The Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl)

In I saw Springsteen sing this song at Wembley Stadium, prefacing it with a story about how he once climbed over the Graceland wall in a futile attempt to see Elvis, only to be turned away by a security guard.

King Canute tried to do the same thing with the tide. I saw Bill once, late in his career, at the Venue in Victoria, early s, and he was struggling. A bit sad really. Heaven forbid that Jimmy should take a cue from his old mate Jeff! I enjoyed this too. I was certainly pleased when he wrote this objective book for Omnibus about the band that meant so much to him.

This was a Tunnel Of Love outtake recorded in earlya power ballad with predictable changes but Bruce has a way with this kind of song that lends it a profundity that others would be unable to impart. Lots of fun, with a nice leap into the reedy sax solo.

Watch it watch it! This is simply lovely, from a live double CD recorded in Paris that I cannot recommend highly enough, impeccable guitar playing as you might expect, not just from Albert but also from pedal steel player Gerry Hogan. A few years ago I attended an Albert Lee Guitar Master Class in Guildford and watched spellbound as he ran through his favourite licks for an audience of musicians. Magic — and a lovely, humble man too.

Fabulous, and needs no comment from me, other than I paused it at 0. Labels: iPodding. He wears a hidden smile and a pair of white spats.

Welch, of course, co-wrote all the material and is adept at conjuring up a similar ambience, usually suggestive of struggles borne by dirt-poor Americans in the Great Depression. Hereabouts, although a keening old fiddle often adds to the gloom, the despair seems a tad more current. Fortunately, that unique Rawlings signature guitar sound remains intact.

To my ears his flatpicking on frets high up the scale sounds at times like a mandolin with single strings or, on the lower notes, like a fretted cello.

I would guess, too, that he has a few John Fahey albums in his collection. Welch plays the drums, as she does — sparingly — on the new album. For the sake of any manic depressives in the audience, I can only hope the shows offer a broader range of material, or that the live renditions of these new songs are spruced up a bit. Labels: Gillian WelchRecord Reviews. Regular readers of my Who posts on Just Backdated, and there must be a few of you, will be aware that I have contributed the liner notes to the box set of 7-inch vinyl Track singles that is being released at the end of October.

It is the third in the series, with similar boxes of Brunswick eight discs and Reaction five, including the Ready Steady Who EP singles already released and a fourth, the Polydor singles, yet to be scheduled. Mark Blake wrote the notes in the Brunswick and Reaction boxes and Matt Kent is lined up for the slightly more difficult task of writing about the later singles, of which there are 15, the same as the Track box. So reselling the same music again and again has been ongoing since the introduction of the inch album and everyone is guilty, of course, not least The Who.

Nowadays, however, the practise has been upgraded to a degree, insofar as the music of heritage acts is being repackaged in limited edition collectable the Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl), in many cases facsimiles of earlier vinyl releases, hence the presentation boxes of Who singles. They are, quite simply, nice things to own. And they sound fantastic! Even on my budget record player, the sound of The Who at their very best comes zinging out of the tiny speakers at either side and, of course, seriously rattles the brain on cans.

This evidently gives a better finish because the cutting head is moving about more slowly so it has more time to give a more detailed, less distorted, record with a much smoother top end. Produced by The Who. B: Water. Written by Pete Townshend. Produced by The Who, associate producer Glyn Johns. Track Released 5 October it reached Number Quadrophenia is the story of the journey of a Mod by the name of Jimmy, whose restlessness, frustration and ultimate disillusionment drive him almost to suicide.

It takes in many Mod concerns — clothes, style, Brighton trips, pills and even a Who concert — and ends on a note of triumph when Jimmy somehow manages to free himself from the shackles of the cult. It is now probably best known for the cult film starring Phil Daniels. Invited to promote the song on the th edition of Top Of The Pops on October 3, The Who disgraced or — depending on your point of view — distinguished themselves by smashing their equipment Pete wrecked a lovely orange Gretsch Tennessean, a gift from Joe Walshabusing the producer Robin Nash and misbehaving in the Green Room, thus earning a ban from the BBC staff club that was lifted after Track sent a letter of apology.

Labels: The Who. Cardross Street. Nasmyth Street in Hammersmith, where I lived in the eighties, runs parallel to Cardross Street, a lovely little narrow backstreet with two-up-two-down terraced cottages that once housed working families. I love it above all else. It happened with another great bass player, John Entwistle — a big sale that I attended — and possessions belonging to his colleague Keith Moon have also been sold. The reason, of course, is that unlike John and Keith these much-missed musicians had sufficient cash in the bank to preclude the need for their heirs to dispose of valuable instruments and the like.

Events Events. Artist name Artist name. Label name Label name. New in New in. Pre-order Pre-order. Exclusive Exclusive. Signed Signed. Out of stock Out of stock. Past event Past event. Available online from pm on Saturday 24th October, strictly one per customer. Available for the first time on vinyl. Blitzen Trapper Unreleased Recordings Vol.

The song set features the earliest Blitzen Trapper recordings from which comprised a cohesive album containing in large part the various future sounds of the band in gestational form. Recorded to The summer of has already fallen in love with this timeless, infectious banger.

Kwaidan 7" RSD LP RSD By last night, there was an obituary on the Daily Telegraph website headlined. Tony Gray was a co-founder of a musical comedy act whose brand of anarchic slapstick inspired Monty Python.

The Alberts were brothers Tony and Douglas Gray. The Alberts first appear 40 seconds into the pre-credit sequence carrying musical instruments. Douglas enters first. They performed a Dada -inspired quiz show in which Bruce Lacey asked the questions. They crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Mary liner, reportedly either entertaining or annoying other passengers by riding penny-farthing bicycles around the decks.

Somewhat oddly, it reportedly bombed in San Francisco which, you would think, would have been more open to their eccentricities.

The Alberts — purveyors of fine British Rubbish to royalty. I know no more. It was almost 30 years ago — in the mid s — when I went up to meet Tony and Douglas Gray at home in Norfolk. I can remember very little except that it was an ex-vicarage and I liked the Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl) of the brothers immediately and immensely.

I do remember Douglas played bagpipes indoors a commendably eccentric thing to do, though never a good idea to experience and Tony was dressed in full cricketing outfit… Neither did either of these things for any discernible reason. We were also treated to the tuba, a ukulele and other bizarre instruments. I also remember that you got a flat tyre on the way back. Memories fade. I think there is a slight possibility that Douglas wore a kilt and a sporran. Perhaps I imagined it. Perhaps not.

At the time Danny and I met them, they were both working for the Sunday Telegraph and, I think other Fleet Street newspapers by driving delivery vans. This was before Rupert Murdoch fully broke the power of the newspaper unions and I have some vague memory of them telling me that they performed part of their journalistic duties by signing in or having other people sign in for them as M. Mouse in London while staying in Norfolk and not actually doing anything. Brothers Tony left and Douglas Gray when they were young.

The Alberts had a varied and influential career which deserves to be remembered. It is called When I Was Seventeen. Filed under AnarchyComedySurreal.

It is being preceded by an Arena documentary about the making of the film. I saw a preview of both at the National Film Theatre earlier this week. Hartley started his novel The Go-Between. I remember seeing what was, this week, the wonderfully colourful and beautifully stereo-sound-mixed Magical Mystery Tour when it was first broadcast by the BBC on Boxing Day in black and white on mono TV sets. The movie is basically a series of pop videos — before pop videos had been invented — loosely linked with the story of strangely old-fashioned people and The Beatles going on an old-fashioned mystery coach trip travelling through an old-fashioned Britain shot and edited in then avant-garde, occasionally psychedelic, style.

One point well made in the Arena documentary is that Magical Mystery Tour was a cross-over between the old and new cultures. And it is very British. Even the concept of a mystery tour in a coach to an unknown destination is in itself bizarre to Americans. As a schoolboy, I kept a diary but, annoyingly, wrote nothing about watching the original Magical Mystery Tour transmission. And, equally annoyingly, I have copies of International Times issue 21 17thth November and issue 23 5thth January but not the issue published at the time Magical Mystery Tour was transmitted.

Many people have walked into my open heart and lodged there and I find that the more who wander in the more room there is for others. I would not have done it for the world — and there have been many new worlds this year. This winter you should not overlook the trees. There is still so much to see without the leaves. They cast such shapes against the sky and make mosaics of the clouds.

Even in dark, wet and hurried-feet London there is beauty everywhere and everywhere is unmarked. Your wardrobe leads to Narnia, your mirror leads to a wonderland. It is better than you can know to breathe the air that you breathe because, by so doing, I kiss you and you me and there is something now unseen and unknown that connects us. Thinking about that is really good, it warms me and I inhale you and you refresh me.

Thank you. Filed under sMusicNostalgia. Unlike Bob Dylan, at least they could sort-of sing. The Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl) was never a fan of Bob Dylan. He could not sing. But, in the s, when they were still influenced by Hinduism and before they discovered Scientology, I was an enormous admirer of The Incredible String Band. It was through their records on the Elektra label that I first became aware of the highly influential producer Joe Boyd.

He later went into partnership with legendary American movie producer Don Simpson to develop film projects and later still was Executive Producer on the British movie Scandal. He also shared a memory fromwhen he was one year out of Harvard University and working at the Newport Folk Festival. It then stopped for three years and re-started inrun by a non-profit foundation which put money back into preserving traditional culture in America.

Joe Boyd had gone the Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl) the Newport Folk Festival in and now, aged 23 inhe was production manager at the festival, working for George Wein. This is what Joe said last night:. Joe Boyd remembered the s last night in Soho.

They released Rubber Soul later that year. They were part of the world of pop music. There was pop music…. And then there was folk music, which was this whole other thing and the Newport Folk Festival was this very idealistic thing.

And Newport was this huge event. People, kids from all over the country came and camped out to go to it. But it was a kinda elite audience — the kids who were most aware who would actually sit and listen to a fiddler from Texas who was 75 years old or prisoners from Texas doing something. They were glued to this. It was not a pop audience. Not at Newport! And then there was this divide between the older generation — the political folk music people — and the kids who thought Hey!

We thought Bluegrass banjo was cool and exciting three years ago but now we think the Beatles are cool and exciting. And what Dylan was doing on his record was just unbelievable. And then the Paul Butterfield Blues Band were shoe-horned into the festival at the last minute. So the idea that this guy would come and play a loud electric guitar at Newport was outrageous and shocking to a lot the Very Though of You - Bob Manning (2) - the Very Thought of You / Just for Laughs (Vinyl) people and transgressive really.

I loved the idea that he might play an electric guitar. And so the Butterfield band played the end of the Blues Workshop on the Saturday afternoon. It was authentic, real Blues singers from the Thirties suddenly reappearing out of the mists of time and then, at the end, we moved all these amps on stage and traditional folk music collector Alan Lomax was introducing the whole thing and he just looked at us with such hatred.

These two guys started throwing punches and they had to be pulled apart. The Old Guard tried to get me to turn the volume down. I went out to the sound control. Oh and, by the way, tell them raising his middle finger. When Dylan played, some people booed, some people cheered. They only knew three numbers, so then everybody left the stage. He was supposed to do 45 minutes; he only did Some people were cheering.

The significance of many watershed events is apparent only in retrospect; this was clear at the time.

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