Inside, a white solid polymer polymer had materialized. Though Baumann was a renowned chemist and professor at various German universities, he never applied for a patent for his discovery of PVC. Decades later, two chemists at a German chemical company called Griesheim-Elektron tried to mold the substance into commercial products, but also had no luck processing the hard substance.

It wasn't until American inventor Waldo Semon came along, while working at the B. Goodrich Company, that PVC's versatile uses were fully explored.

The chemist was originally assigned to concoct a new synthetic rubber that would adhere to metal, as Goodrich was an Ohio-based manufacturing company that produced automobile tires.

The Goodrich Corporation went on to be one of the Vinyl tire and rubber manufacturers in the world, before selling off its tire business to focus on aerospace and chemical manufacturing. InSemon was experimenting with vinyl polymers, a substance that was widely known but considered useless. In his obituary in The New York Timeshe was quoted as recalling in a recent interview, "People thought of it as worthless back then.

They'd throw it in the trash. During Semon's many experiments, he created a powdery substance with a texture not unlike flour and sugar. PVC's makeup consists of chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, which is derived from crude oil.

The powder didn't work as Semon had hoped, but he continued to investigate, this time adding solvents to the powder and heating it to Vinyl high temperature. What emerged was a jelly-like substance that could be tweaked to be both harder or more elastic — enter the modern PVC. Semon continued to play in his laboratory, further discovering that this gelatinous substance could be easily molded, would not conduct electricity, and was both waterproof and fire-resistant.

But with the stock market crash ofSemon Vinyl to wait a couple more years before anyone was interested in the new plastic. According to the Times obituary, Semon had a "lightbulb moment" in the s while watching his wife, Marjorie, make curtains.

Seeing that this vinyl could be manipulated into a fabric, he eventually convinced his bosses to market the material under the trade name Koroseal. BySemon had received the patent, and shower curtains, raincoats, and umbrellas made out of PVC began rolling out in production. Semon was inducted into the Invention Hall of Fame in at age 97, with more than patents under his name. According to the Vinyl Institutevinyl is the second largest-selling plastic in the world behind polyethylene and polypropylene and employs aroundpeople in the United States.

The top suppliers are based in East Asia and the U. It is predicted that with the rise of electric cars, more and more companies with ties to the oil industry will turn their attention to plastic production. As global movements committed to the climate crisis continue to push the message that single-use plastic is a system failure, there is no doubt that the fossil fuel industry will be fighting right back.

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