The System (Rest Point Remix)

By clicking on the Stored Patterns tab the chest iconyou can drag down selections and store them for later. Each one is a stored pattern. To see which one is which, go to the list folder and open the list. The tapalong menu is recurring from RHRE2, this time it is inline with the editor. The main purpose of tapalong is to be able to tap to the rhythm of a song to determine its BPM. This highlights all the game boundaries and where they transition at. This view also works in presentation mode.

This shows the tracks of a loaded midi file as Glee Club singers. Their heights represent the note they are playing. Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor Documentation. Welcome to the Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor docs!

You will learn best through experimentation; don't give up! How does a remix work? Entities are objects on the track that have a width. There are five main types of entities. Cues play a single sound effect. They may also loop. Patterns are groups of entities, usually other cues put together. Starting a new remix The parameters you need to set when starting a new remix such as the tempo are covered in this document. Selection tool The selection tool will be your main tool.

Music Start The Music Start default red tracker is the starting point of the music. Multipart Split tool The multipart split tool is very simple: LEFT clicking on The System (Rest Point Remix) multipart entity that is, an entity made up of multiple entities like patterns, random cues, equidistants, and keep-the-beats will split it into whatever it was made of.

Use this when you need to fine-tune a pattern's components. This means that you can download and install it on any computer. Remix OS 2. Talking about features, here The System (Rest Point Remix) some of the main highlights of Remix OS 2. Note that you might find them not-so-special from the desktop OS point of view, but think of it as a mobile OS to understand the importance of a simple feature like the taskbar or right-click feature. You just The System (Rest Point Remix) the list of features.

Here are some images provided by Jide:. This video gives you an even clearer view of Remix OS and its features:. Update : Remix OS is not open source. We all know that. But it is also very nasty The System (Rest Point Remix) it comes to privacy and user data. You agree that you irrevocably waive any and all ownership, legal and moral rights to your user content.

In the light of this new found fact, I discourage the use of Remix OS. Summary [ edit ] Description Sensor sizes overlaid inside - updated. The others are too similar, or too rarely-used, to represent here. You cannot overwrite this file. The following page uses this file: File:Sensor sizes - updated 07 svg. The following other wikis use this file: Usage on en. Width Height Structured data Items portrayed in this file depicts. The city of Omsk is named after the Om river. This hydronym in the dialect of Baraba Tatars means "the quiet one".

The creation of the Omsk fortress, like other Upper Irtysh fortresses, was caused by the urgent need to strengthen the trade route to China.

The merit for their arrangement belongs entirely to the Siberian governor, Prince M. However, he also bears a large share of the responsibility. Gagarin, being the governor in Nerchinskand then the head of the Siberian order and the Siberian province, devoted a lot of time and effort to trade with China.

And above all, the organization of the trade route to this country. The main route passed from Tobolsk down the Irtysh, then up the Ob, then along the Ket portage to the Yenisei and further to the border with China. The journey was long, difficult, and expensive. There was also a second option - up the Irtysh, two times shorter and much easier.

Kalmyk, Kyrgyz-Kaisak and Chinese chiefs were interested in this route as they all had their share of international trade. However, above the mouth of the Om, trade caravans were attacked by free detachments of Kalmyks Oirats and Kirghiz-Kaisaks, which their rulers could not cope with. A reliable guard was needed with its placement in stationary fortifications. One way or another, the Siberian governor achieved in May the tsar's consent to build fortresses along the Irtysh and further to the existing trade route: In his report to the tsar on May 22,Gagarin substantiated the need to build fortresses along the Irtysh by the need to ensure communication and safety of the expedition going to the city of Yarkand for the golden sand.

The gold deposit was located behind the Tien Shan ridges, on the territory of a neighboring state, in the Taklamakan desert. Prince Gagarin understood the consequences of this adventure, which, with a positive result, threatened a military conflict with China and Dzungaria. Of course, the Siberian governor did not expect the military expedition to reach Yarkand.

It was almost impossible and unnecessary. But the fortresses along the trade route would remain. And indeed, they stayed. The tsar believed the governor and signed a decree on organizing an expedition under the command of a former captain of the Guards, Army Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Bukholts and, accordingly, about the construction of fortresses along the Irtysh, above Yamyshev.

Between January 8 and 10,the prince meets with the king and makes an offering to him in the form of a golden collection from the ancient burial mounds plundered along the Ishim and Irtysh. At the meeting, Gagarin reported to Peter about his plans for the development of Siberia and received the tsar's permission, presumably in the form of the highest resolution.

On January 27,Peter I left for Europe, where he stayed until October and stopped receiving timely and reliable information from Siberia. In JanuaryGagarin with reference to the tsar's decree issued his own orders for the construction of a fortress on the frontier Kosogol lake and in April on the construction of fortresses on the Upper Yenisei.

On April 28, the Buholz detachment abandoned the Yamyshev fortress and moved down the Irtysh to the territory of the Tarsky district. Gagarin assessed the situation and gave instructions to Lieutenant Colonel Buholz and the Tara commandant about building a fortress at the mouth of the Om and sent recruits to reinforce them.

By the end ofthe first fortress fortified place was built in the area of the modern river station. It consisted of an earthen pentagonal fortress, powder and food stores, barracks for soldiers, houses for officers.

The first Omsk fortress fortified place was practically a copy of the fortress, erected in near Yamyshevskoye Lake. And, accordingly, it carried the main drawback: the fortifications were scattered, the outer fence was weak.

When the enemy attacked, the entire garrison would have to defend the fortress objects separately from each other, which happened in during the defense of the Yamyshevskaya fortress. The unsuccessful layout of the first Yamyshev and Omsk fortresses was explained, first of all, by the lack of fortification experience among the construction managers.

At the beginning ofthe dragoon captain Ilya Gavrilovich Aksakov was invited from Russia. The Governor confers a major on him and directs him to supervise the construction of a new second fortress at the mouth of the Om. In the summer of the same year, the Omsk garrison under the command of Stupin went to the upper Irtysh to build fortresses.

Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Buholz categorically refused to lead a new expedition and in March was sent from Tobolsk to The System (Rest Point Remix) capital. There is very little information about the foundation of the Omsk settlement and the construction of the second fortress. One of the most valuable sources of information is the inventory of documents of the Tara Chancellery, copied for Professor G.

Miller in This inventory was mentioned by Professor V. Kochedamov [ ru ] inand in it was published by the Barnaul scientists V. Borodaev and A. From Tara to the Omsk fortress, a drawing was sent "On the structure of the Omsk fortress beyond the Omya river prison and courtyards in a line. At the end of the summer ofGagarin ordered the production of six bells for the Yamyshevskaya and Omsk fortresses.

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