Sodagreen* - What Is Troubling You (CD, Album)

Joined Dec 18, Posts 84 Likes Have over hrs of burn on them now and I must say these things impress me everyday. Yes they truely are an impressive iemif you can try to hit hr on burnin time they will still keep getting better.

These GR07 BEs had not been within my radar as a likely purchase in any way whatsoever. I was aware of the GR07 BE thread along with other VSonic fan threads such as the original GR07 but had never really given it much thought due to its cheap looking design.

The fact that they are made AND designed in China by a Chinese company did not help with the appeal at all. More on this later. I was like meng, I ain't got no time to mess with cheapo Chinese designed stuff, I am a serious audiophile here. The VSonic GR07 Bass Edition have a really unique design in that the nozzle is adjustable, so during insertion they can be situated where you want them to be.

This degrees swivel joint is a really unique little feature which I have yet to see implemented in any other IEM. The housing is extremely low profile due to the fact that once you get a proper fit, they sit flush in your ears and are hardly noticeable. Nothing really sticks out so they are very discrete, and like many have posted that it's so comfortable you can sleep on your sides while wearing them.

These GR07 BEs are really comfortable to wear once you get the hang of them - that is, becoming familiar with how to handle the over-ears design and the adjustable nozzle. Wearing IEMs over-ears might not be for everyone but this particular IEM is designed to be properly worn over-the-ears and over-the-ears only. The cables hook snugly onto the ears and the housing sits flush when placed correctly, therefore once you get a good fit there is no need to worry about it falling out of the ears.

The over-ears design is a bit more troublesome if you have to constantly re-insert your IEMs, but once you get acquainted with usage they can be inserted fairly quickly. For me the best and easiest way to wear the GR07 BEs is to do them one ear at a time: First, pull that nozzle all the way down. Afterwards, insert the nozzle tip into your ear without moving it. Lastly, hook the cable behind your ear Album) after the cabled is snugly hooked slowly press the housing downward into your ears so the nozzle will become naturally align with your ear making the housing sit flush and stable.

This ensures that the housing fits comfortably on the ears, as well as providing a good seal. When one side is done, repeat the same steps for the other side. Proper fit makes a huge difference in sound quality for all IEMs, so experiment with the best tips and ways to insert the tips in order to get your ideal seal and sound. These GR07 BEs also have a really nice silky-smooth textured "Y" cable that is extremely well made, along with a sturdy looking right-angled 3. It is one of the best IEM cables I have come across due to it's non-microphonic and tangle-free nature.

Most would not have any gripes with this fantastic cable although I must add that the peppermint candy stripped color scheme Album) not be everyone's cup of tea. This is solely based on aesthetics so it's nothing negative in regards to the cable.

Microphonics cord noise is little to nil due to the over-ear design, and is further minimized due to the great quality of the cable. I have worn these GR07 BEs out for Sodagreen* - What Is Troubling You (CD short hike during extremely windy conditions and detected little to no microphonics. Yup, the band is new to me too although they are not newcomers in Taiwan's music scene as they'd released at least 3 albums from as early as as well as winning multiple prestigious awards.

Somehow they have escaped my music radar One thing is for sure, they are all young :P - back inthey were either university graduates or still students of local Taiwan unis. So what makes this band so special? Well, for one, the vocalist has a very unique voice that some said sounded like a female's, contributing to the band's unique sound. Also, their pleasant melodies and simple lyrics are kinda refreshing.

Their music video for Xiao Qing Ge is rather creative, making use of ink wall drawings. But what I love the most is the overall melody, goes perfectly with that voice! It has been on top of my playlist for quite some time now.

For me, what is unique about the vocalist's voice is he is like singing through his nose. Of course, his 'unique-sex' voice attracts me too. If you like this song, then there is another song of this band which you will definitely like to hear. In Septemberthey released their self-titled debut album, sodagreenwhich was preceded by a few singles and EPs. Through this album, the band garnered a handful of nominations at the Golden Melody Awards.

In Octoberthey released their second album, Little Universefollowed by a single in December- My Future Is Not a Dreama collaboration with A-pay, a band under the same label. Album) Universe was nominated for the Best Album award. In November, Sodagreen released their third album, Incomparable Beauty.

Shortly after, it held its first major concert, the Absolutely Beautiful Concert, which was held at the Taipei Arenawhere it made history by being the first indie band to hold a concert there.

The concert holds the record for being the longest concert ever held at the venue, with Sodagreen playing for five hours, incurring a large fine for playing too late into the night. In Maythe band released the live album Sing With Mewhich included live tracks from the Absolutely Beautiful Concert as well as three new studio tracks.

Lover Animal was the official Chinese language theme song for the film Juno. InSodagreen began its Vivaldi Project, planning to record and release four concept albums based on the four seasons within two years. The band recorded Daylight of Spring in Taidung and released it in May.

Late that year, the band held a solo concert at the Taipei Arena for the second time, playing for two nights at the Daylight Fever Concert. However, the band's plans for the third and fourth Vivaldi Project albums were cut short by A-gong's conscription. The problem was that she had finished recording her album when Tsing-Fong presented it to her, and she declined, and sodagreen kept the song and decided that it would be sung as a duet. The song opens with a guitar melody and interestingly enough, both Jiakai and Claire are credited for playing the acoustic guitars in this one.

Xiaowei's drums come in solidly at the repeat of the verse, beating out a firm and strong rhythm. The instrumental bridge is sugar-sweet like the entire song, with the clarinet? A-gong said in an interview that the bridge was changed from its original form upon a comment from Ella that it sounded like an unnamed song.

The chorus repeats and the vocals ends on a high note, with Jiakai plucking the guitar strings as a countermelody and the ever-present clarinet concluding the track, winding it down neatly. Are the lyrics crude? Not by Mandopop standards. It sounds to me somewhat similar to Mayday and Cheer Chen's 'Elope to the Moon', with oh-so-sweet lyrics and music.

The lyrics to 'My Song' are a lot more direct as compared to the band's previous duet, 'Blue Eyes'with Angela Changand the melody is syrupy. I would not call the song crude, but it certainly seems to be in line with what mainstream Mandopop Album) enjoy. Nonetheless, it is a good song and it sounds good.

I like it but it isn't, in my opinion, among the stronger songs in this album. The music video 3rd plug confirms the song's status as a sweet ballad, with the band and Ella clad in colourful clothes the same ones they wear on the album cover and performing in front of a white backdrop, a moon? The piano room from the music video of 'Incomparable Beauty' features here again the same director and scenes from 'Little Love Song' appear with A Fu. At the bridge, we see a lot of interaction between A-gong and Claire hint hint.

The one thing I have to complain about is the crossfade at which just looks awkward each time I see it. A very sugary and kinda cute music video. It isn't as polished as the video for 'The Limit of Happiness', but it is just as effective and is fun to watch, despite Ella's presence diminishing the sodagreen-ness of the song and video in general.

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