She Give Me Fever - Frankie And The Fashions* - Not The Usual Doo Wop (CD, Album)

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The Neighbors Complaint. The Encounters. Genres: Acappella. Paul Anka. Webb had a lot of nice things to say about Wyoming. Enough so that we'll walk over to the Govenor's house and ask him to make "Mary" the state song. He probably will.

Webb seemed a little tired when he first started up. With the schedule they have him on it doesnt surprise me. By the middle of the second song he was in full form and I think he enjoyed himself. We sure did. Webb said he's going to put another album out but he's not sure when, and he hinted it might be a while before he came out this way again.

Another year wait??? Welp thats my take on it. As soon as Fred can get into work I'm sure you'll here his report. Gus still needing to sleep hard after playing a little too hard. And as much as I need my glasses. I don't think they're helping much. Thanks to Gus P. The Full-Grown Man and his Nashvegans were devastating! Webb and the boys absolutely rocked the place in what was a religious experience for me. Twas the best show this boy's ever seen!

Being a mutt myself, I checked it out, and I've never looked back. Thanks again for the great job you do on the page. Thanks for your cooperation. Thanks to Scott for the following review 4 from Boulder!! Webb Wilder actually made it finally to Denver. I found out about it a few weeks ago I arrived about 2 hours early they announced the show would be at pm but you know when they say "With Special Guests", it usually means around He was ok The second act was a female Jewel wanna be.

She didnt fit in with the She Give Me Fever - Frankie And The Fashions* - Not The Usual Doo Wop (CD format. Then came Webb. A small but loud crowd saw the man in all his finest.

I didnt recognize the new version of the Nashvegans but I will say thay did a great job. Webb made a few comments about the state of Wyoming being a cool place, then he was fiddling with his guitar which he was having trouble staying in tune.

All in all it was a great show. By the crowd response and the familiarity of his material everyone knew and sang all the wordsI would have to say that we may see Webb back here again I hope. Keep rockin', Scott Fitzgeralds, outside Chicago- Jan. Joe played guitar for his set, so it was a double treat to hear Joe the entire night.

The sax player from KG's band sat in with Webb for a few songs. I'll be at the show tonight Jan. Two nights of Webb in one weekend, that's what I call a great weekend!! Ken Frankie's Patio in Tampa- Sat. It is much appreciated by us, the dedicated Webbheads, who find it almost impossible to get information about a much under -appreciated artist otherwise. It is as follows: The week started out to be a huge disappointment when Webb's Orlando booking was changed from Thurs.

Thanks Sapphire Club! We found out by calling ahead on Thursday but we could only imagine the crowd that showed up and found out at the door, in person! Webb usually packs the Orlando venue!

When we later asked Tom Comet what they did Thursday, he told us they went to watch the Space Shuttle launch. In order to get our Webb fix, the reviewers made the 90 mile trek to Frankie's Patio in Tampa on Sat. As many Webb fans already know, it was well worth it. What could be better than a Webb Wilder show? I'll tell you For some reason they didn't charge any cover at the door, even though the paper advertised one that day. The resulting crowd was a mix of Album) Webb fans and lucky patrons who wandered in from the diverse Ybor City club scene outside.

They hit the stage at the opening act played second for some reason I mention this because it seems like the "twangier" songs are played with the Gibson. By now Webb was starting to interact with the crowd, and vise versa. Next was a fun instrumental of Goldfinger, in which Webb inserted "Webb Wilder" into one verse where "Goldfinger" would have gone.

Next was an energized Honkey Tonk Hell. At that point you could tell the newbies were wondering "just what kind of band is this anyway? That question was answered with a short mention of Sonny Landreth, Hattiesburg She Give Me Fever - Frankie And The Fashions* - Not The Usual Doo Wop (CD.

Next was Carryin' The News To Mary which featured Webb's first guitar solo of the night as well as some otherworldly feedback initiated by Webb at the end. This ain't no country band! The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself was next, a beautiful song on cd but slightly different on stage, due to all electric guitars and no keyboards. Still a nice song, put in as a change of pace, no doubt.

Webb then provided the uninformed with the world famous Webb Wilder Creedo and added "make love, not war" at the end. The latter showed how strong Steve is on drums and how much he has improved since this time last year when he was just learning the material.

The Olde Elephant Man was next and then a strange request from the uninformed in the crowd. Someone asked Webb to play a Queen song for cryin out loud!

At which point Webb launched into a solo version of "We aren't the champions" and then yelled "Get a clue! Next was No Great Shakes which also was a showcase for Steve. He's very good. Sputnik followed and then a rockin Loud Music. Next was a strange interlude in which we think Little Richard was mentioned you never know with Webb and then they played Bring It On Home. You know the one; "If you ever change your mind, about leaving me behind It seemed like an odd song to cover, but then we couldn't quite make out what was said beforehand.

This reviewer left a note on Webb's monitor for a song request; one of my favorites. When they came back out for the encore Webb looked at it and immediately went over and said something to Joe.

Then they launched into Wild Honey and last but not least, my request, the all-time best show-ending song ever, done in Webb Wilder fashion Baby Please Don't Go. And they really tore the place down, as no one was sitting and many had crowded to the stage front to dance and soak it in.

Thanks Webb, for another rockin good time! I told him it was a song list to which he replied "Do you know these guys? One of the very few stations in this area with enough taste to play Webb on a semi-regular basis and he had just wandered in. He couldn't believe there was NO cover for a band this big! The guy then said "These guys are good. Louis- Feb 12, Thanks to Lois for this great review. She has a vested interest Well, First let me tell you. I'm not a regular club goer but am a Big Fan of Webb Wilder and the band!

The club was packed and it was only a Thursday. We waited for them to come on and finally at about ten minutes after ten they arrived on stage to a cheering crowd, some of which I must admit were friends and family of Joe, who grew up in the area.

Webb cracked a few jokes, thanked everyone for coming and started in playing to the cheers and joy of all of us there! The song list went as follows: In Webb's own writing it's jotted down so I may not get them just exactly right. Webb is so witty and quick and cracks a few jokes in between and the band seems to be enjoying it almost as much as the crowd. Beatle Bob was there for the whole set! At One AM they said goodnight and thanked us for coming but the crowd just wouldn't have it!

They cheered, stomped, and chantted until Webb came back out and played a couple more encores,one of which was "Stay Out of Automobiles" and the rest I can't remember because I was dancing so hard and enjoying the beat so much!

It was absolutely fabulous entertainment and I certainly hope they play in this area again soon. I have a lot of Webb's CD's but nothing can beat the experience of seeing them "live"! Webb Wilder made a long overdue St. Louis appearance at the Off Broadway nightclub. This Thursday night appearance was a surprise to me. I hadn't checked the Internet for a couple of weeks and was planning to drive to the gig in Champaign, IL, the following evening which wasn't there, more on that in the "Webb Interview" below.

I started my trek from the suburbs early since I didn't know where Off Broadway was or what parking was available. The full moon broke through the clouds over the Mississippi as the Arch came in view. Ah, it was going to be a great concert, I thought as took the downtown exit marked "Last Missouri Exit".

Webb could probably come up with a good song using that as a title. Just five blocks south of "the Brewery" on Broadway, Off Broadway lives up to its name. I made the turn off Broadway and parked practically in front of the place. I paid my dues and walked inside. A couple of guys were talking to each other near the entrance, they were wearing WW baseball caps.

Good I thought, the fans are going to show up. I was somewhat embarrassed when the bartender yelled at one of the guys and he answered to the name "Webb"!

Oh well, he was incognito without the usual hat and in a windbreaker jacket. Eight o'clock, and no crowd yet "music starts at nine" the Off Broadway telephone recording said. This is a small club, and with my early arrival I got one of the remaining front row Album). Wow, just a dance floor between me and the band. Needless to say I had lots of time to anticipate the show. It had been a few years since I went to small club to hear a band.

It was Man or Astroman? ByWebb and the guys made their way on stage and launched into their grinding rendition of Goldfinger. It was worth the wait. How Long Can She Last? We were treated to a little banter from Webb, who launched into a few bars of I Walk the Line Johnny Cash before introducing the next song as "sort of explosive". Was it ever! Human Cannonball was fantastic, a real crowd pleaser. Even though Webb probably feels compelled to play this every performance, they played it with an energy and enthusiasm as strong as if it was put on the play list last week.

Honkey Tonk Hell was next. The spacey feedback sounds heralded the start of Sputnik, the double lead part was great. Webb and the guys took great care to keep instruments in tune.

At least six different guitars were used in the concert I lost count, it was hard enough to remember to keep writing down the song titles. Was Frankie present at Jesse and Angie's first wedding? Why did Angie give up Frankie for adoption when he was a baby? She overheard Jesse say he did not want to be a father. She Album) Jesse did not love her. She felt she was too young to be a mother. She and Jesse made a vow to never have children. Frankie videotaped Simone's brother overdosing and did nothing to help him.

Who was Simone's brother? Frankie has a son named William that was given up for adoption. It would be a shockingly uncomfortable scene were it not for the cartoonish expressions and mannerisms which clearly spell-out that this is all in fun.

In which a policeman tears off the habit of a woman Francine Walker disguised as a nun. Take note that so often, when the clothes are unexpectedly yanked, the lady is decked out in stunning garters and lace. The clothes ripping gag is so overplayed, so long-standing, that it was only a matter of time before it was parodied.

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