Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette)

See synonyms for crocodile tears on Thesaurus. If autumn is your ideal season, spice up your repertoire of "fall" vocabulary with this quiz on some warm and vivid descriptive words for the season. Origin of crocodile tears First recorded in —65; so called from the the ancient belief that crocodiles shed tears while eating their victims.

Words nearby crocodile tears Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette)crocodilecrocodile birdcrocodile clipCrocodile Rivercrocodile tearscrocodile tears syndromecrocodiliancrocoitecrocosmiacrocus. For people living and working near the River Nile, the threat from a snappy attack was constant.

Such was the respect for crocodiles that the animal was represented in one of the ancient Egyptian gods — Sobek. Behind the motor nucleus are the superior salivatory and lacrimatory nuclei which are parasympathetic. The superior salivatory nucleus receives information from the hypothalamus and taste sensation from the oral cavity.

It innervates the submaxillary and sublingual salivary glands via preganglionic fibers. The lacrimatory nucleus receives information related to emotional responses from the hypothalamus. Information from the sensory nuclei of the trigeminal nerve is also Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette) by the lacrimatory nucleus which brings about reflex lacrimation upon irritation of the cornea or conjunctiva.

The facial nerve consists of a motor and sensory root. The 16th Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette) slaver John Hawkins and his crew Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette) crocodiles in the Carribbean and reported that they would "cry and sobbe like a Christian body".

In doing this, it was claimed, they would lure sympathetic victims into range, before surprising them and devouring them. The imagery behind the story Crocodile Tears - Manic And The Depressives - Morbid Fixations (Cassette) so powerful that belief in it continued well into the 18th and 19th Century. Even today, the phrase continues to be used in literature and the media, and not always without some speculation on whether crocodiles actually cry.

Look at the picture to the left. Malcolm Shaner observed and videotaped close relatives to crocodiles, caimans and alligators, while the reptiles were eating.

Vliets conclusion was that the production of so many tears is the result of the hisses and huffs the animals make while devouring their prey. This feeding behavior forces air through the sinuses and stimulates the lacrimal gland to produce excessive tears. Some of the air escaping also produces the frothing and bubbling they witnessed.

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