Let The Good Times Roll - Missy Mist - Let The Good Times Roll (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Last night's heels on the morning train. Glamour that's been up for three days straight. DOWN This track compilation features three previously unreleased versions of classic Clash tracks, including the never-before-heard "Junco Partner Acoustic " and electrifying live performances of "Rudie Can't Fail" and "I Fought The Law, " the latter two of which were recorded by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at London's Brixton Academy on November 24, The label contained a variety of talented artists on it's roster, including George himself.

Package includes new written foreword by Jakob Dylan. The new album is quintessential TFC: melodies are equal parts heartwarming and heartaching, guitars chime and distort, keyboard lines mesh and spiral, harmony-coated choruses burst out like sun on a stormy day.

In the s, the band crafted a magnetically heavy yet harmony-rich sound on classic albums such as Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix. This century, albums such as Shadows and Here have documented a more relaxed, less "teenage" Fanclub, reflecting the band's stage in life and Album) of mind, alongside which Endless Arcade slots perfectly.

The album walks a beautifully poised line between melancholic and uplifting, infused with simple truths. The importance of home, community and hope is entwined with more bittersweet, sometimes darker thoughts of insecurity, anxiety, and loss. HOME DSR DR. It has been remastered for maximum audio "punch". VGS' career spans over 30 years with countless U.

DSR 18 DR. Paterra continue to explore the very melodic sensibilities, synthscapes, and driving rhythmic section that propelled the band upon the release of their latest critically acclaimed full-length, Tracks such as "Black Forest" finds the band leaning on heavy grooves alongside soaring leads, while the opening "Mangler" oozes with ominous synths as crescendos build and build.

Don't miss out on one of the year's most compelling companion pieces to the band's already stellar full length! CHANT HONEY WHOA GO ON EMPTY Beatles-esque power pop perfection, somewhere between mop top pop and modern day bubblegum, perfectly executed in The Red Locust's unique way, with a strangely familiar voice! SALLY All singles have been recreated with their original artwork, including the ultra-rare, previously fan club only 'Stretcher Case Baby'.

These are all packed in a superb box, collaged with original press cuttings from back in the day. Also included is a Damned embroidered patch, exclusive to this boxset.

Fresh off tour with the MC50, the Cobras were inspired to judiciously cherry-pick two soul rarities to record and press em hot in Detroit! The familiar sounds of Rachel Nagy's sultry vocals and Mary Ramirez's garagey guitar backed by a solid crew of veteran Detroit players Dale Wilson, Eddie Baranek, and Kenny Tudrick help to retool these vintage jams.

Hill that gets a newly realized guitar crunch intro. The Distillers are excited to announce that the physical version of their single "Man vs. This vinyl 7", pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, is the first chance to own new music from The Distillers in over 15 years. MAN VS. Super limited. Include the album version of Help Me Stranger, plus an alternate take of fan favorite Somedays. Original mastering still full of the raw energy that set this New York band apart.

The duo played with a few different bass and guitar players before settling on Bert Queiroz also of The Untouchables and Tom Clinton to complete the lineup. The band played its first show in Washington, D. Youth Brigade was active for a little less than a year and released only 11 songs. Eight came out on the 's Possible EP - the title a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of the first Dischord ads, where, in a list of future releases, the label mentioned a "Possible EP" by Youth Brigade.

The rest were released as part of Dischord's Flex Your Head compilation. Complete First Demo collects eight songs that Youth Brigade recorded with Don Zientara and Skip Groff in the summer of during its first recording session.

All other material is previously unreleased. This edition of the record has been pressed on orange vinyl. It is the first studio release to feature Jason Newsted who joined the band as bassist following the death of Cliff Burton. All tracks newly remastered.

Multi-tracked melodies which curl around one another, charging drums and addictive bass lines converge to give each track its driving momentum. Honed through their live shows, this relentless energy carries the record through new chapters in the bands Australian storybook.

Blending critical insight and literate love songs, The French Press cements Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever as one of Australia's smartest working bands. DIG UP Recorded as a part of a series of songs for Adult Swim, this 12" single is a testament to what has made The Sciences such a success: bottomless tone, spacetime-melting riffs and a unparalleled aural experience from start to finish. Leagues Beneath is a full 17 minute plunge, now available to experience on black vinyl.

B-side is an etching. Available on both standard vinyl and an awesome picture disc! All Hallow's E. It was originally released in October,through Nitro Records.

It contains three original songs and a cover of the Misfits song "Halloween". AFI formed in Ukiah, California in Originally a hardcore punk band, they have since delved into many genres, starting with horror punk and following through post-hardcore and emo into alternative rock and gothic rock.

This will be the third installment of their fan-favorite nostalgic movie cover records. Featuring songs from blockbuster movies such as Frozen, Back To The Future, and Rocky 3, this album has been long awaited since the release of the last installment in CUPS SOS II features Aggrolites keyboardist Roger Rivas.

With stacks of highly favorable press from their most recent release "Shake Up the Place," the Plant is ready to grow to new heights. CRACK NO LIE While the project itself has been in the works for months, this won't be the first time that these two powerhouses of hip hop have collaborated. The album is 2Pac's commentary on contemporary social issues facing American society such as racism, police brutality, poverty, black on black crime, and teenage pregnancy. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of this classic UMe will be commercially releasing the album on vinyl gatefold, gram for this first time in the US.

The album serves as a sequel to the duo's extended play Savage Mode Features the singles: "Runnin" and "Mr. Right Now". INTRO DRAKE His last release four years ago, Before I Self Destruct, leaked in its entirety over a month before street date. With 3 bonus tracks. PILOT BLINK Since the release of 's debut album Answer That and Stay Fashionable, AFI have written and recorded five top ten hit singles, hit 1 on the Billboard with the stunning December undergroundgarnered critical acclaim and amassed a fiercely loyal international following whose members number in the millions.

WILD We Don't Have Each Other offers up a more stripped down approach with Campbell's signature story telling lyrics. E EPIC LP Classic Rock. Double LP contains all the tracks from the double limited CD. TAALI Reissued as single CD and single vinyl LP.

Released in21 is now the best-selling album of the 21st Century, with over 31 million copies sold worldwide. DISCO Titled after the Balboa Fun Zone amusement area of Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, it is the band's only album recorded without singer Tony Brandenburg, who had left the group the prior year.

The album also features the return of original Adolescents guitarist Frank Agnew Rikk Agnew's younger brotherwho had been absent from their prior album, 's Brats in Battalions. The band broke up in Aprilreuniting in later years with different lineups. Red vinyl. The track strong invasion, available in stores in July, hits right where it hurts and doesn't only deal with the band's unbridled hatred towards the current head of state of the US, but also holds a mirror to the world, in which too many stubborn people unfortunately don't dare to look.

ROOM LP Dub Reggae. DUNES Giannascoli began writing these songs in the fall ofhaving just finished a tour for House of Sugar's acclaimed predecessor, Rocket, and moved into a new apartment in Philadelphia. Whereas with earlier efforts, such as 's self-released Winner or the landmark release DSU, he'd write numerous songs fairly quickly, with House of Sugar Giannascoli worked at a steadier pace, concentrating on fewer songs and laboring over each one more than before.

Throughout the process Giannascoli worked closely with Jacob Portrait, who mixed both Rocket and its predecessor, 's Beach Music, and here helped to balance each of House of Sugar's dense, multi-faceted tracks.

As the product of extended focus and planning, House of Sugar emerges as Giannascoli's most meticulous, cohesive album yet: a statement of artistic purpose, showing off his ear for both persistent earworms and shifting textures. HOPE NEAR SUGAR COW CRIME Recorded on the US tour supporting his critically-acclaimed album Rocket Pitchfork Best New Music and not long after a notable feature on Frank Ocean's album Blonde, this stand-alone LP is his first live set to be captured and made widely available for his very loyal fanbase to enjoy.

Featuring work from self-released tapes, Orchid Tapes and Domino Recordings, this daydreamy and intricate retrospective opens a private window into Sandy Alex G's lovely lyrical wordplay and cozy stage persona.

JUDGE KUTE PROUD BOBBY WITCH BRICK HORSE SO GNAW Not only did the album introduce the world to Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, and Mike Starr, it was also a pivotal album in the era of grunge music. Gatefold sleeve. The band went out of their way to stretch their songwriting muscle, working with a variety of superstar producers including Butch Walker, David Bendeth, Matt Squire, and more.

Available for the first time on vinyl! WALLS VEGAS Having first met in the '70s thanks to their respective close associations with Fela Kuti, the two world-renowned musicians talked for decades about making an afrobeat album together.

When, intheir touring schedules coincided in the UK, the moment presented itself and producer Nick Gold took the opportunity to record their encounter. The unfinished sessions, consisting of all original compositions by the pair, lay in archive until after Hugh passed away in With renewed resolution, Tony Allen and Nick Gold, with the blessing and participation of Hugh's estate, unearthed the original tapes and finished recording the album in summer at the same London studio where the original sessions had taken place.

Rejoice can be seen as the long overdue confluence of two mighty African musical rivers - a union of two free-flowing souls for whom borders, whether physical or stylistic, are things to pass through or ignore completely. According to Allen, the album deals in "a kind of South African-Nigerian swing-jazz stew", with it's roots firmly in afrobeat. The first song to premiere online "Hunger of the Pine," trended globally on Twitter the day it was released and topped LP Billboard Twitter chart.

NARA II The release was widely praised, but the band members still felt like their best work was yet to come. American Football LP3 is contemplative, rich, expressive, yet with a queasy undercurrent.

Featuring guest vocals from Paramore's Hayley Williams, Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, and Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell, the album is heavy with expectancy, revealing its ideas slowly, eliciting the hidden stories people carry around with them.

There was a determination to let the songs breathe, to trust in ideas finding their own pace. The whoops and hollers that previously held together the sublime, chaotic urgency of their earlier work now signal the calm sense of euphoria and wonder that ripples through this wide eyed record.

TASTE FIX ME Recorded in New York, the album arrived at a time when Astatke had begun to master the delicate fusion of styles needed to create Ethio jazz.

DEWEL Their sound is peculiar and unmistakable, a collision of post-punk, noise, pop and electronica. The release is completed by the rare track? LOST The Bs were an American new wave band, formed in Athens, Georgia in Rooted in new wave and s rock and roll, the group later covered many genres ranging from post-punk to pop rock.

The "Guy vs. LAVA The Bs formed in Athens, Georgia in The "guy vs. Gals" vocals of Schneider, Pierson, and Wilson, sometimes used in call and response style are a trademark. That positivity fuels many of The Ride's tracks. Classic STIV. This batch on red vinyl! Combines all of the great singles recorded for Bomp between andcool demos, alternate versions and mixes, and live tracks!

This is the first release of that complete recording session, including three previously unreleased tracks. This also marks the first official reissue of the single "Bela Lugosi's Dead" on vinyl for over thirty years.

The audio has been newly mastered from the original analogue tape by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios. HARRY These Long Island, NY, emo-rockers provide one new track as well as a slew of others reimagined and stripped down for a sweet listening experience. Includes digital download. MARY Includes download code. May 16, marks the acclaimed albums 50th anniversary.

Package contains gram heavyweight black vinyl LP reissue of Pet Sounds remastered in Mono with faithfully replicated original artwork. BABY Includes download card. PPP DO IT SCOOP Expect renditions of classic songs s. GIRL WAIT June marked the 20th anniversary of this double-platinum-certified album. MINUS SORRY UMe is pleased to bring Believe to vinyl for the first time!

FALL Almost every song on this collection is making its vinyl debut. This release is the bridge from the early demos, and the listener can feel the progression toward what would be listed as one of Rolling Stone's Greatest Albums Of All Time - Big Star's Third. Label-induced price increase. Auerbach says, "When we're together we are The Black Keys, that's where that real magic is, and always has been since we were sixteen. GO Originally released in as an "add-on" to Baby 81, this was supposed to be limited to copies in the US only, but has actually sold over copies to date.

Comes with exclusive poster insert with many previously unseen photos and complete lyrics. WASP These raw, early recordings showcase all the passion and verve of songwriting duo Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus!

Now available in a special limited edition tri-color blue-green-yellow vinyl! TIME Gqatefold domestic reissue of the 17 track double LP.

Comes with download codes and sticker. OLSON It's right there in the title - Death in Venice Beach - an allusion to Thomas Mann's celebrated novella about the price of an artistic life. What draws The Bombpops hasn't changed on their newest effort: highly melodic punk with big guitars, vocal harmonies, and the SoCal sound that inspired the quartet to pick up instruments.

But the more light-hearted skate punk of Fear of Missing Out has a serrated edge on Death in Venice Beach, as they explore darker themes - even though the songs are catchier than ever! Cultivating an extremely thick and heavy harvest of powerful mega-rock, Bongzilla have fertilized their sound tenfold over time, and the results of their bumper-crop harvest speak for themselves.

Recorded under the influence of three ounces of Humboldt's finest, Stash presented ten fat spliffs of crystallized bliss. In the truest sense of irony, the release date for Stash fell on April 20,a release date that occurs only once every 7 years! In addition and also by complete coincidencethe random Relapse catalog number assigned to Stash was ! When extreme homage is payed, the true are rewarded justly. With a Sabbath-on-downer-encrusted sound that blends billowing rock, clenched-teeth blues and an underground punk attitude, Bongzilla fire up thunderous mega-rock with a pronounced emphasis on the "big riff.

First ever vinyl pressing. JAPAM OMA Includes digital download code. Now available on gram Audiophile vinyl. KOOKS It was originally released in Aprilthree years after his previous album, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps. Remastered on gram heavyweight vinyl. TVC15 STAY STAR The ten songs, spanning forty-four minutes, contain eerie narrative Let The Good Times Roll - Missy Mist - Let The Good Times Roll (Vinyl that are bracing, high tempo and dynamic.

The album delivers manifold emotions, from the nostalgic yearning of "LA" to the gripping intensity of "Come Closer". The nervousness of Augustus Muller's bent, out of tune synths paired with the lush and sometimes brittle vocals of Jae Matthews, delivers an unsettled, yet fulfilling encounter with Boy Harsher.

Careful summons a new spirit for the young band - that of growth and desire. FATE LA TEARS CRUSH The EP was released by Ascetic House as a one time vinyl pressing of copies, which sold out in a month. This new deluxe reissue titled Country Girl Uncut, includes four previously unreleased tracks, for a total of eight songs.

Country Girl marked a distinct sonic shift with the band, as the EP was the first group of songs written in their new home in rural Massachusetts. The novel isolation of the Northeast gave Jae and Augustus plenty of time to write and explore new sounds, while reminiscing about their time in the south.

The move also put the band within driving distance of New York City which was another important factor in their progression. Playing parties like Nothing Changes and Lost Enterprises gave them access to a vibrant new music community. From industrial to noise table techno, the band was enamored by the raw sound and fearless attitude of the artists and crowds alike.

The sound of Country Girl is defined by these two worlds that the band existed within - their quiet, modest life in small town Massachusetts and their speed-fueled weekends in New York. Country Girl Uncut includes the complete track list of songs from this time period.

SHY LIONS Now lovingly reissued. Returning after a two year absence, this LP saw a new sound for the band and a new line up of just Keenan and James Cargill. Stripped down to these essential components, they sought inspiration from minimalist post-punk outfits like Young Marble Giants and created a record of pop melodies that maintained the signature Broadcast feeling of melodrama and despondency.

Having lost a third member in the run-up to this album, track 11 is entitled Minus 3 and further demonstrates Broadcasts ability to bring real life experiences to record in inventive and effective ways. The stark minimalism of Tender Buttons was a first for Broadcast but their enduring melodies triumphed once again.

BIT 35 MINUS 3 XXX LIE4 I WILL DNA ELSE I KNOW WOW The albums, many of which have been unavailable on vinyl for a decade, have been remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

Includes a new essay from cultural commentator and early Buzzcocks fan Jon Savage. I NEED The session preceded the recording of Buzzcocks' groundbreaking debut "Spiral Scratch", and features demos of the EP's four tracks - an EP now recognized as one of, if not the, most important records of the punk explosion. He introduces the record with lead single "Love Again" and over a smoky beat enhanced by swells of guitar and keys, he locks into a heavenly and hypnotic harmony with none other than the legendary Brandy.

It hinges on a redemptive and real refrain, "If you can take my hand, I promise we'll find love again.

They can't all be gold, and they're not all six years apart either - all good! You could probably call the album "Gold Records," too: all the songs have a stand-alone feel, like singles, meant for you to have a deep encounter with all of a sudden, from the start of the song to the finish. And what do you got when you have a record full of singles - and let's face it, hit singles, at that? That's a Gold Record for you.

Can, the 11th studio album by Can was originally released in Lost during its initial release amongst the punk explosion, Can features the classic tracks 'Sodom' and 'Can Be'.

Holger Czukay's involvement took a back seat on this album. Can is also the last album before Can reunited with Malcolm Mooney on the reunion album, Rite Time in SAFE SODOM CAN BE.

Delay is the classic? Delay is a compilation album of early outtakes of Can's work with singer Malcolm Mooney, including some of the band's earliest material. PNOOM THIEF Out Of Reach, the 10th studio album by Can has been unavailable in any official format since its original release in Out Of Reach is one of Can? This is due in large part to the fact that bassist Holger Czukay left the band while this album was being recorded, and drummer Jaki Liebezeit had a reduced role.

Most of the rhythm duties were left to percussionist, Reebop Kwaku Baah. Tago Mago, Can's third studio album originally recorded in is the first album with Damo Suzuki on vocals, and features the Can line up of Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on drums and Irmin Schmidt on keyboards. AUMGN SANDY ELI IRENE Caribou returns now with his new studio album Suddenly, a warm, untamable, and constantly surprising record about family and the changes we go through as those relationships evolve.

There is support at radio e. LIME RAVI Rather than look inward, Farrar uses his experience to write about what it means to go through something heavy and come out the other side a different person.

Posh Boy founder Robbie Fields was in the producer's chair for their excellent debut, Fear of Life, a blistering punk assault on American values.

Free from the heavy metal leanings of their later work, this no-holds-barred debut is a must for all fans of So-Cal hardcore.

CLAWS ENEMY MONEY First pressing comes on violet-colored wax with a bonus 7". TOUCH CRY CAD 4 AD Already a cult band on college radio, some classics like "Pearly-Dewdrops Drops" and "Aikea-Guinea" were given new mixes for this release, while it also featured "Millimillenary," the first run out for incoming band member Simon Raymonde. To this day, it remains a great entry point to a wonderful band.

Leonard Cohen's voice has not been stilled. The dance goes on. The album is divided into two halves: Sunrise and Sunset. Everyday Life includes the singles "Orphans" and "Arabesque". DADDY GUNS EKO COLE, J. Cole has come a long way from rapping about how to get up off the sideline. Three albums in, with Forest Hills Drive, the "God" is home. The Fayetteville, North Carolina native composed an honest, nostalgic album without any apologies.

Cole typically plays it safe, straddling the fence of a conscious rapper who can still create commercial hits and enjoy a good romp in the bed.

But at the end of the day, I realize Im doing myself a disservice and Im doing people a disservice because I could say one thing. If Im speaking my mind and saying how I truly feel, I might say one thing that connects the dots for somebody, that might have been the right connection that was needed," he directly admits during a recent interview with Angie Martinez.

HELLO All Over The World got a lot of airplay in France and in Spain, and Steve and Paul toured in Europe off that record for several years until they wound up in London where they recorded Longtime Gone, just before returning to the States.

While all three records featured strings alongside a jazz ensemble, Lords Of Lords stood apart from its predecessors due to the sheer size of the orchestra 12 violins, 6 violas and 7 cellos, arranged and conducted by Coltrane herself and its refined, blissful performances-shining a vital light on the devotional path that she would follow for the rest of her career.

This first-time vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes. Certified Gold, Blue Train is Coltrane's second solo album and the only one he recorded for Blue Note as a leader although he was never formally signed to the label. Alternate cover photo. Featuring the Classic Quartet - John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones - and recorded at the end of a two-week run at Birdland, the music on this album represents one of the most influential groups in music history both performing in a musical style it had perfected and reaching in new, exploratory directions that were to affect the trajectory of jazz from that point forward.

The standard version incorporates 7 tracks, 2 of which are two completely unheard, brand new original compositions as well as Coltrane classics like Impressions and Vilia. The deluxe version incorporates 7 alternate takes of some of the tracks from the standard - a must have for any Coltrane fan. NAIMA DISC 2: LODI RAIN The Head on the Door was depicted by the Melody Maker as "a collection of pop songs. In the UK, it quickly became their most successful album to date, climbing at Number 7 in the albums chart.

The album is the first to feature drummer Boris Williams. Bassist Simon Gallup, who had previously worked on three major Cure albums of the early 80's, was called back LP the recording. Inthe band became a quintet with instrumentalist Porl Thompson as fifth official member.

The Head on the Door is the first Cure album where all the songs are composed by singer and guitarist Robert Smith only. PUSH SCREW CATCH Pornography is the fourth studio album by English rock band The Cure, originally released on May 4, While poorly received by critics at the time of release, Pornography was their most popular album to date, reaching No. Pornography has since gone on to gain acclaim from critics, and is now considered an important milestone in the development of the gothic rock genre.

The band has performed the album live in its entirety as part of the Trilogy concerts. Chordettes Mr. Everly Bros. Delivery Time for this set is weeks 1. Marvelettes Please Mr. Delivery Time for this set is weeks.

Knock Yourself Out! Fleetwoods Mr. Teresa Brewer Music! Music Music! He's My Brother. Clovers Love Potion No. Byrds Mr. Miracles Love Machine Pt. War L. Bruce Channel Hey! Twelve tracks shared between them plus a post-show interview with Buddy Guy. Features two albums from popular jazz alto saxophonist plus rockers Johnny B Goode, Bony Moronie, etc. Soundtrack album to a cult documentary film pre- ings focussed mostly on his love of early New Orleans jazz, senting the story of emergent radical country artists rejecting the Album) the vocals of Ottilie Patterson on a handful of sides.

New collaboration between original soul classics featuring Sam musicians who first bonded over a mutual love Cooke, Dee Dee Sharp, Baby Washingof folk and blues and who have remained ton, Etta James, Ray Charles, Tommy friends ever since.

British Jazz, and multiple winner of Best Jazz This was a way of the label showcasing Vocalist at the annual British Jazz Awards, joins forces with The Godfather of Swing and some revered the marvellous range of talent on its roster in the late s and early s and includes great sides from Bill Evans, Thelonious musicians from the British jazz scene on an enervating set of 13 Monk, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Griffin, Bobby Timmons, Max standards.

Roach, Art Blakey, Wynton Kelly and many more. Famous early guitarist John Schofield. A compelling recordings fromas exciting as ever. A 13 track genres and generations.

Includes 10 tracks that feature intriguing homage to a city that he loved so well. New re-issues from Grammy-award winning jazz saxophonist, this album from British blues-rock guitarist, with an enhanced focus covers the years to and includes ten incredible performances from concerts in London, Pori, Marseille, Prague, Paris, here on his increasingly confident vocals. Boston and more. Tasteful and impressive sounds from a band who have been recording for over 60 years!

Grammy-winning album featuring traditional hymns and covers of songs by Curtis Mayfield, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Wonder and more. Revered Beat Generation poet in singer-songwriter mode recorded in but not released until as First Blues featuring cameos from Bob Dylan, Don Cherry, Arthur Russell and others. This edition includes eleven previously un-issued performances from and plus a full colour page booklet. A new album from rising Americana band led by the talented singer-songwriter, Amanda Platt.

Already a big draw on the American festival circuit, the band has recently benefitted big-time from opening for the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Debut album from a trio that has been heavily involved in the burgeoning Norwegian jazz scene for over 15 years.

This includes the complete Verve album that featured the only recorded collaboration between brilliant vibes player, arranger and conductor and jazz piano genius. All existing small group studio collaborations recorded between and featuring jazz legends Ben Webster tenor sax and Johnny Hodges alto sax. Two complete small group albums for Verve from plus fifteen bonus tracks from the same period and a detailed 20 page booklet. This set comes with a nice 16 page booklet.

Expanded edition of classic Atlantic album, adding 13 bonus tracks recorded between and that share the thematic unity of the original 6 tracks even though the supporting cast of musicians changes quite a bit. Includes a nice 16 page booklet. The original Blue Note classic album plus material subsequently released on volumes 2 and 3.

This edition also includes two bonus live performances from the same period plus a 12 page booklet. This includes 12 tracks, including new original from Eric himself. Hi-quality vinyl edition of the new album. These performances have long been country singer-songwriter, equally at home on lush ballads, heart- sought after as bootlegs by Dead-Heads, now receiving their firstfelt gospel sides and comedy numbers ever official release.

Classic Eric Clapton And Guests: Crossroads Revisearly blues sides from a true original and inspiration for the suc- ited. Featured artists include Andre leen Rennison. New album from Recordings. Twenty tracks from popular Merseybeat band blues-rock super-group featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Ste- captured between and High quality vinyl and covers of some of his favourite numbers.

This In Amsterdam. Excellent mix of souththreatening illness. In Amsterdam. Anticipated new track deluxe gatefold sleeve and download studio album re-uniting the revered early line-up, code to access a digital version of playing together for the first time in 45 years since the the concert. Run- tion! New concert on video DVD. This special scenes. Nine live sides from cult German blues rock Memories. New album from leading lights of the current wave of band, including versions of Dust My Broom and Hey Joe among traditional bluegrass bands, this features 12 new religious songs their own original material.

Label debut bay musical traditions on 22 tracks. An enjoyable hour of your from brothers, Jack Torrey and Page Burkum, who enlisted the time to be shared with two distinctive groups from Cat Island, full production help of JD McPherson, in making a lovely country and of joyous accordion, scraped saw and goatskin drum.

Americana album full of sublime harmonies. Read our review at www. Superb hot jazz from influential band, Vega, Diana Jones, Lucy Kaplansky, Richard Julian, John Gorka, at differing times featuring the talents of many future jazz legends.

Andrew Rose Gregory and more including contributions from Jack Hardy himself. Seventh studio album from bluesman with a large live following. This features a set of cover versions played at gigs of various blues standards along with some pop and rock tunes given his unique blues make-over. Held by fans to be one of the greatest live albums ever, this track live set has now been re-formatted and remastered to sound even better than before.

A deluxe digi-pack version to accompany the above, this includes performances from four different concerts on the tour, in both Los Angeles and London, with the video DVD featuring a 9 track live concert performance from the Rainbow Theatre on 24th July Fabulous stripped-down Louisiana swamp blues album first Let The Good Times Roll - Missy Mist - Let The Good Times Roll (Vinyl by Excello inwith Lazy Lester or Slim Harpo handling most of the supporting harmonica duties.

This edition includes 12 bonus tracks from the same period plus a 16 page booklet. The Vee-Jay album and a bit of a departure as his distinctive boogie sound ventures into early sixties soul.

This includes 10 bonus tracks from the same period. Debut album from traditional folk-singer and versatile multi-instrumentalist from Yorkshire. Surviving original hard-bop jazz pianist now working with and inspiring a new generation of musician. This new album features a winning mix of old and new compositions, presented by a new sextet. New album recorded at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals by experienced band of musicians expertly merging acoustic and electric Mississippi and Tennessee delta blues, southern rockabilly and other roots sounds.

New album of deep Voliume 1. They first came to This album features Duke prominence when appearing as a part of Joe Robillard on guitar and B. Blues Challenge and these ten tracks ought to go some way to spreading the word. A fantastic collaboration between harmonica player mance from within the walls of Oregon State Penitentiary by and guitarist who share a love for post-war blues.

Great playing, Grateful Dead front-man. This includes some nice standards and well chosen material and rather fine vocals, plus a few ska-based covers alongside versions of solo songs and some Grateful Dead numbers to present their wider musicality and flexibility. A very favourites. Re-issue of August. Unreleased studio recordings Clarence Carter: Patches. Swiss radio. Ten tracks in all. A mid-priced treat! The Mind. A new album from award-winning band who deliver Ray Charles: Yes Indeed!

Volumes 1 - 5 of the legendary Motown Chartbusters albums presented together for the first time. LP Thelonious Monk: in Italy.

An informal and personal presentation that also incorporates a number of performances filmed in small venues and clubs.

Mike Wheeler: Turn It Up! Delmark Pianopounding and powerful singing recorded live on a hot night in Greece. A fantastic collection of the very best evangelical singers and guitarists to ever record, including the long-revered and lesserknown artists alike.

This high quality vinyl edition comes with a free download card to access digital versions of these and other tracks. Anticipated new nine track album of freshly-minted compositions from immense singersongwriter from the Louisiana swamps who rose to fame years ago with Polk Salad Annie and Rainy Night In Georgia.

With 11 impassioned new songs. Nine new songs featuring their unique blend of folk, country, rock and soul. Taken from footage album of jazz and popular music standards from half-Cuban, New captured at four concerts from the tour, this includes interviews York born vocalist, on CD here for the first time.

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For customers outside of the UK There is currently no requirement to pay any subscription. We continue to decide on a case by case basis as to which customers should be sent a printed catalogue. The only criteria we adopt is recent order record; if you have bought relatively recently, you should remain on the mailing list. A fascinating study presenting the intriguing backstory to 13 historic Library of Congress field recordings made in various southern states between This details the individual histories of the songs and artists who recorded them.

Includes a 13 track CD of the tracks featured. A fantastic collection of interviews as first published in this iconic blues magazine, launched in Foreword by Tony Russell. An enjoyable rumination through life as a collector. Gary Davis Uni Of Chicago hardback. First fulllength biography of majestic singer, song-writer and guitarist. Highly praised by reviewers. Biography of legendary Chicago blues guitarist instrumental in the sound of the Muddy Waters Band in the s and a successful recording career in his own right.

The fullest and most captivating biography. Biography, incorporating an involvement of surviving band members and associates. Illuminating study of musicians that altered the course of popular music. A real joy. This tells the story of this highly spiritual corner of the world, and the tales of music and musicians, poverty, success and intrigue that surround its inhabitants past and present.

Authorised biography detailing the short life and career of one of the sixties best-loved British bluesmen. Life and music of British legend, well-researched and written. A fascinating study of the life and music of delta blues legend, Booker White and how his friendship with a UK photographer led to his favoured guitar being given an extended life. Unusual biography but gripping. Superb collection of articles on 78RPM era blues and jazz. An Recorded while on tour to promote the Midnight Flyer album.

Taj Mahal and Albert Collins make a guest appearances. All-star tribute concert in Vancouver. An 8 song concert in Sierra Nevada, interviews and other stuff. The DVD includes interviews, photos and biographies; the CD has some musical highlights of the festival.

Plus interviews. An original live music extravaganza created for TV. The story of the band, from blues-obsessed youngsters in the early s to undisputed rock royalty. The historic and triumphant return to Hyde Park and for many the musical highlight of Mick Taylor joins in for a few tracks. Included tracks from their early years, their big hits from s and more recent material. Archive concert, re-mixed and re-stored, now receiving an official release for the first time.

This performance from December 18th was from the tour promoting the Tattoo You album. Forum, Live In Archive concert, re-mixed and re-stored, and with an official release for the first time. This performance was from the first tour that included Ronnie Wood and was held on June 12th. Intimate live set from a theatre in New York at the end of touring the Kin album. Filmed in May to celebrate his 70th birthday and th appearance at this iconic venue.

A fabulously shot concert. Includes tracks from the new album plus plenty of classics. Lots of their best-loved sides in front of an adoring 50, audience. Their final performance 25 July of a European tour to promote Tattoo You.

The last appearance with band of pianist Ian Stewart. First official release, this London gig was a month prior to release of Sticky Fingers. A famous Who concert from their Who By Numbers tour only previously seen on bootleg. Top: Live In Germany King: Live By Request. Live in New York in Les Paul Story.

Documentary of pioneering electric guitarist, plus loads of bonus material. Story of the Pythons, told via new interviews with remaining members. The story of jazz legend, with interviews and plentiful archive in-performance footage. A music video collectionwith Double Trouble and brother Jimmie. Filmed in during their sold out UK-tour. Filmed in high definition in Wilson: Live At Club London Popular bluesman live in in Oxford UKplus tracks from sound-check.

Superbly shot gig in Oxford, England in Texas blues guitarist on a hot night in Dartmouth, England in Live set in Chicester from blues-guitar toting Texan. Includes interviews. High quality footage of 10 majestic blues tracks, plus an interview with Jimmy as bonus.

One John. A film made between and in Scotland and Ireland when John and his band were arguably at the height of their performance career. Definitive documentary by acclaimed film-maker Greg Olliver which includes never-beforeseen photos and footage and builds upon his un-heralded access to Johnny during the final two years of his life. Rarely seen Presidential Inauguration Concert in Washington See and hear Johnny ripping through the blues. In Hamburg The same as above but without the bonus DVD.

A documentary on the great British jazzman narrated by Martin Freeman. With exclusive interviews with friends, musicians and music writers. A 45 minute all-instrumental live set recorded in a Maryland TV studio in May featuring two revered guitarists on top form. Each concert had different themes, set lists, arrangements and band configurations. And bonus features differ for each also. His blues side, with horns. Taken from two sold-out shows at the Carre Theatre in Super concert from Colorado.

A tutorial covering classic recordings plus some s recordings. Interesting documentary. Filmed during a tour, this captures the band on the road, in the studio and on stage, including performances from two conBeck Group, etc.

Includes live and studio footage and interviews. Great solo gig plus film of Martin looking at his early days in Scunthorpe. With rare footage, photos and earth-shaking music. Story of Bluegrass Music inc. With interviews and rare archive live footage. As well as Muddy Waters: Classic Concerts. Live in concert in Story of his life and career. Highly recommended. One of the greatWas. CD covers ss, inc. Early years D.

Poetry and potent songs including the magnificent B-Movie. A one hour in Duluth up to landmark tour. Early years documentary filmed in various locations over a two-year period.

Includes ensemble performances in Philadelphia, Washington D. A fabulous 30 track overview of the Peter Green years. Classic sides with an emphasis on album tracks - some big numbers are absent Oh Well Man Of The World, Rattlesnake Shake, etc but otherwise this is still a superb budget compilation of late s Brit-blues. Under-rated album. Only album together from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie. Super compilation of early jazz guitarist and banjo player.

Great Hi recordings. Super recordings originally issued on LP by Biograph. Explosive live FM radio broadcast recorded on 30th August. Original Chess album plus many bonus tracks.

His first album as album coupled with his s album with Memphis Slim. Entire FM radio broadcast from New York. Live in the US. Stunning debut album originally issued on Buddah, plus bonus tracks. A hot night incaptured as part of the 25 Anniversary of The Marquee. Prominent new generation blues singer and guitarist incorporates influences from early folk up to retro-soul, rock and more. First time on CD, this is the album with Calvin Newborn on guitar.

Also included as a bonus is a solo session of Hines, also never before on CD. He had the good sense to bring in Art Pepper, Shelly Manne, Joe Gordon and Jimmy Knowles and produced this superb swinging collection originally released on Contemporary. This edition also includes as a bonus a rare session of Kessel with Rowles from plus a 12 page booklet. Two albums in an intimate setting fronting piano trios, the second of which was with Dave Brubeck. Some live and some studio tracks. Two complete albums originally recorded for Reprise together on one CD.

Featuring loads of big names and comes with a 16 page booklet. Clef LP. Complete Blue Note masterpiece, plus session with Kenny Burrell. Johnson: At The Opera House. His Contemporary album plus extra tracks and 16 page booklet.

Two albums on 1 CD. Other tracks with Brubeck and McRae from the same period are included as a bonus. The album plus 5 extra tracks fromwith sterling support from Oscar Peterson and Herb Ellis. Not just Brookmeyer but a whole host of trombonists Downbeat magazine counted 27! Johnson and Marty Paich. Two Verve albums from early 60s. PWR Shelley Manne: Two albums one for Argo, the other for Mercurywith his tenor sax playing variously supported by top-notch sidemen including Wynton Kelly pianoPaul Chambers bass and more.

The original United Artist classic album plus a couple of bonus tracks and 12 page booklet. Two Verve albums on one CD plus a bonus track and 16 page booklet. With bonus tracks and 16 page booklet. Two complete albums from impressive jazz singer, first released on Kapp in Includes bonus tracks plus booklet. Eponymous debut album for Atlantic from plus a rare live set recorded at Birdland the previous year. Any queries, please ask. A filmed biography from of John Mayall featuring contributions from the John himself plus his family, fellow musicians and friends, plus rare archive performance footage from across his career.

Storming live performance from in Philadelphia from popular blues lady and her band. Includes 11 smoking tracks plus a bonus feature of an exclusive interview with the lady herself. A two hour documentary chronicling two concerts played at the Berkeley Community Theatre on May 30 Deleted CD, now a few copies left!! Superb CD from pre-eminent contemporary jazz saxophonist.

New Orleans bluesman with soulful vocals and stinging guitar. A gem. Yep Roc Bonkers idea that works!

Atomic Cowboy. Down-home s feel, with contemporary remixes. First solo album in 12 years with enjoyably funky and soulful blues tracks. Brit-blues pianist with engaging and varied set.

Foreword by Robert Plant. Follow up to first volume BK -this again is full of information, photos and fascinating ephemera about every American and Canadian rock and roller who visited Britain during the period. Extensive, exhaustive and hugely enjoyable. Two rare jazz instrumental albums on 1 CD. Live radio broadcast from with Lowell George to the fore. Includes 8 performances of some of his biggest early hits from The Killer plus 5 biggies from Little Richard and 3 from Boxcar Willie.

In demand jazz-rock guitarist with intriguing set. New album from acclaimed jazz, blues and rock fusion guitarist with just bass and drums to help deliver the impressive innovation and tension. Expansive album from guitar legend in the company of current band, the 4th Dimension. This again blurs distinctions between jazz, rock, world music and more on eight original compositions. Includes tracks from two rare EPs now on CD for the first time. Two previously unreleased live sessions and more evidence of the genius of Tubby Hayes in the company of other big names of British jazz.

A deluxe package detailing the emergence of jazz as a popular art from in France, as told by Paris Match, the French magazine read by around 5 million people each week. As well as 34 sensational tracks featuring Miles Davis, Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, Errol Garner, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington and more, the 64 page booklet includes translations of articles and album reviews from the magazine during these years and ephemera of the period.

Two albums for Capitol from the early s from popular jazz trumpeter, plus three bonus tracks. Early s hard bop with a bluesy edge originally issued on Crown. An extended piece written for the celebrations of the th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln freeing of slaves, celebrated on 1 Januaryalso featuring an early musical tribute to Martin Luther King. Her second album for Mainstream and one of her very best from her later career, this includes her own interpretations of songs written by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, John Sebastian, Brian Auger and more.

Among the band are titans such as Joe Pass and Earl Palmer. Former Mingus sideman with his own tribute to Thelonious Monk. A session for the Choice label providing an intriguing trombone and trumpet combination upfront of a five piece band. Live at Birdland, New York. A rare recording fromlive at the Blue Note club in Chicago on 18 tracks. The latest instalment of celebrated live recordings, this chronicles his appearances at various Newport Jazz Festivals between Featuring the best performances from eight appearances, this provides further proof as if it were needed of his evolving genius across 40 tracks 26 of which were previously unreleased.

All his 98 tracks recorded for Fantasy between and in club, concert and studio settings. Everything from beautiful solo piano performances and in star-studded duos, trios and quartets plus an hour long interview with Evans at the piano.

Includes 1 page booklet. The Count Meets The Duke and more. Ten original albums recorded between and from the master of the Spanish classical guitar. Contains 18 original albums recorded between andfeaturing the sax legend in the company of Gerry Mulligan, Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, J.

The only other participant is veteran Dutch flugelhorn player, Ack van Rooyen. New album from popular jazz quartet led by Swiss keyboard player and composer. Sadly, Haden passed away this summer, a real loss to the world of jazz.

Over minutes of previously unheard live performances recorded in San Francisco in A rare treasure trove of sublime jazz piano accompanied by a 44 page booklet. Alto sax jazz legend with sessions, his first at the Village Vanguard since With eight classic albums from one of the best bands in jazz history.

The first 8 albums from tenor-sax legend, including the ultra-rare album for Vogue, Tenor Sax Stylings. All early recordings from American pianist and pioneer of free jazz. A tremendous collection of nine original albums from once-heard, never-forgotten talent. All 10 Prestige albums after by superb tenor sax jazzman, including collaborations with Thelonious Monk and Modern Jazz Quartet. An incredible eleven complete albums in this nicely presented and priced package.

Early classics for Prestige, Columbia, Epic and Atlantic. A must-have collection. More than seven hours of key recordings of maverick American jazz saxophonist at his best. Reissue of two live sets from the mid s. Private tapes from the European tour, including hard to find performances and a previously unreleased set from Frankfurt. Also includes nice booklet. Includes the first 7 of 20 2CD collections of complete chronological recordings FAFA inclusivecovering his first 10 years of recording, from early accompanist work to Quintette du Hot Club de France.

FA Django Reinhardt: Vol 2 Vols Taken from two European tours following the release of Kind Of Blue. History of jazz saxophone. FA European Cool Jazz With 44 page illustrated book with notes by Stanley Dance.

Jazz composer and arranger brings his skills as a pianist to bear on marvellous recordings that closed the gap between free-blowing jazz and written chamber jazz. Lots of hot 20s jazz. The seventh Frog CD on the recorded legacy of leading early jazz pianist, composer arranger and bandleader.

Four strong tracks captured at live performances in San Francisco and Seattle in August and September for later FM radio broadcast.

Untitled - Frédéric Acquaviva - K Requiem (CD), Lovin Man - Muddy Waters - Essential Original Albums (CD), Akaashadaage Yaaro (Film: Ramachari) - Various - Kannada Nonstop Film Hits (CDr), This Nearly Was Mine - Concert Hall Orchestra* - My Fair Lady - Orchester-Auszüge - South Pacific (V, Detroit 9000 - Various - Jackie Brown - Music From The Miramax Motion Picture (CD), Various - Mystery Bound - Hardcore (CD), Goba So Mare Gobo So Pare - Nino De Nuzio Con I Figli Del Sole - Bella Ciao (Vinyl, LP, Album), We Dont Talk Anymore, Goodbye = Adiós, The Rhythm Of The Heat - Peter Gabriel - 4 (CD, Album), A Certain Girl (Live) - The Yardbirds - 20 Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Cameltrain - Tontos Expanding Head Band - Tonto Rides Again (CD)