You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr)

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Dead Is Better! Assuming The Throne Of Immortality Of Forest And Fire More Victims And Finally Faust! You can reuse the kelp, so gather it as best you can and the next day warm it up again. No need to cook it more. How often. Kelp on the skin is excellent for at least six months when beginning the development program. We are not sure how long most people need it. Even if you have been on the program a few years, often you will benefit and feel much better by doing kelp on the skin for at least one month every day, or for several months if you do it only a few times per week.

For more details, read Kelp. The reason is that all of the cruciferous vegetables — such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, broccolini, kale and others — contain a chemical that slows the thyroid gland.

Cooking destroys this chemical. Buy the small ones. When buying Brussels sprouts, buy the smallest ones you can find. These are warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and this is better.

This is quite important with Brussels sprouts. If possible, buy loose Brussels sprouts, not those in sealed plastic packages. At times, you have a choice with all vegetables whether to buy them loose or sealed in plastic bags. In almost all instances, it is best to buy the ones that are loose. The plastic damages the food a little. Organically grown. Most food is best when organically grown. It is not a guarantee of better quality, and some organic food is a lie. However, it is usually best to look for organically grown food.

Brussels sprouts are a very important vegetable for development. Please do not skip them! Eat them every day! If your supermarket or health food store does not sell them, keep asking them to carry this wonderful You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr).

Qualities: Loaded with nutrition. Brussels sprouts are very rich in many nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin K, vital minerals, and many others.

There are no substitutes for them, so please include them in your daily diet. A potent detoxifier. Besides their nutritional content, Brussels sprouts are powerful detoxifiers. They are very high in a number of sulfur compounds needed for the removal of all the toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body. If one does not eat enough Brussels sprouts, one will not be able to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the liver and elsewhere very quickly.

Brussels sprouts are small, compact, and relatively hard. These are all warming qualities. All bodies today are all too cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. Development requires making the body much warmer or more yang.

This is one of the seven essential qualities of development. Brussels sprouts can help with this more than most other foods. We recommend that with each meal, slice a medium-sized Brussels sprout or two into two or three slices. Then mix it with 10 or more other vegetables and cook them all together. You can steam Brussels sprouts and the other vegetables for about half an hour or pressure-cook your vegetables for about 2 minutes and a You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr) seconds until the Brussel sprout is soft.

It should not be crunchy. The exact time for pressure cooking varies with the brand of pressure cooker because they cook at slightly different pressures.

Unfortunately, these cookers often damage the food, reducing the nutrient content of the food and making it dangerous to eat. They should be taken off the market. Warning: This post is very controversial!!!

Originally, Americans were Citizens of their Statenot of the nation. This was the Sovereign Citizenshipwhich still exists but is no longer taught in schools or recognized by judges in the United States.

After the Civil War, the 14 th Amendment to the US Constitution which went into effect in established a new, trashy, disgusting and completely treasonous national citizenship for the freed slaves, which then was used for everyone in America. The exact words of the Amendment are:.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States ; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. If you do know the law, then you know it is treason and utter garbage. You will read in books and on the internet that the 14th Amendment was a great leap forward, giving the freed slaves the same rights as everyone else in America.

In reality, this Amendment was the greatest horror and disaster America ever experienced! Let me explain:. This is a terrible lie and aberration. A person in American law includes a corporation or a trust. Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation…. This is also a complete lie and aberration. The Sovereign Citizens of the United States are not subject to anyone! This was very clear to the founders of America.

The people of America are sovereigna word that means the opposite of the words subject to. For example, the people of Great British are called subjects of the queen. The king or queen of England is called the sovereign. America at its founding clearly rejected this idea and made the Citizens Sovereign.

They were sick and tired of kings, queens and other tyrants running the show! However, the 14 th Amendment undid this critical and key American legal concept. It returned the Citizens of America to the status of subjects. Never properly ratified. The American people in understood that their sovereign citizenship was being destroyed by the 14 th Amendment. As a result, it was never properly ratified. The Southern states were just forced to go along with the horror! The adoption of the 14 th Amendment was the end of the true concept of Citizenship in America.

Daikon is the most popular vegetable in Japan, but not in the Western nations. It is a cruciferous vegetable. It is a long, large white root, although there is also a purple variety that is very good.

It is one of the most nourishing of the vegetables. Daikon has anti-microbial properties, assists digestion and detoxification, and helps protect the liver from cancer and other diseases. Daikon is also rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidant nutrients that assist the immune response and give daikon an anti-inflammatory quality. Daikon is a rich source of excellent calcium that can help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

It is also low in calories and eating plenty of it assists weight loss. The oil in daikon has anti-aging effects upon the skin. More yang. Because it grows underground and deep in the earth it is quite warming or yang in macrobiotic terminology. This is another benefit of eating daikon. Buying daikon. Always buy a thinner daikon root, as this is more warming or yang. It does not matter if the daikon looks somewhat dirty. This is normal. Storing daikon. When I bring daikon or other vegetables home, I wash them in water and then store them in clean vegetable bags.

These are the translucent food bags found in the vegetable section of most supermarkets. These bags contain souls that help keep the daikon and other vegetables fresh.

One can buy an entire roll of of these bags inexpensively. Preparing daikon. In Asia, Daikon is eaten in many forms.

For development, we find it best to slice daikon fairly thin and then cook it along with your other vegetables. How much? We suggest having one small slice or one-half of a large slice with each meal. At the very least, have some every day.

If you can find purple daikon, you can have a small slice of both kinds at every meal. The principle of moving energy downward is essential for healing and development. This post is about the pulling down procedure. Please read it. Here is the procedure:. The position. Sit, lie down or stand comfortably for example, you can do the exercise while standing in line at the bank or post office.

It is often easier if you close your eyes, but this is not necessary. Eventually, you will be able to do it with eyes open. Your attention. Move your attention so it is a little below your feet. Now imagine that you turn on a powerful vacuum cleaner or electromagnet that is below your feet. Pulling downward or toward your feet if you are lying down. The magnet or vacuum pulls the skin on the bottom of your feet downward.

It pulls your toes downward. It pulls your knees downward. It pulls your hips downward. It pulls your fingers and hands downward.

It pulls your stomach downward, and your arms, breasts, shoulders, mouth, nose and eyes downward. It pulls harder and harder, literally emptying you from below until you feel empty inside. You may feel all shriveled up like a prune because your insides are hollowed out. Of course, nature abhors a vacuum, so what happens is that a new energy and identity move into the body, replacing the old and often false you.

No matter how talented, pretty or smart you are, this new identity is even better! At first you may not feel all this, but eventually you will. At first the body is rather dense — full of toxic metals, toxic chemicals and other physical, mental and emotional debris.

However, as you practice the exercise each day, the density of the body decreases and the energy moves through more and more easily. The channels or meridians. You are opening tiny vertical energy channels, removing toxic substances that block the energy. Do it as forcefully as you can. Ah-ha moments. One day, you will suddenly feel the energy moving through your head, or through a shoulder, or through your abdomen.

The central channel. A particularly wonderful moment occurs when the central energy channel opens. It runs down the middle of your body, through your nose, your mouth, your neck, the middle of your chest, and through the navel to the genital organs. When it opens, you will feel more centered and grounded. You will also be much less affected by the words and actions of other people.

It is terrific! Becoming a spiritual being. Opening and clearing the channels slowly but surely changes the body from a dense and dying hunk of flesh to a delicate conduit to bring in the Love of the Creator.

Anything inside of you that is not the Real Self flows out of you. This includes your traumas, diseases, bad memories, sadness and all other negative emotions. It all leaves through your feet and is replaced by a radiance and Love that we all seek. It is very simple and practical, yet thoroughly spiritual as you literally transform who you are. Helping others and helping the planet. You literally nourish others and the earth as you move more subtle energy in through your head and out through your feet - and all from the comfort and safety of your home!

So easy and so effective. Never doubt the power of this procedure. Those that assist with hair analysis interpretation have discovered more ways that people are out of balance that are very subtle. They are cleaning this up as best they can when they review a new hair mineral test. However, they can only do this well if a person follows the development program very carefully, so please pay attention to this.

We will write more about it as we learn more about these subtle imbalances. Sara is Her symptoms above had gone on for years. She has followed the development program faithfully for less than two years.

New mineral test results. Calcium and magnesium up sharply. The hair tissue magnesium level more than doubled and the hair tissue calcium level went up over four times. We are learning that when one does the program faithfully, including coffee enemas, the diet and the pulling down exercise, the rise in calcium and magnesium is due to an elimination of toxic or less desirable forms of these minerals. Guide creatures. The above usually only occurs if one obtains more guide creatures.

This occurred with Sara. The guide creatures seem to be more plentiful and available now, but only for those who actually follow the development program faithfully and correctly. The asherot are guide creatures capable of causing the replacement of poorer quality magnesium compounds with more desirable forms of magnesium.

The abiot are guide creatures capable of causing a replacement of less desirable forms of calcium with better compounds of calcium in the tissues. Hebrew names.

The names of these creatures are Hebrew words. All of these very advanced creatures speak an ancient Hebrew dialect that they tell us is the primary language of our world. However, it is not the same as modern Hebrew. Coming home settling down on the second four. Sara also has a settling down pattern on the second four minerals. This is present when all of the second four minerals iron, copper, manganese and zinc decrease or stay the same.

In advanced acupuncture, this pattern is called a coming home pattern. The person usually feels more settled and relaxed, and is healthier. All out. This is present when the levels of six or more minerals rises on a retest when a person has followed the program carefully. This is another excellent joy or development pattern because it indicates better elimination of toxic metals. This is usually due to improved kidney, liver and other organ activity.

Zinc and manganese retention. Also, the manganese level went from 0. These are very large decreases! While unusual, I am told these are positive changes. Taken together with the rest of the test results, they indicate the body is retaining a lot of zinc and manganese rather than allowing these vital minerals to be excreted in the hair tissue. It is not armoringwhich is another possibility when the mineral levels decrease drastically. Why bother with these patterns?

Hair mineral test interpretation is a relatively new esearch science. Based upon our clinical experience, it appears to be an extremely valid and powerful healing and development science.

The hair mineral patterns are important because often a person does not feel all the healing and development that is occurring. Symptoms may take time to improve. The patterns help one to know what is occurring at deep levels of the body, even if symptoms do not immediately improve.

We hope this will change. In our experience, the above healing methods are a mess today — and getting worse due to Rogue infiltration. It is no longer safe to go to a doctor, a naturopath or even to many chiropractors.

This is unfortunately the truth. It is not safe for women if you want to avoid rape bring someone with you, preferably a manand it is not safe for your health. Please know this and be careful. There is a need for a new approach that is much less symptom-based and much more integrated with diet, lifestyle, spiritual values and much more.

The Bible calls them satanwhich some translate from the Hebrew as the secret ones. Other names. Many pastors call them the adversary.

Others call them the negatives or the others. The word satanic can mean that something is the negative or opposite of what it appears to be. Some also call them the scavs, which is short for scavengers. These are creatures that feed on decaying flesh. The rogues call themselves the troph. This word means the feeders. I believe they do indeed feed on dying people and dying societies. Development science is a way to You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr) the decay!

Words related to troph in the English language are trophictrophology, You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr), autotrophs and heterotrophs, among others.

Trophic means related to nutrition. Trophology is the science of nutrition or feeding. Trophoblast literally means to feed the baby. It is the name of a cell in a growing fetus that invades the mother early in pregnancy to feed the growing baby inside her womb.

If it arises at any other time except pregnancy, it is called cancer. For details, read The Trophoblast. Autotrophs and heterotrophs are kinds of living beings on earth based upon what they eat. Autotrophs are plants that live on sunshine. Heterotrophs are the animals, which must eat plants or other animals in order to survive. The recent post to get rid of your cell phone may be a little harsh. Having a simple phone for emergencies is fine. However, if you can afford it, have a land phone line at home.

They are first done during the pre-teen or teenage years, You Won´t Find Your Peace - Angels Decay - Odiumspace (CDr) then may be repeated later. These rapes, beatings and brainwashing occur in all nations, and we believe they have gone on for years. They are done very secretly in underground rooms that connect via round elevators to schools and other places that young people frequent.

Among other horrors, the those who experience the rapes are put into a deep hypnotic trance and then given many instructions about how to live. For example, women are told to dress sexy, to love sex, and to vote liberal or Democratic in America. The women are also filthed up with sexually-transmitted diseases that do not cause lesions, but which weaken the brain and body.

They also get brain implants and are beaten and then put on electronic artificial Life Support. Few memories. Most women do not remember the big rapes. If memories do surface, the memories cause terrible anxiety, fear, anger and rage. Since one usually cannot connect the feelings with the incident, the feelings make no sense. If one visits a doctor or counselor about them, one is almost always told to just ignore them.

This leaves many women with lingering anger, rage and anxiety. For some, it feels like post-traumatic stress disorder. Others just feel neurotic. It also causes some women to have an inordinate desire for sexual activity and to dress in a sexy way. The trauma also interferes with all relationships. We mention all of this because we are learning more about these rapes and beatings, and a few women are retracing them. The development program helps a lot, but one usually also needs psychodrama, an interesting psychological therapy.

For details, read Rape and Psychodrama. California just held an election to decide whether to recall their Democrat governor.

He has supported many bad policies regarding masks, vaccination and more. He won the election, however. There was lots of evidence of election fraud. A number of people reported that the opposing candidates were not even listed on the ballot. Several people showed up to vote and were told they had already voted. One of our Helpers lives in California. His child uses his address and received in the mail not one, but two mail-in ballots. As long as voting machines and mail-in ballots are allowed, there are no fair elections in the United States.

It is important to be clear about this. Without fair elections, Americans are living in a dictatorship, not a democracy. Rutabaga is not the cutest-looking vegetable. However, it is very important for health and development.

Eat some every day, or better yet, have a little with each meal! Here are details about it. A newer hybrid. Rutabaga is actually a hybrid food, a cross between a turnip and a wild cabbage. Its origin dates back to the s. Rutabaga is the usual name given this vegetable in North America. Uncooked rutabaga is bitter, a quality associated with foods that nourish the liver. When uncooked, it is also quite hard and somewhat difficult to cut.

This is also associated with certain foods that are needed by the liver. Nourishing in the extreme. However, when properly cooked, rutabaga softens and turns sweet, indicating that it is also a very nourishing food. In fact, it is one of the most nourishing of the vegetables because it is very rich in vital forms of minerals and in many vitamins.

Rutabaga is very rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins C and E and folate. An anti-aging food. Rutabaga is high in anti-oxidants, including lesser known ones called glucosinolates. These nutrients, along with its other vitamin and mineral content, help prevent premature aging, reduce inflammation, and improve collagen synthesis.

All of this is associated with a lower risk of cancer and other diseases of aging. Healthy fiber. Rutabaga is high in insoluble fiber. This assists intestinal activity, helps prevent constipation, and feeds the healthy flora in the intestines. Proper intestinal flora produces certain vitamins and convert certain minerals to more usable forms inside our intestines. Weight loss. Rutabaga is helpful to lose weight because it is rich in fiber. The effects of rutabaga in promoting healthful intestinal flora can also contribute to weight loss in those who are overweight.

Eat more of this vegetable if you need to lose weight. Healthy potassium. Our food today is loaded with toxic forms of potassium thanks to the use of superphosphate fertilizers of N-P-K fertilizers.

Rutabaga does not pick up much of this toxic potassium. Instead, it is very high in excellent compounds of potassium.

In contrast, all fruit picks up a lot of toxic potassium and this is one reason we suggest avoiding fruit today. Healthful potassium is absolutely required for the nerve signaling, fluid balance, and blood pressure. It is also needed for proper muscular activity, to avoid muscle cramps, and for many other body functions. A diet high in the proper forms of potassium is associated with lower blood pressure and a lower risk of stroke and heart disease. Documentation in the medical literature for the above is at 7 Powerful Benefits Of Rutabagas.

However, the article on rutabagas contains many medical references. Development food. Selenium and zinc we call spiritual minerals because they are so important for development. Rutabaga contains excellent forms of these minerals, especially selenium, that are present in few other foods. Warming or yang. Rutabaga is a root so it is a more yang food, similar to carrots and daikon.

However, rutabaga is fairly large and yellowish in color, so it is not quite as yang as carrots. Shopping for rutabaga. Try to buy organically grown rutabaga because it is somewhat better than the standard rutabaga. Standard rutabaga may have a coating of wax on it, so wash it well. Rutabaga should have a yellowish color. Occasionally, unripe roots are sold that have a whitish color. If your supermarket or health food stores do not sell rutabaga, keep asking them to carry it. To cook, cut off very thin slices.

The thinner the better. If thin enough, when you cook it with your other vegetables, it will soften and turn sweet. Only then is it ready to eat.

Some books and websites suggest eating rutabaga raw, roasted, fried or mashed. For development, the best is thinly sliced and cooked for just until it is softens and sweetens. It can also be added easily to soups and purees. Keeping your spine and joints open and aligned at all times is extremely helpful to speed up development. As subtle energy moves down your body from the head to the feet, it often gets stuck at the joints.

The spinal twist helps keep the energy moving properly. To open and align the spine, visiting a good quality chiropractor is good.

Even better, several times a day at least do the following. The twist becomes easier as you develop:. The resting position. Lie down on your back on a bed, couch or on the floor.

Put your arms out to the sides. This is to keep your shoulders from twisting when you swing your legs. The leg lift. Lift your left leg in the air with the knee straight. Point the toes and extend the leg upward away from your body.

A visualization is to pretend you are reaching up with your big toe to ring a doorbell that is above your body. The swing. Now swing the left leg to the right over the other leg until your left toes hit the bed, couch or floor.

Do your best to keep your shoulders and neck flat on the bed or floor. Begin gently. The first time you do this, do it gently. Later, as you become more accustomed to the procedure, you can do it faster and with more force.

In this case, you may need to visit a chiropractor. Or, if you are one of our clients, send a question to your Helper asking that I check your spine, and I may be able to help. Three swings. Even better is to do the procedure three times, each one a little different: 1.

The first time, swing your left leg across the middle of your body.

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