Intro - Silence : death - Soulredemption (CD, Album)

Spoiler: Ironbark Why is there a Resurrection Stone near the place you get Killmaim if there are no enemies there? Can't get into Ironbark from Zheidland. It pushes my heroes back and there's no FX for entering.

The camp was burnt though. It might be because I accessed Ironbark first from the Abyssal Swarm. Lucky I had an earlier save and yeah, that was the cause. Two Glaives met and stood still see image. The side platforms of the two glaives path towards the golems to complete Martin's quest don't always protect you. The glaives can kill you randomly whem passing by. The camera in the obsidian statues room should be bigger to get an idea of what moves when and where. That obsidian statues puzzle to open the main door is really trial and error.

Drove me nuts. There's a place right northeast of the main statues puzzle door that you can access through some canopy trees that leads you to a black bordered zone image attached. That looks bad. Some rocks or trees or something would have been better instead. Actually, the who road up is surrounded by black borders and it doesn't look nice.

Sira remains near Selendis even after you defeat her in Ironbark before she blinks. Is Lightning Storm supposed to affect golems? Chen's message about Martin's death came way too late. I was out of that zone and fought two more Chaos Golems. Not sure where to get the last name of the guardian.

Tried stuff like "Lord of Fire and Weapons" but nothing. Ah, you find about it if you go to the last map. Good that I saved. Kind of cheesy that the dialogue about her is censored during the heroes' talk with Thrall; she says a "No First I thought that she was sad that the emblems were given to the heroes as she wanted to go to the Oracle herself too.

After fighting the Serpent Knight, the door Album) locked so I couldn't get out anymore not even after completing the statue quest. I thought maybe I had to use the Glaive item on the gate but nothing happened. Glaives of Blood didn't appear before.

I got it because I lost none of the heroes. It told me, after I defeated Terenas, that the One Woman Army map had been unlocked but I don't know how to access it. The campaign menu doesn't have it. The demon said use the item or not. Why are we obliged to though? Why would Adias want anything to do with what the demon has to offer?

Maybe, it could have been a trick. OK, I had to select the zone where the furbolg is to access the Controller. It is invisible. Chen had a permanent Slow from a Sludge. Actually, it's not permanent but lasts more than 10 minutes. Trials get pretty repetitive. Spoiler: images. Last edited: Jun 15, Joined Jun 16, Messages 1. I have a problem,where can I get a hcun for exchange info in Edenvale in actI. Joined Jul 6, Messages This is my review: 1.

History: It seems to me a quite pretentious story to finish the usual thing, although it is good, it does not seem exceptional to me. Maps: The number of maps is impressive, there is no doubt about that, but it is also obvious that not all of them have the same quality. Many of them are so simple Dare I say they look like filler. Although there are many others that are quite good.

Gameplay: It has several typical rpg mechanics, sometimes they are better and others worse. Although honestly, in this campaign you spend more time watching cinematics than playing games. As I said in the history section, too pretentious. Personalization: Yes, there is a customization job, but it is quite disappointing that the only change for many skills is a lot more levels and a custom icon, because otherwise they are almost all the same.

In general, it is fine, its greatest sin is the same as that of the entire current video game industry, more affection and time dedicated to cinematics than in the game itself. Regardless, all I see here is a serial low rating spammer who has yet to show the community something less "pretentious" that would at least even try to reach part of the quality of this campaign.

Well, keep rating everything with 4 and 5 stars. Even campaigns copied from Blizzard with four custom models have those scores, normal that when seeing a good work like this they think that all the scores must be perfect.

It doesn't matter, I give it 5 stars, I don't want to cause some irreversible trauma or offend the content creators, since they are so sensitive. Joined Aug 19, Messages How can I destroy trees in the first area of act 2? Joined May 13, Messages Resources: 1 Resources Maps 1. Zyle said:. Joined Apr 5, Messages 2. It's a great campaign so far!

But i've an annoying problem and this is a game breaking problem for me. It seems that i can't transition back to any map, i can only go foward!

Everytime i've tried it, the campaign just close to menu screen without any warning Right now, i'm in Murloc Cave Denbut those creatures are way too powerful for me!

Unfortunatly, i've saved inside the cave and can't go back to previous map. Joined Feb 21, Messages 6. I really liked the ideas in general and the story is cool. But I find this really difficult to enjoy, because of lots of the decisions in general, some comments talked about them already. But my main problem is those items, don't get me wrong, I really love the idea, it was this that motivated me to play in the first place.

But as I played, it became what made me stop. They are underwhelming in general, the vast majority are just stats buffs and debuffs, and nothing else. The best example is the Magic Ivory, mana, but you lose 15 intelligence, in the end its just around a mana and mana regen debuff, nothing else. Which is really, really underwhelming, independent of the reason for this, that i can understand, but not agree. Most of the items makes me not want to use them. Then again, i liked the ideas in general, but the Intro - Silence : death - Soulredemption (CD have thrown me away.

As am example, there was a campaign with itens that had debuffs I don't remember the name but the cool thing about it was the unique effects or abilities, they could change everything and actually make those debuffs worth it.

Maybe this is not for me in the end, but it was interesting noneless. Last edited: Aug 13, Talles said:. I don't exactly remember how it was in Act I but in Act II, items are much more varied and there is actual incentive to use them regardless of the minuses they bring, the perks given by them making wearing them worth it.

Also, Album) very much depends on how you combine items, some lowering a stat while another neutralizing the negative effect by raising that stat. See the Magic Ivory that I mentioned before as an example, that item gives more mana, but also reduces mana, at the same time, this is just strange and pointless. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Xian Sep 24, Off-Topic. Replies 1 Views Oct 2, w3. Replies 3 Views 3K. Sep 23, icsoka Dangerous Act II. Replies 9 Views 6K.

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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more…. Campaign in the style of The Founding of Durotar with many unique elements Defenders of the Light aims to provide something beyond the experience of the original Warcraft 3 and the Founding of Durotar.

It has many unique minigames and contents that you may get pleasantly surprised about. It may look like a typical Warcraft 3 campaign at the start, but the changes only show themselves gradually the deeper you dive into the campaign. An original, beautiful and impactful storyline which was written to touch your heart Growing up, I always love the kind of stories that realistically portrait the characters as real human beings, with goodnesses and flaws.

Therefore, I created this story with the same mindset in mind. Great movies and games successfully touched my heart in the past. Great works of art always give me the experiences I could never forget. I hope Defenders of the Light will do the same thing to you. More than 16 playable maps for Act I and more than 12 playable maps for Act II After completing The Founding of Durotar, I was a bit disappointed of how few the maps are, and also got even more disappointed in the later Acts that the number of maps not only shrinks but the story also becomes more linear.

I created this campaign not with the intention to surpass The Founding of Durotar. I only created what I wanted to play, something bigger, something I could enjoy a lot more. Unlike the map layout of The Founding of Durotar, which has one main map and Album) submaps around it, the maps in Defenders of the Light do not structure the same way.

You'll know it when you play it. Elusive Reality Varsel Twilight Of Gods Too Late Covenant Hit The Wall Runaway Year Of Judgement. Stolze acht Punkte immer noch, die Remastered Version kriegt irgendwann neun! Rain Time Loud No Tomorrow Crucified Time Knows No Lies The Sense Drive Trough Fire Battlezone Hellbreaker Beyond The Grave Dead Rising Car Wars Firebreather Lawgiver Black Hole Overload Back To The Bullet The Outrun. Ein Zuckerschlecken war es sicher auch damals nicht, eine Band aufzubauen ist harte Arbeit, dennoch ist gegen Ende der ersten Dekade des neuen Jahrtausends aufgrund der Technik vielleicht einiges leichter — sich mit seiner Band durchzusetzen aber durchaus schwerer als in den glorreichen Achtzigern.

Macht definitiv Laune! Rat Race 2. Take It Or Leave It 3. Lightning In A Bottle 4. Vampress Album). When the first snow fall hits your home town I highly recommend you check out this album because I think you will find it magical and be revisiting it for winters to come. Toggle navigation. Featured Audio. Featured Video. View More. Ora tutto sta a vedere cosa una persona cerca da un disco; infatti questo disco si ama o si odia sostanzialmente per gli stessi motivi. Come da tradizione il disco si chiude con un lungo brano sulla falsariga di Halloween e Keeper of the Seven Keys.

La nuova versione [3. Jerico scambia quattro chiacchiere con Ignazio Nicastro sugli Xenos, band giovane ma attivissima nel

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