably stuff inside that is worth stealing! Make your van blend in, and for extra security when you have to park your van at night, try to back it up against a building so that it is impossible for anyone to break open the rear door.

Make sure you get a double axle trailer. The cost vs. When one tire explodes, you shall have 3. Now you have the van keys, the padlock for the trailer key I thought you had the key for the trailer padlock! The rear of it will be wrecked within four weeks so dont plan on selling it for a prot after the rst tour.

Ive been looking at some interesting custom trailers how fucking sad is thatwith a small production ofce in the end nearest the hitch Trailers are cheap to rent but also pretty cheap to buy. This is an investment that could pay for itself at the end of one tour.

You can pick up a decent trailer for a couple of thousand dollars or less. Youre probably going to worry about padlocking the rear doors of the trailer, and of course you should. But, there have been be many instances of thieves unhitching a. Heres something I came across trawling through the internet that might be useful. Stick some tape on cases and call the numbers from the stage to load. That way, if youre sick, the remaining crew can follow your laminated pack chart and get out of town quickly.

If not, they will be all ready to go, high ve-ing each other that they managed the pack without you who could have thought it was so simple? Get a trailer with a fold down ramp door, and put wheels on anything you can! Whatever you decide to do about a vehicle, for fucks sake dont buy a Winnebago shortly before the artist bought a Winnebago.

Touring in a van can be uncomfortable, especially if there are a lot of people with you, and you have to do a ten-hour drive. And tour buses are expensive. So we tried compromising between both, and getting an RV.

I was told that RVs have a lot of mechanical problems, and they cost a lot of money to maintain, but I decided to give it a try anyway, only later to nd out how true this was.

After the RV had barely made it to several shows, we had to sit on the side of the road so the damn RV would stop overheating, After one show, while in the parking lot, and turned off mind you, the RV caught on rewith our driver asleep inside and wearing ear plugs!

Fortunately, she got out safely, and the re department came quickly and extinguished the blaze. But the entire outside of the drivers side of the RV was completely melted by the re. After the incident, I realized it would have been more cost effective to let the damn thing burn to the ground and collect the insurance money!

Lacey Connor, Nocturne. If your RV catches on re, dont call the re department! Instead, let it burn to the ground and collect the insurance money. We did it with Killing Joke and Brian Brain.

In those days The Chili Peppers did it too RVs are notoriously unreliable for the longer hauls. Tempting, but be careful unless one of you is a mechanic These crossings are subject to weather and so are the people on the ferry. It can be eight to nine hours on a good day.

You can book an overnight crossing and sleep on the ferry if you can; it might be cheaper than a hotel room and a missed show. Carlton P. I took the train from Portland to Seattle and it was like a two day holiday! It was nice to be on my own, there was great scenery, and I got to stay in the day room from the day before, sleep in, and chill a bita gift for sure.

As a tour manager, you can always look for ways to alleviate the people pressure of a crowded bus in some costeffective ways not just for the Martin Atkins Private Collection. When two or three people are off the cramped bus, its a holiday for everybody else left on the bus too. But, be careful. When you split up the touring party, you double the chances of random shit happening.

With equipment being trucked over land, the main advantage to ying is that the band will be able to avoid the 2, mile drive from Minneapolis to Seattle, and you might gain a larger degree of exibility in the booking. You will still be dependent on the drive time of the truck and the ights add a second tour to manage: the ground transportation with the truck and a separate schedule of ights, arrivals, taxis, check-in times, and all of those elements.

On a bus tour, you can creatively use a cheap ight to relieve pressure. If you have two days off, look at ying home the person with the relationship problems.

It will a be great relief for everyone Planes Katrina Atkins If youre ying, my number one suggestion is to get ights on an airline like Southwest. You will not be charged to change your Dont always get the ight, just the cheapest ight. It difference in fare and can end up being the the ticket most expensive if it is good for is not changeable.

ATA lets you y the same day if you miss your ight, for no extra charge at all. Always try to get tickets you can change and ights at sensible hours. When your tour ends, dont book ights out for everyone at a. Chances are good theyll miss their ights and youll lose your money!

It started in the U. Now they are testing it in the Midwest, express buses to and from Chicago to eight cities around the Midwest, and its potentially cheaper than driving if youre a one or two man group. Ive been working on getting shows all over the Midwest and using Megabus to get there. Be careful: its a great, cheap service, but you have to watch the scheduling and there are no refunds if you miss a bus.

There are also limits with the number of bags. These are the stops Megabus makes in the US:. This is me licking my GPS. I deleted the later ones where I stick it down my pants.

A band can lose time, a sound check, and an opportunity for a great show, simply because theyre late. With GPS all you need is gas and thats it. Swerve to the left, swerve to the right, fall asleep at the wheel, poop your pants while youre driving; none of this is a problem for GPS.

I wish this had been around in the early 80s when I was groovin in LA. The smallest cell phone back then was the size of a shoe box. I spent much of my time there driving around lost! Not anymore baby! Except when the GPS ladys voice is mufed by my boxers. Jack Carson uses gps on his laptop to track the bus route, especially useful on those questionable overdrives created by a 20 mile detour for the driver to get another bus wash!

This is a smart tip to easily avoid unnecessary crap. The diesel engine was originally supposed to run on vegetable oil.

In fact Rudolph Diesel said inThe diesel engine can be fed with vegetable oils and would help considerably in the development of agriculture of the countries which use it. What the fuck did he know? Fuel efciency doesnt just have an impact on your budget and your ability to get to the next city anymore. Its impacting the planet and whether or not the next city on your tour still exists. There are companies out there manufacturing conversion kits for diesel engines to straight vegetable oil SVO engines.

New developments every day in this eld are making this option more feasible for a band or anyone traveling around the country with deadlines and a time table. You can check out goldenfuelsystems. Gas CarDs You might nd yourself at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night that doesnt open until 6 in the morning and the only way youre going to get gas is by using your card because that is the only payment the pump will accept.

JR: Bus drivers are different different breed of folks gotta treat em like people, ya know? The bottom line is a lot of people treat em like theyre just some kind of slave or something. You gotta keep the buses clean. And as one of our friends found out that one day, you dont eat crawsh on a bus!

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