Something - The Apollo (2) - Dance With The Apollo: 24 Non-Stop Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Then it was straight into the "Hits" section with a storming version of Cock In My Pocket that saw Iggy stick his hand down the jeans that were slipping lower and lower down to play with his cock that was screaming down the old highway with us. I Got A Right had Iggy making it plain what he had a right to do and the band and audience certainly agreed with him and it certainly included being out of his mind on saturday night as it's and he feels alright and I know I did seeing Iggy dive into the audience again.

They then did the instrumental from Kill City is it Mastercharger before playing a great version of Kill City and finishing with a devastating version of Open Up And Bleed. The well-earned encore started with Fun House and a honking great version it was too and then my mind has gone blank for a couple of songs during which Iggy put the house lights up to look at all of us and thank us for coming and eventually to introduce the band before the finished things off with Johanna that was a perfect close to a great great show.

I bought my memory stick on the way out so I can download the show later in the week at which point no doubt I'll know what songs were missing! Posted on December 26, by simonovitch. At The Royal Festival Hall. A day I thought would never happen let alone in What odds could you have got on that in say maybe 2 million to 1.

Then a guy got on the tube with a red tea pot it's that sort of a day, I'm not sure if I have my head ready for this or not. But I'm sure some strong alcohol will sort that out, oh and a good smoke just along from Kevin Sheilds ought to do it. The main review is being written as the show unfolds so I can convey what the night is like and what it does to me as it happens, so i will now try to translate the hieroglyphs of my awful handwriting while stoned out of my brains.

I'm sitting at the front of the cheap seats in a little more than half full hall, So I am a fair way back but refused to pay more to see Lou with a trio than it cost to see John Cale with a full orchestra in the same venue. There is some drone noise vacuum pump thing blaring over the tannoy before Lou and the boys arrive.

On stage Is one massive gong, one massive drum, A Saxophone, 4 guitars, Keyboards, Effects and Something - The Apollo (2) - Dance With The Apollo: 24 Non-Stop Hits (Vinyl. I hope the mainly in the bizz music nut crowd is ready for what's to come. I have a double rum to keep me company on this voyage that is about to begin. This noise is mad!! Lou is joined in his trio by Ulrich Kreiger and Seth Calhoun, it's not quite as empty as the Albert Hall last time I saw Lou but there are empty seats all over the place, Lou's late and this noise just doesn't stop or change but it's tripping me out already.

They take the stage to applause before starting. They stare at guitars feeding back, look at the drum start twiddling away pulsey rhythms open up my world in sound, Gong earthquake sheet of sound. Noise tyres squeal over tidal wave crash of reverb, give me the rum, ostrich guitar gives way to an exploding plastic inevitable mindfuck. Estrangement of my stomach as it is moving independent of my body, bewilderment of my body shaking revolving sax blurts in between the mess of noize.

Ships horns in hell, whales collide screaming skronk begins reality dimensions of brain effluent of time signature. Jimi's star crucified. Quiet is worse than loud why? Troughs of sound make me numb paralysed as golgotha's signal strikes and down we go of deep despair castrati wail and wail in agony.

Beyond everything people leave early, why did they come it said it was going to be Metal Machine Music what did they expect. Implosion implosion disposition distortion contortion of eruption.

Unfortunately, like Tupac before him, Big's potent verses of a violent death became a self-prophecy indeed. Moderator, the famed Athens-based producer, has assembled 14 tracks that run the gamut, each one evoking the devilish unpredictability of cult cinema and the dopeness of a phat break.

Moderator is known for his extensive musical knowledge, with his tastes running from hip-hop to rockabilly, dub to Memphis soul, and all points in-between. On Midnight Madnessthese genres intersect in dreamlike scenes from imaginary movies. The downtempo flavor is heavy, casting spells on the fussiest of beat-headz.

Listen in below Tags:InstrumentalsModeratorSelections. March 24, Cappadonna "The Pillage" March 24, In the summer ofa sweltering heat sets New York City ablaze. As glistening beads of sweat cascade down the contours of rap-loving girls, Cappadonna makes his grand entrance completely without warning. Backed by the surreal strains of the RZA-produced hit "Ice Cream" -- a nasty ode to all the girls the Wu has loved before -- the sharp-tongued latest addition to hip-hop's greatest group of the '90s serenades fine ladies everywhere with his dirty diatribes and witty hearsay.

But just who is Cappadonna? And how did he deal with the pressure of joining hip-hop's elite squad at the height of their popularity? I just came to go ahead and teach and spread psalms about the world. Shrouded in mystery, Cappachino the Great goes on to lend his mystique to a second shivery sureshot from Rae's classic set. Never letting up, Cappa's bizarre bantering an influence on Rae and Ghost's highly praised unique lyrical techniques goes one step beyond as he embellishes his abstract steelo on the Clan's sophomore double album, Wu-Tang Forever.

Having appeared on over a dozen Wu-Tang joints, is the year for Cappadonna to shine. Representing the East Barracks projects in Park Hill, the life-long friend of the Wu breaks through with The Pillagethe sixth dolo strike from the Clan. Revisit The Pillage LP today! Madvillainy was an underground smash by MF Doom and Madlib as Madvillain : twelve of its twenty-two tracks were shorter than two minutes and none of the songs had traditional hooks or choruses, but it was so singularly unique and memorable both lyrically and production-wise that it became one of the most critically lauded hip-hop records of the decade, indie or mainstream.

It sold overcopies, modest by mainstream music's platinum-or-bust standards, but successful enough to keep Stones Throw not just solvent but thriving. And if the old saying about the Velvet Underground was true for the rock world--that they only sold a fraction of the records that the popular bands did, but everyone who bought a copy started a band of their own--the echoes of Madvillainy would be heard everywhere by the end of the s.

Chain-toking stream-of-consciousness MCs and bedroom beatmakers fiddling with a Dr. Even Thom Yorke of Radiohead singled out Madvillainy track "Raid" as a personal favorite on an iTunes Celebrity Playlist he put together in early I agree with Nate Patrin, it was an underground smash! One of a handful of albums that consistently sold at Fat Beats, and it certainly flew off the shelves whenever we were bumpin' it through the speakers. Hit the archives for a lot more.

MF Doom and Madlib, Madvillainy It is their first full-length release since starring in the Netflix documentary " Underdogs " centered around their label Don't Sleep Records and first tour overseas. The album is laced with Phoniks signature jazz-infused, boom bap production style and Awon's raw, honest lyricism. The songs were predominantly written under quarantine and center around political and social commentary of these tumultuous last few years.

Awon and Phoniks are two of my favorite artists, and Don't Sleep Records is certainly one of the best independent labels creating music today. I've never been short on praise for the legendary DJ Premier, so as we celebrate his Born Day today which should be a holiday! Junein the back office at 6th Avenue, better known as Fat Beats NY, we had a candid conversation about record store day, then-new projects, the tattoo on his arm and more.

He shared, "We are all here to combine powers and support each other, because there is still a big network of us that still do what we do Ya know, from how we were raised in the early 80s of hip-hop - when there were inches, before it was albums.

But, we still pride ourselves on making good bodies of work, too. Ya know, a lot of people don't know how to make good albums We know how to make albums, and that's why I still exist; why I still do a radio show that's dedicated to breaking records. We know how to judge talent! It's really like with chefs, when we tell you something is gonna taste good; when you take a bite out of it, it does taste good! We are the tastemakers of this industry and all these people here are here for the same cause I mean, there were some things that were inconsistent in the book, but for this particular line, I feel that really describes me and how I came up to make my name in NYC as a producer-DJ and hip-hop artist, and I did it!

It wasn't just the money, it was them appreciating me and recognizing what I do, and also shout to Guru for recognizing that I was dope, too, and ya know, we here and still gettin' it in Gang Starr still remains my favorite group of all-time!

Art below by Alphonze. I also asked Preemo about consistency and producers having their own signature sound Ya know what I'm saying, its like my worst beats are better than most cats and thats Album) even a bragging thing.

Rest In Peace to Jaco Pastorius, who used to be the bass player for Weather Report, he said, "It's not bragging, if you can back it up," and well, I can back it up But, there's one more piece of advice that he's shared elsewhere that's equally relevant.

Preemo said, "A rule that I've learned is never bite. I know it's not looked at the same way to the newer generation, but that was such a major, unwritten rule that we knew. Don't bite because you will get stepped to.

Thankful to see a crowd respond to such an incredible record. It was a vibe and they tapped into the energy of the crowd every night. Greatest song of '92, in my eyes. What about you? Best song of the year, each column, each row, whatever you wanna share - you can comment below or DM me or e-mail me, whatever is easier. If you are not up on the Trends of Culture album, then this single will quickly remedy the situation.

Nothing short of perfect, this could be one of the summer's most enjoyable songs. Dedicated to our favorite subject - sex - Nastee, Grapevine, and M. While there are plenty of mix versions to choose from, most will want to stick wit the original. Its solid drums, soft piano keys and weird synth effects make it a winner even before the first rhyme is spoken.

Watch the visuals to Valley of the Skinz below As a back-up, you can also grab a download HEREtoo. Dig in Growing up, the heroes we saw in cartoons and movies were perfectly chiseled, intelligent, and had senses none of us possess.

These are the heroes that work hard all day, everyday to help ensure that the lives around them are taken care of, and do it all without recognition. They wear themselves into the ground and sacrifice vanity for family.

He collaborated with the group to lay scratches on their debut album Strictly Businessreleased in Since then he has worked with a lot of great artists and has released several quality mixtapes along the way. This tribute mix to the late Notorious B.

Listen to the mix below May 20, Fat Joe "Flow Joe" It was released on his debut LP " Represent " in I won Amateur Night four weeks in a row. He worked on He asked me to give him a promo, like a jingle. Red played it a couple of weeks later and the whole projects and everyone in front of the building started going crazy. Then, Chris Lighty and Relativity approached me about signing me, and they wanted that to be the single.

So we took that, and we turned it into Flow Joe Tags:AdvertsD. While he has been on a little hiatus as of late, Ace definitely came correct with this one. Over an ear-shattering acoustic bassline, he cruises the city streets, blasting his system and battling kids who think they can hang.

Ace's delivery is just as amped as his bassline, mixing dope lyrics with frame-shredding boom. No one can disturb this groove, not even the police Peep the visuals below May 17, Technics s Vibe, May Back in the day, B-boys needed suitably fly audio gear to get the party started.

The needle must have been called a stylus for a reason. Born in '73 as a "middle-class player system" for couch-blob audiophiles, the steel and rubber magnificence of the SL wouldn't get in the DJ mix until '79, when Technics slapped on Album) pitch shifter that could dramatically adjust the speed of the record, and the "turntable" took on an active lifestyle.

An unintended zigga zigga of marketing genius, s would become known as 12s, as essential to hip hop as the inch wax itself, and a required status symbol for any jam.

The became essential in the studio, too. As rap evolved in the mids, turntables were the nexus between sound and sampler. You could experiment like a scientist.

And like any piece of fly apparel, the real DJs, from the late Jam Master Jay to Premier, only rocked their own 12s at the gig. Motherf ckers used to get cornered at parties, robbed for them shits. Not sneakers or fresh leather, but turntables!

Sharing today, because it's a shame we're losing pieces like this, kids just don't understand what it meant to the culture. Tags:NostalgiaVibe MagazineVinyl. Dre and his legal issues with Mac Miller. Of course there's more to this, so pull up a chair because rap class is in session.

Can You Dig It? Listen to the project below and much respect to Matt Diamond! However, if anyone thinks the Platinum success of N. Amerikkka's Most Wanted is a steel-hard collection of fourteen new raps, told from the point of view of the kid on the block: a perfect description of Ice Cube himself. Listen below I am very excited to share the new podcast mini-series from Mystic titled Behind the Journey.

The 6-part series is an exploration of the journey behind the development of the Oakland artist Mystic, and the making of her Grammy-nominated debut album, Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom.

An audible look into how she developed as an artist and member of Digital Underground, got her deal, recorded and released her debut album, and the healing journey that was part of it all. This short series is an inside look at the past, present, and future of Mystic's journey for new and old fans alike. It can be listened to as an accompaniment to the 20th anniversary of her debut album. It is shared with love and Something - The Apollo (2) - Dance With The Apollo: 24 Non-Stop Hits (Vinyl unique perspective that has made Mystic one of my favorite artists for two decades.

Updated: this trip down memory lane is also inspired by the fact that her debut album is now available to stream on all DSPs so I highly recommend that you revisit her beautiful cult classic, Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom before or after you peep the podcast series below. I've said a lot about the impact her project had on me at the time, and it's still as impactful today!

Episode 91 is the 2nd installment of Take It Personal's Tribute. RIP Biz Markie. Props to Philaflava, DJand Kevlar. Dig in the archives below for part 1, and all the past episodes of this world-class podcast Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper Face even gives insight into his political career in the future.

We came close to losing him more than onceso it's more important than ever that we hear his story and dig deeper. If you haven't had a chance, pick up a copy of his book, Diary of a Madmanwhich is available in my online store. From the Geto Boys to today, enjoy this dope episode of Drink Champs July 24, Cormega "The Realness" 20th Anniversary. With a fresh batch of new material, Cormega's "official" debut, The Realnessmanifests under stealth-like conditions.

Yet, it successfully conveys what his aborted Def Jam debut, The Testamentimplied three years previously -- that Mega is one of the most promising thug poets to emerge in quite sometime. Though the usual live-guy repertoire and topic matter is recycled, Cormega paints with a broader lyrical brush then most hood aficionados, as his articulate verses far surpass the limitations of what the typical halfway crook is capable of expressing.

Displaying a gripping range of vocal gifts, "The Saga" and "Fallen Soldiers" offer vivid street mathematics with Kool G.

Rap-like narrative abilities. Likewise, Mega's ode to hip-hop, "American Beauty," is a continuation of Common's "I Used to Love Her," where his love for the art is evident: "Primo treated her good, made her the queen of my hood. This cast of rising and unknown names turns in a yeoman's job behind the boards, meshing a diverse assortment of ominous synth and keyboard arrangements around Mega's deep lyricism.

While Mega has had to weather Def Jam's businessman ways, and his own inner demons jail time to get here, he may never taste redemption this sweet again. Keeping history in tact, I always attempt to share new releases in the artists' own words, so their perspective is preserved with the music. Unfortunately, most artists aren't nearly as eloquent with the pen as the Godly Big Ghost Ltd, who produced this brand new album for Ransom entitled, Heavy Is The Head.

He shares, "Some MFs rap Some do it well n some create sonic bowel movements every time they step in a LP. Some got talent n some got literally none at all Some talented MFs try to dumb it down to appeal to a wider audience n chase fame. Some stick to what they do best n quietly cultivate a devoted fanbase while gaining the utmost respect of not only peers but of any so-called competition as well. This dude Ransom aka Ransom The Destroyer falls into that last category.

The list of living breathing rappers on the planet who can match his pen game is bout as short as Tory Lanez doing the splits. This is elite level rhymin. The words really really rhyme How many street cats really get cinematic on wax We bringin creativity n imagination back Yall gotta stop actin like nobody else pop 20 bottles in a club n back down a whole room full of killers dolo while movin bricks the same night on records.

Yea you got cribs on Mt Fuji n Sinaloa cartel is your peoples but what else you bring to the table my G? Yall studio drug kingpins more Bambaataa than Zambada.

Just stick to hip hop. Dig in…. Episode 90 is the 1st installment in Take It Personal's Tribute. Last year they put together a strong case as to why they felt was one of the greatest years in Hip-Hop. This time around they're paying homage totheir favorite year in hip-hop. They've got the classics, the commercial jawns, the remixes and in typical TIP fashion, the obscure records as well.

During the breaks in the mix, they discuss their favorite '93 albums, the sleepers, the wack, the guilty pleasures and more! Enjoy episode 90 as they intertwine some memorable movie scenes with very memorable music.

This is your time capsule and it's brought to you by your friends at Take It Personal. I'd imagine we can expect multiple installements in their tribute, so keep it locked Lean in as they candidly interview hip hop royalty, break down the history of iconic samples, and step inside the culture that changed the world.

Preemo shares stories of his childhood in Texas and NY and the many influences that helped shape his musical journey. From teaming up with Guru and Gang Starr, to producing classics for Jay Z, Biggie, Nas and countless others, the 3x Grammy winning producer details his history, process and contributions to the culture.

Enjoy a very special peek into the world of the undeniable legend

Lovesick Blues - Slim Whitman - Lovesick Blues (Vinyl), Sinfonie Nr. 4 C-moll D. 417 Tragische - Schubert*, Yehudi Menuhin - Sämtliche Sinfonien (Vinyl, LP), Crush On You (Dirty Mix) - Various - Untitled (Vinyl), Calvin Harris - Acceptable In The 80s (File, MP3), My One And Only Love - Carly Simon - Moonlight Serenade (CD, Album), Alien - Various - Super Scary Monster Party (CD), Humanity - Attaktix - Demo Tape 15 (Cassette), No Name - Tricolor - Mirth + Feckless (CD, Album), The Touch - Various - Transformers: The Movie – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl, LP, LP), Bibi Ferreira - Piaf (Vinyl, LP, Album)