One, Two, Many - Various - Camp Skin Graft: Now Wave (!) Compilation (CD)

EFA distribution code on sticker back cover. Ink 19 o Skin Graft picked up the torch when Amphetamine Reptile went. In an effort to give us, the listening public, a sampling of all the ruckus they favored, the label put together this compilation which spreads the spectrum of their aesthetic. You got your art damaged rock, your freakout jazz, your unabashed noise, your droning metal, your hardcore, your punk, your space jams, and most everything in between.

This long unavailable, critically-acclaimed compilation was the first attempt to arrive at an audio definition of the Skin Graft Records sound. Formato: CD, Compilation. Paese: US. Skin Graft aims to challenge the listener with an imposing roster of bands. She wishes she could walk away. Not with the memory of passionate nights spent in his arms.

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Spensa knows that no matter how many pilots the DDF has, there is no defeating this predator. The overall result is an eclectic indie rock album that shows Pedersen's passion for the music he crafts and makes clear that he's not bound to the limitations of a music genre.

Their use of different keyboards, including Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes, adds a prog rock edge, and rounds out this awesome band. But if you're looking for anything remotely intelligent in the music's message, look elsewhere. These are some of the dumbest lyrics I've ever heard. It may be worse than Andrew WK. All the lyrics would be perfect for country music. The music isn't good enough to make up for the weak-ass writing.

The need to never divert from the common sound annoys me to no end. With that in mind I applaud Daughters for taking musical chances and jumping with 2 feet into something new and challenging. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, to spazzy too much treble guitar sounds that sound too much like toys gone wrong. There's some good stuff here, I wish I liked it more than I do.

Traveling throughout the states has continued to inspire Dondero. No matter how broke or broke-down he gets, his songs about traveling, love, death, hopelessness and all that goes with seeking out the things you'll never find, somehow seem to make us all feel better about your own lives. What he's done with this disc is add depth musically to make a sound that comes off complete and consistent in content. Tracks like "20 Years" and "Dance of spring" show just how much Dondero has progressed, but this whole disc stands out.

Rooted deeply in the tradition of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash or The Band and Gram Parsons to the more modern songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Nick Cave the music here carries comfortably fragile melodies and a steady sound that includes a signature country guitar howl. Everything from the background vocals to the piano keys adds to the atmosphere here. Expect a lot of melancholy mixed with a bit of up-tempo ramblings that help to even this disc out as well as a version of "Long Black Veil" originally done by Cash.

Changes in tempo take the music in many directions and builds it to a high point before axing down the progress with authority. What is brought here is pure balls-to-the-wall attitude pushed out with the industrial mayhem of Ministry and the power and agitated prowl of Pantera. Their One is like a maze of notes, weaving in and out of each other with mathematical precision and complexity. This is heavy, funky metal that takes elements of Primus,Mr.

Bungle, Megadeath. I could go on and on. What is awesome is the way Ditch has pieced them together. It results in a pounding, guitar-based assault that keeps your head bobbin'. Sadly, these guys will likely end up being considered just another one of the new school metal hybrids that falls between the cracks, elbowed out by pretty boys like Linkin Park and ugly freaks like Limp Bizkit. This Chicago emcee prides himself on what it is he has to say by holding nothing back with a delivery that is direct and changes pace with each beat.

I recommend this to anyone who is into the aforementioned bands. Each section is meant to be listened as a whole. The instrumental tracks progress from slow and methodical to explosive, then slowing down to close the album.

You'll find it hard not to be hypnotized by their charms. These Canadian lads were at the front of the pop punk class, crafting a pop-punk-emo meld that was definitely ahead of its time. These songs retain their impressiveness, not feeling dated in the way so many other late '80s punk bands do. The sound is a bit raw, reminding me how much better bands sound when their recordings aren't overproduced. This album is an honest, three-tracks worth of punky pop rock.

This offering isn't anything that's gonna change your life, but its solid. The sad thing about bands that survive as long as DBL is they tend to get formulaic at times for better or worse. It's sensitive and passionate, with cooed male vocals flowing sincerely over well-orchestrated guitar pop. There are elements of country, soul and folk mixed throughout. This Seattle quartet should be very please with Leaving Not Arriving, their debut album. The songs are well crafted and show a true appreciation for the art of song writing.

They're ready. They sound like MTV2 probably already has embraced them. The problem is, there are dozens of other "hard rock" bands out there that sound exactly like this. For instance, Chevelle and Nickelback. They play very well and the vocals are pretty decent. I'm just sick of this shit. At one moment aggressive then another moment more under control, this PA band attacks rock music from a distinct angle that also adds touches of different styles for good measure.

Can't say that this collection of tracks is worth seeking out though, but it does sound like this band is worth looking out for in the future. Those bands are the reason I often strive to look for new bands and are constantly checking out every band I hear.

I have made a delightful encounter with El Centro. Besides the corny artwork and the obscenities within their lyrics, El Centro is, in modern day teenage terms, "Off The Heezy Fo Sheezy! A great sound with a great message of struggle and believing in yourself!

This band has overcome trials, struggles, death, and almost the loss of a band member their lead singer was in the terrorist bomb attack at the Sari Club, in Bali Indonesia and are still going strong! Fans of punk, reggae, ska, so be it, check this band out. They're worthy and they definitely deserve your attention.

After seven years on the scene, this recording could have been dubbed better; the purpose is well noted though. There's a good blend of old school and new school hardcore, but nothing too groundbreaking. Thrashing guitars, pounding percussion and volatile vocals rant about with lyrics that are tales of love told by a stalker with a temper and self-esteem issues. The cover of this release is a beautiful picture of two women kissing - now any man would go crazy over that, right?

Evie Evil and Laura Ann Beaver provide a double dose of fury with a heavy feeding of thrashing rock that maintains its frantic state on tracks like "Ass Salad," "Forbidden Fruit" and "Pleased To Eat You," just to name a few. Mainly, these ladies tear shit up from front to back on this follow up to their well received insistence entitled Lick It, this even sounds influenced at times by Janes Addiction every now and then.

It's got elements of emo, punk, and progressive in it, and the band is also female-fronted. Soft-spoken and hard-hitting it only sounds like a contradiction this follow up to their Alaska EP shows a more mature and experimental side of Fairweather.

With a sound that sounds like post-hardcore that's turned back on its self, Fairweather continue to ever alter the musical landscape. Five Deez are some guys out of Cincinnati who possess a signature Midwest underground hip hop sound consisting of monotone flows and beats that have a basic backbone underneath the added musical elements. Sometimes out of control, but never too much to where its shitty.

This album is definitely worth checking out. These dudes throwdown gnarly riffage all over the place and annihilate all listeners' ear drums. A solid sound from Wes B. The only problem here is that the sound is a little under-produced, like the mixing of the instruments sound levels are off or something, other than that this is solid.

Reminding me a little of Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians mixed with Love and Rockets, this is a dizzying mix of 80's inspired alternative pop. Everything was pretty good, until I listened to the last song, and that one floored me. Whatever the truth of this shadowy bands beginnings, you can believe they put out a solid collection with this one. It is an infectious, heavily country-influenced collection of tunes, sometimes zippy, sometimes slow and vulnerable. The performances are tight and the production is crisp, but it feels like something is missing.

The songs are a solid blend of pop-punk, emo, and indie that sound instantly familiar. With Four to Go, Gameface is heading down a well-traveled road; it's a solid effort, though you've probably heard it before. This CD includes all the tracks from their full length Precious Blood, their debut 7 inch, and an unreleased track.

This instrumental band uses multiple guitars as the centerpiece for the music, interconnecting them all over a steady beat. Every track sounds tightly wound with stories about drug abuse on "Stuck With Yourself", the line between the famous and the obscure on "Do I know You" as well as songs about us boys and girls. This comes off really complete as an album and is produced well. What the hell happened?

Take one of the best screamo hardcore bands around and mix MTV pop punk and what do you get a real big disappointment. This sounds like a band that went out to make a record that could be marketed directly at the cute girl Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day fans. Give me back the "7 Years Bad Luck" Glasseater of old and you can keep this shit.

Normally, when reviewing such material of this "long, overdone, and ever-prospering" genre, I bow my head, and pray. Guff, on the other hand was something that I never thought a pop punk band could be: original! More punk than pop, but enough pop for any fan, touring with such acts as Citizen Fish and NoFx, Guff is showing the world that a pop punk band can actually do something out of the norm without the help of MTV or Fuse and still gain respect, the old and proper way!

Heavenly States blend a some what Jawbox sound on the first track. As for the rest of the CD, I can't quite describe their weird sound. This minute barrage can be characterized as chaotic at best. Drum beats that are too fast to count, searing vocals and razor sharp guitars blur the line between hardcore and grindcore.

This recording was done in a way that sounds like Amos was sitting inside an empty room too big to be alone in, adding a bit of denseness to the atmosphere and providing an intimate setting of confusion and comfort the only way a one-man band can.

Envy is an incredible Japanese hardcore band see review in this issue that I just heard. Now, I Excuse has come to rock my world. Combining elements of Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, Lawrence Arms, Pegboy and Dillinger Four, this Kyoto-based four-piece puts together a One album of throaty near-screaming vocals, incredible guitars that are layered thick and a non-stop rhythm put forth by solid basslines and furious drumming.

It's not, go figure. Inhuman plays a more typical style of hardcore mixed with punk elements, that are listenable but not distinct from a lot of other things you've heard in this genre before. The quick rhyme releases are soaked in positivity and deeply felt subject matter over eerie, smoothed out beats that carry touches of scratches, strings and samples.

Tracks like "The Underground MC" takes stabs at fake rappers, "Do For Self" is about finding ones power from within and "Concrete Jungle" is a street tale cautioning about the downfalls of bad decisions, and those aren't even the best songs on the album. Production is steady and stays bobbin' with beats from BT, Mondee and Invisible himself. After appearing on the State of the World compilation and then debuting with this release, look for more projects from the Invisible, and from this label for that matter.

This is a two-song single from a band formed from the ashes of the band Serpico, and features highly melodic, heavily driving rock that has an extremely lush sound.

It fills every corner of the musical gland of your brain, leaving no holes. Doing what J Church do best, these songs have the same power pop strength that you expect with the introspective ideas driving the car along. Storm the Tower is a strange split CD coupling, with a more hardcore feel, but it works for me. Two good bands, one CD, that always seems like a deal to me. He has incorporated elements of all in Momentary Delights, a smooth downtempo album that goes down easily. Lazy beats meet sweet keyboards with a smoky atmosphere throughout.

She possesses a soft and beautiful voice that really shines, especially on the acoustic tracks "In Cabrini-Green," and "The End. Not only does her voice resemble her tone but some of her vocal melodies sound to me like Cranberries songs.

She's also been compared to Suzanne Vega and Dar Williams. There is a good mix of folk pop songs with a full band and beautiful acoustic, lullaby like songs. For the most part I got into most of what was going on here, but I'm going to leave the jury out on this one, it could grow on me, or it could get lost in my CD collection, I just can't tell. For someone so young, she has obvious mastery of guitar rock riffs and has the attitude to make those skills manifest themselves in great works of power and emotion.

A great talent with a great future. Comparisons could be made between this album and some of DJ Shadow's work, mainly the slowed down beats and his choice of vocal samples. Being a fan of DJ One, I thoroughly enjoyed the similarities.

Though this album may relate to a wide range of rock fans, the vocals are too overlapped by the grunge-fest of music created here.

Musically this release jams, comparisons are made towards the likes of Jawbox, The Get Up Kids and Girls Against Boys; but this disc contains a consistent formula that causes very little to stand out. Almost an indie-core sound, uniting the best of both sounds with dynamic musical work and lyrical action.

This is so much more solid and interesting than you'd expect it to even be, really some awesome stuff going on here. Sing to the Lord a new song. LS have a radio ready hardcore feel that toes to closely to the nu-metal line for my tastes. The vocals are good when the screams come in, but the sung parts sound too much like Creed or something. They do some good things here, but originality wouldn't be an adjective to throw around.

And, come on now Larry, you know it's warranted. Teasing aside, the press says it all right here: "You've never heard anybody rock the uke like Larry D does! Frankly, I've never heard anyone "rock" a ukulele and I doubt you have.

Not counting Tiny Tim, of course. To be honest, though, Larry D doesn't really "rock" it. What Larry D does do is play some catchy, stripped down, poppy folk tunes with good vocals and, yep, that rockin' uke.

Besides original material, he also gives his own take on Joni Mitchell's "Carey," Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and a couple other tunes you've never heard done on a uke. He'd be appropriate at a beach bar in Miami or at some quirky lounge in Key West. With the extent of piracy on the Net, I could hardly blame them for this. But as I read the press, I found there is a secondary reason. This album is a mix tape of unreleased tracks compiled as something to listen to in the car.

Thus, it feels inconsistent at times, but gives you a good sense of what these electronica geniuses are all about. Straightforward hardcore that reminds me a little of a mature Gorilla Biscuits. As long as you don't use the adjective original than you can say a lot of good things about this release. It's a collection of personal lyrics and eloquent poetry, spit with perfection. It's raw and minimalist with well-crafted, pointed beats keeping the rhythm, basslines fluidly thumping in the background, sparse samples used skillfully and keys often haunting the landscape.

Fans of Sage Francis, Aesop Rock and Alias will find Listener to be a welcomed addition to the new school world of poetic indie hip-hop. Right away on "Written In Stone" the energy level kicks things off at its Two as the rest of this collection simply grooves out while staying consistent with their tightly wound jam-band style. They sound like The Stones on "Cross Between" and a bit southern on "Black Bar", all in all providing a good introduction for things to come.

Their musicianship is excellent, and Joe Liedtke's rhymes are sometimes humorous, sometimes pointed. Besides the jazzy, funky elements that you'd expect from a hip hop act, they also throw in a bit of Salsa as well as a little Country flavors. This is truly a unique band. Therefore, you could say that YosepH means "I know bass and acid. Traveling a bit back in time, he explores the acid genre, with danceable tracks full of retro beats, robot voices and vintage synths.

Surprisingly enough, this is the first record he has put out on Warp. Hopefully it won't be his last. There's not much of a chance that you will remain standing after you listen to it. They attack topics such as politics, religion, and child sweatshops. His vocals are filled with a swagger and new attitude, a change in style that is more defined in comparison to the previously recorded mumblings on the first two albums. The overall vibe from the band playing together is a nice change as well, helping push this album to the front of the class so to say, or write.

What this basically is about is an atmospheric, feel good, indie-pop release topped off with horns, keys, cellos and sarcastic confidence. This release will set new standards for the highly stagnant hard core scene.

It's super rocking and highly recommended. Listen closely, and you'll hear political themes in the lyrics, and some unusual sounds hidden in the mix. The sounds of an anti-war rally fade in and out of one track. Multiple articles about the war were fashioned into an instrument somehow, and played on another track. Every sound has a political reason for existing, so listen up.

Brutal metal core with softhearted breakdowns that all seems to be pulled off with a fair amount of skill and tact. When I say they do a cover of Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight" you might shudder a little, but damn if they don't do a pretty good emo core version of it. Image a depressed Count Dracula singing strange, dark, pop rock tunes.

These are simply crafted tunes for a dreary evening. With vocals that remind of Amorphis's lead singer when he actually sings, and heavy, sometimes melodic guitars, they will blow you away.

Excellent for driving on a curvy road on the edge of a cliff. This was not the case. My attitude was completely off and this band can most definitely be labeled a good band. Using the styles of emo, punk, and indie to display their talent, these guys put out a good CD with a nice arrangement of styles, structure, and enthusiasm. What else could anyone ask for? Straying from the streets of Philly, this record is heavy on an experimental free-form jazz vibe full of percussion, horns and keyboards that create some great jam sessions and noise that is a refreshing change from the everyday sounds of life.

As opposed to their self-titled debut, the tracks here are more structured and contain a newfound playfulness that helps to make this album an enjoyable ride. In fact, this EP is not really a new release. It was originally released by My Records, but the folks at Honest Don's remixed all the songs, added three extra ones, and threw in a video. Thankfully I was wrong. NMDS really shows off their mix of hardcore and punk by proving that melody can play a strong part in even the most aggressive of songs.

I'm Ok You're Not Ok. The Third Wheel. Asian Hero Worship. End Groove. Melody Fair. Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry. The First Mistake I Made. Exit Stage Right. Kilburn Towers. Lemons Never Forget. My World. The Earnest Of Being George. Run To Me.

Turn Of The Century. You Know It's For You. I Can't See Nobody. Gillespies's Refrigerator. Whisper Whisper. I'm Not Wearing Make Up. How Deep Is Your Love? Wide Open Space. Stripper Vicar. Life's A Cinch. Reunion - Live. Place Your Hands. So Sublime.

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