Sahara - Camel - MP3 Collection (CDr)

Saharah retains her fractured speech patterns from New Leaf and has a random chance of appearing on the player's island every day. A large rug costs 2, bells and will give the player 3 Saharah Ticketsa medium rug costs 1, bells and grants the Sahara - Camel - MP3 Collection (CDr) 2 Saharah Tickets, and a small rug costs 1, bells for just 1 Saharah Ticket. The type of rug is only revealed after purchasing, and Saharah will only sell the same three rugs in any given visit. If the player attempts to purchase a duplicate rug, Saharah will confirm the style of the rug before completing the sale.

A maximum of 2 Mysterious Wallpaper and 2 Mysterious Flooring can be acquired per visit from Saharah: one set by using Saharah Tickets, the other by Sahara - Camel - MP3 Collection (CDr) for 3, Bells each.

The wallpaper and flooring purchased with bells will be the same across players purchasing from Saharah visiting the same island, but the Mysterious Wallpaper and Flooring obtained from exchanging tickets will be randomized. Animal Crossing Wiki Explore. New Horizons. Characters Villagers Special characters. Fish Bugs Monthly critter lists Fossils Artwork.

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