Truth Is Out Of Style - Various - A.P.T. Frontline Sampler 1990 (Cassette, Album)

Recording sessions for the album took place at several studios in England and was overseen by four different production teams, including Rupert Hine, and Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh of Heaven After several challenging years of going solo after divorcing Ike, Private Dancer propelled Turner into becoming a viable solo star, as well as one of the most marketable crossover singers in the recording industry.

It became a worldwide commercial success, earning multi-platinum certifications in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To date, it remains her best-selling album in North America. The album was promoted throughout in a date worldwide tour entitled the Private Dancer Tour.

Indespite opposition from within Capitol, he signed her and managed her first album for the label, Private Dancer. The album itself was produced in England using several different producers. The album was released on 29 May and became an outstanding commercial success.

Worldwide the album has been estimated to have sold over 20 million copies. The album produced a number of highly successful singles including "What's Love Got to Do with It" which went to number one on the US Billboard Hot and stayed there for three weeks.

At the Grammy Awards, Private Dancer won four of the six awards for which it was nominated. No less than seven of the album's ten tracks nine in the U. InEMI, the parent label of Capitol Records, released a digitally remastered Centenary Edition of the Private Dancer album on CD, then including four additional demo tracks recorded in late and early with the producer John Carter, first released as B-sides to some of the Private Dancer singles, as well as three extended 12" remixes. The album remains the only Tina Turner studio album to have been re-issued in digitally remastered form.

The single is now in the middle of printing process and should hit the streets in late April. It is not in our webstore yet, so you should order it either by e-mail or snail mail.

The full length album by Immortal Souls is recorded and mixed, but we need to delay the release date until June. The album will include 11 songs full of heavy guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

And, the first copies will come out as a limited edition release, packed in a very cool carton box! This one definitely is worth waiting for! Somehow it still seems like there is no change in the amount of incoming invoices, no matter if I work or not, and thus we are in a pretty hard economical situation right now.

Therefore I really appreciate all your orders really much, as they will help me to get a hold of the situation faster. I want to thank you all for your patience, and all your prayers are also greatly appreciated! The members are forming a new band called Putrid Antichrist. Bride is going into the studio June the 1st to record a new album. The style is modern metal with an urban street mix. And three weeks later at the stores. Bands that will appear there will be Sanctifica, Immortal Souls and many more They are currently looking for a singer.

One of the gigs will be at Cornerstone! More info Truth Is Out Of Style - Various - A.P.T. Frontline Sampler 1990 (Cassette www. A new issue of SOA is out. And that's not all, there is a bonus tune as well, the tune is no other than Winter Wonderland!

The cover is also improved and looks even better than the original. Stryper fans will gladly add this cool cd to their collection.

But you better get it quick since it is limited to copies Robert Sweet from Stryper have now released a solo album called love thrash www. It's called Unstryped. As far as I know it is Europes biggest Christian Metal festival. After much prayer, preparations and work it was finally time for Bobfest First thing that happened was that there were problems with Pastor Bob's apartment.

We had an apartment ready for him but in the last minute something happened and the owner of the apartment changed his mind and couldn't host Pastor Bob.

So when Bob arrived on Wednesday and Olov and Daniel two of the organizers picked him up they found out that we hadn't got any place where Bob could stay. Then they checked if there were any hotelrooms where he could stay. But everything was fullbooked and not Truth Is Out Of Style - Various - A.P.T. Frontline Sampler 1990 (Cassette single room on the hotels was available!! But later that day they called from one of the hotels and said that they had a room for Bob.

But God opened a way out He always does, cause He will never leave or forsake us Hebrews and a pentecostal church nearby had a room where Bob could stay for free! Amen, so it worked out well, at last. Then there was some big problems Truth Is Out Of Style - Various - A.P.T. Frontline Sampler 1990 (Cassette the overnightplaces.

I had an agreement to hire a big sport hall, with plenty of showers, where all people could sleep. But when I called them a week later, they had changed their mind and we couldn't stay there at all! So I had to start again to find some places where people could stay during the festival.

I called lots of sport places but all said no and said that they weren't allowed to have people to sleep there according to regulations from the fire department. Then I checked with schools and it was the same problem there, according to the fireregulation people weren't allowed to sleep there either. So then it was only the churches left and there we finally found some places where people could stay. Unfortunately no church couldn't take all people so we had to split the people on different churchbuildings.

Then came a BIG problem! We realized the the hall that we was about to have the conference and the friday concert in was double booked!!! So when we came to the church were the conference was to be held two days before the festival, we weren't booked at all!! So we had spend hours talking with the people in the Filadelfia church to get a hall where we could stay.

The hall we wanted and had booked was a smaller and nice hall that would have been perfect for us. But there was a youth event that in no way wanted to leave that hall for us. Everything would have been better in the small hall, but since this youthevent in no way wanted to let us have it, we had to be in the big hall instead.

Our choice was to either be there or no where, so our choice was quite easy. We, the organizers met Bob and the Sanctuary team the ministry Bob is hosting and had some great time where we fellowshipped and prayed together for the festival. Friday came and we, the organizers worked hard to get everything in order. We also got good help from Gary and Casey that did a fantastic work with spreading the word about Bobfest to metalheads in Stockholm through flyers and putting up posters.

We also found out that one person was going to bring 20 unsaved to the concert! Woah, it's things like this that makes me glad! A really cool thing with this years festival was also that people were coming all the way from Holland, Poland, Letvia, Germany, England and Phil Powell came all the the way from USA to join us!

And of course there was also plenty of people from Finland and Norway on the festival. One hour late the festival started with an up'n'coming band called Apploro. Sounded really promising. Atmospheric black metal, good vocals.

They played 3 tunes. I think it was like persons there. First band out was the melodic rockers in Vital Sign. I had never heard them before so I hadn't got any expectations. Some tunes were really good, but the overall sound was too light, to much pop in it. More heaviness to their sound is what they need.

Vital Sign was very Christcentered and said plenty of good things. As extra encore their singer redressed so he looked like Joey Tempest in Europe and then they played The Final Countdown.

Sons of Thunder played next. They have developed in the right direction and the new tunes sounds promising. I really like their combination of heavy Heavy Metal and praise lyrics.

It's gonna be very interesting to hear their fulllength cd. Soapbox is a really good live-band. Hardcore is not my thing but they were moving and jumping around at full speed all over the stage. As an extra surprise from us organizers Blindside hit the stage at the end of Soapbox set and played some tunes with Soapbox equipment.

Then it was time for the release gig with Sanctifica. Full speed as usual and plenty of atmosphere in the music. Must be the best gig I have seen with them, even though the sound in the church wasn't the best. Saturday started with a bang at am to get everything ready for the meeting at am. At times it was real hardrockspraise during the weekend! That's what it always should be in the churches on sundays. Then it was time for the big concert at a place called Klubben, the best arena for Metal concerts in Stockholm.

I think it was like people there, of which many were unsaved. A bunch of satanists were also there. During Deuteronomiums set the satanists planned to do a seans or something like that and formed a circle, but when Christians around them saw what was going to happen they started to pray that Deuteronomium would play a worship song.

Soon after Deuteronomium played their worship song called Northern Praise, and the satanists got completely confused! They didn't know what to do, splitted in different directions and their evil plans fell flat to the ground! Another cool thing that happened on Klubben was that local-TV was there!

They had seen one of our posters and now they were there to interview us for their programs. They interviewed us organizers and got a pleasant surprise when they found out that all the bands were christians.

Amen, it was truly a work of God that they were there interviewing us and recording a bit of the concert as well. The cool thing was that they didn't mind at all that the bands were christians but thought it was pretty cool.

Pray that God will continue His work in everyone that saw their report from Bobfest. Lots of energy and full speed. Too much hardcore in their sound for me to really get into it but they had a few good tunes. They also played a Stryper cover and it rocked! Deuteronomium was the next band. It was the last gig with Miika their singer. They played many classics from their cds.

Spell of Hell, Northern Praise and many other tunes as well. It was a really good set that got the crowd going with plenty of headbanging. The bassplayer Manu talked about his brother that recently had died and told the audience that we are not here forever, our lives can end tomorrow.

Therefore we have to use our time well and take the message of Christ to our heart while Album) still got the time. It was a very strong message directly from the heart. Nice to hear this classic again. Then the melodic metallers Laudamus hit the stage. Lots of show, lots of solos, real Metal and full on for Christ!

Yeah, this is Metal folks! A very good liveband, indeed and the guitarist Peter is truly a brilliant guitarplayer. Their drummer Jonas also did a cool drumsolo while lots of lights was flashing. Nice to see some solos again. We have had too little of this the last couple of years. Laudamus was one of many highlights this evenings.

Antestor followed them and they didn't dissapoint. First gig in years but they ripped of the tunes like it was yesterday. It was awesome to see them again! Didn't liked their corpsepaint image, but besides that they shredded. Kungsblod and plenty of Album) classics was played to the audience's delight. Their guitarist played so brutal that guitarstring after guitarstring broke, so he had to change guitars times! Bit if you play brutal, you do. Veni Domine played an hour and a half and was without a doubt the ultimate highlight of the evening!

I have never seen them this good before!! You could really feel that they were on fire and loved to play. I talked with Thorbjorn Weinesjo, their guitarist and he said that they hadn't had this fun to play in years. They even played their minutes tune Chronicle of the Seven Seals from their first album.

Heavy, Christcentered and Veni Domine at their best. Woah, what a gig!! All Veni Domine fans that wasn't there really missed something. But maybe you will got a second chance to hear it since they recorded the whole gig and maybe will release it on a live album later Last band out was the black metallers in Crimson Moonlight.

Last Bobfest their 2nd guitarplayer was in Israel, but this year they had two guitarists which made the sound heavier and more powerful. As always with Crimson it's full speed and full on for Christ all the way. Pilgrims voice sounded great and fits perfect with the music. His singing has really improved. But all in all I didn't found their gig this year as impressing as it was last year on Bobfest It was more spikes and image then also. Maybe it was this that I lacked, but an ok set anyway.

The sound during the Saturday concert was great and it was a big difference from the bad sound we had last year. This year we also had a proffessional dude that took care of the lights and he did a great work.

To say it short I was having a great time and totally enjoyed the concert! It was lots of work before the concert started to get everything in order, but since it had begun everything went very smooth.

On Sunday we was about to end Bobfest with an ordinary service at the Filadelfia church. We had got a promise that we would have 15 minmutes of the meeting to talk about Bobfest. But when Bobfest was about to start the keypeople in the church had totally changed their minds and now we couldn't even get a minute of the meeting!

We also met some old ladies outside the building that would like to hear more about Bobfest. Even they were interested and wanted to hear us talk and still we wasn't allowed to say a word Seems like it easier to be interviewed in secular black metal TV than it is to be allowed to speak in church But besides this Filadelfia was very helpful and tried to help us in all ways and we also got the permission to lent their building for free, of which we are thankful.

We organizers have really done ALL we could to make this festival to a highlight with Jesus in center. I'm so glad that the vision I have had about a yearly Christian Metal Sweden now have become true. I thank God for the unsaved people that was on the festival. Many seeds were planted in peoples hearts this weekend and the Bible saids that God is faithful and will continue His work in them. So I'm sure we will see a great fruit of this festival, in heaven if not before. Thine is the glory. And last I want to share some things of which I give God all the glory: Bageribolaget sponsored us with baguetts, Bilsom sponsored with earplugs, the Metro started to go at nights again, the weekend before Bobfest and as result it got much easier for people get to their sleepingplaces at the churches.

An interesting detail is also that we organizers have only met only once to plan Bobfest. The rest of the contacts have been thru Internet. But with God's help it has worked great. I hope I will see many of you again, and many new as well next year on Bobfest, Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival.

If you want to support Bobfest you can order the cool Bobfest - t-shirt and Pastor Bobs teachings at the Bobfestpage. This would help our festival economy a lot, and help us to pay all bills. Speaker will be Pastor Bob Beeman. If you wanna join it and receive regular updates by email you can mail bobfest-request lysator. The whole package has got new, really cool artwork and is packed in a 6-page digipak cover!

Crimson Thorn: Dissection re-release is now out! This classic grindcore album was originally released by Morphine Records and after the first 1, copies it never was re-printed. Little Rose licensed the album and released it again since there seems to be a lot of interest for that masterpiece! Expect brutal grindcore with bold Christian lyrics heavily inspired by the Holy Bible!

I can promise you an album full of aggressive, chaotic black metal! Immortal Souls is about to enter the studio sometime in February. Their album should be released in early April. I heard a Truth Is Out Of Style - Various - A.P.T. Frontline Sampler 1990 (Cassette new songs live last Saturday at Winter Metal Fest here in Finland, and they were amazing!

Fast, furious and filled with passion and beautiful melodies! Mordecai is also working on their new material for a full album. It should be released in May. Their new stuff is a lot faster and even more artistic, classical influenced and emotional than the songs on the split-CD. Their drummer Matti Lassila has left the band and the full album is planned to be recorded with a very talented drummer Johnny Pesonen, who also played drums on Deuteronomium's first CD release "Tribal Eagle" EP.

So in these countries you can go to record store and ask for the Little Rose -releases and if they don't have them in stock, they can order them in for you!

Please spread the word, it is extremely important to reach sales through these channels so that the distributors want to continue working with us and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can reach more metalheads! Also, if you know of any good radio shows playing metal, metal magazines etc. Little Rose's website is totally updated and we finally got a webmaster that is able to update it often enough to keep it in time.

So go visit the site and click also the 'webstore' in the navigation bar to see the entire selection of CDs and other stuff we are selling. Orders from outside of Finland must be paid in cash US currency only or by a credit card.

NO checks! He also plans on getting in touch with distros of Christian metal to make it available to the people in Bulgaria. The guy has a HUGE opportunity to get positive metal to a land with people who need it. Anybody here can make an impact by sending him info, flyers, zines, CD's, tapes or whatever.

So all you people in bands and labels take this opportunity to spread the love of Christ thru Christian Metal in Bulgaria. Contact Assen at borislav mail. Blindside's video has also reached no 5 at a swedish videochart on TV. Issue 3 of Enthroned Magazine is now out! It will have a more "professional" look and contains 68 pages!

Sorry it has been so long since these mailing lilst messages have been sent out but we promise that they will now become a regular thing. Heres an update on Mortification. It was fantastic and the audiences went off!!! The highlights of the tour were playing at the Seaside Festival in Norway to people and the final concert of the tour in Finland, playing along side the awesome band Deuteronomium. And we had a great time in Sweden playing with Veni Domine.

After the tour we went to the U. Steve and Lincoln also attended the wedding, Steve was the best man and lincoln played acoustic guitar before the wedding. After the wedding Steve stayed on in the U.

If we could afford to put everything on vinyl, we would! Most music I think sounds best on wax, though the tape compression does sound great with certain genres like hip hop and hardcore punk.

Do you have a lot of dub and reggae on cassette if so, which are your faves? MB: "My brother and I still have a few dozen tapes from our youth, and we both still collect. There are more punk and rock albums than anything else, but there's a good stack of reggae in the mix.

MB: "For sure. Before we could even buy our own music, we'd get cassettes and blank tapes for birthdays and Christmas. We were really into making our own mixtapes; listening to the radio for hours, waiting for our favorite songs to come on and hitting record as fast as we could. Something collectable perhaps, but not a truly viable way to listen to music, given the relative scarcity of cassette players in people's homes, cars, etc. Should bands and indie labels make a more concerted effort to make more releases available on cassette to drive a resurgence of this format?

They are an inexpensive way to release music in a tangible format MB: "It's certainly an affordable way to get something physical out there, but it will most likely remain a very limited audience. Vinyl and CD are also niche markets, so for me it comes down to personal preference. If a run of cassettes helps album sales, I'd encourage indie bands and labels to look into it.

That said, I also think the type of album plays a role. The new Destroy Babylon record we dropped this summer is very high fidelity, and didn't seem to warrant a cassette release we opted for vinyl and CDs.

The lo-fi dub sessions make total sense for tape. MB: "I could imagine Scratch traveling the world with a bedazzled Walkman and a few choice cassettes. But then again, maybe he just has an iPhone 8. Jump Up is issuing twelve cassettes! I had a rocksteady band here in Hungary called The Mighty Fishers. And I love the genre, I love ukulele. So, it's a mixture of things I love and I wanted to show my admiration for--ukulele and rocksteady. But you made me curious, I will definitely listen to it!

DGTS: What inspired you to record all of these songs only using a ukulele for accompaniment? I always thought, 'that's not for me, I am an amateur, I can never handle it.

Because it has so much power, though it's little--and has so many secrets, though it seems very simple. What I mean is that it was the first intrument which made me feel quick success while I played it, which made me feel like playing and playing and practicing on it. And I want to be a better and better ukulele player. Last year, I also bought a guitar, which I never thought I could be good at. I am not, but I don't care, I play it.

It's all about self-esteem and consciousness, and being daring. Instuments make you a better singer and songwriter. And I can thank the ukulele for all of this.

So, I thought it deserves a whole album. Maybe others will realize as well how great the ukulele is. Ha ha! Then I started to spread my short ukulele videos on Instagram. Chuck saw them and we linked. I was very surprised and happy at the same time.

Is a lot of music--particularly ska and reggae--released in this format in your country? We are a little country, so subcultures are really "sub" and weak. There are some reggae and ska bands--great ones I would say--but I think cassettes vanished in the early s.

But when I announced that my new material will be released only on cassette, my audience was surprised, but in a very good way. It's a curiosity. I am of the young generation who started with cassettes, continued with CDs, then digital releases--and now are turning back to vinyl. I asked for cassettes for every birthday and Christmas. I stole my father's rock cassettes.

I also did a cassette with children's songs for my grandmather as a birthday gift. I liked the Walkman times--it's my childhood and now we bring them back. It's more than cool. It's cool steady ha ha! Play the ukulele, 'cause uke'n do it! In anticipation of Cassette Store DayBucket of The Toasters was kind enough to answer a few cassette-related questions for us from San Antonio, Texas, where he was in the midst of getting a new diesel engine installed in one of his vehicles and keeping a sharp eye on some mechanics who were attempting to scam him by sneaking in some old parts amongst the new The Duff Guide to Ska: Back in the 80s and early 90s, cassettes were standard issue for all releases and I remember Moon selling respectable numbers of them--what do think about the resurgence of this format and why do you think it is happening now?

Big Neon Glitter - The Cult - Dogtown (Vinyl, LP), Natural High - Junior English - Naturally High (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Garden Of Love, We Be Hot (Regis Npee Refix) - Regi - In The Mix 10 (CD), Jeremiah Sings The Blues - Bob Hurd - Bless The Lord (Vinyl, LP), Turn Out The Light (Will Smith) - Chris K* - Need For Speed (Volume 7) (CD), Black Metal Ist Krieg (Live) - Nargaroth - Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes (Cassette), Vaughn Monroe - Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots (Vinyl), Plastic City (Candy ORhinoplasty Mix), Funny How Love Can Be - Chad & Jeremy - I Dont Want To Lose You Baby (Vinyl, LP, Album), Way Above The Angels - Jackie DeShannon - Quick Touches (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dont Talk Like That - Various - Shake What You Brought! Soul Treasures From The SSS International La, David Sanborn - Close-up (Cassette, Album), Bill Haley Interview with Monty Lister Feb 20th 1957 - The Jodimars - Lets All Rock Together (CD), Wolfsbane Blues - Nim Vind - Saturday Night Seance Songs (Vinyl, LP, Album)