Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr)

My skin crawls just thinking about it and my chest tightens just remembering it. I wish I could tell you what transpired, but I remember waking up at the bottom of the landing, right next to the door of the kitchen. I stumbled into the kitchen to get a drink of water and contemplate what the fuck just happened. I glanced at the clock on the microwave. We never found the sheet the next day, but the dolls the figure was playing with were sitting in the middle of the room, away from the toy chest which they were inside of that afternoon when she cleaned her room which is across the room.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. The clock read AM. Keep scrolling to continue reading About the author. A few years ago one night at around 3AM my wife and I were sleeping and I feel myself slowly waking up from a really deep sleep. My eyes started lifting up and as soon as they focused on the lamp on my dresser it slid off and shattered on the floor.

My wife and I quickly sat up and looked at each other horrified at the startling noise. We agreed we would clean it in the morning and went back to sleep. The next morning when we woke up the lamp was at the foot of the bed about 5 feet from where it fell completely in tact and not broken at all.

We are still trying to make sense of it. The only one I have is when I Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) in 4th grade. When I was little, Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) would always sleep with my door open.

The science team Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) driven by noble intentions - through their research, they wanted to eliminate the wars, injustice, and conflict tearing the world apart, by changing human psyche [2]. To do so, an experiment aimed at creating a superconsciousness called the "C-Consciousness" was conducted. Seven volunteers were connected during the experiment, leading to the creation of said superconsciousness, which then attempted to "correct" the noosphere.

The intervention took place on March 4, [3] and failed due to a power outage. A month later, on April 12, the experiment was performed again and this time it continued until its completion [4].

However, it did not have the desired effect - instead, the generators created a rift in the Noosphere and allowed it to directly affect the biosphere, creating a large area where physical laws were outright broken and mysterious phenomena not understood by modern science manifested themselves - the Zone. The C-Consciousness attempted to find a way to control the Zone. The rift in the noosphere was expanding and the C-Consciousness was attempting to restrain it with their power, but their efforts were endangered by humans.

The primary element of this psychic-defense network was the Brain Scorcheran experimental psi-antennae outside Pripyat - when activated, any human that came into his range was mind controlled by the C-Consciousnessand joined the ranks of their agents. Secondary elements were the Wish Granter and its protectors - one lured stalkers into the center of the Zone with promises of wealth and wishes coming true, the second actively raided stalkers and defended research facilities, without the unauthorized people learning the secrets of the C-Consciousness.

Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) from changing human nature through tampering with the Noosphere, additional research was performed. This included mind control, brainwashing, memory alterations and the total destruction of human psyches. The C-Consciousness was also successful in instilling simple commands into animals. Some records of these experiments were discovered much later, when General Krylov sent a Duty expedition team down into the Agroprom Underground.

During the yeara Loner named Strelok and his Group found a way through to the center of the Zone, and came very close to entering the laboratory which housed the operations center for the C-Consciousness. Strelok's team was stopped, however, and the group fell apart. Strelok himself tried to return to the Sarcophagus, using a prototype psi-protection device given to him by Sakharovthat rendered him invulnerable to the Brain Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) emissions.

However, he was interrupted at the nuclear power plant by the Clear Sky faction, and their ally, Scarwho proceeded to use the prototype EM1 Rifle to disable Strelok's psi-protection. After the C-Consciousness unleashed a powerful emission that resulted in Clear Sky's downfall, an unconscious Strelok was then captured by the C-Consciousness and brainwashed into becoming an agent. Because of a fault in the C-Consciousness systems and Strelok's own total amnesia, he was given the mission to assassinate himself in order to prevent further incursions into the heart of the Zone.

Strelok, suffering from amnesia, confused, and barely alive after falling off of a Death truckwoke up at Sidorovich 's bunker in Cordonnot long after having been sent back into the Zone to carry out his strange mission.

From there, he embarked on a journey that took him farther and farther north. Gathering fragments of the truth, one by one, as if they were pieces of a puzzle, he raided old facilities, shut down the psi emitters, and eventually eliminated the Brain Scorcher itself. Strelok finally found himself back at the nuclear power plant with most of his memory restored - he ultimately learns from his friend Doc that he is Strelok.

After recovering Fang 's own Decoder and using it to open the Monolith Control Center door, Strelok discovers that the Wish Granter itself is effectively a fly trap. After seemingly destroying the Monolith, the C-Consciousness hologram appears in the room, Extrasensorial Junkies - SicNoise - No Longer Human (CDr) answers Strelok's question: who are they, how the project was born, and what happened to Strelok. The C-Con then offers Strelok to join their project to stop the Zone from expanding.

He, however, refuses, and is then teleported to the outside of the lab. After going through Teleport anomalies and the Monolith's finest experts, Strelok arrives in the room that hosts the life support pods of the C-Consciousness members. However, this fails to undo the damage done by the C-Consciousness, as the Zone became more unstable and emissions grew more frequent, as evidenced in S.

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