Rock Your World (Joho, Joho) - Various - Dance Dance Dance - 100% Funk (Vinyl, LP)

Why even put them on in the first place? Have a nice day. And old movies are all on the Internet, so it doesn't make any difference when they were made though I'll admit that Cinerama on the small screen would be kind of pointless. EIS was lame, though, if that's really all it means. No one cares about its letters the way they care about the letters of its products, such as the SAT. Loren and others -- I never look for the revealer, but I never thought of avoiding. Good idea, I'll try it next time.

I don't think it would have worked for me with this one. Speaking of breast cancer, our dog Allegra's pathology report came back clean -- and she gets her stitches taken out today, so she won't have to wear the surgical suit and Rock Your World (Joho be able to go upstairs with us at night.

It has been heartbreaking to make her sleep in the kitchen instead of in our second floor bedroom; but worth it, for her recovery. Hey, the theme seems to mean a lot to the gal who co-wrote the puz [see her comment at xwordinfo. My luvly spouse is a breast cancer survivor, btw. This sure was a tricky solvequest, at my house. Nice little challenge, for a ThursPuz. Had a near-scare, with BRER, tho. RP: yep. Has been used about a jillion times, but does not yet have the coveted Patrick Berry Usage Immunity.

Clue really needs to freshen itself up a bit, and lose the Lingus. Hope Allegra is her old self soon. What's better than heading upstairs with your dog to hit the hay? Glad you'll have that joy back. IROC, was a retail version of the Camaro. IROC across the board. Took me a long time to get the Fab Four connection.

The beach i live on has a ton of sand fleas. There is a part of it that volunteers clean of seaweed dedicated for dogs. This is why at least some beaches have no dogs signs. I'm usually in the avoid-looking-at-the-reveal group, as I enjoy trying to figure out the theme on my own.

Then the enjoyment came from seeing how many of the remaining theme answers I could get with as as few crosses as possible. I "helped" myself by first writing in BRA as the first three letters in all of them, so I did have a sort of reveal in realizing that the BRA could move around.

Too much stuff. If U know it all, how on earth do U have time left over to work a crossword? But, I digress again. I think I've probably only worn a bra twice since the mids and good riddance. I'm lucky so far to have no close friends or relatives who have had breast cancer but I know many people who aren't that lucky. I understand they needed to avoid "to" in the clue so it couldn't be "going to" but it seems it could have been restated. A minor nit for me. Nice job, Johanna and Jeff.

What sort of Mafia name is that? Like Soprano? Oh, then the theme light bulb came on above my head. Move over She Ra. Around here I am the Princess of Power but real, not animated. Ha ha, Rex didn't disappoint! Hello to my dear friends here and thanks to all of you who expressed your enjoyment of our puzzle. I learned about NO BRA DAY recently and thought it would be a great reveal for a puzzle as well as a great vehicle to help bring awareness to this month's important cause. It's nice to learn new things.

It's also nice to be back here among you, as brief as it is! Take care, everybody! But with too many letters for that slot, I wiped off my chin and moved on.

The Viet Nam war played out on television every single night, usually with an us-vs-them body count for the day. The journalist and war correspondents had free range and their constant reporting was one of the reasons why there was so much public outcry about and demonstrations against the war.

Things have changed now that we are in the era of perpetual war. Out of sight, out of mind. Yo Ludwiglooks like the fly has once again become trapped in the bottle and is buzzing, buzzing, buzzing around making a furious but meaningless sound. Anoa Bob: ; Yes, exactly. But I do wish there were someone to show that fly the way out I;m actually a stone's LP) a way from where Mark Donahue was born It's true the series has used Camaros plenty of times.

A true pity, because as conceived and originally run, the series was excellent. At least when guys like Hulme, Revson, Follmer and the like were at the wheel. I got to the puzzle late because, well, Life. The first System single "It's Passion" generated major interest. Their innovative approach put The System in high demand as producers, songwriters and musicians.

Even though it seemed that everyone wanted to work with The System, the pair decided not to spread themselves too thin and turned down a lot of offers. At the end of the '80s, Mic Murphy and David Frank parted ways. Other Contributions:.

PIR, M. Kenneth Gold is actually British, but when he signed his first publishing deal init was only in the U. The problem was that Ken Gold was into Soul and there wasn't any room for Soul music in the British record industry at that time.

He got his songs recorded by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Jackie Wilson, Eugene Record and Jackie Moore over in the States - which gives some indication of just how good he was - and couldn't get a hearing in Britain.

That changed when he got to know Tony Hall, the veteran hero of British popular music who was then managing soul act The Real Thing. Back in the U. Gold became one of the innovators amongst British producers of black music. The quality of his productions was at least the equal of anything emerging Stateside at the time.

Delegation's classic album Eau De Vie from can be considered as Gold's ultimate signature work as a Disco-Funk producer and songwriter. Gold also wrote and produced three new songs on the last Delegation album Encore released in He even toured with Cliff Richard and Elton John as a backing vocalist and produced material for the pop group The Scene in Leo Graham. Gene Griffin. Teddy Riley Feat. They later worked together on the Andy Williams Show and collaborated on a series of Jon Lucien albums during the first half of the '70s.

Their production association soon led to the creation of their own GRP label via Arista in Along with young prodigious musicians like Bernard Wright, Marcus Miller and Bobby Broom they created an incredibly crisp and clean jazz-funk sound. Grusin and Rosen also were pioneers in digital recording.

The Dave Grusin album Mountain Dance, produced inwas the first digitally recorded non-classical album. Their visionary strategy, combining world-class artistry with state-of-the-art recording technology aimed at the sophisticated adult consumer, enabled them to build the most successful contemporary jazz and fusion label in the world.

Today he owns a company involved in e-commerce consulting. Co-founder Dave Grusin is still active as performer, producer, soundtrack- composer and arranger on the GRP label.

Other Dave Grusin contributions:. Rahni P. Harris II a. Rahni Song. Leon Haywood. Butch Ingram. Born in Camden, New Jersey, Norman 'Butch' Ingram is the spearhead of the Ingram family group and began his music career after giving up basketball due to an injury. Butch taught himself the bass, acquired some recording equipment and put his musical family to work on their first album The Funk Is In Our Music in The Ingrams together with the musicians of Fat Larry's Band actually became the session group Philly Cream Joho) - Various - Dance Dance Dance - 100% Funk (Vinyl the original Ohio band split up before their album was finished.

The Ingram family also acted as the multi-talented studiogroup that backed up Butch Ingram's Family Productions. Around he started up the record label Society Hill and instigated new talent. The Isley Brothers. Boardwalk, Chuck Jackson. Rick James. Lionel Job. Producer facts:. A remarkable career that made him bridge successfully three decades of Black music, going from Disco-Funk to New Jack Swing.

His first project goes back to when he masterminded and produced the studio group Southroad Connection. Lionel Job also played an integral role in the group Starpoint, producing all their hit records. Allen A. Jones is best Joho) - Various - Dance Dance Dance - 100% Funk (Vinyl as longtime mentor, devotee, producer and manager of funkband the Bar-Kays.

He started his career in Memphis back in the sixties as an in-house producer and songwriter at Stax records. He was the man who connected the 'Kays' with the pulse of the street, who provided an essential pair of ears and who kept everybody loose.

His approach was very analytical and adaptibility was the magic formula that secured the longevity of his groups. He would create an album exactly based on the kind of grooves that were in vogue at the time of recording, without losing the basic funk.

Their 'naked funk' musicstyles were quite similar: muscular synth-grooves that combined the slamming nasty funk of the '70s with the techno-charged vibes of the '80s. Jones died of a heart attack in Quincy Jones. K Kashif. Kashif began his professional career at the age of 16 as member of the funkband B.

Express in He remained there for 3 years. Afterwards he worked as a session musician for a while. The fresh synth-based sound appeared for the first time on Evelyn King's debut album I'm In Love in In he left the Mighty M collective and went on to fame and fortune as a solo artist. While signed with Arista, Kashif started using the Synclavier to create unique blends of synthesized and live music.

In Kashif took a break from recording, devoting his time to other ways of self-expression like software development, conducting seminars about contemporary record production and writing a book on the music industry. He also started up the L. He's still recording sporadically nowadays but admits that music is and always will be his first love. De zuidelijke grens van Amsterdam loopt dan vanaf uitspanning Halfweg t Kalfje sinds Mirandapaviljoen naar de Schinkel. In een min of meer rechte lijn, ter hoogte van de huidige President Kennedylaan Eerste Uitbreidingsplan Om alles in goede banen te leiden vraagt in de gemeente aan H.

Berlage om een plan te ontwerpen voor deze polder. Dit wordt in goedgekeurd door de gemeenteraad. Het ontwerp bevat veel groen, water, woningen in laag- en hoogbouw en overige voorzieningen. Het stratenpatroon is beurtelings speels en strak. De gemeente wil later het uitbreidingsplan van Berlage toch niet uitvoeren zoals het er ligt. Het dient wel als grondslag voor een besluit voor het onteigenen van de gronden in de Binnendijksche Buitenveldersche polder.

De onteigening van de polder verloopt moeizaam. Een aantal bewoners accepteert niet zonder meer het bedrag dat de gemeente wil betalen voor hun grond. Zij denken er veel geld voor te kunnen krijgen. De gemeente schakelt een rechter in. Tweede plan-Zuid Slecht kleine delen van het plan van Berlage worden uitgevoerd. Dit tweede plan-Zuid verschijnt in De verschillen met het eerste plan zijn opmerkelijk.

Er is minder groen en laagbouw in opgenomen. In plaats daarvan bevat het plan gesloten blokken met woningen van vier verdiepingen. Bovendien is de bebouwingsdichtheid hoger en het stratenpatroon is strakker van vorm.

Ook hierin nam Berlage gebouwen op voor publieke en overheidsdoeleinden en overige voorzieningen. Het stadsdeel valt onder twee wijkteams: Rivierenbuurt en Van Leijenberghlaan inclusief Prinses Irenebuurt.

Jeugdoverlast komt steeds vaker voor, de vele drukke verkeersaders zorgen voor verkeersoverlast en de Zuidas inclusief Congrescentrum Rai heeft een verkeersaantrekkende werking. De beurzen in de RAI, met de vele bezoekers per auto zorgen ook voor een toename van diefstallen uit autos.

Allemaal zaken die extra aandacht vragen. Buurtregie Het stadsdeel is verdeeld in verschillende buurten met ieder een eigen buurtregisseur. Een buurtregisseur is speciaal voor n wijk aangesteld en houdt zich voornamelijk bezig met het reilen en zeilen in zijn of haar wijk. Vanuit de politie is de buurtregisseur dan ook ht aanspreekpunt voor bewoners, bedrijven en instellingen op het gebied van veiligheid.

Het Wijkteam Rivierenbuurt heeft de wijk De Rivierenbuurt verdeeld in 7 buurtregiebuurten met de bijbehorende buurtregisseurs: Wielingenbuurt: Willem Jansen; hij is te spreken op afspraak in het politiebureau, Pr. Kennedylaan 11, tel.

Scheldebuurt: John Beerman, spreekuur: dinsdag Wolkenkrabberbuurt: Jacques Wolfert, spreekuur: dinsdag Berlage nam in zijn plan op een: - academisch ziekenhuis - tramremise - academie voor Beeldende Kunst - kunstenaarshuis - ambachtschool - vestiging uitbreiding van de Neurologische Kliniek - een rooms-katholieke kerk - Vrije Universiteit - Rijksverzekeringsbank - scholen - brandweerpost - politiebureau - clubgebouw voor een roeivereniging Deze voorzieningen zijn vrijwel alle gebouwd in stadsdeel ZuiderAmstel, dus niet alleen in de Rivierenbuurt.

Teleurgesteld Pas in mag de gemeenteraad zich uitspreken over dit tweede ontwerp. Hij vindt het minder mooi dan het eerste. En raadslid noemt het afgeroomde melk. En een ander zegt: Mooi is het niet; het is veel leelijker, of laat ik liever zeggen: veel minder mooi, dan het oorspronkelijke plan van den ontwerper.

De gemeenteraad heeft de keus tussen het plan als geheel aan te nemen of te verwerpen. Hij kiest noodgedwongen voor het eerste. Door de onteigening van de Binnendijksche Buitenveldersche polder is de grond binnen plan-Zuid duur geworden. Daarom mogen particulieren er woningen bouwen met hoge huren. Ook woningbouwverenigingen krijgen grond in erfpacht.

Het ontwerp van Berlage reikt tot over de stadsgrenzen Rock Your World (Joho. In annexeert Amsterdam opnieuw een deel van Nieuwer-Amstel. De zuidelijke grens loopt dan tot en met de noordzijde van de Kalfjeslaan. Amstels Bouwvereniging Tot afschuw van de socialistische fractie in de gemeenteraad, vindt de regering in dat er vooralsnog genoeg arbeiderswoningen zijn. Nu is het de beurt aan de hogere inkomens, meent zij.

Exor - E. Jael of Lun. Phil and. Tjerk - Word. Sean Tyas. Audio Bull. Becky G. Gucci Mane. Rivers Cuomo. Swedish Red Elephant.

Roy Edri. Edit - Sonic One. Robin Valo. Kris Kiss. You'll also get the full solo album Rock Your World (Joho Sylvia MasonVoyage's lead singer which is a real Disco smash. Again it's the first time it's available on CD and as a bonus Harmless have added various versions of of her hit single "We've Gotta Dance". Disc 1 Original album Music, Music 4.

In this album, this legendary European Disco group is taking their music 'back to basics' and back to the Disco sound we're used to hear from them with wonderful vocals, exotical rhythms and danceable beats. Besides the very Funky title track Disco fans will enjoy tracks like "Let's Get Started" which makes you think you're listening to one of their first albums.

As a fantastic bonus the second CD is packed with TV mixes, Alternative mixes, 12" and 7" versions, along with a previously unreleased track. Disc 1 Original album Let's Get Started 6. Click to buy from Click to buy from 54 - Music from the motion picture!

Tunes that still will make any party rock! No matter what - both CD's are equally good, so you really should get them both!

Grand inches volume 1 [SMM 2] Great collection of great 12"inch single releases from the Disco days up to the 90's. Check out the full track listing below Grand inches volume 2 [SMM 2] Another Great collection of great 12"inch single releases from the Disco days up to some 90's hits. This second CD in the series feature some more rare and obscure tracks than volume 1. Full track listing below More classic 12"inch versions from the Disco years up to the 90's and Ben also throw in some of his own remixes on the CD's.

Many rare and hard-to-find gems as well as being a different selection of songs than what you usually find in Disco compilations. Enjoy this "Fantastic Voyage"! The spooky thing is that it feels like he's been taking all the tracks right from my own 12" inch collection. I think I own like every track that's on there.

As always all tracks come in their 12" inch or full length version and Ben manages to put together an interesting mix of music - from pure Disco, to Ni-NRG, Funk and Electro. But just as the first CD starts out Another personal favorite is "San Salvador" by Azoto. Excellent collection - Buy it NOW! Band Who's Zoomin' Who? The perfect gift for you or someone else - Buy it NOW! Disc 3: Love in C. Grand inches volume 7 [Sony ] Another release in Ben Liebrand 's now legendary series of Grand inches, and stretching over decades of Disco and Dance music.

I'm sure you'll find some of your own forgotten gems among these 40 tracks. Buy it because it's Special 12" Disco Mix] - O. Instant Replay [U. Tom Moulton 12" Version] - Dan Hartman. Grand inches volume 8 [Sony ] The 8th installation in the series, and it keeps you dancing like all the previous Surprisingly this is the first of all my many hundreds of Disco related compilations that include the 12" version of "Born To Be Alive"the pure Disco classic by Patrick Hernandez!

As always the music takes you on a musical journey over time from the mid 70's thru the early 90's, including genres as Disco, Funk, Soul and Dance.

Other favorites of mine are Richard T. Disc 3: Dr. Grand inches volume 9 [Sony] Ben Liebrand keeps doing it Providing lots of great tracks, some more widely know and some more obscure! So just that start blows you away, but it doesn't stop there Grand inches volume 10 [Sony] For the 10th release in the series Ben Liebrand gives us no less than 6 CD's full of great music and hits.

There are too many great songs to mention them, so please have a look at the track listing below This is for sure "Hot Stuff" and it will make "Everybody Dance" It also include the 12" version of Chicago 's classic "Street Player" which was the base sampled in the Bucketheads ' "the Bomb! Disc 3: Ray Parker Jr. Grand inches volume 12 [Sony ] 12th release in the series Now the Club feeling has been put on CD for everyone to experience.

The founders along with Severino and Luke Howard have created a 70 minutes underground Disco party covering various styles from pure Disco, via Funk, Afro rhythms to cosmic Italo. This is definately not one of the "average" Disco compilations, this is for you who like your Disco in various flavors and with a twist.

You might recall some of the acts, but you won't get their biggest chart hit but still great and groovy tracks. Just look at acts like Karen YoungK. They always serve us with a high quality Disco mix, brilliantly cruising through different styles of Disco.

They really pass through the whole spectrum of Disco, and that's what makes this mix so interesting. Everyone will find some new favorites in this release, as it's jam packed with great tracks you won't find in other compilations.

To top things the label even gives you a free download of one of the album tracks On MAC: 2 finger tap - Save file It's time you get down to some "Nightime Boogie". The music mix covers stuff from the 70's to more recent tunes, and it's hypnotizing beats will keep you movin' and groovin' throughout each CD. As always there are some great new findings in the tracklist, but they're many so I'll let you find your own favorites among them.

Talk about "Sweet Dynamite"You will enjoy this! James HillardJim StantonLuke Howard and Severino brings us a new non-stop Disco party mix throughout the first CD and for you who want the full-length versions of most of the tracks, you'll get that in the second CD.

So everyone will get their dose of the medicine the guys cook so good. Curtis classic "Candidate For Love". Great job and you will for sure find your own new favorite tracks on here Boogie's Dubtronic Science feat. We get much of his own work under several of his monikers, along with remixes he has made for others.

Among the latter is his remix of "Backfired" by Masters At Work feat. It's a pure pleasure listening to this album and what struck you is how damn good it is. I really haven't got much wore words - you just have to listen for yourself to get what I'm trying to say Not sure what it is, but Disc 1: Backfired feat. John got to mix more or less all of their releases and some of their best mutual works are on this compilation, with tracks from Inner LifeLoggUniversal Robot Band and others.

This is a wonderful collection of hard-to-find classics in these fantastic John Morales mixes. Disc 1 Weekend - Class Action feat. A triple CD with remixes of Disco favorites remixed with a gentle touch by John Morales to preserve the magic of the original version but lifting it to new heights.

This is for any lover of classic Disco music as you'll get long versions of fantastic Disco tracks from some of the finest acts of the era. It's hard to pick favorites, as every single one is in its own right. You will enjoy this CD set, that's for sure!

Asylum - Various - Sony Compilation CD (June 98) (CD), Jag Ser - PST/Q - Natt Klockan Tolv På Dagen (File, Album), Love Street - The Doors - Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine (8-Track Cartridge), Youll Follow Me Down - Skunk Anansie - Smashes & Trashes (Box Set, LP), Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues - Whitesnake - Lovehunter (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Love The Way Youre Breaking My Heart - Delicatessen (8) - Jazz+Bossa (CD, Album), Confused (Remix) - DJ Gizmo - Harder Mach 4 (CD), Sonate E-dur K 380 (L 25) (Andante Comodo, 3/4) - Manuel Barrueco, Scarlatti*, Cimarosa*, Paganini*,, Frisson (A) - Richard Myhill - Release The Groove (CD, Album), Addict - Curiosity - Back To Front (CD, Album), Built From Scratch - Various - Hip Hop 4 (CD, Album), Souskay - Kassav - Kassav Au Zenith (Vinyl, LP, Album)