I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr, Album)

Whether on mesmerising acoustic ballads or hypnotic groove-led tracks, the music has a beguiling, melancholic quality, woven into the dynamics of his deft guitar playing. Pressed on vinyl for the first time and remastered by Brian Pyle. Still as unique and frenetic as ever, on this album originally released only on CD Blurt comprise sax-skronking frontman Ted Milton along with guitarist Steve Eagles and drummer David Aylward.

Sounding every bit as demented and inventive as on their reissues, Blurt mangle breakneck rhythms with out-there, disjointed free-jazz proclamations and smatterings of electronics. A worthy return from this largely overlooked band. This is the first official reissue of this lost audio recording. A tale of revenge, heartless cruelty and amulet power, muddied with frequent recourse to Scientological references. Released in an edition of with sleeve notes on a numbered insert.

This is its first release on LP, with new artwork by Nikos Veliotis. With their collective musical experience encompassing collaborative work with figures as diverse as Evan Parker, Akiko Yano, Arto Lindsay and Christian Fennesz, in contexts ranging from pop session work to film scores to sound installation, no one could be sure how Sakamoto and Toop would approach their first concert together as a duo.

ANGELI, PAOLO - JAR'A Paolo Angeli fits no category, but his unique instrument and often apparently impossible playing techniques underpin a deep, nuanced and completely grounded music which, while never far from a folk root, is enriched with so many strands drawn from the musical depths that it escapes genre and seems to talk directly to a shared Western contemporary musical sensibility.

The music on 'Jar'a' follows a more meditative path than his earlier releases. This is really music for a darkened room. It's immersive and somewhat psychedelic. Radik Tulush: voice, throat-singing, khomus, igil, shoor, Eduard Dragunov: throat-singing, didgeridoo, dungchen, khomus, kaluka, singing bowls, Igor Potsukaylo: noises, electronics, sound.

This single is limited to copies. This inch record features six tracks. Electronics that, far from being linked to any specific style, offers a musical variety that goes from downtempo to breaks, including space disco or IDM.

This INCH record comes in a numbered, signed, hand-stamped and embossed sleeve, along with a full lyric and photo booklet. It comprises the tracks from the three, sold-out lathe cut singles that were released in Syn - Full Moon 3.

Caskre - Gyda Terfsgaeth Gyson 2. Sculptress - Chiron 3. Gadget And The Cloud - Pulse 4. The music is inviting for the dancefloor, the texts are personal and uncompromising. This album comes as an editon of fluo orange coloured vinyl, strictly limited to copies.

It was completely remastered for physical re-release. Hoffen is a cold wave band from Mexico City, that shows a strong influence of post punk, new wave and British eighties gothic rock, but also from neo folk. Available for the first time on vinyl and including one new and exclusive song: 'On Winter Leaves Embrace'. Comes on limited crystal clear vinyl. Here now is the vinyl version, which one tracks less than the CD version.

Comes with an insert, including lyrics, photos and download code. Alice Sheridan, the artist behind New Haunts, wanted the songs to be cathartic - the album, as a result has become her most upbeat and uncompromising album yet.

The Bristol-based band uses an arresting vocal and a hypnotic rush of synth-laden coldwave to contrast the jarring with the serene. Limited edition of copies on black vinyl. Qek Junior is a German minimal wave duo with a hint to D. Back on wax is a noteworthy album of electro boogie-funk, written and recorded to accompany a tv show to help you tone up. The LP includes an obi and a reproduction of the original large poster with aerobic moves with stretches and poses.

This is their official debut album and merges an early, self-produced EP with previously unreleased tracks in a nervous, melancholic spheric release. Contains a session on Radyo Modyan, and includes a short set 'Live At Salon' including unreleased tracks.

All together it is a collection of bold brilliance and synthesizer subtilty. The sustained Ebow guitars aim the music in a totally new expansive direction with Album) elements, rhythmic arpeggio loops and some percussion added to the treated guitar ensembles.

The mood sets the emotional course: vast and spacious, minimalistic I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr sparse in character.

Music that shifts between contemplation and intimacy, impulse and reflection. Like the film, the soundtrack was made collaboratively by the group, working with Edwin and composer Tom Haines. The former Devo frontman is skillfully weaving the sonic landscape of the high fantasy genre with otherworldly synth textures.

Comes on gold and silver coloured vinyl. Apparently he has been around the music business for decades, but oddly enough, he has left only a few traces of his presence. Like a skilled alchemist, Barton Think combines soulful beats and jazzy downtempo into a unique sound that takes those genres into bold new territories. Comes on clear vinyl. XL produces a dancefloor-ready track, replete with big synth and vocoder lines.

Includes instrumental version. A furious snapshot into the early days of the band and featuring the line-up of Weasel Walter, Hal Russell and Chad Organ. For the first time on vinyl, limited to copies.

Horvitz took along his drum machine and synths to the studio, along with some talented friends - Elliot Sharp included - for this really original record that is both composed and improvised. Recorded live at Bimhuis, Amsterdam on July 3rd, The meeting between two generations and two cultures created a new mix between jazz, traditional music and electric funk. Jef Gilson had reinvented himself yet again, and it wouldn't be the last time.

Not satisfied to have already opened for John Coltrane into have participated in the legendary Double Six or to have launched the careers of several stars of French jazz Texier, Ponty, Lubat, Portal, Vitet, Vander and many morethe pianist and bandleader Jef Gilson would become, through this recording, the unlikely catalyst of a jazz which would proudly claim its' Malagasy identity. Del Rabenja takes us to the depth of spirituality with his valiha a small Malagasy harp while Sylvin Marc oscillates between free jazz and electro-groove.

Brown and others. This French electronic synth-pop single was recorded in Both men are very sophisticated producers and known for their dramatic melodies, mixed with synthesized funk and disco, which turns it into emotional freaky electronic music. Originally dating back to'Ya Raiyat' is based on a traditional Yemeni folk song, dismantled and reformed by El Khat and Yemeni inventor, carpenter and music producer Eyal El Wahab.

Sung in Yemeni Arabic, it features a series of handmade instruments including the self-named Kearat, a large steel bowl with a piece of wood, some nails and screws and six strings sounding like a banjo-bass as well as a fuel plastic container and olive oil containers.

There's a Pancello as well, which is played with a bow like a cello made out of a saucepan, broken shelf and rope. Both songs were released on the band's only album 'Parrilla Caliente' inof which the original pressing is a very rare and sought after piece. Recorded after the European tour in krautrock legend Hans-Joachim Irmler's studios.

On this album Kuvezin is accompanied by his long-term Tuvan friend and musical accomplice Sholban Mongush on igil a bowed horsehair 2-string cello and backing vocals.

Some additional tracks were later recorded in Abakan, Khakassia in spring Orange vinyl version. Every small town encompasses that one long stretch of forest where kids run to get high, jam out, and just escape.

For San Francisco-based stoner metal trio Acid King, vocalist, guitarist, frontwoman, and mastermind Lori Woods, 'Busse Woods' offered such a retreat in her native Illinois as a teenager in the '70s. This 3,acre section of the Cook County Forest Preserve system beckoned her during high school with its buffet of dope, frisbee challenges, and Black Sabbath blaring from numerous trunks well past sundown. Those days left such an imprint on Lori she titled Acid King's second full-length released in 'Busse Woods'.

Celebrating its 20th year with a special reissue on Riding Easy Records and a tour init represents the heart and soul of the band. The album still exudes the same sense of mysticism it did upon release in As the story goes, Lori and bandmates Joey Osbourne drums and Brian Hill bass entered a practice space to write the full-length follow-up to their debut 'Down With The Crown'.

As everything gelled, they recorded with legendary engineer Billy Anderson. Then "everything fell apart. Marriages ended. Lineups shifted. In the face of such tumult, the music of 'Busse Woods' rarely got its due on stage in the aftermath, even though the aesthetic would prove influential. Here the original LP is expanded with a startlingly different alternate mix that has only survived on an acetate - until now.

Both sides of the band's rare non album single are also present on a separate 7-inch with its own picture sleave. The large page booklet contains the band's full history and many rare images. Kyuss and Los Natas. The 35th anniversary reissue of this ultra cool new-wave-meets-minimal-disco-funk album by the Bronx-based sisters, originally dating back to The six-song debut-EP from the Hawaii-based soul singer and guitarist Nick Kurosawa is now also available on vinyl.

Nosce Te Ipsum is a new step into the ancient times of this very important medieval band from Italy. The I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr of Ataraxia is one of the most important worldwide, with lot of excellent albums.

Now they return with an amazing re-release of a long deleted album. The songs were taken from the self-titled demotape frompreviously included on the Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam CD. One of the most poetic and various albums of Ataraxia. Saphir is inspired by the magical, symbolic and mystic nature of gardens. Gardens of all ages linked to different geographic areas the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Arabian gardens, the medieval hortus conclusum, the zen gardens and the English romantic gardens have been the starting point of our musical research.

The garden has been often represented as an universal door to cross this dimension to enter the one of myth and dream. The harmony governing the elements composing a garden is the same governing the elements composing music and all of this creates beauty. In 'Saphir', nature and art are mixed together to contrast an environment and life-style mainly based on what is functional and productive; we focus our attention on the most precious gift the human being should never be obliged to renounce to, thats the freedom to dream and an aesthetic taste for life.

Music is rich and nuanced. Classic and flamenco guitars, romantic pianos, pads of atmospheric keyboards, noble sonatas, epic tunes, rich vocal broderies and some eastern and classic percussions from darbouka, to bendhir, frame-drums, timpani, udu, cymbals and bells played by Riccardo Spaggiari, appearing for the very first time on an Ataraxia album, are the ingredients of this opus.

Norwegian pop maverick Oyvind Holm's band laid down this - their very first album - with a hell of a lot of gusto and passion. Spanning '70s glam rock, psychedelia and intelligent art-pop this is one of the most interesting releases on Sugarbush.

However, The Green Ray have now been a working band in their own right for well over 25 years. This solo outing from Seattle's Green Pajamas mainman is another classic album.

So much has been written about this classic album which was originally released in Japan in This was the first album as Orgone Box. Aimed at shocking and insulting as many people as possible, playing the rawest, most obnoxious and out of tune punk rock ever heard until then, and using the world 'fuck' more than any other band before, Chaotic Dischord formed in Bristol in with a mission to spoof and parody the pointlessness of all the generic second-wave mohawk-punk acts that had recently signed to Riot City.

Ironically, they became one of the label's best-selling acts. This "enhanced" version of their groundbreaking first LP comes complete with their whole second studio effort, the hyper rare 'Don't Throw It All Away' inch, originally on Riot City fromadding up to a total of 24 unstoppable UK82 bullets!

On vinyl, this is a reissue of a very popular I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr featuring all of the original recordings from the early-mid '80s British Oi! Formed in Fagersta, Sweden inC. This complete discography collection features the entire ' Dead Cops' demo tape fromtheir legendary 'Who'll Survive' 7-inch and the band's contribution to the 'The Vikings Are Coming' compilation LP, along with an unreleased studio track and a live cut. From performing 'Touch Me' on The Smothers Brothers TV show with a full horn and string section, to the unhinged raw power of 'Moonlight Drive' at the famed Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, this live collection goes from the softest and schmaltziest side of Jim Morrison to his darkest and weirdest, and all points in between.

On beautiful high quality vinyl, this is essential live Doors from the height of the band's fame. The End 2. Moonlight Drive 3. People Are Strange 2. Light My Fire 3. Wild Child 4. Touch Me 5. Kelly still is facing another federal trial in Chicago So, is it time for the public to cancel Kelly's hit songs, once and for all, now that he's been convicted? Akon has thoughts on that too.

Irving has been under attack for reportedly not getting vaccinated as the pandemic rages on Get his ass up out of here. Get him outta here' But, Shaq wasn't done sharing his thoughts on the topic -- he expanded on his take on "The Big Podcast" on Thursday Shaq shares his thoughts on Kyrie's situation in Brooklyn. Once you sign up for this life there is no privacy. And you have to accept it.

FYI -- some of that milli will disappear if Kyrie misses all the home games this season No word on if that's changed Irving's mind at all Jockey Oisin Murphy -- a 2-time British flat racing champion -- had a terrifying moment before a race on Thursday The scary incident went down at the Salisbury racecourse in the UK In the footage, it appears Oasis gets spooked and starts to lose control -- bucking and dashing across the parade ring with Murphy saddled on.

The year-old Irish jockey was holding on for dear life The horse then burst right through the fence and kept running. Murphy was sent to the NHS London hospital after the crash and somehow, only ended up with a few cuts to the face. Britney Spears was the big winner in court Wednesday, but it's hard to believe anyone celebrated her father's removal from the conservatorship harder than this fitness instructor This TikTok vid beautifully illustrates the joy FreeBritney folks felt when Jamie Spears was suspended from the conservatorship after 13 years -- as this guy literally jumped for joy when he heard the news.

The coach -- who's known as The Fitness Marshall -- parlayed his excitement into a fabulous "Free Britney" workout, including some hilarious jabs at her dad. Jamie Spears says his ousting from Britney 's conservatorship will only hurt his daughter, and having a stranger take his place in her life is the complete opposite of what Britney needs. Jamie's lawyer, Vivian Thoreengoes after the judge for suspending Jamie and appointing CPA John Zabel in his place to temporarily manage her estate.

But, Thoreen then bores in on the attacks against Jamie, saying he was the one who stepped in 13 years ago when no one else would Thoreen says, "This included helping her revive here career and re-establish a relationship with her children. As for Britney's anger toward Jamie, Thoreen says, "For anyone who has tried to help a family member dealing with mental health issues, they can appreciate the tremendous amount of daily worry and work this required.

Of course, Jamie was hammered by the public, Britney's attorneys and even his own daughter in court Thoreen says Jamie made the choice to keep his mouth shut during the "false, speculative and unsubstantiated attacks. And, then the attorney went after Britney's lawyer, saying Jamie -- not Mat Rosengart -- was the one who actually asked the judge to end the conservatorship immediately.

She says Rosengart objected to pulling the plug now. As we reported, Rosengart wanted days to review the books to determine if there was misappropriation of assets or other abuse Thoreen says flatly, "Mr. Spears loves his daughter Britney unconditionally Spears will continue to look out for the best interests of his daughter and work in good faith towards a position resolution of all matters.

TMZ broke down everything that happened during yesterday's hearing on our new podcast. The next hearing is set for November 12, and it seems very possible, if not likely, the judge will end the conservatorship during that hearing.

Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. App Store. Google Play. Vacation Mode! Gallery Launch Gallery. Play video content. Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. Amy in 'Waiting Patriots Super Bowl. Bill Cosby Thinks R. Her music sounds bewitching and bright, but dark and plain at the same time. It catches up with what is in between, a world between the worlds.

Power Electronics meets the experimental electronic music. Diverse, layered, juicy noise from a guy who knows what he's doing. This disc contains 2 minute tracks of industrial metal clanging, ambient atmospheres and creepy synth work.

Check out the samples so you can hear what it sounds like and i dont have to sound any more like a dumb ass trying to come up with a crazy description of the compositions. If you like bands as Triarii, Arditi, March of Heroes etc The debut album of Kraschau was inspired by the great empires and kingdoms of Europe, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussia and also 20th century christian and legitimist movements, eg.

The lyrics are dealing with the themes of christian mysticism and the spirit of struggle - as opposed to the coward comfort of the modern world. The album features various guest musicians from the hungarian industrial and neofolk scene It also incorporates various speeches, which are not too common in the martial-neofolk genres collected from documentary films and historical archives.

Travel the hallways and explore, as you venture into a more cerebral musical state than what brakeHEAD offered, where ghostly transmissions and hypnotic layers of surreal, ethereal atmospheres intersect with disembodied voices, clattering, furnace blasting percussion, and of course, healthy injections of true, old fashioned industrial noise and sweeping doom, done in the best Scandinavian style imagine if Deutsch Nepal had continued in the same path laid down by Benevolence and you start to get the idea.

The pacing of the album is truly impeccable, flowing seamlessly from to track, as if moving from room to room in a hazy, dream state, the layering and cohesiveness on a whole nothing short of meticulous. In 6 panel digipak. Massive, desolate music that seems to send urgent I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr flares into the dense darkness of the industrial space. In Johan started working on his own music again under a name that he used already several years ago: Laharis.

On the new album "Unpolitical Alchemy" he works again for the first time in 5 years together with Peter. The sound is between the early ACOH recordings with modern electronic influences. A beautiful album with many psychedelic moments. The best soundtrack for long car-rides in dark nights. You will love this. Set that vision to music and you get Lovely Little Girls, the band Jacobsen fronts.

Swirling sickness of songs are propelled by Eleanor Balson, a drummer whose style creates more than a beat while maintaining a beat. There is an insight that female drummers seem to have think Katherina Ex or Mary Duchess of Saigon that leads them to a place where the drum steps outside of but not into Mathland.

Also a standout is Alex Perkolup, who plays a guitar that razors noise into piercing fragments, a crack horn section, and Gregory J. At twenty-minutes Glamorous Piles Those who can slither into this filth and feel at home will be very much rewarded. These both originally released in Some bonus material from very limited tape that was available only to subscribers of Witness To Disaster and was not for sale.

Eric Lunde does what nobody else is doing. Crude and decayed quality of original releases is still fresh today! Comes with 8 page full color booklet reproducing the original artworks in their aging decayed looks.

Designed to push the limits of live, improvised drone music examining its intersections with dub and psychedelia, creating a form of «minimal psychedelic music» from floorboard-creakingly quiet to physically affecting volumes, an experiment in propulsive meditation, or meditative propulsion. It is up to you to fill in the blanks: with the snap of a whip, the crackle of latex being slipped over a body, the sound of pain and ultimately, pleasure.

It seems, you either understand the concepts of control and consent, or you don't. It's not my job in this context to teach or educate. This CD is dedicated to those of you who do, indeed, understand. Hundreds of tracks of blasting noisecore explosions.

Including demodemodemocompilation tracks with unreleased recordings and live Untitled Navigations I was recorded live in the Villa Bohult studio, and is one massive ambient piece of slow moving darkness. As the soundscape evolves, rythmic patterns appear and merges with the crackling of broken records and deep resounding frequencies. Untitled Navigations I is presented exactly as it was performed, without any overdubs or post production. Prepare for another dark journey into the mind of the nordic master of darkness.

Unconventional release in special white cardboard with silver printing. Unusual shape of the package that folded makes mm x mm size. Inside there are 3 different inserts showing winter landscapes. All very snowy and icy, handmade and numbered to copies. Since that time, only the five selections on their self-titled, blue vinyl, extended-play record and a handful of songs featured in recent anthology appearances have found an audience outside of the venues where the group performed live during their original three-year tenure.

That is about to change! As the piece de resistance of Phase II's artistic career to date, the band's new album Afterglow has arrived, introducing modern listeners to their unique and timeless mixture of varied musical stylings. Included in this expansive release are six songs from their original repertoire - in some cases, songs only rehearsed, but never before performed in any venue - all recorded here for the very first time.

As a special reprise, all of the songs from the blue vinyl record now long out-of-print have been enhanced and included on the Afterglow album. And to bring things full-circle, Phase II is also proud to present a recording of its first all-new song of the twenty-first century on this compact disc. To round out an already-generous Phase II presentation, the album concludes with "Candle in the Night", their complete pre-progressive, conceptual radio program from two songs of which were included on 's Tonwerk Flammenzauber 2 CD.

The Afterglow package includes an attractive booklet featuring full lyrics, as well as an anecdotal history of the band in text and photos.

Whether during their "folk duo" period, or as a full progressive band, the original warmth of the music of Phase II was felt all-too-briefly and by all-too-few. Afterglow is a comprehensive retrospective of their original songs. Now that Nicholas and Mark have reunited in this "Digital Age", may it also provide a launch pad for exciting new works to come. The band is clearly inspired by metal music and crossover. The first songs are very aggressive. The song ends in a pure guitar apotheosis.

They now and then take a little break cf. A few electronic passages are sometimes emerging from the depths, injecting a calmer touch to this metal-minded brutality. More ambient than its chronological neighbours it still has a lot of ethnic sampled percussions, eerie sounds, strange surreal samples and mysterious scratches and breathes, while the voice of the Moroccan singer Khadija Lourlham is adding some special colours to the overall typical Middle-eastern flavour of es Rapoon sound world.

This edition is limited to copies and comes in a full colour digisleeve. This is the fifth album of their joint project which has been formed in and now gathers more and more attention from the audience which it really deserves. Obviously the duo is on its best creative form today and this work proves it totally.

An absolute masterpiece of experimental electronic sound art which is far from both formal approach of concrete music and total lack of structure typical to pure improvisationists.

This edition is limited to copies and comes in a full colour digisleeve with two inserts. This new CD is a 22 minutes, 68 tracks, plausible incarnation of some sort of harsh folk, like a french rogue and degenerate cousin of Bill Orcutt, or a Loren Mazzacane Connors under Temesta.

Apperentely they use here environmental sounds "gathering acoustic signature from central railway stations" it is called on the coverwhich are then sampled into a short loops. These loops are played all over the frequency spectrum and is heavily loaded with sound effects.

This results in a more harsher form of industrial music, without leaping into industrial boredom. Burning like the desire of a proud man for universal harmony and beauty, it rides eternally the skies.

The ones who are not blinded by arrogance or the ultimate light can verify the gentle meaning of our hymns and their noble purpose. Rest in peace in the eternal skies! Records, RNF Full length CDr by this Lithuanian one-man unit, VIDINE RAMYBE, Power Electronics with Noise and Industrial influences, merging heavy electronics, harsh elements, static noise, minimalistic beats, sometimes clean and often processed vocals shouting lyrics focusing on hate, violence, madness, sickness of routine, military experiments, industrial decay, capitalism, death, aggression, deppression All lyrics shouted in Lithuanian but including their English translation as well.

This is the second V. Packaged in jewel case including an 8 page booklet. Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume. Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London May Mastered by Tommi Keranen. With iridescent paints from jazz, noise, electronic, ambient and even shoegaze pallettes the sound of WRIST stepping down to the cellar remain authentic and recognizable.

And this soggy vault door may lead you to the Ivory Coast shore with still other things to beware. The next thing — «Soap Thriller» — probably answers «No» — turning twilight lounge guitar jazz tune into a crude noisy maelstrom with drums hammering nails into the coffin with the grace of an elephant in amok.

These two compilations curated by Richard Ramirez, originally tape releases on Chaotic Noise Productions, released in tiny editions almost 15 years ago is proof of it. Known from harshness and simple ear assaulting qualities, this compilation shows also the nightmarish industrial-noise edge of clanging metals, tape manipulations, fierce feedback, brutal samples, Both compilations are presented with original line-up's. Volume levels has been corrected, but otherwise sound left untouched to reflect the mood of original tapes.

Double-jewelbox with re-prints of original artwork. Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! Totally weird! With melodies from the orient, feelings of the hot Arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, Arcana has on this release moved further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss.

European edition. One of the best records I've ever released. Get it. DKF deaktive. Rhythmic noise attacks with destroyed voice mix up with cold electronic songs. Previously released as a CD by No Fun this is now the definitive vinyl edition of this material, and serves as archival insight into the development of their sound over the last years.

Mastered by James Plotikin. The plastic sheets are fastened to each other I Laid My Eyes On A Woman - Evan (3) - Bonustracks (CDr 4 bolts, one in each corner. Close your eyes and open your ears and dig deep into a galaxy generated by tonal and artistical visions. After many CDR and cassette releases on labels such as Truculent Recordings and Slaughter Productions, among others, this is the vinyl debut of the project. Best music ever created! The sound varies from perfect oldschool Rhythm-Industrial to fantastic retro Minimal songs with a touch of typical Austrian humour and sarcasm.

Each track a total dancefloor attack! That is the correct word to describe this piece of wax.

She Cracked (Live, 1985) - Echo & The Bunnymen - Crystal Days 1979 - 1999 (CD), Das Ei - Loriot - Gesammelte Werke (CD), Til The River Runs Dry - Thunder (3) - Ballads (CD, Album), Wednesday Morning - Analogue Orchestra - Back To Stereo EP (CD), Sorrig Og Glæde - Clickhaze - EP (CD), Natty Peta, Slow Dance On A Burial Ground - Stephen Montague - Slow Dance On A Burial Ground (Vinyl, LP), Petroleum & Tång (Demo) - Eva Dahlgren - Tid - Urval Av Sånger 1980 Till Nu (CD), Stars And Boulevards - Augustana - Youll Disappear (CD), Cubanita, Reek Of Putrefaction - Various - Requiems Of Revulsion: A Tribute To Carcass (CD), Ήταν Μια Φορά - Γιάννης Σπανός - Λ. Παπαδόπουλος*, Γιάννης Πάριος, Χάρις Αλεξίου, Γιάννης Καλατζής -