Share It Loud - Interactive Noise - Collection 2014 (File, MP3)

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Blind Tests — Critical listening tests and audio training files for sound and studio engineers! What's new? NEW How good is your room? MATT will help you find out! Timing Blind Test : when shortest is the best! Here, you can feel the immense power of the ship in the rumble under your feet, the static of the plasma conduit valves whistling overhead, trimming the flow of fuel from the warp core. If only you could have your bed moved into this spot This helps me a lot to sleep and relax.

Autopilot's broken beyond on-board repair, so we're stopping over at the nearest mechanic in this system. A four-hour course. I keep forgetting how lovely the galaxy looks MP3) you're up close. I've joined the Star Treck fandom a month ago. This fandom is amazing. I knew it but it feels very good. Thank you all for all the good things you 've made. Playing Warp Speed with headphones on effectively blocked it out, blending in the beeps so I could rest! It's just the right amount of stimulation to help me focus, paired with or without instrumental music.

Protip: goes exceedingly well with several of Adam Young's instrumental albums and Enterprising Young Men of course. There is work to be done, no one else is going to do it, and everyone who can help is light years away. The amount of customisability is incredible and the quality is absolutely topnotch. Many many Thanks. Love this one, though.

I love that many of the sliders change even without being animated, to keep things interesting while I focus on reading legislation. It's definitely a nice addition to tedious homework. Now I feel more like a futuristic cultural anthropologist studying a planet before visiting it instead of a bored college student.

I have been so relaxed today. This really helps me focus on what I want to, when those lo-fi YouTube mixes just have too many lyrics.

It creates a perfect crepy spaceship-type air. It's made writing my sci-fi horror book so much easier. I'm a huge Trekkie and I have always found the ambient noise of the ship to be really relaxing, so to have it at my fingertips is just awesome.

Great that this generator can include all our favorite galaxies! Thanks Dr. When I was a kid I always fantasised about galactic empires and having my own little rocket ship: I was shy so I liked the idea of a spaceship, my own safe and comfortable space away from people. I'm much more outgoing now but I still love this pack. Especially the Asleep in Quarters preset - it makes me feel so cosy. Thanks guys! These are the voyages of the U.

Enterprise, on 5 year mission. To MP3) out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! Live Long and Prosper! I felt as though I was preparing for something important. Three masterpieces that just somehow flow together. Maybe it's just me, but the interplay of technology and tension against wind instruments and their tranquility is striking, mysterious, even inspiring.

Just the right amount of calm and nostalgic comfort. Also great for masking office noise or creating an ambient Share It Loud - Interactive Noise - Collection 2014 (File on top. I can still hear my coworkers clicking away on their keyboards and doors opening and closing, but it fades into the acoustic scenery. White noise doesn't do the trick for me. Even with music, I still need my sleep meds.

I actually feel nice and relaxed listening to this. Man if I knew how many credits for a donation I get, I think I'd make a play list of these various soundscapes! Instead of being in my hot office at my desk, I'm a starship sysadmin alone in my room full of servers, floating through the endless dark. It's peaceful here. There's no one asking me for "just a quick question". Just me, with my ship's computers chirping away happily while I tune and fix them.

I really got into Star Trek this year and this is so lovely, I didn't know I needed this haha, thanks! The Enterprise is my ideal work setting. I'm currently trying out this one and the Stardust tonal noise generator layered in different tabsand they're doing wonders for my concentration levels, and for getting myself in an outer-space mindset when writing. It also sounds great with the less rhythmic sounds of Take it Easy.

Sort of a "Dozed off in engineering" feel. This setting is like the White Noise generator, but slightly better. This plus Saturn Rings is my current favorite. These are the voyages of the starship Stalactite I was having a rough week because of finals, and it helped a lot. I work best in areas that have background noise, and when I am in a quiet room by myself, I can't concentrate. But this works well for me! The sound of the ship's rumble and the control room electronic chatter in Warp Speed pair together to make a comforting space for me.

I add another layer sometimes like Zen Garden or Canyon my favoriteor Osmosis, but the background noise just blocks out so much distraction. I adore it. All rights reserved. Loudness normalization is now used widely, giving more reason to create mixes with wide open dynamics which will improve how they sound when streamed. Some things to note about music streaming services: they are all different some sites simply have higher quality sound than others they use lossy encoding formats for streaming out of necessity, and the trick is how to work within the limits of the lossy format some use loudness normalization, meaning if your mix is too loud, the service will reduce its gain to align to a target your recording quality and MP3) quality will have the biggest impact on the resulting sound quality after encoding that last point is worth repeating - your recording and mix quality have the most significant impact on the resulting sound quality Is there such a thing as Mastering for SoundCloud or YouTube?

Improve the sound of your mixes on SoundCloud and Spotify This advice applies to any music streaming site. Optimize your mixes for any streaming service Perceptual coding schemes typically respond poorly to complexity such as distortion because it can often be harmonically rich, and wide-bandwidth, and that is the root of most of my suggestions.

Having said that, here are my recommendations for achieving the very best sound quality when posting your mixes to any streaming service, including SoundCloud: Create the cleanest recordings possibleprior to mixing avoid unintentional distortion, significant background noise etc.

Noise, distortion, rumble and other non-musical information in your recording will create more work for the encoder. Strive for the purest, clearest recordings. You can always add color selectively to certain tracks but avoid capturing dense, congested color or "mojo" on every single track. Remember that less is more, and the contrast of "clean" and "colored" tracks in your mix is what will make it interesting, while making the encoder's job a little easier.

Follow my critical mix tips. Remember, the more you do to achieve a clear, lively, and dynamic mix, the more chance it will sound good when converted to a lossy format like Mp3. Keep your mix open, dynamic and clean. Avoid heavy use of saturation and distortion. Distortion is often wide-bandwidth in nature which presents several problems for perceptual coding i.

Avoid overly dense or congested mixes. Spending lots of time at home? Upgrade your home entertainment setup today with these dirt-cheap deals on TVs, audio systems and more. The logos will say whether the cable supports 60 watts or watts of power to indicate whether they can charge MP3) a bigger product, including a laptop.

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