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Definition of sayonara. Sayonaratenants! Examples of sayonara in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Ciara officially said sayonara to her brown hair this weekend — and hello to a brand-new blue hue that lowkey reminds us of the ocean-esque shade Lady Gaga debuted this past August.

First Known Use of sayonarain the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More About sayonara. Part Regulations Implementing the Privacy Act of Subchapter B — Records Management parts Part Federal Records; General. Part Creation and Maintenance of Federal Records. Part Managing Vital Records. This marks her return to Korean screens after six years. After filming for School concluded, Jang immediately returned to China to film a drama titled Red Palanquin.

InJang played a police detective in the mystery thriller Hello Monster. InJang was cast in the romantic fantasy drama Confession Couple. InJang was cast in the mystery thriller drama The Last Empressplaying a musical actress who becomes the Empress of a modern-day monarch.

InJang returned to the small screen with the office mystery drama VIP. InJang was named as 'CF Queen' by various news outlets.

In Marchit was revealed that Jang had signed an exclusive model contract with air purifier brand 'Clair' back in December It is revealed that Jang would promote Clair's products not only in Korea but throughout Asia as well. Jang signed a contract with Korean cosmetic brand 'CharmZone' as an official model, as revealed in April This is to promote the company's diversification into the inner beauty market.

However, her workload took a toll on her health. She disclosed in an interview on Healing Camp that she suffered from gastric ulcersirritable bowel syndromepanic disorderbulimiaand acrophobia due to intense stress and pressure as a celebrity. Jang belongs to a family of actors. Her father, Ju Ho-seong real name Jang Yeon-kyois a theater actor, producer, and director.

Jang is also known for her youthful appearance [83] and has expressed her Christian faith numerous times at the SBS Drama Awards. Jang does many charity Si Nara such as sending million won worth of commodities and million won worth of powdered milk to the hungry North Korean children. She served as the public relations envoy for fair elections in the South Korean presidential election.

She renewed this commitment as she was chosen as one of the honorary public relations ambassadors for the South Korean presidential election. InJang held a fund-raising concert for child patients of leukemia in China. The Jang Foundation was established from the money raised during Jang's fan club meeting at her June 9 concert in Beijing, which was held to mark the 15th year of diplomatic Si Nara between China and South Korea.

Twelve hundred seats at the concert venue sold out early. After the concert on stage, a Chinese charity organization appointed Jang as a goodwill ambassador, making her the first foreigner to receive such an honor.

In the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquakeJang donateddollars to a charity organization in China and 8 billion won of clothing for the victims.

Jang is also known to contribute her talent in singing for charitable activities. InJang was recognized for her charity activities by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Init was revealed that Jang had secretly donated more than 13 billion won or close to 12 million US dollars since her debut in to various charities, disaster reliefs, and academic organizations.

Aside from donating money to animal shelters, she also participates at charity events for animal care and volunteers actively such as cleaning the sick dogs' shelters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Korean singer and actress. In this Korean namethe family name is Jang. SeoulSouth Korea. SM Warner Music Korea. Musical artist. The following day, Shikadai and other students dedided to protect Sumire Kakei from Magire Kakureminoafter he left her a stalkerish message.

Later, Shikadai, Boruto, and Mitsuki decided to ditch classes one day, having Mitsuki write fake parent notes for them. When he was caught out, Temari punished him. Shino then has his class pick a place to spend their workplace field trip at, leading to the three picking the Konohagakure's Central Post Office. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was, leading to the three rushing to the hospital.

After learning that Sumire was okay, Shikadai and his friends were approached by Naruto, who warned them about the danger of their investigation. Continuing their investigation, the three got help from others students in facing the culprit behind the incidents. After they lured the person out and Komame became possessed, half the team dealt with the culprit while Shikadai's squad faced Komame.

While having saved the post chief, the culprit ultimately got away. During the night Nue attacked the village, Shikadai wondered where Boruto and Sumire were. The following morning, they found Boruto, Sumire and Mitsuki in a field. Sai Yamanaka and his group of shinobi arrived to the scene, leading to him apprehending Sumire for her role in the attacks. Afterwards, Sumire returned to class, leading to all the students welcoming her back.

After class at the Academy was dismissed, Shikadai warned Boruto not to pursue his prank because of the five Kage meeting. Upon hearing that he and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams in a week, Shikadai found little interest in the idea. Later, after training with Shikamaru in the anime, he accompanied his father in stopping Boruto from interrupting the Seventh Hokage from his duties, and to his chagrin, was asked by his father to notify Naruto's shadow clone where Boruto was.

That night, Shikadai and his classmates revived a message that informed them Denki Kaminarimon had been kidnapped and to meet the culprits at the pier. Upon arriving, the perpetrator was revealed to be Tsurushi Hachiya and his gang of delinquents.

Attacking the students, they managed to easily defeat the shinobi. Afterwards, they invited Kagura to play a card game with them. When Boruto and Sarada acted Si Nara, Shikadai and Inojin decided to follow them. Trying to make sense of their conversation, Suigetsu approached and threatened the pair, leading to them nervously agreeing to help Mitsuki. Sometime afterwards, the class returned to Konoha.

Main article: Graduation Exams Arc. In the anime, taking up Shino's subtle offer to try stealing the test answers for the written portion of the Genin Exams, Inojin and his friends were able to pass the test.

The next day, the students for set against Academy teachers and Kakashi Hatake during the twenty four hour practical portion of the exams. While the teachers would still evaluate the students' respective improvements, their true test was against the Hokage. During the night, his classmates rescued the restrained students after they defeated Anko.

Strategising, all the students transformed into copies of Boruto and attacked Kakashi, during which they got into position to restrain him so Boruto could grab his bell.

During their struggle, the exam reached its time limit. Despite not getting the bell, Kakashi chose to pass everyone as they succeeded in the test's true goal; team-work and loyalty.

Main article: Genin Mission Arc In the anime, the Seventh Hokage personally assigned Team 10 their first mission, which involved chauffeuring around a client. Later, Team 10 was tasked with another mission which involved clearing rocks off the Thunder Rail.

Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc. During his studies, Shikadai learned about the Byakuya Gang who stole a collection of jewels from Konoha Bank. Hearing about how they call themselves noble thieves because they steal riches to support the poor, Shikadai acknowledged that while stealing is wrong, the world is not always so clear-cut on right and wrong.

As the boy proved skilled in the game, they played well into dusk. After the gang committed multiple robberies, Team 10 was assigned alongside other genin teams to assist in their capture, though they were instructed not to engage them in battle.

Continuing talking with Boruto, they encountered a Byakuya Gang thief that was being chased by Temari. She instructed the pair to assist her in apprehending the criminal, though Shikadai hesitated, which resulted in the thief escaping.

After the gang manipulated villagers into believing the Kaminarimon Company conducted corrupt practices, it lead to the same genin teams to placate protesters around the company's headquarters. After the thieves jumped on a Thunder Trainthe pair followed them aboard. There, the genin were encased in a dome of iceduring which Boruto fell under genjutsu and attacked Shikadai. When Konohagakure began a new annual holiday, Parent and Child Day, Shikadai spent it with his father. They were accompanied by Metal, Inojin, and their respective fathers.

However, they soon overate, leaving them physically sick and unable to continue. Later that night, the Nara men ate dinner Si Nara an obviously angered Si Nara watched over them sternly for their failure at the competition. Having cold feet about the situation, Moegi resorted to handing the pair letters from their mothers, which frighteningly persuaded them to take part in the exams. Remembering that they organised to meet up with Boruto, the boys hurried off to Lightning Burger.

There, the three played their video games together until the pair learned that Boruto had been cheating in it, which annoyed him. Bypassing all traps and obstacles on their route, the team made it to the exam venue. There, the team participated in a true or false question given by Sai Yamanakawhich resulted in all competitors falling into a pit that contained a pool of ink. Three days later, for the second round of the exams, Team 10 competed in a game of capture the flag against a Kusagakure team.

On the day of the final round, the event was structured as a one verse one tournament, leading to Shikadai being pitted against Yodo. Having won his match against her, Shikadai was matched against Boruto. Managing to capture Boruto and his clones with his shadow, Boruto resorted to cheating by using his Kote to create multiple shadow clones. Outmatched, Shikadai forfeited. While in the manga Boruto's use of his Kote lead him to being disqualified for cheating which resulted in Shikadai being reinstated into the tournament as the winner of their match, in the anime, the cheating goes unnoticed, resulting in Boruto progressing to the final match.

Even more, Shikadai felt betrayed by his best friend, who lied to him about having a fair fight in their match. After the attack ended and the Seventh Hokage saved all the lives there at the cost of being captured himself, Shikadai was sent to the hospital to check for injuries. Match Facts. Nara United got 2 Win 2 Lose 6 Draw in last 10 games, and scored 8 goals, conceded 10 goals. Nara United - Full-time Result. Nara United - Total Goals 2. Nara United - Asian Handicap. Football Predictions: Goal under 2.

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