Lovely (Original Mix) - Fanatic Emotions - Trance In Love Vol.3 (File, MP3, Album)

This does not lessen the importance of the research, it actually helps to validate the knowledge and experience of you, the applied professional. The following are some interpreted summary statements and conclusions from this review article. One valuable way an aerobic fitness instructor can use music in the teaching arena is as a pre-class stimulus.

The majority of the studies suggest that music may significantly increase respiration rate and moderately elevate heart rate, preparing the student for the anticipated workout. Personal trainers should be very attuned to the background music playing as their clients workout.

Slower, sedative music decreases a person's muscular fitness potential. Many persons may actually prefer a silent atmosphere, where there are no musical distractions, even of a stimulative quality. Health and fitness professionals working with persons affected by orthopedic and neuromuscular disorders may achieve superior results in improving gross motor skills, such as walking, with the accompaniment of music or rhythmic stimuli in the rehabilitation process.

Although performance may or may not be enhanced by the addition of music to the workbout, subjects regularly report that they felt their performance was better with the music accompaniment. Therefore, music may directly improve a person's enjoyment and fulfillment of the physical activity, leading to greater exercise compliance; a worthwhile objective for any fitness educator. Boys and girls in grades 1 through 6 appear to learn basic motor skills such as throwing, catching, climbing, balancing, dodging, bouncing, and striking better when taught with rhythmic accompaniment.

Music appears to provide a motivational construct to exercise, positively affecting the mental attitude of the students. Music style, rhythm and tempo are factors that significantly influence the aerobic activity. Therefore, care of selection of music for the population kids, seniors, ethnic groups, boomers, etc. Music may evoke pleasant associations, while masking unpleasant stimuli such as rapid breathing associated with exertion. It may also serve as a distraction to some internal feelings, possibly associated with discomfort.

Accordingly, students may be able to endure the challenges of progressive overload of exercise with the music providing a pleasurable environmental stimuli. As a practical application, it would behoove the instructor to play the type of music universally agreed by the class as the most motivating during the challenging parts of the workout e. As our industry moves towards a more holistic approach of exercise for the mind, body, and spirit, perhaps we will learn new ways to incorporate music to achieve these ends.

Labels: albumGym PlaylistMinistry of Sound. Labels: Gym Playlist. Gina 22 Jai Ho! Martin Solveig 36 T. Autistic - Minimal Existenz 2. Alex Kenji - Up Original Mix 4. Pablo Decoder - Blow Original Mix 5. Butch - Amelie Format:B Remix 6. Oliver Koletzki - Technica Salsa 7. Solo - Afreaka 8. Labels: DJ Mikey. Sunday, 19 April Glenn C. Glenn C. This is Nu Disco. Diamond Cut - Teardrops CD2: 1. Labels: Gym PlaylistHed Kandi. Happy Hearts Month to everyone. I'm back and I have 3 party mixes for everyone.

Abigail Bailey - Hesitate Susu Bobien - Wondrous Frankie Gada vs. Raf Marchesini - Rockstar Chris Lake - Only One Martin Solveig - I Want You Denzel Park - Finally Bingo Players vs.

Chocolate Puma - Touch Me Barry Harris feat. Pepper Mashay - Dive in the Pool Laurent Wolf - Wash My World Guru Josh Project - Infinity John Revox - OlT Stylus Robb - Ininna Tora Ron Carroll - What a Wonderful World Jean Elan - Where's Your Head at Sidekick - Deep Fear Rudy - Open Your Heart Greta B. Marco V - Dubai Sessions Tracklist: Elektronica Vol. Tiesto - Best of Best Remixed Tiesto - Best of Best Remixed Tracklist: 1.

Labels: Gym PlaylistTiesto. Labels: Gym PlaylistMinistry of Sound. Heatwaves MixSet Heatwaves Deep house, with a funk twist near the end. Labels: Benny Bennassi. In this article, a research review of the literature will be presented and discussed, exploring the following: 1 the effects of music on respiration and heart rate, 2 the effects of different types of music on physical strength, 3 the effects of music and rhythmic stimuli in the rehabilitation of gait disorders 4 the effects of music on endurance performance, 5 the effects of rhythmic accompaniment upon learning fundamental motor skills 6 the influence of music elements on aerobic fitness Effects of Music on Respiration and Heart Rate The effects of music on respiration and cardiac activity have been of particular focus to researchers due to the value of these physiological parameters to health and disease prevention.

Labels: Effect of Music on Exercise. Hope all you enjoyed your times in Washington and that you kept warm on the national mall. Beautiful Voices Vocal Chill Mix Steve Forte Rio feat. VA-Trance Best Of Labels: Trance.

Labels: Acid JazzJazz Funk. Boney James - Boney's Funky Christmas Labels: Smooth Jazz. The Answer - Rise Special Edition. VA - Christmas Dance Tracks Labels: DanceHouseTrance. Labels: House. VA - Motown Disco Labels: DiscoFunk. VA-Super Electro v. VA - Nu Jazz Anthology Labels: Nu Jazz. Stas Relide - Best of Autumn Despite their early success, the group was eclipsed in popularity by long-term opponents the Supremes, with whom they shared an intense rivalry that caused the girls' mental breakdowns and illnesses of all kinds, until their definitive disbanding.

The Marvelettes were Motown's first successful girl group as well as the most underrated: while the Supremes and the Vandellas have been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since the late 80's, the Marvelettes' nomination for induction arrived in Louis while he was performing with his 'Kings Of Rhythm': she just grabbed the microphone and sang a B.

King song, impressing Ike so immediately and overwhelmingly that he asked her to perform regularly with them. The rest is history: Ike's slick managing skills and songwriting, along with Tina's intensely energetic lead voice, three back-up 'Ikettes' and a technically airtight eight-piece band produced a combination of country blues, rock and roll, ghetto rhythm and gospel passion that created a legend lasting 50 years.

Numbered limited edition of ; gram pressing housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with insert. Heavy organ and guitars, with rough English vocals, great songs, very well composed and performed with a bluesy feel and influenced by the 'Vertigo' UK sound with a great mix of heavy guitar and hammond organ. Only a very few albums from Scandinavia are produced that well, recorded at Rosenberg Studios, Copenhagen.

We are releasing this album with 2 long bonus tracks. Of cause there are many good albums from that time who need to be released again, but this album really stands out. Limited edition of ; gram vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with page insert.

This final album In The Wonderful World Of Ingeson which was the name of the recording studio was recorded and produced entirely by the band with no restrictions from major label producers. What they have produced in was a musical statement and a piece of art This masterpiece is loaded with psychedelic ideas, stoned effects, backwards loops, fuzz guitar, Latin beat's, great vocals and amazing lyrics. Perhaps the first Os Mutantes album might suit this direction a bit as well. We have never heard an album like this before.

Here we have the rare stereo version with 12 page LP size book and gatefold sleeve. A psychedelic masterpiece and one of the best albums from Latin Americana. If you want to have your album perfect as the original pressing, attach a tiny piece of chewing gum inside the gatefold top left corner looked like an acid trip on the original cover and spray it with rose perfume, which they did as well.

It turns out Carmen Hillestad Carmen Villain has been a spy in the house of fashion. Behind the scenes, she was channeling her frustrations into a set of songs with a defiantly DIY underground free-rock sound. Behind the angelic face lurks a villain. Exotic Dreams is one of those superb records that live up to the hype due to both the beautiful voice of the singer and its exotic arrangements, causing the listener to execrate the missed opportunities, as Azama faded into obscurity shortly thereafter, despite her obvious talent and various gigs in Hawaiian and Australian night clubs and her recurring role in the '70s TV series Hawaii Five Twelve songs are featured on Exotic Dreamsand the style ranges from far eastern mystique over Hawaiian snugness to faux-Polynesian exhilaration.

Ethel Azama feels always at home, regardless of the tempo, style or mood, and once the listener is growing tired of the occasionally jazzy nature, the next song around the corner is totally different, yet cohesive enough to not tear the concept of dreaminess apart. His vivid orchestrations present the wild, exotic sounds of the primitive forest in striking contrast to breathtaking jazz interpretations that feature the great Plas Johnson alternating on tenor sax and alto flute, and throughout these varied moods and tempos is heard the constant fire of Latin rhythm, resulting in an exciting blend.

A rare and highly sought-after milestone for the whole 'lounge' subculture. A pinnacle as both a compilation of classic soul music, and a must-have for any Wu-Tang completist, this is an LP set not to be missed. The two craft beats that can either revel in the grit of the underground or swing with the blingest of them. They're the only producers in the game who successfully get props from the backpack crowd while also working the boards amongst the most influential names in popular urban music.

Announced in fallthe concept of a 'rap album without rappers' struck some as minor novelty, but Donut s would prove to transcend the rigid definitions of what a hip-hop album could be. It plays part like a DJ mix, part like a hip-hop beat maker at work, its songs starting and stopping unexpectedly, like someone turning the dial on an imaginary radio station. But it's an unmistakably modern album, and one which perfectly encapsulated the artist's reputation among his peers and fans as a top-rated architect of soulful hip-hop.

In this was found on the master tapes for Ruff Draft and chosen -- by Ma Dukes, us here at Stones Throw and various other Dilla associates -- as the perfect way to lead off the reissue of Ruff Draft that followed. Back in '07 we didn't have the time to press this sleeve, so the single was originally issued in a plain white jacket. Better late than never. Mixed and mastered by Dave Cooley and Kelly Hibbert from the original master tapes in Sleeve by Jeff Jank.

Album is packaged in a limited edition 45 box set, including 7 45s plus a Stones Throw bonus fan club Produced by Connie Price. Features members of the legendary ska band Hepcat. Leaving Records is one of Los Angeles' best, Album) hand-curated cassette label whose international reach belies its boutique status and DIY style.

Naturally, Dual Form reflects the brightly burning light guiding Leaving's doings: an elevated level of experimentation combined with the twinning beliefs that art is sacred and music is magic. In a way, avant chanteuse Julia Holter provides this set's mantra with her haunting cover of Arthur Russell's 'You and Me Both' when she sings, 'Want to keep on doing.

All of the tracks on the album are new, original recordings. If the names gathered here look unfamiliar, it'd be a good time to start studying them. On the cover: Jakob Ullmann Stasi interrogation methods and transcendent world religions inform the austere minimalism of this German composer ; Ashley Paul The jazz-trained New Yorker breathes delicate life into skeletal, digitally distressed song forms ; Storyboard P Greg Tate meets the New York street dancer and Flying Lotus collaborator whose animatronic motion-blur is a choreographed form of bullet time ; Invisible Jukebox: Mika Vainio The Wire 's mystery record selection All My Relations is constant forward motion and audible physicality.

Chippendale's furious drumming style is ever present and instantly recognizable, but the pop element, which Chippendale explored in more contained ways on earlier Black Pus releases, is more fully integrated. Tracks like ' Years' and 'Hear No Evil' bear a snarl and a smile, the sound of wild abandon that is both aggressive and inviting.

Chippendale creates maximalist music out of the simple elements of drums, vocals, and an oscillator triggered by the kick drum, looping and repeating phrases, and rhythms in a way that can only be called meditative.

Not much introduction needed for this magic album. In fact, The Madcap Laughs is an immersive experience, dragging the listener into a world of tangled emotions and battered sound. Hope and fear, joy and dread, loathing and longing, whimsy and reality -- all of these contrasting sentiments and emotions manifest themselves, animating an album that continues to be felt.

On gram vinyl; housed in a gatefold sleeve. The constituency is always in motion, evolving to the rhythm of whatever faces, ideas, and environs surround it. The summery, surf-inspired atmospheres that reverberate from this 7"s two tracks are easygoing but tinged with melancholy: equally suited for a midnight peace pipe or a Coney Island carousel.

Above all The Original Bingo Club is anchored in honesty, both to its respective selves and to its communal aspirations. Just send back the torn covers! Check it! More copies back in stock. Classic third wave ska classic pressed on vinyl for the very first time! Originally built on ERIK SATIE's "furniture music" concept, these tracks are intended to blend into the ambient atmosphere of the room rather than be directly focused upon.

Very influential, it's placid beauty never duplicated. Only available previously on limited 7"! Legit import pressing on clear vinyl. Comes in a clear sleeve. Now back in stock, but who knows for how long, so act fast! It lures listeners in with the slow, luxurious bassline and gentle piano of "SO WHAT", each tune after has a similar relaxed feel. Sounds great - you know the deal! Helsinki-based producer LAS has cut a unique path through contemporary bass music, infusing foundation dubstep vibes with a sense of the wild natural spaces of his homeland.

LAS goes mad deep on "Preaching," with lo-fi atmospherics and dub sensibilities underpinned by restless bass and tough tribal halfstep. Zaikedelic Side B From the orchestral opener "Cannibal Generals," to the tapped auto-tuned euphoria of "I'll Be Broke," to the loose and rattling dubstep of "You Go to My Head," Finland's Clouds are very much back on form.

Cannibal Generals Four Hands You Go to My Head I'll Be Broke Napalm Get Over It The seventh volume of Skream 's seminal Skreamizm series sees the producer not only expanding his range dramatically, but inviting a true global pop-star along for the ride as well.

Elsewhere, Skream takes much the same attitude he took with his recent Skreamizm tour -- a means of exploring broader avenues while still remaining connected to the essence of his sound. Both are potent reminders of Skream's versatility as a producer, and add up to his most varied and exploratory Skreamizm to date. Side B Scrooge's Revenge Side BB Disc 3. UA is Seven 's first release on his own imprint Uprise Audio. Every element of it from start to finish is perfectly crafted like a Swiss timepiece, blowing the listener away with its powerful weight and dynamics.

Walter White B1. Sick of techno taking itself too seriously, 3D! T aka Ed Giles decided to start writing music that was different to the endless sea of uninteresting records on offer, injecting large doses of humour and originality to his sound. This carnival of wonk always sets the crowd off. T — Giant Chickens a2 3D! T — The Thing b1 Queaver — Yeah or! No stranger to the labelBTK has more than earned his stripes to become an integral part in the Hardware regiment, alongside his production partner, Optiv.

Remaining true to his trademark heavyweight style BTK bores a hole in your speakers with this raw yet polished roller, hip hop vox punctuate the snappy, compact beats and grinding mids that pull together into this gritty, funk fuelled stepper. Crunchy drums, throaty mids and low bass groans set the tone and keep you engaged til the very last. Megahertz, AA. Be Yourself.

Alongside him is Nymfo, one of the most cutting edge producers on the scene. Now the two varied producers join forces for two cuts of precise, soulful classic Drum and Bass on Allsorts. This release is no exception. After an atmospheric intro, it soon breaks out into an evolving low end roller that will leave you breathless. Combining stark drums, dark, modulated drones and a deep bassline, Command Strange delivers a moody, bass heavy stepper to complete the physical release.

Tesla Underground. Fokuz Recordings. Project Influenza Media. Nekrolog1k Recordings. Phunkfiction Recordings. The original version is a beautifully murky, solidly soulful electronic ballad.

This 4-track EP experiments with different tempos shifting beneath the shuddering dubstep basslines they have come to be known for. The opening track busts out vintage house drums with an anthemic bassline. The title track is minimalist dubstep at its most extreme, little more than metallic percussion, flickering dub chords, and a hulking bassline.

A truly deep excursion into chilled out dubstep that is perfect for deep meditation with a pair of headphones. Renato Cohen has almost single-handedly put the Brazilian dance music scene on the map. With his own unique way of mixing styles, from house to techno and influences of funk and jazz, he has built up a clear Brazilian electronic music identity.

Suddenly Funk Side B Hector Couto was featured in Resident Advisor's Top most charted producers of and he returns with an EP that will blow your mind. Take Me Away Side B Underground Feelings. A brand-new house label from the B-Tracks camp, harsher and more bad-boy than Supply, with a killer four-track showcase to get the ball rolling. Fresh and diverse, exceptionally good. Griswold Family Side B Untitled The Perennials is Rachel Evans ' eagerly-awaited follow-up to her eponymous LP for Spectrum Spools, channeling her celestial energies into concise and emotive ambient-pop arrangements on the cusp of progressive '90s trance.

Taking in a handful of gorgeous songs ranging from pastoral instrumentals to strobing arpeggio surfers and sweeping mini bleep symphonies, she isolates a feeling or vibe hovering between the alien horizons of Tangerine Dream and Laurie Spiegel and the heart-aching cinematic yearn of Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise at their best for David Lynch. From the Icarus -like trance ascension of opener "Efflorescence," she makes a deeply endearing virtue of divining unresolved tension between cosmic ambition and lo-fi willpower, defying its teasing gravity to ride pockets of thermal energy with siren-like chicanery on the radiant "The Reynard and the Vixen," while the neo-tantrik positivism of "Foggy Morning" consolidates the compatible dimensions of Laurel Halo and Suzanne Ciani with bittersweet effect beside the lushly heightened sensuality of "The Chord and the Centre.

Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alechemy. Limited to individually-numbered copies. Efflorescence The Walk of the White Cat The Reynard and the Vixen Side B Foggy Morning The Chord and the Centre. Ellen Allien 's new work LISm is already being referred to as a milestone in the label's history: rarely has an LP from the circle of BPC artists deviated so far from the club context as this one. The label boss has radically disposed of all established musical templates and created space for 45 minutes of sonic experiments that lie well beyond any functional paradigm -- a highly emotional soundtrack for one's "inner cinema," but also a creative process with a considerable fun factor.

The starting point for LISm came in Ellen was approached by two choreographers and dancers to compose music for their dance performance "Drama per Musica. Drawing from the genre-spanning structure of her DJ sets, Ellen invites the listener to experience the piece as a musical journey with constantly-shifting scenes and impressions. After the successful performance, Ellen initially leaves the music resting on her hard drive before deciding, in earlyto revive and rework Album) stage music for her next album.

As could be expected from this constellation, LISm offers up a considerable breadth and openness of style: rhythmic slivers and fragments are arranged like pieces of a jigsaw until they eventually form a recognizable whole and take shape in the mind of the listener.

Instead of focusing on beats and melodies, Ellen works over song phrases with parameters such as volume and tonal density. Swing loops, piano motifs and vocal fragments recited like mantras are just a few of the associative elements that pass before the inner eye, until they too are finally merged into the rhythmic flow of a timelessly-serene, perfectly danceable down-tempo electronica track.

At this point the musical elements, connected by an overarching melody, paint a coherent and memorable picture -- a very spiritual picture, as Ellen stresses, which in turn offers a profound insight into one's own emotional world. LISmoriginally created in the context of the performing arts, thus generates its own images and associations with their own content in its second phase of conception.

The extremely unique and challenging nature of this work also opens the Lovely (Original Mix) - Fanatic Emotions - Trance In Love Vol.3 (File to intriguing conjecture about BPC's stylistic orientation as the label moves into the future.

This bomb on Echocord Colour comes from Mike Dehnert. This one contains two powerful techno tracks with the stripped-down Dehnert sound, perfect for the peak-time dancefloor. The remix comes from Mike's colleague Sascha Rydell -- a monster, flowing, powerful track. Mike Dehnert is mostly known from his own imprint, the raw techno label Fachwerk, which he has been running since Limite Side B Retransmission Limite Sascha Rydell Remix. DJ Vas is primarily known as a member of pioneering '90s French house band, Kojak.

When the 1. For this project, DJ Vas practices the very special game of soul-funk and disco edits, delivering four tracks made for the dancefloor, finely cut and re-produced in complete new versions. With their new fixed tempo, these forgotten treasures find a new life next to modern productions. The title-track is old school New York house style, and his friend Nicholas provides a more clubby version. It brings to mind the production of Kenlou or House Syndicate.

The Nicholas remix is for all house DJs. Into My Life Into My Life Nicholas Remix. Mooryc 's "Simply" was the opening track of the Fenou Bouquet Vol. His track is lovingly arranged and embedded in a harmonious sound collage and the underlaid beats try to permeate everyone with their massive drums.

Dapayk conjures from the dreamy original a floor-compatible remix. Said and done, he does it with his relaxed manner and without sacrificing the essential elements. As usual, the 10" vinyl release is a limited, numbered edition. Simply Side B Simply Dapayk Rmx. Over the last few years, Douglas Greed has been twisting heads at festivals with his live band. What has developed on the stage as a stout Twister session for adults is now presented as a music release.

The title-track is a bass-bellied house rocker along with vocals that wink an eye with a snot-nosed chorus added. With " Ansi Lumen" the lights roll on and off with a flick. Masked Up and Messed Up feat. Kuss Side B The Rainfall. A true Kompakt staple since the ground-breaking Was Ist Musik? A well-known connoisseur of exquisite house and deep disco, he weaves an intricate web of vintage references and contemporary club aesthetics Timecode Tyree Cooper Mix Timecode Axel Boman Mix.

For Speicher 74 Rainer Weichhold and Namito unite under new moniker Hick Hack to bring you two compelling cuts sure to beef up even the most demanding DJ set. You'll find all the audiophile finesse and spirited deepness you come to expect from the two producers, embedded in two exuberant tracks already pawing the ground in anticipation of their deployment.

As two sides of the same coin, both tracks depict perfect club chemistry and will level any playing field in a matter of nanoseconds. Hick Side B Two moves, a name change, almost exactly publications and a staggering 20 years later, Kompakt is still here and stronger than ever. That's why throughoutKompakt will celebrate 20 years of Kompakt in Lovely (Original Mix) - Fanatic Emotions - Trance In Love Vol.3 (File shapes and colors, including this exciting jubilee 2CD release jam-packed with floor favorites, towering chart-toppers and secret weapons from the rich history of one of Germany's most-loved labels.

Carefully pulled from Kompakt's extensive archives, this first entry in the 20 Jahre Kompakt Kollektion series is in no way meant to be a "best of": that would indeed be a task larger than life. Rather than just going through the motions and assembling sales numbers, Kompakt took a different road, simply compiling their proudest moments instead, classic records that defined their sound today.

Like the soundtrack to a suspenseful techno-thriller, or retro-futurist sci-fi tale, it's a modern sound journey heavy on imagery. Over nine tracks we are guided through the varying moods and scenes of Function's musical temperament. Be it through writhing layered club tracks, soaring string-led atmospheres, or melodic pieces founded on classic electronic traditions, Incubation marks a new level of maturity for the Berlin-based producer.

What begins as a lush and blossoming lesson in ambient synth arrangements, with the beautiful arpeggios and waveforms of "Voiceprint," quickly drops off the apex and into the depths of Function's filtering acid world as "Against the Wall" unfolds.

This metallic, acidic concept is explored further too, in Album) final moments of the album with the chilling "Psychic Warfare. And thus, the pressure increases. Opening a path into an alternate, yet not-too distant dimension then, "Incubation Ritual " takes form; its haunting and graceful waves of synths continue the sci-fi theme, while the tough modulating bass undercurrent reminds us of Function's big-room techno appeal.

The final moments of "Incubation Ritual " glide effortlessly into the album version of "Inter," where ethereal melodies and snippets of spoken word surround a classic IDM-deep-house core.

In the CD version of the album, "Gradient I" concludes the voyage. Earthy, modulating bass and patterns merge as a cyclic, audio resolution occurs. In the final mixing stages of the album, Function brought the material to cult engineer and producer Tobias Freund NSI. Incubation is a bold and powerful album from one of modern techno's key players. Inclined to hold back, rather than release too much, Album) has let his sound develop and mature, fusing analog synths and drums with modern production techniques to create something unique and timeless.

Voiceprint Against the Wall Side B Counterpoint Opening with the mood-setting "Gradient Intro ," with its spatial ambience and sci-fi dramatics, we are launched into the earthy, modulating "Gradient I. Gradient Intro Gradient I Side B Gradient II Incubation Prologue. PAN UK :. Limited repress. The minute Diversions EP is made up entirely from samples from the collection of Lee Gamble 's jungle cassette mix-tapes. The audio has been subjected to analog and digital deformations, while trying to extract, expand upon, and convey particular qualities emblematic of the original music.

The effect is that of a musical body scan, all that is solid melts into air. Sounds are unearthed, dissected on the operating table, melted and unlockedevoking sonics not unlike the heavy dub processes of Jah Shaka and Scion in an INA GRM frame of mind or bearing a similar methodological approach with what Mark Leckey explored in his piece "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore.

Lee Gamble started out as a teenager DJing on pirate radio and on the emerging jungle scene; however, his own approach to music has taken a more experimental direction. What you then have left is often the detritus or debris of an idea. Phantasms of both previous and current musical, pseudo-scientific and sculptural influences are manifest as new material abstractions, created from the digital blank canvas. This abstraction allows several interests to appear in the works simultaneously.

He has also produced and curated three radio series for London-based radio station Resonance Lee has released his computer compositions on the Entr'acte label and has collaborated with composer John Wall and artists Yutaka Makino and Bryan Lewis Saunders. Diversions is the beginning of a longer-term collaboration with Pan.

You can find free music in a few seconds. It is enough only to enter the name or creative pseudonym of the musician or the collective in the search string. Before downloading, you can listen to the melody and, making sure that this is the one you were looking for, mp3 download direct to any device.

Pop Da Pussyhole Skit - Bashy - Ur Mum Vol One (CDr), Ήταν Μια Φορά - Γιάννης Σπανός - Λ. Παπαδόπουλος*, Γιάννης Πάριος, Χάρις Αλεξίου, Γιάννης Καλατζής -, 100 Years Ago - The Flying Burrito Brothers* - The High Lonesome Sound Of The Flying Burrito Brother, Zeitensprung - Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Glory-Hallelujah ! (CD, Album), Untitled - Various - Public Service Radio Spots (Vinyl), Blues - Eddie Skoller - Han Med What Did You Learn In School Today (Vinyl, LP, Album), Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix) - Various - Maxima FM Radio-Dance Vol. 17 - ¿Bailamos? (CD), Lover Of The Light - Mumford & Sons - The Road To Red Rocks (Blu-ray-R), Vulcan Crash Landing - Loading Bombs Into Disco Volante - John Barry - Thunderball (Original Motion, Stayed Awake All Night - Krokus - Alive And Screamin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kake Randelin - Huoleton (CD, Album), Ink - Lena Deluxe - Mirror For Heroes (CD, Album)


Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD)

Cyantific - Outatime, Pt. John B - Unshakeable [] Hillsdom - Thoughtless [] Cynematic - Shuttle [] Insomniax - Crying Rain [] Blaine Stranger - Mesmerise [] Koven - Figure [] Cyantific, Bmotion - Cyborg [] Hard Dance Hardcore. IDM Electro Glitch. Live Music. Music Courses. Pop Future Pop Indie Pop. Reggae Dancehall Dub Reggaeton. Sound Archives. Trance Psy Trance. Trap Chill Trap Drill. As with all of the workbook content, it is best to start by watching the video lesson.

Then, use the workbook to take the patterns to your drum set. This way you can see and hear the pattern before attempting to play it on your own. This workbook includes all of the sheet music for the provided play-along songs. Every lesson includes references to both the related training DVD and the specific audio-track details. This way, you will immediately know where to find all relevant material for the song. Better still, it includes the BPM beats per Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD) speed that the song is played at.

This way, you can start by practicing the various beats and fills with a metronome before attempting the song. When it comes time to play the song along to the CD, you have the option to get a CD with or without a metronome click included. This way you can start with the metronome sound over the song, and then eventually jam directly with the drum-less track. The biggest addition is a list of direct DVD references for various sub-categories within the routine generator.

This way, you can immediately find relevant lessons! Also included is additional practice routine paper and blank notation paper for you to write your own custom beats, fills, and patterns. Best of all, you can find back-up copies of all five workbooks in PDF format on DVD 01, just in case you ever lose the hard-copies.

This also helps in case you need to print off additional practice routine paper, or blank notation paper! Right now, we are giving away the following FREE bonuses with every pack that is shipped out.

This Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD) guide is being included to quickly overview the entire Drumming System, so you will know exactly where to start. It has information for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers that may be curious as to where they should start based on their current ability level.

This also includes a recommended gear guide, listening guide, and a free drumming resources guide. This is shipped in printed format along with your copy of the Drumming System. Ever wondered how some drummers can go faster with one hand then with two?

Jared will teach you how to play a drum roll with a single hand! First Jared breaks it down on the practice pad, giving slow motion examples so you can see exactly what's happening. Next, he takes it to the drum-set within unique drum beats and fills.

Do you ever have questions about what drum gear to buy? Mike walks you through a drum department at a music store and shows you exactly what to look for when purchasing a drum-set, sticks, metronome, cymbals, etc. Need extra help? No problem! Join the members already using the Drumming System in the members support forum. Upon completing your order you will be sent Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD) link to a hidden page where you can gain instant access to this private forum and join the army of drummers already using this amazing training system to reach their drumming goals.

If you ever Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD) any questions, or just need some added direction the Drumming System team will be happy to help. This in an unlimited service to all owners of Mike Michalkow's Drumming System. Once your order has been completed we will send you a link to a special page containing our dedicated contact info just for Drumming System owners. All Drumming System owners are pushed to the front of the line and put on high priority.

We will get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry! Wonder if you're playing something right? Send us your video or audio clip of you playing the beat, fill, or technique that you're working on. We will review your submission and get back to you with a personalized critique within 24 hours! DVD 04 - Hand Technique Do you want to learn exactly how to hold the drumsticks for maximum speed, power, control, and endurance? DVD 05 - Drum Rudiments The drum rudiments are the building blocks to everything we play on the drums.

DVD 06 - Foot Techniques Up and coming drummers tend to spend too much time on the hands, and can sometimes ignore the feet. Proxima starts to arrange and mix the bass sounds with the kick and snare, making adjustments to position and level via automation, and commenting on the overall dynamics.

After designing the sound, it is processed with various distortion effects and EQ. A 4-bar drop section is developed to start the arrangement, duplicating and adding variations to bass sounds, and tweaking different aspects of the mix to improve the sound.

Proxima creates a noise patch to add upper textures to the mix. The sound is made with Analog and then processed with effects to shape the sound and add extra depth. Finally, a crash type FX sound is added to the start of the drop. An intro section is explained and developed, before some adjustments are made to different parts in the mix, ironing out inconsistencies in dynamics.

Proxima ends the course with some comments on the master buss frequencies and level, refining the settings on the Limiter and EQ.

Loopmasters do not have nor do they claim any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands Lessons - Various - DrumnBass (CD) with the brand owner.

Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. Disco Nu Disco. DJ Tools.

Various - Free Download E.P.01 (File, MP3), Reality (Original Club Edit), Dont Let Go Of Me - Jackie DeShannon - Quick Touches (Vinyl, LP, Album), Discourse (2) - Discourse (Vinyl), Replay (Tingel Tangel Mix), Way To Go (Dirty) - Skyzoo & 9th Wonder - Cloud 9: Way To Go / Im On It (Vinyl), Merlins Wizardry/Stonerhenge - Various - Tonal One (CDr), Windpony Serenade - Robert Windpony - Moonrider (CD), Activated - Various - Xque Compilation 2000 (CD), Jackie & The Cedrics - Cottonpickin / Wine Wine Wine (Vinyl), Una Historia - El Barrio (3) - Mi Secreto (CD, Album), Chez Le Photographe Du Motel - Miles Davis / Barney Wilen / Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - P, The Thing About Love - Alicia Keys - As I Am (CD, Album)


Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl)

LP,Gramm Vinyl. Released 28 August on Vertigo catalog no. Auf Ex! Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders Extrabreit. Bewertet Extrabreit. Rating: 4. Extrabreit 9 tracks Released in Rock.

Welch Ein Land! Wir Leben Im Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl). Listen full album. View all Extrabreit albums. NB Aus out must be used with an object i. So finally we have rauf und runter from the song lyrics! The new band sold far more records than Neu! The lyrics are mainly in German but it also includes a few lines in English.

Kraftwerk are probably the most critically acclaimed and influential group to come out of Germany. They often released their songs in both German and English versions, and like most British people I have become familiar with the latter versions. Here I will look at some of their German lyrics, focusing on the choruses and the pronunciation so you can sing along in authentic Deutsch. Also notice how the —er ending sounds quite similar to English, but it is formed slightly higher in the mouth.

The verb fahren means to drive. Fahren, like the infinitive of most German verbs ends in —en. However the e before the n is hardly pronounced. NB A vowel between two Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl) is generally long in German. This is confusing because in English we have the opposite pattern i. Many German nouns change between these to distinguish between singular and plural. The band was presented with their first Platinum record for their Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl) major success in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chug-a-lugCD. Authority control. United States. High-school friends Stefan Klein and Gerhard Sperling, gifted with little talent for playing soccer German adolescents' more usual pastimedecided to give music a try. With Ralf Denz on bass and Horst Werner Wiegand on vocals, they found comrades-in-arms to form the first of the band's many incarnations. The quartet members declared punk rock their game and Extrabreit Extrawide their name -- inspired by a fat permanent marker that was lying around in their rehearsal studio.

Remarkably, Wiegand convinced the rest of the band to sing in German, which was highly unusual at the time and won the band some attention from the press and promoters right away. Denz was soon replaced by Ralf Teuwen and, with Piet Worthmann, a second guitarist was employed.

Surprisingly, singer Wiegand left the band to pursue a solo career, but was soon replaced by Kai Schlasse, a cartoonist and devoted individualist who had never sung before, but -- after some alcohol-induced persuasion by the band -- eventually warmed to the idea of being part of the gang.

Like most punk bands of the era Extrabreit chose to adopt stage names, turning Schlasse into "Kai Havaii" and Klein into " Kleinkrieg " Guerilla Warfare. Other bandmembers often didn't last long enough to choose a moniker: Carlos Karges, who later enjoyed his fair share of fame as the guitarist for Nenareplaced Worthmann on guitar but was succeeded by Ulrich Ruhwedel, who immediately rechristened himself "Public Uli" and thus declared himself in it for the long haul.

Even though it contained some of what would be regarded as their most successful material, a quick rise to stardom was not in the cards. The album failed on a grand scale; sales were thoroughly disappointing. The following tour left the bandmembers exhausted, resulting in the departure of Schlasse and Karges -- and leaving the rest of the band with dim prospects.

The band was one of the most successful exponents of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement of the s. The band was founded around the Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl) ofwhen they began their career as a German punk rock band; later they were ascribed to the Neue Deutsche Welle NDW movement, though their music is not typical of the NDW genre.

It was influenced heavily by punk rock music, and their lyrics were often critical of politics and society. The members viewed themselves as punks, whose only association with Extrabreit - Learning Deutsch (Vinyl) NDW was that they appeared at the same time. The highlight of their career was seen from untilas they played for sold-out crowds, had records go Gold and Platinum and were pictured on the cover of BRAVO.

After two band members left the group inthey released two albums: Europa and LP der Woche. After a creative break untilthe band returned with an album that was heavily influenced by The Cure.

Ave Maria, The End Of The Day, Tiger Rag, Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol (Videoclip) - Ana Belén - Víctor Manuel - Dos En La Carretera - En Directo (D, One Of Everything - Idiot Johnson - The Illuminations (CDr, Album), TV Glue - X (10) - Evil Rumours Live At The Basement 9 December 2002 (CD, Album), Ješitnej Pitomec! - Various - Jak Vytrhnout Velrybě Stoličku (CD), Paganini* - Victor Tretjakow*, Moskauer Philharmonie*, Neeme Järvi - Violinkonzert Nr. 1 (Vinyl, LP,, Baby, I Cant Help Myself - Emii - Magic (File, MP3), Verano Porteño - TangoSeis Feat. Milva - Hommage À Astor Piazolla (Vinyl, LP, Album), Make Me Rainbows - Vic Damone - The Damone Type Of Thing (Vinyl, LP, Album), She Gets What She Wants - Apocalipps - Foodchain (CD, Album), Begining - (swedish) Death Polka - Judith Judith (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album)


Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the George Harrison compilation album. George Harrison. Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 26 January Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD) Retrieved 16 November Retrieved 7 November Record Collector.

Retrieved 13 August Archived from the original on 9 April Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 20 October Archived from the original on 22 October Retrieved 22 October PR Newswire. Marwa Blues. What Is Life. Rising Sun. When We Was Fab. Blow Away.

Cheer Down. Here Comes the Sun. I Don't Want to Do It. Bob Dylan. Isn't It a Pity. My Sweet Lord George Harrison. Any Road George Harrison. In addition to the performance scenes by members from a theatrical opening, various people dance. Some private images from private unpublished tours are included, and it is unbearable to maniacs. I am surprised that the movement of the mouth which should not match only various collage images is made so that it properly fits the lyrics. Although it is a picture of the Japanese performance but no audience seats at all, it seems this is the image that was reflected on the screen on that day.

George does not appear at all, it is a mysterious picture that a beautiful girl will jump to the song. Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD) is surprising that there was a person who was recording such images at that time. Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD) it is said that TV commercials that are destined to just disappear at that time are left behind like this.

There is no Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD) played by George and it is a collage of various pictures and images. It was broadcasted in and consists of images and photographs of the Beatles era all. Again there is no performance scene of George and female dancers dance to songs. It is a disappointing fact that George has not appeared because it is made fancy making full use of chroma key processing and also a vivid color image.

It is a picture that George of Curly hair sings with guitar with flashy white shirt and red shirt in hand. It is a very rare thing to say that the motion picture played by George of this era. George seems not to interact with other artists too much, but still it seems that many participate, although not as much as Paul, as recorded here.

Including version differences and out takes, the recording of this work is all promotional images produced from the dissolution of the Beatles to the present after death. My Sweet Lord Bangladesh Dark Horse Ding Dong, Ding Dong 1 original film Ding Dong, Ding Dong 2 restored Crackerbox Palace True Love This Song 1 Variation A This Song 2 Variation B Blow Away Let It Roll - George Harrison - Complete Promo Clip Collection (DVD) The only thing is that the album starts with "Got My Mind Set on You," which I would have placed in a position more accurately reflecting its chronology, but this is a minor quibble.

The main thing is, if you like George Harrison, you will probably like this album also. Fairly good selection of his greatest hits, they could have easily made this a 2 CD set. I met him at an old haunt arounda place called "John's at the Beach" in Ventura, Ca.

A friend and I were there having a beer, we turned around and to our surprise there he was!! I ordered a picture to his table and he motioned for us to join him!! We obviously told him of our admiration and he was almost embarrassed After another picture of beer was finished he pardoned himself and said he had to get back to a friends house in Ojai, about 20 minutes away.

I said I would be honored to drive him, but of course, as we made our way to the street, there was a limo waiting.

Till Victory - Patti Smith Group - Easter (Vinyl, LP, Album), Yellow Butterfly - Scorpions - Коллекция Альбомов (1985-1999) CD2 (CD), Blue Skies Bring Tears (Heavy) - The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina II / The Friends & Enemies Of M, New Orleans - Iggy Pop And The Stooges* - Live In LA 73 (CD, Album), Go Ask Alice - The Legendary Pink Dots - Asylum (CD, Album), Tetracaina - Various - Lototol (CD), Life On Mars, Alright!, Attack - System Of A Down - Gold Collection (CDr), Below - Against One (File, MP3, Album), Because Our Love Is Real - Erasure - Nightbird (CD, Album)


Ill Come Running - Eno* - Another Green World (CD, Album)

Unlike some of his later, full-fledged ambient work, Eno 's gift for melodicism and tight focus here keep the entirety of the album in the forefront of the listener's consciousness, making it the perfect introduction to his achievements even for those who find ambient music difficult to enjoy. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age.

Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Ill Come Running - Eno* - Another Green World (CD Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Retrieved 6 April Acclaimed Music. Archived from the original on 11 June Retrieved 2 October Polydor Records.

ILPS Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. Retrieved 8 July Brian Eno. No New York Q. Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Collaborative albums by artist. Roxy Music For Your Pleasure. Low "Heroes" Lodger Outside. Fourth World, Vol. Music for Onmyo-Ji Drawn from Life. Someday World High Life.

Authority control MusicBrainz release group. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. IslandLondon. Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy Another Green World Evening Star Christgau's Record Guide.

There are a few pop songs scattered here and there "St. Elmo's Fire," "I'll Come Running," "Golden Hours"but most of the album consists of deliberately paced instrumentals that, while often closer to ambient music than pop, are both melodic and rhythmic; many, like "Sky Saw," "In Dark Trees," and "Little Fishes," are highly imagistic, like paintings done in sound that actually resemble their titles. Lyrics are infrequent, but when they do pop up, they follow the Ill Come Running - Eno* - Another Green World (CD style of albums past; this time, though, the humor seems less bizarre than gently whimsical and addled, fitting perfectly into the dreamlike mood of the rest of the album.

His first two solo albums, Here Come the Warm Jets and Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategyhad reimagined glam rock as sound sculpture and established Eno not just as a practitioner of pop, but a theoretician of it: Album) whose music doubled as a blueprint for how music could be made. In interviews he came off as part drag courtesan and part professor emeritus, scissoring his legs in feathers and sequins while dishing about the thrills of aleatoric composition, shaping ideas few people had heard before into forms anyone could understand.

Jets and Tiger Mountain bookended a year—November to November —during which Eno released three other, collaborative albums. At the time he conceived of Discreet Musicjust a few months before he found himself panicked on the studio floor, Eno was lying in a London hospital after being hit by a taxi.

The story—a modern creation myth—goes that his girlfriend brought him an album of 18th-century harp music, which Eno was too weak to adjust the volume on, exposing him to a blurry, impressionistic convergence of music and light rainfall outside. What if, he thought, you could make Ill Come Running - Eno* - Another Green World (CD to be heard but not actively listened to? Days earlier, he had been lying in the back of an ambulance, holding his head together Album) his own bloody hands. Eno accepted it as a gift.

Eno, it should be said, had planned on going into the studio without a plan. Eno, then 20, added instructions for the instruments to be ground down and cast into blocks of acrylic resin, which should be given to young children.

Just To Keep You Satisfied - Howard Hewett - Its Time (CD, Album), The Sound Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds Of Silence (CD, Album), Porque - Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Horses (Music From The Mo, Natural Wig - Muddy Waters - Mud In Your Ear (Vinyl, LP), Travel - The Gathering - How To Measure A Planet? (CD, Album), Impermanence I - Jacob Anderskov - Strings, Percussion & Piano (CD), The Last Time - Multi s - A New Day (Cassette, Album), Gustaf Holmquist - Guds Barns Trygghet (Children Of God) / Min Klippa (My Rock) (Shellac), Glory Box (Edit) - Portishead - PPP (CDr), Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix - The Essential Jimi Hendrix (Vinyl, LP), Mockingbird - Ruth Gerson - Fools And Kings (CD), Wherez Da Party At? (Mufis Mix) - Miilkbone - Wherez Da Party At? (CD), I Was Just Walkin Out - Various - Songs For A Summer Night (Vinyl, LP), Back On The Chain Gang - Pretenders* - Pirate Radio 1979 ~ 2005 (CD)


Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl)

Aftermarket Parts. Aftermarket Screens. Grinding Mills. Finishing Mills. Lab Testing. Additional Information. Round Brochure. Dimensional Data. Round Separator Video.

Round Separator - Dry Aluminum Video. The spatial variation of ecotones often form due to disturbances, creating patches that separate patches of vegetation. Different intensity of disturbances can cause landslides, land shifts, or movement of sediment that can create these vegetation patches Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) ecotones.

Plants in competition extend themselves on one side of the ecotone Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) far as their ability to Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) themselves allows. Beyond this competitors of the adjacent community take over.

As a result, the ecotone represents a shift in dominance. Ecotones are particularly significant for mobile animals, as they can exploit more than one set of habitats within a short distance. The ecotone contains not only species common to the communities on both sides; it may also include a number of highly adaptable species that tend to colonize such transitional areas.

An ecotone is often associated with an ecocline : a "physical transition zone" between two systems. The ecotone and ecocline concepts are sometimes confused: an ecocline can signal an ecotone chemically ex: pH or salinity gradientor microclimatically hydrothermal gradient between two ecosystems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Transition area between two biomes. For other uses, see Ecotone disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ecology portal Biology portal Environment portal. Species Diversity Patterns at Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) Master's thesis.

University of North Carolina. Ecology and Field Biology 2nd ed. ISBN A Aquatic Botany. Journal of Vegetation Science. Front Plant Sci. Noisy neighbors. The non-leasable apartment under the fitness center. A concierge with stiff knees. A lobby-turned-ice rink from the rain. Can the right floor solve all that? Even with such a diverse set of challenges, with Ecore surfaces, the answer is Yes.

Can the right retail flooring improve the customer experience, stand up to heavy foot traffic, and even give the sales force a morale boost?

Yes, it absolutely can. Can a learning environment be designed to reduce stress? To help teachers engage with their students? To make classrooms and playgrounds safer? With Ecore floors, Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) answer is Yes. First-graders seeing history come to life at a local museum.

A faith group planning a charity event. A former figure skater taking Ecotone - Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive - Split (Vinyl) daughter to the ice rink for the first time.

Underture, Eldoradoll, Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD), Genocide Of All Christian Life - Noise Nazi - The Homofascist (CDr), In My Car (Ill Be The Driver) - Shania Twain - Up! (International Version) (CD, Album), Mi Obsecion - Ramón Ayala Y Los Bravos Del Norte* - Un Puño De Tierra (Vinyl, LP, Album), Raving And Drooling (Live At Wembley 1974) - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here • Experience Edition (C, Move Over Ms. L. - John Lennon - The Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Fifteen (Vinyl, LP), Dedicação - Salvador Trio - Salvador Trio (CD, Album), The Cranzers - Live at FM club (File, MP3, Album), Petits Princes - K-maro - La Good Life (CD, Album), Broomstick, Thriller - The Cranzers - Live at FM club (File, MP3, Album)


Anita / Anita - Marco Werba - Anita (Colonna Sonora Del Film) (CD, Album)

From: skateboard dot com. Visit Video Plus for the latest audio and video: Search. With Dawn Murphy as Samantha. The truth is there was a moment when we talked about shooting the movie. Find out how your ad can be here! New movies available in many different formats for all devices.

Excuse me, you have something in your teeth. Download He ri jun zai lai. Thanks for sharing your videos and knowledge about Teresa Teng's life and music. Vampire movie to shoot at Everett restaurant HeraldNet. The Movie Downloads! Unlimited Bandwidth and no Monthly Charges! Full Uncensored Coverage of Every Movie! Enjoy Movies from over Countries! Full p Resolution Movies on Demand!

Download Stagecoach to Fury. Gun Fury Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies A Civil War vet takes off in hot pursuit after an outlaw gang who ambushed a stagecoach and kidnapped his bride-to-be. Although there were Westerns before it, Stagecoach quickly became a template for all movie Westerns to come.

Watch Video. Gun Fury After a stagecoach holdup. Typical Walsh Western originally Album) in 3-D. A cavalry officer organizes fellow passangers against Mexican outlaws, while at a stagecoach stop. A character. Download Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust. Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust -- Someone is feeding on vampire flesh. Genres are Horror. Hangman brings you in to his lair to see the twisted insight of his mind. Geetika murder case: Kanda in Custody Watch the video - Yahoo.

Download Kamome shokudo. Directed By Naoko Ogigami. Kamome Shokudoh: Japanese soul food in Helsinki. Prometheus Global Media. Anita / Anita - Marco Werba - Anita (Colonna Sonora Del Film) (CD Biz. Archived from the original on August 27, Retrieved March 5, Anitta Ritmo Perfeito Bang! Meu Lugar. Authority control MusicBrainz release group. Categories : debut albums Anitta singer albums Portuguese-language albums.

Hidden categories: CS1 Anita / Anita - Marco Werba - Anita (Colonna Sonora Del Film) (CD sources es CS1 Portuguese-language sources pt Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Album) with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers Track listings with input errors Certification Table Entry usages for Brazil Pages using certification Table Entry with sales figures Pages using certification Table Entry with sales footnote Articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Various U. Warner Music. Anitta Ritmo Perfeito Positive [17]. Machado Tavares Album). Anita then takes Neeraj to the secret building where Anil reveals that he killed his lover who was pregnant and threw her into the river and made it look like Anita committed suicide.

Later the police come chasing Anil and he is killed in an encounter. After that, Neeraj and Anita are reunited and hug each other. The music album also has two instrumentals, the title music track and the suspense theme track. This is probably the only movie where a full song "Gore gore chand se mukh par" is played before the opening credits. Some of the scenes in the movie were shot in Nainital. The ashram and temple is Hanuman Garhi in Nainital, where the song "Tum bin jeevan kaise beeta" is shot.

The final scene is shot at Mumbai'S Vihar Lake area. The popular 'Humpty Dumpty' cartoon structures can be seen. This article about a Hindi film of the s is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She is rejected when she has no money and rudely served when she does have money. The mother convinced her daughter to let Anita into their family life, where she eats and asks for more. She quietly witnesses the family arguments.

On the last day she is with them, the son sees her dancing to music while he is in charge of the store and he turns it up and dances with her. This leads to a store robbery, Anita being threatened, as well. She manages to get out and runs away. Anita falls asleep with a fever on a sofa which men have to move for an unknown reason and she is taken to one of the men's sister, Nori, a nurse, who injects Anita with a cure for fever.

She tells her brother to eventually do something about Anita because she works and cannot take care of her. When she allows Anita to stay alone, Anita misinterprets her instructions and stays on the couch no matter what, which includes bodily functions.

Anita ruins her couch with urine. Nori was stressed out and became furious at Anita. But one day Nori got fired at work, when she returned home depressed she injured herself, Anita was the one who took care of her and comforted her.

N*E*R*D - Lapdance (Vinyl), The Groove Is Here (Part One) - Legacy (4) - The Groove Is Here (Vinyl), Te Deum (For Orchestra, Choir And Soloists) - Kaviani* - Te Deum (CD, Album), Dangerous (Early Version) - Michael Jackson - MP3 Collection (CD), Candle Dance - Vesa-Matti Loiri - 4 + 20 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Skokiaan - Various - Popular Favourites (Vinyl, LP), Neges Teymour - Trawsfynydd Lo-fi Liberation Front - Croeso Ir Canolfan Ymwelwyr (CDr), Dont Worry - Various - Music Factory Mastermix - Issue 153 (CD), Frozen Heart (Extended Mix) - FM (6) - Frozen Heart (Vinyl), Irresistable Bitch - Prince - Extra Lovable (Vinyl, LP, Album), 100 År - Shit & Chalou* - 16 Største Succeser 1 (CD)


Dismember - Indecent And Obscene (CD, Album)

Kinda like how I never bothered hunting down any grave album past into the grave. You saved money. My first introduction to him was through the Hellacopters which are my favorite non-metal band of all time. He has an awesome voice he actually can sing and is a pretty badass guitarist even though he is more the rhythm guitarist. Despite pretty much playing every role on Clandestine by Entombed, I think my favorite work of his is with the Hellacopters. Not the bullshit on the radio check them out.

They split up but they have like 7 albums and plenty of great work to listen to. Great recommendation though! I actually prefer Hellacopters to anything Dismembered or Entombed released.

You may as well talk shit about other deathmetal records of that era. Am I the only one who thinks that outside of a very few select albums the typical Swedish DM style really sucked? Uncanny, God Macabre, and Therion were good. Grotesque was great. They split up in but reunited Dismember - Indecent And Obscene (CD Pioneers of Swedish death metal[3] [4] Dismember is now considered one of the country's "big four", alongside EntombedGraveand Unleashed.

The band formed in Stockholm in Album) After a hiatus, during which several members joined Carnagethe band began recording in earnest in and released their debut album Like an Ever Flowing Stream that year. The song prompted an obscenity charge in the United Kingdom, against which the band successfully defended themselves.

According to an interview with fellow Nuclear Blast group Benediction in metallian. Like many of the other Scandinavian death metal bands, Dismember began softening their sound in the mids, with 's Massive Killing Capacity having more melodic approaches, which had a good public response.

AroundDismember set a new path and signed for Karmageddon Records. Inthey released their sole album with that label titled Where Ironcrosses Grow which some thought sounds close to Hate Campaign and was inspired by Iron Maiden and Autopsy.

They switched record companies again insigning Dismember - Indecent And Obscene (CD Regain Recordswhich bought the rights to their earlier albums as Album) and released them as luxury digipak editions. InDismember released their seventh album The God That Never Waswhich continued in the style of its predecessor.

The band spent February on the road in Europe. After the release of The God That Never Was and some touring, Estby left the band "after long and careful consideration". In a posting on the official site on 20 AprilEstby cites the demands of touring and the needs of his family as key reasons for him leaving the band. I want to thank all the fans, friends, bands and all the other cool people I've met through the years and I wish Dismember all the best in the future.

In Aprilthey released their eighth album, Dismember. The DVD also included a documentary and interviews with band members. The cover art was created by Erik Danielsson of Trident Art. Opeth Blackwater Park 5. Metallica Master Of Puppets 6. Metallica Ride The Lightning 7. Black Sabbath Paranoid 8. Iron Maiden Powerslave Thy Catafalque Vadak 2. Helloween Helloween 3.

Iotunn Access All Worlds 7. Soen Imperial 8. Dismember - Indecent And Obscene. Fleshless Skinfather Sorrowfilled Case Obscene Souldevourer Reborn In Blasphemy Eviscerated Bitch Dreaming In Red Hill [ reissue bonus] More lists Create a list!

Comments: 3 Visited by: users. Another excellent album by Dismember, though I prefer the band's debut by a margin. On this album I think the instrumental performance is less melodic and more vicious, but that's not Dismember - Indecent And Obscene (CD say it's any less effective. Posts: From: Greece.

Except the masterpiece "Dreaming in Red" with one of the best riffs ever and maybe "Reborn In Blasphemy" the rest is like a filler. Posts: From: Germany. Starvynth i c deaf people Posts: From: Germany. This song alone deserves a slightly higher rating Hits total: This month: 5.

Are you sure? OK Cancel.

Романтика - Каста - Быль В Глаза (CD, Album), Freddie Fresh - DJ (Ravers Choice) Vibes & Wishdokta* - Freddie Fresh / Rave Is A Mystery (Vinyl, You Dey Find Me Trouble - The Five Unite Brothers Band Of Ghana - Christian For Mouth (Vinyl, LP), La Cupis. - Jean•Philippe Rameau*, Orchestre De Chambre Jean•François Paillard* - Les Six Concerts E, Mambo #5 - Dave Pell & His Orchestra - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White And 9 Other Magnifice, Ветер Моря / Seawind - nATo (5) - nATo (CD, Album), Inmortalidad - SinSilencio - Sin Tiempo (File, MP3, Album), X-Ray Tango - X-Ray Tango - Spy Fidelity (CD, Album), Das Haus Auf Der Sierra - Various - Really!! They Sing It In German Vol. II (CD), Pop Da Pussyhole Skit - Bashy - Ur Mum Vol One (CDr), House Of Jealous Lovers - James Murphy - Japan Tour Live Mix @ Club Dawn Osaka (CD), Rawside - Staatsgewalt (CD, Album), Black Man Struggle - Sluggy* - Black Man Struggle (Vinyl), Il Mio Sguardo È Uno Specchio - Rosanna Fratello - Rosanna (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Blowin In The Wind - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl, LP)

Yes, and how many deaths will it take till he knows That too many people have died? War is just futile-should there be one death or a thousand. There are countless wars where people were sent into slaughter in the name of Lords and LP) and Gods.

But none of that have mattered to glorified generals. Blowin In The Wind - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl would they realize that too many mothers, fathers, husbands and wives and children have died for no cause? And the answer to all these questions Bob Dylan poses are there in the wind. They move, they change, but the answers are there. He put his skills to good use like in this Blowin In The Wind - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl.

Tags: Bob Dylan. I am the founder and lead author and editor of Justrandomthings music community. July 19, January 28, March 3, The country makes the laws that oppress people and sends them to war.

If people would see that they can start making changes. I never thought of a flag when pondering the meaning of this song but it is so obvious. You could even see the flag as an analogy for the nature of reality itself, the matrix, or the LP) word for it: maya. Whatever perturbations occur, the wise observer has to be one step removed to see the ideal unchanging meaning of reality over time.

There were lots of wars in the early s. The Vietnam War actually started in the mids, even tho the states was not involved till later. Blowin In The Wind - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl the U. And of course, the Civil Rights movement was coming to the for, as you point out. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cadet LPS Esmond Edwards. Fried Buzzard Blowing in the Wind Lou Donaldson at His Best Yes No.

Don't Fear The Reaper. Reach Up for The Sunrise. There's Gotta Be More to Life. A Beautiful Life. A Boy Like That. A Change Is Gonna Come. A Christmas to Remember. A House Is Not a Home. A Little Bit in Love. A Little More. A Musician I Am. A New England. A New Life. A Blowin In The Wind - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl Girl. More Albums. Bratri a Sestricky Brothers and Sisters.

Ring Dem Bells - Various - Dansk Guldalder Jazz Vol. 1-4 (Vinyl, LP), Rebel MC (...Is Kickin Your Ass) - Various - Techno Activa Compilation Vol. 1 (CD), Metal Comando, Bell - Levin Goes Lightly - Neo Romantic (Vinyl, LP, Album), Problems - Minimetal - Never Hang Around (CD, Album), The Atom Of The Moment (Empire State Human Remix) - Wave In Head - With You (CD), Monster, Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones - 94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour Souvenir (CD), Golden Triangle (Ashley Beedles Heavy Disco Dub) - Cagedbaby - Golden Triangle (CDr), The Twelfth, Majestic, You Make Me Feel So Young - Nelson Riddle - The Joy Of Living (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD)

Stroberi mangga apel sorry gak level Bola pingpong dimakan gelatik Biar ompong yang penting cantik. Mata belo, ala komedian. Tunda lapar, makan indomi. Potong kuku, pendek-pendek. Beli ketan, beli kain songket. Makan semangka, makan kedondong.

Ga punya pendirian, bikin jemu. Nembak itik, langsung kena. Kotak amal, digoyang-goyang. Hari Jumat, pada pake batik. Pecahan genting, di bawah kursi.

Nangis-nangis, mobil kena srempet. Panasin mentega, karena mulai beku. Photo Info Download. Printable version PDF version. You might also be interested in. It is impossible to tell them apart, and the cases of their mistaken identity in many comical situations guarantee to entertain all viewers, small and grown. Sign In. TV Series — — 30min.

Episode guide. Animation Adventure Comedy. See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Sign up and join the community. Pan Tau 6 Family 30m. Overview Pan Tau always had a gentle expression and a friendly smile, he was elegantly dressed in a stroller, with an umbrella and a white carnation in the lapel. Social Reviews 0 Discussions 0. Si Maskan pasang kawat gigi Gigi ompong kuning-kuning Saya ucapkan selamat pagi, kalo bule ngomog good morning. Si Baju Kuning berlalu pergi Pergi bawa sekoteng dari Cikini Good morning selamat pagi Jumpa lagi dengan orang ganteng disini.

Sungguh indah kota Cianjur terbentang sawah sejauh pandang Lebih baik kita bersyukur Pagi yang indah masih menjelang. Mang maman beli masakan Si Utap membeli bakwan Senyuman pagi dibiasakan Agar tetap tamvan menawan.

Sakit gigi kebanyakan makan teri agak enakan minum air anget selamat pagi wahai bidadari, kamu kok manis banget. Pulang pergi ke Cikajang Ke Cikajang membeli bohlam selamat pagi bidadariku sayang, adakah aku di mimpimu semalam. Pohon bambu tegak berdiri, pohon jambu daunnya tinggi sapamu hangat bak mentari, senyummu sesejuk Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD) pagi.

Ke Pasar Minggu beli seroja pulangnya membeli ragi Yang kutunggu senyummu saja tuk lengkapi indahnya pagi. Masak aer! Masak aer!! Dua tiga bulu tangkis Kalau kalah jangan menangis. Aya listrik di masigit Caangna ka pabrik kina Aya istri jangkung alit Hanjakal teu di calana. Manuk ciung na pisitan Buah nangka aratah keneh Mun dicium kunu kumisan Sabulan karasa keneh. Meulak saledri sareung kangkung Tangkalna dua ngahiji Loba istri di tariung Hanjakal teu bisa ngaji.

Tongeret di baju hejo Cau amon dua deui Tong direret tong di tenyo Kuringmah geus boga deui. Ecet-ecet oet-oet Ngaronda ngarurek beulut Kapelet kuring kapelet Ku randa nu gede hitut. Ngala saga sisi huma Di samberan Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD) waliwis Tiis raga tiis sukma Lantaran jadi kanu geulis. Suwangkung ulah di humbut Pikeun tihang papanjangan Nu jangkung ulah sik imut Bilih kuring ka edanan.

Ninyuh ubar ku cipati Di wadahan piring geulas Anu sabar eta pasti Ku allah di pikawelas. Jeruk purut Cikaruncang Jambu aer wanayasa Camerut hayang ka bujang Susu laer teu karasa. Kamana jalan ka jogja Kaditu ka palih wetan Kamana jalan ka surga Kaditu kapangaosan. Mencit meuri dina rakit Boboko wadah bakatul Lain nyeuri ku panyakit Kabogoh di rebut batur.

Caang bulan opat belas Kacai di tiyung anuk Aya mojang matak waas Erloji ge menang nganyuk. Aya roda na tanjakan Katinggang ku pangpung jengkol Aya randa gogoakan Katinggang ku hulu botol. Piring pisin di ragaji Colenak di kalapaan Abdi isin ku paraji Boga anak Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD) bapaan.

Ngala tutut ka talaga Alat na pacul ayakan Kitu Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD) hayang ka surga Solat nage eulateulatan. Lauk emas dina ganggeung Disameran kujapati Boga emas moal langgeung Teu cara boga pangarti. Hayu urang mupu tiwuohan malah mobok pagu Huntu linu murukusunu bongan tara ngosok huntu. Meuli daging ka ciawi Jalan na ka singaparna Judang jeuding kasalaki Teu di bere eusi calana.

Hanyakal ngadu kaleci Liang beulut ngagedean Hanyakal boga salaki Liang …. Sok hayang ka kadipaten Meuli bandeng salawean Sok hayang jd panganten Ngarah mineng ganti pakean. Majar maneh cengkeh koneng Kulit peuteuy dina waru Majar maneh lengkeh koneng Kulit Pan Tau (Titelmelodie) - Various - Generation Fernseh-Kult 2 (CD) meuni nambru.

Aya jalma teu boga alis Sabab getol dikerokna Neng geulis tong gumeulis Sabab rujit katenjona.

I Dont Need It - Eater (2) - The Eater Chronicles (Vinyl, LP), Untitled - Current Ninety Three* - Faust (Vinyl, LP, Album), Eyvallah - Tolga Karel - Dale Don Dale / Göçebe (CD, Album), Never Fall Down - Rawside - Staatsgewalt (CD, Album), Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla (Das Rheingold) - Wagner*, Fredrick Fennell, Eastman Wind Ensemble -, Silent Night - Air Supply - The Christmas Album (CD, Album), Predestinated - Levin Goes Lightly - Neo Romantic (Vinyl, LP, Album), Belfast (Urban Blight Mix), Shake Up - C.V.E. Chillin Villain Empire* - Not Like Those (File, Album), The Last Blast - Thomas White (2) - The Maximalist (CDr, Album), A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) - Celine Dion* - My Love (Ultimate Essential Collection) (CD), Corazon De La Tierra - Omacatl - Nuestra Tierra (CDr, Album)

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