Barbecue Bust - Harry Smith - Harry Smiths Anthology Of American Folk Music, Volume Four (CD)

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Down on the Banks of the Ohio. Adieu False Heart. Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume 4 is a two-disc compilation of twenty-eight American folk recordings originally released on 78 rpm records between andissued in May on Revenant Records, catalogue Compiled by experimental filmmaker and notable eccentric Harry Smith as the fourth album of his Anthology of American Folk Music set fromit was never completed by Smith himself.

While the CD is out of print, an LP version has been issued, along with the other three volumes, on the Portland-based Mississippi Records label.

An amazingly comprehensive anthology of American roots music. There is a mystical and invisible body. The mystical body is older than the institutional body.

In fact it is ancient. The unofficial and invisible body of the people of the USA is the culmination and the logical goal of all the wisdom of all the wisdom and knowledge contained by or known by this ancient body of people, most of whom did not know each other.

I knew them all. There has been a form of unobserved, unacknowledged and even unknown method of communication between the members of this mystical group. Through me, through my mantram Barbecue Bust - Harry Smith - Harry Smiths Anthology Of American Folk Music through the indirect cynical communication, all of which I have taught you above, you may remain 7. I, The Great Koonaklaster, hereby declare the Invisible Republic to be a frighteningly visible and gigantic insane asylum, disguised as a city-state, consisting of streets that go around and around and around and around in circles and lead nowhere, avenues which are dead ends, roads sided by false facades of buildings which are nothing but different wards for various types of diseased minds, sidewalks which lead to a gigantic maze, from which there is no exit, no escape, and finally people milling about in great confusion and perplexity, all of whom have been decided by the DIRECTOR as to their own identity and their own experience.

The book about the visible insane asylum is dangerous to the public health because it is full of factual errors and half truths and full of confusion. It contains false implications. Its main thesis is that there is a significant connection between AAFM and Bob Dylan, along with a collection of his tapes, which he made in some basement, along with a group of musicians called The Band. This contention is not proved.

The musicians on the AAFM sing with little affect. Bob Dylan sings with great affect. He is much more dramatic than the AAFM folk. He is personal, hypnotic, focused, charismatic, clever, very often brilliant.

He with premeditation uses any vocal or rhythmic technique or trick he can uncover to get you under his spell. He likes Doc Boggs. He talks a lot about Doc Boggs. Without comprehension, of course.

Everybody knows that now. Boggs strikes a chord in Marcus. Marcus wrote lots of words about him. So now Boggs, dead, is selling more records than he ever did when he was alive. The Harry Smith-compiled three-volume Anthology of American Folk Music set, originally released in the s and reissued to much brouhaha inwas one of the most important records in launching the folk revival. It was not well known, though, that Smith compiled a fourth volume that was unissued.

Revenant finally put it out inand like its three predecessors, it contains classic pre-World War II American country, blues, and folk music, with some gospel and Cajun too. It does differ from the first three volumes in its focus on a slightly later period, with all the tracks culled from the years Til now. Dig in and dig it. Harry Smith was by all accounts the most eccentric of characters, a polymath who would count avant-garde filmmaker, alchemist, occultist, folklorist, painter, magician, archivist and expert on string figures, paper airplanes, and Ukrainian painted eggs among his many, many vocations.

However in recent years he has become best known for Volume Four (CD) short series of folk music collections. In three volumes, Smith collected up some of the finest American Primitive music the world had ever heard and this anthology went down in history as an essential part of the development of American music. And Smith was prone to do things like roll the sole print of a super-detailed, hand-painted film-which had taken years to create-down Broadway in the rain, in a fit of rage.

Red, Blue, Green were issued so that the element that was left out was earth. The immense regional distinctions that existed just a few years earlier begin to fade in front of your ears, while the personalities of individual musicians, as well as the dazzling qualities of their musicianship, becomes increasingly important.

The words on Vol. Track Listing Disc 1 1. Memphis Shakedown, Memphis Jug Band 2. John Henry was a Little Boy, J. Southern Casey Jones, Jesse James 9. Parchman Farm Blues, Bukka White Disc 2 1. Hello Stranger, Barbecue Bust - Harry Smith - Harry Smiths Anthology Of American Folk Music Carter Family 2. Milk Cow Blues, John Estes 8. The Cockeyed World, Minnie Wallace Barbecue Bust, Mississippi Jook Band The holy grail. Will be repressed at an undetermined future date……….

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The Barbecue Bust - Harry Smith - Harry Smiths Anthology Of American Folk Music thing. Be patient. Harry truly was a brilliant man. But Harry Smith did. Because Harry Smith and Frank Cloutier drank a hell of a lot of my apple juice.

I mean a lot. Anyway, there came into existence the Anthology of American Folk Music. This was a great step forward for the welfare and well-being of all mankind. The AAFM changed the world a hell of a lot. I am nothing but a gigantic red apple. I am the voices of those you have neglected and allowed to die. Those people and animals and other things — they are all here with me. I remove the veil.

Nothing is ordinary. This will never change. I give you my word. In fact, many people go insane. Please put away this book and you will retain your reason. Now listen to me. I will show you the way. Nobody could. Marcus claims he knows the plot. But he never tells us the plot. He claims he knows the Weltanschauung.

I am the Great Koonaklaster. I will explain it all. The fact is, everybody in Marcusville has identical faces. They are all Greil Marcus faces. Probably not. This is sad because writers like him do notice what nobody else Except YOU. But they set about trying to write about it and they get confused.

Meaning that the songs on this volume were miscellaneous songs that had no story or social purpose. After the release of the first three volumes, Harry Smith had plans for a fourth volume, he even made some master tapes. But it was never released during his lifetime.

This was because Marian Distlerone of the co-founders of Folkways Records insisted that he put a song on it that had to do with re-electing Franklin Roosevelt, he wouldn't do it because he didn't think it was a very good song. So they never released it. The notebooks in which he wrote the annotations for the songs in Vol. IV were lost as well. But the tapes changed hands Barbecue Bust - Harry Smith - Harry Smiths Anthology Of American Folk Music now and then, until it landed in the hands of John Fahey who finally released it in on his own label, Revenant Records.

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