Winter - Théodore, Paul & Gabriel - Please Her Please Him (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Chicago Shakespeare Theater offered up their own remixed version a few weeks ago, the Lyric Opera has included a production in their coming season, and now, it is brought to life in Lar Lubovitch 's three act ballet at the Joffrey. The ballet, created inbegins its last stint in regular repertory this evening -- one day after Shakespeare's th birthday and his death dayand the day deemed "Talk Like Shakespeare Day. This Motor City premier dance company celebrates the songs that made Motown famous in an evening chock full of soulful dance and music.

Playful, humorous, and wonderfully theatrical, Eisenhower's performers give a visual salute to the tunes that made Berry Gordy's Motown Winter - Théodore famous. Congress Pkwy. It seems that opera has always stood on ceremony.

This opera -- one of such macabre and erotic beauty -- had its audience in a riotous and soulful frenzy. Every heart in the audience felt that frenzy after the first baritone notes rang out through the piercing silence of the theater. We met William Lee Gregorya modern man bathed in a square of nearly blinding white light, characteristic of the lighting design of the opera as a whole -- reminiscent of Caravaggio's chiaroscurothe dramatic, high-contrast style made famous in paintings of old.

This modern man receives a message from his childhood friend, Roderick Usher Ryan MacPhersonthe namesake of the Edgar Allan Poe story on which the opera is based. Roderick has become ill with a madness imparted by the very house he lives in and the death of his twin sister Madeline Suzan Hansonand he begs William to save him from his insanity. Meanwhile, art and cultural festivities will take place all over the city. During the Expo, keep and eye out and partake in citywide exhibits, gallery openings, installations, public art projects, music, theater and dance performances, and special dining experiences for residents and visiting international cultural tourists.

I woke up this morning and opened my computer for my regular routine, which involves checking Facebook, my email, and my always growing list of news sources and social media sites for anything strange or out of the ordinary. Today, nearly every one of my Facebook friends has posted about the end of the world.

Some are kidding, some are serious, and some, like me, joke around about it in that uneasy way that people do when they need to laugh at things that would be terrifying if they were real. While tomorrow's Mayan-predicted end of the world is real or not is up for speculation, everyone in this world has more immediately pressing fears that are truly and paralyzingly absolute. Earlier this week, 40 individuals bared these fears to an audience of over people in a production called Fear Experiment 3.

So on Dec. This series focuses on I did go to the event, so I was privy to the fact that it focuses on new and local composers in some fashion.

Don't ask me how exactly, that was kind of lost on me when one of the pieces was over 15 years old and only one of the four composers was local, kind of; I feel that a more apt title to the series would have been MusicKindOfRECENTLY. Putting all that aside, because who wants to go the symphony and bitch about semantics anyway, onto the music, but not yet exactly.

When we talk about the Pitchfork Music Festivalwe usually talk about the abundance of performers from across the country and globe. Perhaps we mention the heat or the the ongoing mini-events CHIRP Record Fair, Flatstock that provide a welcome respite during the long, intensive days spent walking from one end of the park to the next. This year, art installations by Chicago-based Matthew Hoffman and Andrea Jablonski in conjunction with Johalla Projectsaim to frame and entice the experience of festival goers.

The show opens tonight and runs through July 1st; Jim recently took a few moments out of his schedule to talk to me about the Beatles and how it feels to be home in Chicago.

A Tribute To The Beatles. You are a long-time Beatles fan. How does it feel to be a part of " RAIN! It's fantastic to be part of the cast of RAIN! Having been a Beatles fan from an early age and growing up listening to their music, it's the biggest thrill to be part of what I feel is the ultimate Beatles Tribute show. Favorite Beatles album of all time?

Like most fans I really enjoy all the eras of the Beatles music and the same goes for all the eras we cover in our show. Portraying John in such a large-scale and exciting show as this has been such a fulfilling job, and with the experience of Broadway in New York City, nothing short of the thrill of a lifetime for me! Favorite Beatle albums? Well if you're talking about vinyl.

I'd have to say Yesterday and Today and Rubber Soul. What do you think John Lennon would think of the show? If John had ever been given the opportunity to see our show, and had he taken it, I would think he would have been pleasantly surprised. How does it feel to be back in Chicago, performing? It's great to be back in Chicago and I'm so looking forward to finally performing here in my hometown with "Rain".

Favorite haunts around town? Which one you say? Too many good ones to name! Tickets for RAIN! A Tribute To The Beatles are on sale now and can be purchased here. Whether it is of musicians who regularly occupy the headphones and speakers of millions of music fans, or the people on the streets of Cuba and Jamaica, Mike's portraits place emphasis on the humanity of his subjects. His photographs remind us that these people are just that-people.

He does not attempt to make them into caricatures of themselves or play into a larger-than-life persona. Mike pushes in the antithetical direction with the goal of making a photograph that brings out, as he puts it, a version of themselves that "their mother would recognize.

Fittingly titled True Hip HopMike's recent book reflects the results, experiences and anecdotes of a career that has brought him and his camera in front of everyone from B. King to Voletta Wallace, the mother of the late Notorious B.

In light of his upcoming debut exhibition in Chicago and book signing at The Silver RoomI spoke with Mike about his signature style, starstruck moments and what it means to be a photographer's photographer. They say the opposite of Love is Hate. Chicago comedians Seth and Kellen will be hosting this shindig and will also be the night's official demolisher of ex memorabilia; everything from T-shirts to love letters to saved nail clippings will destroyed.

In between the destroying and healing 2nd Story will be regaling the audience with the best bad date stories. Milwaukeea Wicker Park apartment gallery and alternative art space. Now in its fourth year, this free, all-ages event, the ultimate showcase of the city's hip-hop arts scene, features visual and performance art, poetry, dance, film and music.

The symbiotic relationship between fashion and music is undeniable -- and at Power 92 's Surround Sound of Fashion, the two were definitely displayed in a Winter - Théodore way. This annual showcase for fashion designers and aspiring models, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Windows of Opportunityan organization that provides scholarships for economically disadvantaged youth, was held last weekend at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, E.

Twenty male and female models competed in a runway show for a chance at a number of prizes, including an exclusive photo shoot. Over in TransmissionJason Olexa has the details on a pretty wacky-sounding film screening with live DJ accompaniment:. Check it out here. Get a head start on Chicago Artist Month this weekend with the kickoff event -- the Ravenswood Art Walkwhich will feature the work of over local artists, including over 40 open studios.

This opening night event this Friday will also include live performances and some damn good food by some of Ravenswood's best restaurants. Ravenswoodwith ample spillage out into the street Ravenswood Ave. Bring the kids. Details here. MORE details, including a schedule of performances, can be found here. Click here for a map. Best of all, admission is FREE!

Vandermark, a photographer, captured life in that city, Winter - Théodore in turn Pierluissi would paint. Through their work they created a dialogue between the two mediums and their practice. Terrie Hessels of The Ex will be present during the opening reception the proceeds of art work sold will go toward helping support Terrie's ongoing music programs in Ethiopia-- for the last few years he's been bringing musicians to schools for workshops and a repairman from Amsterdam to help fix damaged saxophones and clarinets.

He will also be performing with Ken Vandermark. Composer and vocalist Adrian Dunn's fusion of hip-hop and opera was the perfect blend, so much so that the merging of two genres that come from separate worlds becomes lost and forgotten. The performance marks the return of the company's performance, Hopera: A Fallen Hero and features a series of numbers from the first studio album of hip-hop opera company, HOPERAWorld, released earlier this month.

Milwaukee Ave. The exhibition is a collaboration with Nicolas Lampert and will feature prints and placards he has collected as an active participant in the labor and community rallies in Madison. The Hard Times Trio, a jazz group which performs classic labor songs, will perform. The artwork will be on display through the summer and fall.

The photography of Lauren Cumbia who co-organizes the gallery space with Daniel TuckerBrandon Pittser and the Public Collectors archive will also be exhibited. Wang for more information about the movement to defend collective bargaining rights.

Photo courtesy of Graffiti Zone. Halsted from 6 to 9pm. Hosted by Chicago hip hop performer Philip Morrisdescribed as "one of the ultimate word smiths of hip-hop Skope Magazine ," the evening will feature catering by Green Cuisine, open bar, silent auction and performances by Opera-Matic with sound by Mark Messing.

Ample free parking is available behind the building off of Cermak. All proceeds to benefit Graffiti Zone, a five-year old non-profit arts organization serving kids from Humboldt Park. More info about the fundraiser can be found here. Collaboraction theater company's wildly popular annual Sketchbook festival begins tonight at the Chopin Theater. Sketchbook is a lively multi-media event, combining several art forms including theater, music, visual art, new technologies and bombastic partying, anchored by a show that features several short plays.

Selected from hundreds of submissions, Sketchbook brings together the collective talents of more than two hundred pioneering directors, designers, actors, musicians and artists from Chicago and around the Winter - Théodore for a jaw-dropping evening of creativity, experimentation, and celebration.

There are many ways to a teenager's heart; you just have to know where to start. Co-op Image Group started with a few video cameras and has kept the kids interests by adding stencils, samplers, molten glass and hot sauce.

Although they didn't get a lot of cooperation from the city, they attracted a lot of volunteers and positive attention from the neighborhood, and before they knew it they received a donated building and a community garden -- now the Campbell Co-op Garden N. Campbell St. This piece of experimental theater, opening this Wednesday with a short run through May 1features a music director and five singers pushing themselves to their limits, "teetering between insanity and euphoria as they work through their deepest inhibitions.

Brooks of the Uptown Soundwhich was published in Transmission last Friday. Jazz musician Miles Davis' work-- eclectic, enigmatic, and full-bodied-- is the inspiration and soundtrack to River North Chicago Dance Company's latest performance. Featuring some of Davis' most influential and groundbreaking pieces such as "Blue in Green," from the album Kind of Blueand an excerpt from the double album, Bitches BrewSimply Miles, Simply Uspromises a diverse array of Davis' work.

The world premiere performance marks not only a first for the dance company for the venue. This is the first time the Auditorium Theatre, in conjunction with the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts at Michigan State University, has commissioned a new work.

The performance is also presented as part of the the theatre's ongoing Miles Davis Festival, a city-wide celebration marking the 85th anniversary of Illinois native Davis' birth. In addition to the one-night-only debut performance, the company will also present additional work from Chaves as well as choreographers Sherry Zunker, Ashley Roland, and Robert Battle.

The performance begins at 8pm. A heavy bill is set for Mortville tonight; a few of the bands have traveled long distances to grace Chicago with some serious music. Check them out and have some fun while gazing into the installations reminiscent of the Garbage Pale Kids. If you want to go, you've got to figure out the address for yourself.

You can thank the city's PPA drama for that. Hint: It's in Little Village. The description of the play is pretty mindboggling except for the bit about it being set "deep in the hollows of a boarded up stadium," but if you check out TMO's website I think you will be convinced to go whether or not you understand what you're going for. The play will feature a live score performed by Travis Sehorn and an opening act by ventriloquist, April Camlin. BYOP illow to sit on.

Click here to visit the Facebook event page, or here to visit The Missoula Oblongata's website. Ball Hall 's address is secret because the city will try to get their hands into the venue's empty pockets if they are given the opportunity. If you wanna go, you've gotta find out where it is for yourself. You can thank the city for that. Admission will most likely require a small donation, but has not yet been specified.

Basically, this is a marching band flash mob made up of musicians of all ages that appears in different locations around Chicago, gingerly plays a Sun Ra song and then scatters. What's better than that? According to Smith's mission statement, "The Solar Flare Arkestral Marching Band brings many Chicago communities together to interrupt ordinary life in the city with fleeting ecstatic moments of visual and aural incongruence.

SMF7, Photo by Eric Bartholomew. Inspired by artists and designers who use available analog and digital tools to communicate complex data from the everyday to the very obscure, the Public Media Institute presents Select Media Festival 9: Infoporn II this weekend as an homage to their love for data visualization.

A selection of works from around the world takes form in installations, a publication library, interactive projects, and infographics. Themed "Education as Art," their newest issue is a page opus and represents their latest and greatest effort in publishing.

Kate Bush is not a recluse as much as she is an artist who understands the importance of patience and perhaps perfectionism when creating music. Her work ethic is counter to contemporary music trends where a new record must be released each year to sustain an increasingly finicky international audience. This great span of time between albums has subsequently helped sustain an entrenched cult fan base whose devotion is now heard through musicians such as British chanteuse Bat For Lashes, Icelandic gem Bjork, Tori Amos, as well as newer singers like Lia Ices or Glasser.

Bush, as well as the numerous singers whose aesthetics are closely related to or influenced by her work. The idea for the evening originated organically. One bout of procrastination a few months ago led Erbentraut to his vinyl collection which includes many albums by the singer. He then mentioned the idea to Wulbert, a DJ and promoter for the monthly "gothy, dark, and swirly" party Procession, held at Late Bar.

The event is not only unique to Chicago; it is also unique across many cities nationally, as Bush's fan base has, only recently, begun to celebrate her truly unique sound. All photos by the author unless otherwise noted. Everyone knows the story of gentrification. Artists and other progressive people move to low-income neighborhoods looking for a good deal on a big space in the city. This attracts investors and developers, and the next thing you know, the original occupants of the neighborhood — including small businesses, families and even the artists themselves — are priced out of their homes to make room for culturally bankrupt replacements.

The charm of the neighborhood is beaten out of it. Because of the housing market crash, along with foreclosures, the gentrification process has pretty much come to a halt in many parts of the city. A classic case of this in Chicago, for better of worse, is Garfield Park. Real estate in the neighborhood was highly sought after during the real estate boom because of its proximity to downtown and to the CTA and Metra trains, as well as the beloved Garfield Park Conservatory and the sprawling park itself, but has since been given up on by many developers.

Now it is home to clusters of vacant lots and buildings, but what a lot of people don't realize is that a surprising number of the buildings that are occupied are occupied by artists. Not just any artists, either. LP who aren't afraid to take risks, who dance to the beat of their own drums, who make some of the most engaging work and eclectic work around.

The Chicago premiere features dance, live music, storytelling, and visual images for an intimate, onstage audience. The work, featuring Johson's choreography, as well as music by James Everest and Joel Pickard Blackfishweaves themes of displacement, longing, and language with history, architecture, and igloo-myth. A popular performance that has been designed for small audiences, the October 7 and 8 performances have sold out.

Tickets are still available for the 9 pm performance on October 9, which will feature a special performance by Blackfish, as well as two performances that have been added to the original schedule at 3 and 5 pm on October Tickets are general admission and space is limited.

To purchase tickets or for more information visit The Dance Center of Columbia College websiteor call Michigan Ave. This week, Orion Ensemble marks the opening of its 18th season, with a salutation to Robert Schumann at his th birthday. They will also present the performance on Sunday, Oct. To purchase tickets or learn more, visit orionensemble.

Redmoon is, of course, well known for its large-scale theatrical events -- even they prefer to refer to them as spectacles, because "play" just doesn't capture what they do.

Their latest is the Joyous Outdoor Eventaka J. Seven piece Lost in the Trees returned to Chicago last night after having played a few smaller clubs previously. They're releasing their album All Alone in an Empty House on ANTI- Records and were filled with a blissful sort of energy as they took the stage, playing for a rich 75 minutes on one of the last warm nights of the summer. I've been a concert photographer based in Chicago now for about four years and I've seen a startling trend It's the opposite of reality, this idea that dark and red lights look great to the audience, and I'm here to set the record straight.

So there's this book called "Art of Touring" that came out recently filled with art, photos, writing and other goodies made by members of touring bands while on the road.

When you're out and about on Friday stop by the opening of the show. It'll be at Johalla Proects N. If you miss the opening, the show will stay up through August 7 for you to check out. Also, keep your ears peeled for an interview that WBEZ's did with the curators and a few of the artists in the gallery yesterday. Come out to the "Citizen Sound" Symposium tonight from 5pm to 7pm! The reception is free, and takes place at 33 E. Congress Parkway, basement lobby, room LL A media lounge, where guests can check out CDs and published work by participants, performers and ASAE members, will be open all night.

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