Corporation - R2D2 / Attack Of The Clones (Vinyl)

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Secret Union. Source: Moons of Iego. This Hayden Christensen screencap might contain business suit. Hayden in Lacost Challenge Ad. Resolution: x BluRay Gallery. Star Wars: A New Hope The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones includes more than illustrations including sketches, costume designs, set pieces, models, and brilliant full-color paintings; an in-depth look at the new creatures introduced in Episode II; behind-the-scenes accounts and anecdotes related by the artists themselves; visuals of exotic planets, spacecraft, and characters such as Jango Fett.

Based on the story by George Lucas and the screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales, it contains 2-color illustrations following the storyline in a. The death of a major Corporation - R2D2 / Attack Of The Clones (Vinyl) mother on screen is a particularly dark and disturbing sequence that may upset children.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones is the perfect example of a show that developed its characters well, and it had fans everywhere genuinely caring about the fate of each person involved in the series. That doesn't immediately mean worse, of course. All the human action in the. Directed by George Lucas The second film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy isn't exactly celebrated for its dialogue.

Attack of the Clones might just be the most heavily criticized of the prequels, with its dialogue often coming under fire.

Ten years after the invasion of Naboo, the galaxy is on the brink of civil war. Under the leadership of a renegade Jedi named Count Dooku, thousands of solar systems threaten to break away from the Galactic Republic They had a general plan i. But big projects like aircraft carriers or skyscrapers or particle accelerators. War drums echo through the heavens as a rollup slowly crawls into infinity.

Because of the technical limitations of the IMAX projector, an edited, minute version of the film was presented. Before the films release, there was a string of controversies regarding copyright infringement. The scheme was subsequently reported to Lucasfilm Ltd.

An unauthorized copy was allegedly made at a private showing, using a digital recorder that was pointed at the screen.

This copy spread over the internet, and analysts predicted up to a million fans would have seen the film before the day of its release. In addition, authorities seized thousands of bootlegs throughout Kuala Lumpur before the film opened.

Eight deleted scenes are included along with multiple documentaries, which include a full-length documentary about the creation of digital characters and two others that focus on sound design and the animatics team. Three featurettes examine the storyline, action scenes, and love story, and a set of 12 short web documentaries cover the overall production of the film.

Some stores offered the full mockumentary as an exclusive bonus disc for a small extra charge. The film gives an alternate look at the "life" of the droid R2-D2. The story, which Lucas approved, was meant to be humorous. The film was re-released in a prequel trilogy DVD box set on November 4, The six-film Star Wars saga was released on Blu-ray Disc on September 16, in three different editions. On September 28,it was announced that all six films in the series were to be stereo-converted to 3D, and re-released in chronological order beginning with The Phantom Menace which was released on February 10, Attack of the Clones was originally scheduled to be re-released in Corporation - R2D2 / Attack Of The Clones (Vinyl) on September 20,but was postponed due to Lucasfilms desire to focus on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The sites critical consensus reads, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones benefits from an increased emphasis on thrilling action, although theyre once again undercut by ponderous plot points and underdeveloped characters. Numerous critics characterized the dialogue as "stiff" and "flat".

The acting was also disparaged by some critics. Conversely, other critics felt fans would be pleased to see that Jar Binks has only a minor role. Additionally, Jar Jars attempts at comic relief seen in The Phantom Menace were toned down; instead, C-3PO reprised some of his bumbling traditions in that role.

McGregor referred to the swordplay in the film as "unsatisfactory" when comparing it to the climactic duel in Revenge of the Sith as it neared release. Roger Ebert, who had praised the previous Star Wars films, gave Episode II only two out of four stars, noting someone who admired the freshness and energy of the earlier films, I was amazed, at the end of Episode II, to realize that I had not heard one line of quotable, memorable dialogue. Maltin cited an "overlong story" as reason for his dissatisfaction and added "Wooden characterizations and dialogue dont help.

Though a box office success, it was nevertheless overshadowed by the even greater box-office success of The Phantom Menace three years earlier. It was not the top-grossing film of the year, either in North America where it finished in second place or worldwide where it was fourth, the first time that a Star Wars film did not have this distinction.

The environment outside was too cold for droids like them to function, but R2 did scan for signals when Luke and Han were missing, and C-3PO calculated the odds of their survival, which nobody wanted to hear. C-3PO was mostly an annoyance as the crew of the Falcon had to hide from the Empire and navigate an asteroid field. When they arrived in Cloud City on the planet Bespin, 3PO wondered away from his friends after encountering another protocol droid.

He thought he heard an R2 unit and was looking for another familiar face, but instead he encountered a squad of Imperial stormtroopers and was literally blasted to pieces. Fortunately, those pieces were found by Chewbacca, the tech-savvy Wookiee copilot of the Millennium Falcon, who was able to restore 3PO to consciousness but didn't have a chance to fully reassemble him. A swamp is a bad place for an astromech droid, and R2 quickly found himself submerged in sludge and even swallowed whole by a giant reptile, but fortunately it found him indigestible and spit him out.

R2's only role in Luke's Jedi training was as a weight to be lifted with the Force, and he spent a lot of time sitting around waiting in this uncomfortable environment. Eventually, Luke had a vision of his friends in peril on Bespin, and he and R2 left to save them. There R2 and the disassembled C-3PO were reunited once again, and as they escaped on the Falcon, R2 helped put his friend back together. Unfortunately, Han Solo had been captured on Bespin and taken to the gangster known as Jabba the Hutt.

They arrived in Jabba's palace on Tatooine, and R2 played a message from Luke Skywalker saying that both droids were gifts for the Hutt. Eventually the plan came together, and when Luke needed his lightsaber for the rescue, it turned out R2-D2 had been secretly carrying it in a hidden compartment all along.

C-3PO was much less help, and had one of his eyes temporarily pulled out by Salacious Crumb, a monkey-lizard who was either Jabba's court jester or his pet, depending on who you ask.

R2-D2 took a brief detour with Luke to return to Dagobah for one last visit with Yoda, who was literally on his deathbed. Then both droids accompanied the Rebels on a mission to the forest moon of Endor. When they encountered the native population — a bunch of tribal teddy bear-like creatures called Ewoks — the creatures mistook C-3PO for a god because of his golden sheen. With the help of Luke's Force abilities, 3PO was able to prevent the surprisingly vicious Paddington lookalikes from cooking and eating the Rebels, and their cooperation enabled the defeat of the Empire.

When the droids were trapped on a dangerous planet, a tentacled creature ripped off 3PO's Corporation - R2D2 / Attack Of The Clones (Vinyl) arm. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tips the-sun.

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