House Of Jealous Lovers - James Murphy - Japan Tour Live Mix @ Club Dawn Osaka (CD)

Chapter Closed You Smell Like… Degeneration The Stage Door. Hi everyone things have been brewing here in our camp and wanted to give you an update, first of all we hope that everyone had a great summer. Haley is 10 years old and was diagnosed with a rare brain injury called Arteriovenous Malformation on Jan 26th… Doctors in Canada do not have the skill set to help her but the Mayo Clinic in the United States has a team of 50 neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons and pediatric surgeons who all specialize in Brain AVMS.

We need your help, thank you!! To login, your temporary password is: passtemp which can be changed once you are inside. We have a exciting new disc for you to check out! It was only a matter of time. Meanwhile, a young prodigy has been honing her skills as a singer and songwriter, waiting for her moment. A chance meeting between the two begins a musical partnership between master and apprentice, yet artists of different domains. Far Gone Now 2.

Everything To Live For 3. Feelings Are Overrated 4. What Made You Think? Here Today 6. Get Away 7. Pleasant Surprise 8. Terrible Thing To Lose 9. Omnis Morse Aequat Take It Or Leave It Urban Decay The members of the band will be present to mingle and sign stuff for the fans, and drummer Will Carroll will be DJing later in the evening as well. Death Angel promises that there will be door prizes, free stuff, drink specials and good times had by all.

So come one, come all! See ya there! Slowly Wept The Sea We Are The Storm Powder Keg Where Victory Is Penned Of Hooks And Hornswogglers Crime Always Pays To Steal A Life Healing Sixes are out to prove that blues rock is as healthy and vibrant as ever.

The quartet has been able to keep their live chops up by playing several shows this summer, and will be hitting the tour trail more thoroughly come the Fall, when the announce a string of U.

Healing Sixes are always about emphasizing that their songs create a strong, vibrant — yet never formulated — rock sound, which will undoubtedly be on display once more on their forthcoming studio album. Get ready to rock once more with Healing Sixes! The video is purely based on the ancient technique of Shadow Puppet Theatre evolved and widely used in different areas of the world eons ago. Every character, ship, map, etc you see in it has been built from scratch especially for that motion clip.

The video has been directed by Achilleas Gatsopoulos, a prominent master of visual arts, based in the city of Berlin. We chose to use shadow puppetry and push its boundaries through modern technology in order to create something really unique; something that could best convey the epic scale of our story.

Considerable research ensued, and the storyline was constructed according to the structure and lyrics of the song, sprinkled with a touch of mythology, while staying true to the actual historical facts. In total, more than thirty meticulously detailed puppets and backgrounds were created for the video. These were shot one by one and then composited into scenes digitally.

The aim was to take Shadow Puppetry as a traditional medium, and explore its cinematic potential. Thus, scenes were created both in two dimensional space, as well as in three dimensional epic camera shots. The powerful Athenian act is now running on an ingenious combustible engine made of Greek, American and German blend and is aiming high. Dare to join! It is unique and beyond Mr. Intro 2. Astron Black 3.

Ambassador Of Mass 6. The Criterion 7. Asebeia 8. I-I 9. Archon Basileus The Thirty Tyrants Epsilon Lyrae. Equal Loudness Curve is a blues-based hard rock band cranking out the perfect soundtrack to an ice-cold beer, super cool ride or hot, sweaty summer night. At once familiar and new, rediscover why you fell in love with rock and roll. This is hard rock and roll road music in its purest form.

Put the pedal to the metal, turn it up LOUD and enjoy the ride. We have given the world some phenomenal music and I really believe inside that Equal Loudness Curve will continue that legacy. Great band. So Glad To See You 2. Dusty Road 3. Wicked Woman 4. Summer Moon 5. I Like It 6. Try To Forget You 8. I Know What I Said 9. Hunter Down Here In The Sludge Common Sense With one foot set in scandi rock whilst the other stamps around wherever it may, we are now talking Actionrock!

These boys are combining juvenile delinquency with refined mature vocal harmonies in such ways both heart and soul are lit! The Action Five did one gig as a four piece and then decided they would need a lead vocalist to complete the lineup. Singer Endre Forbord had recently returned to Trondheim from London and soon joined the band as the fifth and final member. From the beginning of the band has been working hard to fuel the audience with a high energy live show not seen often on the Norwegian live scene, and the tight hard-working rhythm and guitar section gives the authoritarian though passionate vocals a solid foundation to stand on.

Ransom Briggs is a second generation musician and began his career in music by opening for big name bands such as Lori Morgan, the Dixie Chicks, Collin Ray, and Alabama. This was a huge learning experience for Ransom. Joining her brothers on the stage, the youngest Briggs sibling to finally follow in their footsteps, Samantha Briggs brought pizzazz with her dancing, singing, and guitar playing.

Adding the third part harmony to the vocals and playing her guitar made the music complete. Beautifully Used 2. Just Say Go 3. Medicine Man 4. Threshold 5. Come Down 8. To Be Broken 9. Change Farewell Song. So it has to be right. The first reaction most people have when they hear the band name Applespacebar is huh? They do not feel the need to reinvent the wheel but rather to put some new tread on the tires. With the addition of Lake Trechsel on drums and Patick Prantl on guitar, the ensemble was complete.

But I also love many modern groups who have built on that legacy of the past but still manage to form a new and unique sound, most notably Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Foo Fighters, and Coldplay. If we can add some enjoyment and emotional impact for our listeners while adding new elements to the vocabulary of popular rock, then we have done our job. Bright Like Shine 2. Little Box Of Secrets 3. Let Me Down Easy 4. To Whom It May Concern 5. Simplify 6.

Hope 7. Picture This 9. The Extra Mile Winners and Losers Let Us Live. The band was conceived on 31 January at p. Of course, after the show they were banned for life. Fugu, Japanese name for the blowfish, is considered a plate as esquisite as dangerous, which particularity resides in the poisonous character that lies in certain sectors of the the fish itself. Fughu hereby brings us a musical realm of its own. Y de la voz que decir, es en cierta forma la que impone el sello de la band a, destacandola por sobre otras, y no por ser una voz excelente ni de un registro envidiable, si no por hacerlo de una forma muy propia y expresiva.

ABSENCE es una obra maestra que la joven forrnaclon de Buenos Aires ha editado por su propia cuenta, con un resultado digno de la experiencia de un grupo con unos cuantos discos a sus espaldas, y que suena muy al estilo de norteamericanos.

Y todo ello con canciones de corta duradon, sin excederse, consiguiendo asi una escucha agil y f1uida. Ashes 2.

Dead End Start 3. Storm 4. Tilt 5. Slow 6. Absence 7. Snow 8. Solitude 9. Sun Red V Get Me Inside Pain Craving Broken Stop. Now we need you and your creative skills: mastermind and guitar wizard Christofer Johnsson wants to see your ideas! The lucky winner will be picked by Christofer Johnsson himself and will also get lots of cool prizes! Sitra Ahra Kings Of Edom Unguentum Sabbati Land Of Canaan Hellequin Cu Chulain Kali Yoga III The Shells Are Open Din After The Inquisition: Children.

After a major record deal, countless U. Something Wicked 2. Hacksaw Eyeball 3. Make Up Your Mind 4. Destruction Song 5. Zodiac 6. Watch The Children Play 7. Grip The Wheel 8. Supernatural Illusion 9. Force Fed Fear. The devastation will take years to clean up. Hopefully, the money we raise can help out a few animals. This is something we consider to be very important, so if there was ever a time to buy a TESF shirt, now would be that time.

Orders can be placed until Sunday, August 29 at midnight. Through the new cooperation with Restricted Records, in cooperation with Angle Side Side, the album will now be accessible via proper retail outlets throughout North America.

The band, featuring Leach and Sollecito alongside guitarists Jake Davenport and De Lisle and drummer Jeff Pitts, also draw heavily from their combined interests in jazz, punk, and experimental music. It comes from the E. The band played the Wacken Open Air festival a few days prior, with Helloween bassist Markus Grosskopf waiting in the wings in case Exxel had to leave.

Grosskopf did play two songs with the band, and also filled in for Exxel at the Bloodstock Festival in the U. The band will tour Europe in September. The band will make a p. Thanks to HeadbangerNYC. Long ago in ancient Babylonia, reigned the god Kingu. So by now you can detect a certain passion for obscure mythologies, and that is exactly what black metallers Blood of Kingu embody.

This is all very compelling, but musically, how do they live up to the staggering standards of black metal? I have mixed feelings about that. There are copious amounts of blast beats, terrifying riffs, and those nefariously satanic vocals which one imagines is summoned deep within the underworld.

Play the first track and you hear eerie, unidentifiable rummaging sounds. Subsequent songs follow suit, and nothing stood out to me as particularly memorable. All members contribute to writing and singing duties.

By playing a combination of cover material that ranges from everyday and current dance favorites to epic artists such as Boston, Van Halen, Journey, SRV and Rush, Category 5 entertains any audience from the dance crowd to the hard-core music lover.

Morss says he is a fan of Pantera, but this CD seems to be the anti-Pantera disk. Nothing against those singers, but I doubt anyone could ever argue their place in the rock world; they are Adult Contemporary without a doubt. With all their bookings, they must do well on the cover-band circuit but you would never guess that with this debut of original work.

If you are willing to put a very odd piece of work to the listening test, Category 5 may be for you. As I started to delve into tedious research of this band, I discovered their niche.

And comparatively speaking, they are akin to Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad. The album commences to the sound of triumphant drumming, marching the way, fearlessly into a foreboding chasm of je ne sais quo — something mysterious and tantalizing.

The song is unforgiving in its metallic assault. Unlike other death metal bands, the vocals vacillate between a high pitched Devin Townsend-esque this is where the SYL comparison proven correct level, to a visceral and livid sounding death metal voice. Talent abounds — left, right, up and down — they are austere in their technicality, and bravo, it really works for them.

Once the vocals cut in, they violently switch between the aforementioned ranges at such rocketing speeds, that it hijacks the whole track, making for one hell of a fast song. Otherwise, technical, hell, even you mainstream metal folks are gonna like this. One source called this a band to keep an eye on. I agree, this is some murderously mad metal!

Let us take a journey back in time towhen Katatonia guitarist Fredrik Norrman and vocalist Jonas Renkse crafted and spawned October Tide into existence. But the fates had it out for this band and its life was cut tragically short. It leads with about a minute long instrumental piece. Netzell uses more than one range, but does so subtly, and also uses it to reflect the mood the song and instrumentation.

Guitars are downtuned and the drums are played in a slow, damning way, which perpetuates an atmosphere of imminent destruction. The drumming blasts in its creepy way, above the melodic guitars and the vocals scream in a way that you might imagine a vengeance-seeking, tortured ghost might sound on Halloween night. It makes you shudder, but you keep onward. At all. I suppose my only real complaint would be that this was too short an album.

The combination of hypnotic grooves and brutally heavy riffs works very well, as does the killer production, but in the future this promising outfit might benefit from some creative editing, although as the trance-like flavor of their music is a major aspect of what they do, this might be difficult.

If you are truly a dedicated fan, then you already should know who Sarah Jezebel Deva is. Not enough Cradle Of Filth for you? Never fear! Deva, then you know that she also had her own band, Antagoria.

The narration and the riffing is what tips you off. With Sarah Jezebel Deva, you actually get singing. And that is the tone she uses invariably throughout the album, but of course mixing in bouts of opera-style singing. This song crawls into a deliciously creepy crevasse — again making this another song that takes on a personality of its own. I was impressed with this album and look forward to see what else Sarah Jezebel Deva has in store for us in the future. On paper, it sounds like an interesting period in rock history, but unfortunately the first two releases on the label to cross my desk turned out to be extremely bland, slick, sappy stuff — i.

Powell and Wilkinson were newly minted Christians at the time and had been out of the music scene since the tragic plane crash that had killed three Skynyrd members and put that band on ice for a number of years. Both albums deal in totally lite-n-fluffy AOR that recalls Night Ranger at their wimpiest, Styx at their sappiest, or Journey at their most sugary sweet. Put it this way: Ned Flanders would be proud to rock this stuff on his iPod.

Sorry fellas. Hey, you gotta expect some tough love in this business, but sometimes I think people like to berate a band that already has a bad reputation. So I played this album with an open mind, although expecting it to make me want to cry and commit suicide, but my preconceived notions were assuaged, and I was pleased to hear that this House Of Jealous Lovers - James Murphy - Japan Tour Live Mix @ Club Dawn Osaka (CD) not utter garbage.

So, after calming down, I began to sink my teeth into the album. The instrumentation is very much what you would expect: drums pummeling at rapid speeds, guitars are downtuned, wielding fierce shredding, and yah dee yah dee yah. It is good at best. I found myself having trouble distinguishing between songs, because they all sounded very similar. Personally I enjoy listening to some heavy, fast and chaotic music to blow off steam, but if I am looking for some great musicality, emotional or powerful lyrics, and true creativity, I would look elsewhere.

The album artwork is pretty cool, and will have you want to pick it up off of the shelf. It begins with a cool drum beat, and then enter the down-tuned guitar riffage that will make you bang your head. If heavy guitar riffing — and even heavier vocals — are not your thing, avoid this album. But if you enjoy brutal, unrelenting metal music, give it a try; you may just be pleasantly surprised with this one.

Some of you may be scratching your heads at such names like Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli, but that can be forgiven. They are the names of the once heavily revered gods of the Mesoamerican faiths namely among the Mayans and the Aztecs.

The lyrics are actually in Spanish, which shows true dedication to the Mayan persona that they are trying to encompass. It seems to transport you deep into the heart of a rain forest. The sound of a native type flute flutters sharply out of nowhere, and your heart rate spikes, but just for a second, and it then gracefully continues to serenade the rainy environment. Guitars start playing slowly, then the drumming creeps in and boom!

Now the guitars and drums are really picking up. This one has some cool layered vocals. Another notable thing about this band is the use of native instruments.

And this works well along side traditional metal drumming and guitar work. The album as a whole is not as captivating as I would have hoped though. Stephanie Davison sure has been busy lately, piling all kinds of reviews and interviews on my virtual desk the last couple of weeks. Here is more of her handiwork. I recently had the chance to interview this up and coming band about their self-titled album.

After my band The Union Underground ended, I met Chad [Clark] our drummer at a Hollywood rehearsal complex; we hit it off [and] formed the band and had John join us and searched far and wide for a killer guitar player. Dozens of auditions later Jesse [Billson] showed up and blew us away. D: How do you classify the band? What genre or subgenre of rock or metal would you place yourselves in? PK: I try not categorize or put the band in a specific box.

We just play what sounds and feels right. I call it hard passionate rock. If someone wants to call it modern, aggressive, metal or whatever. Those labels are all fine with me. Playing music successfully is one of the hardest things to do in the world. Luckily it separates the strong from the weak. PK: As of late my head has been in writing and recording mode.

No download in the world will replace the experience an audience and a live band create together. I did take guitar lessons from an amazing famous guitarist as a teenager.

Chad has a background in many playing styles. John knows about as much music theory as I know that African clicking talking dialect. PK: Any band that lasts several generations. Schooltje bouwen, kan ook goedkoper Dag van de achturige Arbeid. Bloemen bij de meet, Gio! Mark en Jesse: geschapen voor elkaar. Hij moest weg, niet van het House Of Jealous Lovers - James Murphy - Japan Tour Live Mix @ Club Dawn Osaka (CD). Met Hotel De Haan naar Londen. Wat willen de inwoners, wat doet de gemeente vervolgens.

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Dont Think Twice, Its All Right - Bob Dylan - More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits (CD), Baby Mama (Radio Version) - Fantasia (4) - Its All Good (Vinyl), Bounce With A Swing - Kenny Banks - Truly Free (CD), Stand By Your Side - Celine Dion* - One Heart (CD, Album), Tell Me A Story, This Divorce - Kitty Wells - Burning Memories (Vinyl, LP), Various - Winter Wonderland - A Collection Of 15 Christmas Songs (Cassette), Sugar Blues - Kid Orys Creole Jazz Band* - The Legendary Kid (Vinyl, LP, Album), Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Lift My Cup (Playboys Club Mix) - Gloworm - I Lift My Cup (Vinyl), Attraction - Lechery (2) - Violator (CD, Album)