Dont Count The Waves - Yoko Ono - Fly (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Why would you want to listen to this? This freeform music is also akin to Cut Piece in that Ono has devised the show. She hands out the scissors, just as she chooses to vocalize. She might be risking injury or exposure or ridicule, but she LP takes the risk for the sake of the basically wordless statement. She might be vulnerable, but she never seems weak. The tempo slows, and the guitar pealing turns bluesy, as Ono sounds like a cross between a baby and a harmonica, in fact like those moments in blues songs when the song has dropped out, the band vamps, and the singer becomes an instrument, briefly issuing wordless notes.

Indeed, it might be best to approach this music as though it were purely instrumental. In a tour de force of sonic construction, the band speeds up, their sound becomes train noise, the train noise segues into an electronic drone, Ono drones, and then the band fades in to the wondrous construction that is "Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City" most evocative song title ever. Think electric Miles Davis meets so-called Krautrockers such as Can and Faust, until the band fades out and is replaced by birdsong.

In other words, "Why" and "Why Not" might leave you thinking that these tracks display only four people indulging themselves in the studio. But whatever you as a listener have decided about the artistic choices so far, the return of Lennon, Vollmann, and Starr on the final two tracks, "Touch Me" and "Paper Shoes," won't change your mind.

Such an experience, perhaps as an opportunity to understand, can provide pleasure. Even experiences, sounds that might be considered unpleasant can be sources of pleasure.

Rock fans who appreciate both the fury and the beauty, the power and the glory, the hard rock meets jazz squall of the Stooges' Fun House will be primed to "get" this idea and this music. As documented by the live recording they later released, the music entailed heavy riffs overladen with some singing and much freeform, pain-filled vocalizing.

Many audience members fled, but Ono and Lennon claimed that those who stayed were entranced, probably went off to form bands, and might have ended up punk rockers in the late '70s. Fly Ono's next album, Flyhas inspired melodic expressions and atonal ones. The first of two double albums Ono released on Apple, Fly would be the companion piece to Lennon's Imagine, released the same year.

The connection is signaled by the same lowercase sans-serif fonts being used on both album covers. Whereas Imagine 's cover photos depict Lennon as a dreamer with his head in the clouds, however, Fly presents Ono in a gritty, disturbing light. On the front cover, Ono stares straight at the camera, her gaze impenetrable. On the back cover her high heels look badass. Lennon may have shaped or at least heavily influenced this mildly rocking boogie, which has the feel of LP mildly rocking solo material, such as the oldies collection Rock 'N' Roll But as he once put it about his own "Cold Turkey," "this song's about pain": "My heart shakes in terror," Ono sings.

Pain remains a subject on the mind-blowing seventeen-minute "Mindtrain," where the same band plows an entirely different field. If you've sampled the rhythmically complex grooves of "Greenfield Morning" and liked them, this is the fever dream for you. Why Lennon didn't play raw guitar like this on his post- Plastic Ono Band albums may have been due to his insecurity about not pleasing the audience, but his playing on Ono's albums can be a revelation, and his partnership with Ono could be thought of as a duet.

Here he plays stinging licks, stabs, that perfectly complement Ono's hammering, Album), percussively repeating the word "dub," and issuing disconnected lines such as "thought of killing that man. The voices are by Ono, the guitars are by Lennon, and her freedom as a vocalist leads Lennon into new territory for him as an instrumentalist. As Ono layers ghostly, echo-laden wails, he draws on Indian music, layering sitar-like patterns. Entire indie-rock careers have Album) built out of such simple materials.

If you can imagine removing Robert Plant from one of Led Zeppelin's blues mutations and importing a Japanese woman Album) riffs on syllables, then you are mentally creating this maelstrom, another antecedent of indie rock inspiring, for example, the New Album) band Bongwater.

However, the gentleness in "Mrs. Lennon" is fragility in the face of loss, death, and pain: husband john extended his hand extended his hand to his wife. Recorded Music NZ. Archived from the original on 19 September Australian Chart Book — British Phonographic Industry.

Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved 16 August Archived from the original on 19 July Danny Brown. Warp Records. Broadcast Music, Inc. Retrieved 26 December Elastic Oz Band. Unless stated otherwise in the description above, all items are in at least excellent condition - so please read our descriptions carefully.

Add item to your basket to see shipping quote. Go to Yoko Ono. Comes from Japan. Midsummer New York 2. Mind Train 3. Mind Holes 4. Notable songs include the singles "Midsummer New York" and " Mrs. The album was recorded around the same time as Lennon's Imagine. The original demo version was included on the Rykodisc reissue of Fly in Fly peaked at number in the Billboard charts.

The album was a significant influence to British power electronics musician William Bennett of Whitehouse fame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The CDs were sold in a hinged cardboard cover. The CD comes with a page illustrated booklet containing information about the album. The following songs were used as bonus tracks:. As the first independent single from Yoko Ono, Mrs.

The B-side was created during the recording sessions for the album, but not included on the album.

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