Dead End Justice

Unable to hack Kim Fowley's skanky personality, Steele quit and later reappeared in the poppier Bangles in the '80s. Krome never performed onstage with the band, and later disappeared from the credits entirely. In fitting Hollywood fashion, Kim Fowley selected Cherie Currie, a doe eyed blonde whose recurring stage uniform was a corset, as the group's singer. Joining the Runaways permanently shortly after original member Micki Steele left, Lita Dead End Justice aside her initial loathing for Kim Fowley for the greater good of the band.

Though the band occasionally wore sailor suits onstage and looked pretty good while bashing out heavy metal riffs. It was indeed a different world then. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bob Greene wrote a deadpan article about being trapped in a room interviewing the band. How much of this was journalist exaggeration and how much was truth one my never know, but it was hilarious.

As with all bands of any importance, there were nasty rumors of every imaginable stripe about the group: in-fighting, lesbianism, rape, abortion and suicide attempts.

Above and beyond that, the music itself proved thunderous. The novelty aspect stemmed from the fact that they were teen-age girls. It didn't matter if they played like Led Zeppelin, Vivaldi or George Jones, they were still "jailbait. Would Britney be such a big deal if she were an elderly year-old when the public first saw her?

The Dead End Justice rate in the US has been falling, and there are various explanations for this: better Dead End Justice, a decline in the use of crack cocaine and demographic factors. But I have never heard anyone suggest capital punishment plays a part.

In Britain, hangings were at least quick and cathartic and there was an argument that they did discourage yer 'onest stripe-jerseyed British burglar from packing a rod as he plied his trade. In America, where it takes an average 11 years from crime to execution, and 16 or 17 years is not at all unusual, the prospect is so remote as to be meaningless. The second is that it is retributive justice. Bereaved relatives are entitled to see murderers punished to their satisfaction.

But what satisfaction can there be in a process that winds on for nearly two decades? It, quite literally, prolongs the agony.

And often the defence to a capital charge means blackening the name of the dead. It was very clear in Georgia that Jean Drew, Dead End Justice victim, was - as we used to say when Britain had the death penalty - no better than she ought to be. There is not much public retribution, because most of these executions get zero publicity. Drew and Housel were almost forgotten in Lawrenceville, where the murder took place.

Dead End Justice press reports last week, such as they were, concentrated on the British media, whose interest baffled them. Why would anyone care about an execution? Well, if you don't care, what's the point of them?

The third argument is that it saves the expense of keeping a criminal. It turns out, given the cost of the appeals procedure, to be more expensive to kill someone than to lock them up for life. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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