Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD)

Truce Truce, call a truce Stop all the firing and the fighting Christmas morning, What would the good Lord say?

With the Tommies and the Frenchies But the very next day There were hand grenades There was gunfire, gassing and slaughter As we blasted the Hun To Kingdome Come With machine guns, shelling and mortars Well it was nice to pretend We could love our fellow men With the Christmas angels calling But the dream turned sour In a matter of hours And we made it all up in the morning Truce, call a truce Stop all the bitching and backbiting Who'd leave their lover Or send in the bailiffs This one day of the year?

Truce, call a truce Stop all the sackings and the stealing Who'd rape a schoolgirl Or cut off someone's pension And spoil all this Christmas cheer There's a couple of days when the bashers of gays Who oppress, arrest and charge us All leave us alone to return back home For a truce With our mothers and our fathers But the very next day it's back to the fray And setting our homes in order Bashing Lesbian mothers And underage lovers Disowning gay sons and daughters Well it's quaint to pretend We could all live as friends With the Christmas angels calling But the dream turns sour In a matter of hours And they make it all up in the morning.

Closing A Door If you go I think you should know You're closing a door Behind you And if we meet again Try not to pretend We lost anything Of value My generosity Generosity Is fading fast For you, baby Don't wanna hear 'bout tomorrow My curiosity Curiosity Is not gonna be The undoing of me I'll carry my own tiny sorrow Like the hawk That yearns to lock His claws into every Sparrow You're the one That loves to run The needle through the bone To the marrow Twenty lovers in a week You can get 'em Sure you can There's lot's of geeks And every mother one of them Wants to get lucky Or maybe you need More than one man Probably a legion Every one a fan I'm trying to find it in me To hope you're happy So when you go I feel you oughta know You're closing a door Behind you And when we meet again Promise not to pretend We lost anything Of value.

Fighting with the kids on the fairground Caravans and TV masts Generating trucks and Alsatians I never seen you run so fast Picking through the litter left afterwards For. Even Steven Sartorial Eloquence You've a certain sartorial eloquence And a style that's almost all your own You've got the knack of being so laid back It's like talking to the Great Unknown You've got a selfsufficient swept-back hairdo Pretty certain that you've got it made Oh, your lifestyle shows in the clothes you chose Sitting pretty in the Masquerade Don't you wanna play this game no more Don't you wanna play no more?

I wouldn't really mind But you seem so bored Don't you wanna play no more? You remain the only mean contender Though you never meant to lose at all Down at mouth, yet unsurrounded Adam Ant before The Fall Oh when you go, you know I might be lonely But I'll keep it under close control Go and get your kicks and we can call it quits I believe I'm feeling indisposed Don't you wanna play this game no more Don't you wanna play no more? Mad About The Boy I met him at a party Just a couple of years ago He was rather overhearty and ridiculous But as I'd seen him on the screen He cast a certain spell I basked in his attraction For a couple of hours or so His manners were a fraction too meticulous If he was real or not I Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) tell But like a silly fool I fell Easy Street Good To Be Gay Last Rites Mother nature has a way of fighting resistance Punishing me for an imperfect existence But in reality this free society Fears the man who seeks alliance If I should die, it won't solve a great deal It won't change the way that people feel I wish to God that I could pray But Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) feel he's made me pay For a life I've been trying to conceal Oh I don't really mind the pain My strength for loneliness is getting higher Unless it starts to rain I'll keep adding fuel to fire Up till now I've had nothing to complain about But now it seems that I've lost More friends than I can count Oh must I face it quite alone?

They won't even use the phone There can be no doubt Oh I don't really mind the pain As the media feed up my fire I don't need their selfish gain As I watch their readership get higher Man could not have been created without flaws Sure we expected to lose a few wars Yes I know that I'm crying Well I'm shit scared of dying When we ourselves opened the door And yes I really mind the pain My strength for loneliness is getting lower It may never rain - for personally The search seems to be Getting slower.

Gay Switchboard Jingle If you're down in London town And happen to be gay There's a great information service Open every day They'll tell you who and where and when And how and why and more On double double And in it did; an achingly nostalgic East End world of bombsites and day trips to Southend which had already disappeared. Now, another 20 years along the line, is in exactly the same place, but has joined it on the sepia shelf.

It's one of those trick tracking shots from a camera which remind us, as we get older, that what we thought were our personal memories are in fact history. So, a bit of history. The result of this was a Gay Pride March the like of which no-one had ever seen in this country. Not many by today's Pride standards, but looking along Piccadilly that afternoon and seeing nothing but happy perverts in either direction was one of those empowering moments you draw on in times of trouble for the rest of your life.

Afterwards there was a rally in Hyde Park, hemmed in by ludicrously large numbers of police and compered by T. He thanked the lesbian and gay members of the Force for turning out in such large numbers to support the cause.

We laughed. They blushed. We relaxed. Power again, you see. Then there was Polly Perkins - the biggest openly lesbian entertainer this country had produced up to then and very popular on the pub circuit. She sang "I'm a Superdyke" in spangly hotpants and - in protest at her pandering to male fantasies - was dragged off the stage by some of the people you hear on the track "Stand Together" on this album.

That's the kind of folk we were then. Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) respect, no empathy. And that's the kind of situation in which Tom Robinson set up Cabaret It was a personal venture in all respects. Having put up - and lost - a lot of money to subsidise Pride that year, he also staged a week's performances at a seater West End venue. He showcased gay material for which he didn't have an outlet elsewhere. On their new full-length - the first new music since The Waterfall - My Morning Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) reaffirm the rarefied magic that has made them so beloved, embedding each song with moments of discovery, revelation and ecstatic catharsis.

It comes after a near permanent hiatus for the band until performing four shows in summer '19 left them with a new energy. This newly discovered live-recording of a performance of the Love Supreme suite is a revelation.

Recorded at The Penthouse in Seattle on October 2,this recording transports the listener to a prime seat for piece of musical history. While not studio-quality audio, the power of the performance shines through.

The Black Keys release a special tenth anniversary edition of their landmark seventh studio album El Camino via Nonesuch Records on November 5, A three-LP Deluxe edition, which includes the remastered album and the live recording, also will be available.

Farewell covers a lot of ground across the span of its 26 songs and two-hour run time. Yet every moment is a reminder of why Minus the Bear were such an experiential live band. They were always pushing forward, evolving their sound, and finding new ways to balance brainy musicianship, pop worship, meditative sentimentality, and adrenalized fervor into their own signature concoction.

Further bolstered by the mix of Matt Bayles and master job by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, the album sounds like a fully immersive live experience. As days became a couple months, songs blossomed from embryonic ideas into full-formed ones and he was ready to move on, which typified his mindset as a working artist.

With this record LaFarge captures the thematic notion of being the perfect summer afternoon soundtrack LaFarge is an artist who refuses Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) rest on his laurels and compromise. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of R.

This is Barnett at her most relaxed, creative and joyful. It's consequently her most beautiful and intimate record to date. Side A: 1. Jeremiah Johnson blends the sounds of the south, with Mississippi River blues and a touch of country flair. Emotionally charged roots rock, powered by the common man's passion for life and all the struggles in-between.

Songs with meaning, a powerfully persuasive voice and master class musicianship. It's the follow-up to Golden Hour, which earned Musgraves her third No. The soulful collaboration between Leon as an artist and the space itself was so encompassing that he chose to name the album after the soon-to-be legendary complex. Certified 4x Penthouse Playboys - A Kind Of Christmas Card (CD) and a perennial best-seller, the soundtrack reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Charts in and 2 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts.

For this one-time only printing, the jacket has been wrapped in a silver foil while the embossed Peanuts characters and tree have never appeared more striking. A stunning, hopeful reflection on love, loss, and enlightenment, In Heaven is a triumph in music making, and a preeminent addition to the Strand of Oaks discography. The solution? Talk to Playboy. God knows I will do this and forgives me. And to hear those stories, keep coming back here for more Consigned, Cool, and Collected.

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