Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl)

Posted by Malisha Old at Post a Comment. If for some reason you don't want your stuff to be here just send me a message and I will remove it. I encourage all other to buy the stuff from the bands you like and support the people that keep underground scene alive and kickin'. There's much effort put in these releases, from making the music to artwork and releasing it and it would be a shame to end up just as another lame mp3 folder.

Audio heaven. Buddha Khan. William Bowers - Soundtrack 2 10 years ago. Corpus Delicti. Forclose - Fear of Bombs EP 1 year ago. Fifteen counts of arson. Remiso - demo tape 4 years ago. Fugitive Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl). The Stain Remains 7 years ago. Good bad Music for bad, bad Times! All links taken down very soon! Hangover Heart Attack. Anyway, Brigade O. Let's say something in Hiatus vein which equals excellent, right?

Pizda Materna are from Slovenia and they play somewhat slower and psyched crusty punk. You can find more about Pizda Materna's music output in their last postand I don't know much about Brigade O. I remember meeting singer Darko with his wife and kids on Monte Paradiso festival in Pula just before he went to London and I believe that was the end of the band.

I hope I'm wrong. I think this was released inbut it could be too. I'm not sure. There's also Brigade O. Brigade O. Pizda Materna - Skok V Prazno Pizda Materna - Karaoke Punk this expanable content box is made using a free javascript from flooble free puzzle of the day download.

Posted by Malisha Old at 4 comments. Labels: Brigade O. I can't believe that this is my first Doom post as I guess that they'd be my first post if all this this blogging thing existed some 15 years ago during my Doom craze I guess that there are a lot more people reading this that caught the Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl).

Anyway, after posting live LP yestarday I remembered one live record that I used to listen quite a lot. First pressing had black and blue cover and second had black and white ones. The record that starts off with Black Sabbath song gets my attention alright. Now I'll go and listen to it again and so should you. Slave To Convention Worthless Nothing Exploitation Black Monday A Dream To Come True Days Go By this expanable content box is made using a free javascript from flooble logic problems, math puzzles download.

Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl) by Malisha Old at 2 comments. Since I'll be watching gigs on the coast really soon, I thought that live LP post should fit just fine. I'm not such a big fan of live records, but this one is really good. Summer lazyness has really kicked in, so this post is it's product.

I've split the records in five pieces - one per band because I coldn't be arsed to split them into tracks and haven't even tried to write anything, so I just OCRd text by Jan of Your Own Jailer Records who made this record and the gig. Here it goes: It was a very hot summerday the 15th of June when the people dressed in black came strolling across the fields towards my home, which also were the place for the gig, the Eggeby Farm.

Some were extremely warm in their crust attributes; leather jackets, leather pants and boots. And so the general mood was more apathetic than usual, it was so fucking hot. There wasn't particularly many people seen in this position which were rather unexpected since that was still usual back in those days.

Everyone knew that it was a drugfree gig, since we had written that on the postes, so many people thought it was no idea going to the show if they couldn't drink. Not even the free admission could make people think about the music instead of the booze. I had been given a large sum of money, measured in punk standards, SEK for the sound system and SEK for bandcosts. The whole thing was recorded on two channels through the mixing console on ordinary cassettes.

Some of the songs were brand new so I had to write the bands to get all the correct songtitles. One year later it was released as a 98 minute comp. I still think that the recording has great value because of it's exeptionally good sound qality. Also, some of the songs haven't even been released on vinyl or CD, so I thought that I'd release the shit on a record Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl) the tapes got to demagnetized. With the aid of a good equalizer, compressor and a good two-channel tape recorder I sat down to edit and master the shit.

Through the good tape-compression that is available on analogue taperecorders the sound of some songs went out real good. I have been cutting very much in the recording to get rid of as much "audience talk" as possible. I've thought this way, how fucking interesting is loads of Swedish talk about the beautiful weather, the drummers ass-sweat and Fredda Holmgren to Mr Kawakami in Japan or Bruno in Belgium? Ok, some guys in Australia or Dan in Minneapolis might enjoy some Swedish shouts from the audience or talk between the songs, for use in some recording or just to learn some new words for a lyric or something.

I've thought that it is the music that is interesting. Sadly some of the "live feling" got lost after all the cuts KRUNCH made it themselves by the way, they did not have any pauses between the songs. However, I've tried to put in as much music as possible without affecting the sound quality.

Labels: RN vinylSwedenVarious. First of all I have to say that this is not my rip and I've put it here because someone said that it is no longer available on Hardcore Braindeath blog true, and it looks that all the posts from it are unavailable where I've found it and linked in my last Internal Autonomy post.

Since there's not much info on the band on the web and someone asked for this album two weeks ago I've decided to put it here. It'd be a shame for this to be lost for new listeners since peace punk can be so unoriginal and boring and this is not either one. You can find tiny bit more info on the band in the last post and now go get this. Trapped LSD Poor Little Rich Girls The Uprising Breakout On Your Marx Feminine Duty On The Edge The Inquiry Sing Or Swim Celebration Awayday To Auschwitz this expanable content box is made using a free javascript from flooble Read free logic puzzles download.

Posted by Malisha Old at 5 comments. Labels: Internal AutonomyUK. This crackling record is done by Scottish post punk outfit that I don't know much about except few facts that I've managed to google out and that is that their released output beside this 7" is one split tape with dutch band Revenge Of The Carrots and an LP "Three Small One Tall" on Flat Earth Recs.

They mention The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans in thanks list so you might assume what their music could sound like. I don't know about you, but I like this a lot. If anybody knows more about this band, please leave a comment. A Question Of Sport Fatter Richer And Stupider Whip Erectile Projectile?

Another one from my friends' bag see last post and this time it's boozer Shangri-la. First of all, you have to know that we've drank literally gallons of various types of booze over the years that we know each other and when I saw this in a record store in Amsterdam I knew that this wold be great gift for him. Anyway, what you have here is two punk bands that sing about booze well - in 5 out of 6 songseven in a song about killing all the cops.

No brainer, but it is a lot of fun. I believe that these bands are made just for fun of it by Tulsa hardcore crew since this 7" was released on Brother Inferior's label and both bands recorded their stuff in NOTA World Headquarters plus on Welfare's "Life Sucks Stay Drunk" guest vocalist is Jeff Klein of N. If lyrics like "Bitches won't kiss me, but the bottle will" don't offend you you might well enjoy this. Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Mission Impossible Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Asa'a Motto Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Tech-Bus Girls Welfare - Life Sucks Stay Drunk Welfare - The Politics Of Beer Welfare - Kill The Pigs download.

This one comes from a plastic bag that's been sitting around my place for about a year. And since I'm so lazy well, busy sounds better I somehow managed to forget about them, but that's about to change. Here you have finnish crust mayhem that needs no description if you are familiar with the sound of finnish hardcore punk. Expect nothing but crazy ride throughout the total of 21 tracks. LP cover says that there's 20 tracks, but thanks to the lyric sheet I've found the name of the last track.

Vastarinta Tuomioistuin Kapinointia Syy Ja Seuraus Salainen Nautinto Oikeutettu Viha Raivo Mieleni Valtaa Joukkolobotomia Hakaristi Hajoa Tai Kuole Valtakunta Kahleet Ruumis Vuokralla Pessimistin Muotokuva Moraalinvartijat Turha Ihminen Pommitus this expanable content box is made using a free javascript from flooble Read free brainteasers download.

Labels: FinlandKatastrofialueRN vinyl. This time here's something that's bit more easy listening. The last 7" by these british anarcho punks. Here you can find their discography and here you can find fan MySpace page. Yo-Yo Man Grindstone Cowboy download. I haven't quit this blog if anyone was asking. I just didn't had much time to focus on it lately. I see that my last post doesn't hold the ground since the new mp3 host deleted my account too so the player is once again useless. Please if you have good mp3 host let me know just if it isn't Upload-MP3.

Disagree play fast, angry hardcore with dual vocals, incredible bass lines, and lyrics in English and French. Ungovern-Mental play crushing blasts of hardcore and whirlwind thrash. You can find more info on Ungovern-Mental here. Disagree - Refuse To Obey Disagree - Class War Records And Cassettes. Early stuff of the band: Destroi The System! Their music was crazy and quirky jazz-punk-core. From Tilt! A band from Stoke-on-Trent that played melodic hardcore. The recordings date from early Impact Time was recorded in two sessions in January and Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl) We had copies of this tape professionally reproduced with red labels and about 50 copies were circulated to record labels, fanzines and promoters, with the rest being sold at shows.

We were all fans of the first generation of punk bands, and when those bands Obey - The Varukers - Nothings Changed EP (Vinyl) stale and boring we latched onto the energy of the hardcore scene. For me, being in a band with your friends was the best thing. That idea of creating something of your own and battling against the rest of the world…. It was a bit sad really but in a nutshell, I really enjoyed being in a band with Spike T. We were mates but he was a bit of a cock!

Spike and Andy lived together but their relationship was becoming more and more fraught. The new songs like Too Far Away, Soul Inside and Put Something Back came along when I was searching for some meaning in everything, and along the way stumbled into self-healing, dream-reading, numerology, astral projectionmagic and I guess a mild interest in the paranormal.

It was my spiritual discovery. I was visiting stone-circles and burial-chambers and the like. Sep Dave Burton. Brob Impact Time was recorded in two sessions in January and March Brob Tilt's tapes. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Loading Comments

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