John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr)

Mariana Isls. Helena St. Pierre and Miquelon John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr). Yes, I would like to receive educational or John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr) emails from Keysight. Would you like to speak to sales about your needs at this time?

Because I have a without the RX Ant. Wow, very interesting Bill. It never occurred to me to cascade them. At my station, I have the noise ant running in a loop around my networking gear, then outside along my deck rail. It gets most of it, but there are some pretty bad "growlers" that I cannot quite null out.

I also find that if I get rid of one of these things, another one is untouched. If I null that one then the other comes back. I attribute that to noise in my shack vs noise from the neighbors.

As it would work better, be more flexible and updatable. And work in a remote context. It would be a game changer as most of us live in a RFI high-density areas now. It is an obvious feature choice for next release as its value is so high in relation to the cost of implementing the algorithm which is by now well known.

Well said Dan! The circuit around U3 is there for completeness, but it's the least sensible. The non-inverting topologies do not due to the high impedance input. At least to a first order, you may get slight changes in frequency response, etc.

So I would say the non-inverting topology is the better choice for low distortion. The off characteristics of the other non selected channel switches is of course important in this case too. Half a megohm to ground may help Andy aka also makes a good point in his answer. So personally I would model the characteristics of the switches and run some simulations to get some idea of what works best.

I think it will be fairly dependent on the specifics of the components. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Switch off-state resistance is usually so high it can be ignored. I need to study this some more. You may also wish to consider jfets as switching elements which have John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr) advantage of being somewhat soft switchable to minimise clicks from charge injection.

Show 2 more comments. This provides one major benefit: - Very little cross talk between one input signal and another. This then leaves U1 or U2 as the main contenders: - In a mixer like this, the mixing-node suffers a lot from all the inputs being connected to it so I would go for the circuit that uses U1. Andy aka Andy aka k 21 21 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

The effect is reduced to virtually zero may be a better way of saying it. Too high an input signal and all bets are off. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. K8JDNov 27, Its not hooked to the tower but about eight feet from it at corner of the house and strung towards the back of the house the antenna John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr) from MYantenna.

I could move it away from the house and hook it to the tree south of the house just have to add some more rope to the pine trees out John 00 Flemming* & Wizzy Noise - Endelexia (CDr). I'm really limited on how to run it up front right know I have 75ft of coax plus its not my house yet so I really don't want to dig up the yard to bury the cable to keep it out of the way.

W8GQNov 28, Probably the ideal situation to employ the MFJ noise canceller. Works like magic on a single point noise source. I can speak from experience, the thing works wonders. KQ9JNov 29,

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