Bem-Vinda! - Giallos - ¡Contra! (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Porvir 9. Lenhador 2. Meu maravilhoso amigo meu 7. Merda 9. Pendura Balela Segue o bloco 2. Seis patinhos 3. Zero e um 4. Pelicano 5. Suvenir 6. Over and over Transe Hamburguer Amor e carnaval 3. Fiu fiu 5. Mil amigos 6. Muro muro Morumbi 7. Tic tac 8. Meio dia 9. Cadente Naquele sonho Etc, etc, etc Tilt Arquitetura de vertigem 2. Choque pesadelo 3. Panorama 4. Memoria celestial Album). Cores novas 7. Outra coisa 8. Realinhar Olho de Thundera Boca da terra 2. Remandelagem 3.

Nobre plebeu 4. Batida catira 5. Barravento 6. Dizeres desertos 7. E o mar secou 9. Boca oca Onda do mar Cubro meu corpo Caminho de volta 3. Nina 4. Rio 5. Tribo dos homens 8. Sino Capricho primeiro 2. Capricho Bachiano 3. Capricho venezuelano 4. Capricho do Luperce 5. Capricho de valsa 6. Capricho do Carmo 7. Capricho de Pixinguinha 8. Capricho de choro 9. Capricho do sol Capricho retirante Capricho de Espanha Disco 2 1. Capricho da lua 3.

Capricho de Raphael 4. Capricho do sul 5. Capricho de Donga 6. Capricho de chocolate 7. Capricho do norte 8. Capricho da hora Capricho brasileiro Capricho do oriente Viva o Rio de Janeiro 2. Balaio 3. Ginga carioca 5.

Chorinho pra ele 6. Vale da Ribeira 8. Capivara 9. O sino da igrejinha 2. Tilangueiro 4. Cumbia, cumbia 5. Ngoloxi 6. Samurai 2.

Sonhos de Tokio 3. Bedum 4. Morning Birds 6. Garuda 8. Doce agonia 9. Fuego Policia Jazz intro 2. Charles Bossa 7 3. Intro 2 5. Bossa nova export 7. Billy Bob's 9. Fado italiano Ska-surfboard-brow A fuga Ver Tereza 2. Nara chamou 3. Guitarra de pilha 4. Encontro natural 5. Baile do branco 7. Lambada da goiabada 8.

Combu Rio verde 2. Liberdade 3. Encantos de sereia 4. Chora cavaquinho 5. Penhor 6. Levitando 7. Engasga gato 8. Justo 9. Navegador A praia 3. Leveza 4. Treasures and tragedies 5. BH-SP 7. Guanabara 8. Essa nega me falta 9. Florzinha Cheiro bom homenagem ao Tibet Vadiar O pescador 2. Tempo novo 3. Alma de poeta 7. Descompasso Levantar respirar Feito morrer Alpinista O teu calor 2. De tanto esperar 3. La cicimila 4. Cumbia das flores 5. Quero brincar de sol 6.

Dia de Rei 7. Uh la lai 8. Baila perfumada 9. Para de chover Despertador 2. Sonho parasita 4. Leve 5. O momento 7. Get a heart 8. Tudo tem seu lugar 9. Abduzida 5. Duda 7. Animal 8. Boneca de posto 9. Deu ruim Toque Separada 2. Tranquilometragem 3. Close your eyes 4. Menos carne 5. Fale mais sobre isso 7. Own Fever 8. Nonsense 3.

Latino 5. Rafael groove 7. Cumbia do zumbi Minimal Deja vu Nonada 2. Adeus, violeiro 3. Cobra criada 6. For do Agave 7. Caim 8. Entradas e bandeiras 9. De Comala a Macondo Dobrado Movido a vapor 2. Poliglota 4. Tarde londrina 7. Vagabundo iluminado 8. Ilhas Cayman 9. Todos os olhos Porto Belo Morena tropicana Tidal wave 2. A kind of blue 3. If the bandleaders are dead 4. What lovers should do 5. Love is a ritual 6. Noble soul 7. Naturally sad 8. I hope you have a better life 9.

Why so romantic with death? Music for my friends 2. The secret song 3. Pete's lambada 4. Green eye's blues 5. Giant leap's song 6. Short song for Neil Gaiman's caracter's dream 7. Spaceship song 8. Music for drama and cloudy skies 9.

Fuzzy song Song for the crazy surfer Rio grande 2. Outono 3. Lea 4. Alguidar 5. Palavra som 6. O gosto Bem-Vinda! - Giallos - ¡Contra! (Vinyl sonho 7. Finta 8. Rosa dos ventos 9. Verbo expediente 4. Pereirando 6. Duro e Bem-Vinda!

- Giallos - ¡Contra! (Vinyl matar 8. Como diz o outro 9. Tchau, Cristina! Meio boa Cavucada Atriz na high society 2. Merda pela grama 5. Bomba Bulimia Neguin di kebra pt 2 5.

Coisas de Brasil 7. Rep and roll 8. Festa no gueto 9. Say goodbye 2. With love 3. Don't let it slip away 4. Why so mute? Stand up for yourself 6. Climb the stairs 7. And love you'll have 8. Ants 9. Ouvinte 2. Envelhecer 4. Escadaria 8. Cleide Da janela Se eu cuidasse mais da minha vida 3. A burocracia 4. Sodomisaram Kadafi 5. Hospital 6. Roubaram o meu rim 8. O padre baleiro 9. Em frente, enfrente 2.

Mata Hari 5. Autorretrato 8. Por um triz 9. Tinha que ser Vegas Caos Estrelar hi fi 2. Favas 5. Jasmim 8. Jogado no tempo 9. Cabeleiras do mar Vez Uma palavra 2.

O novo 5. Colorido artificialmente 6. Caracol 7. Sempre assim 8. Leve 9. Dia bonito 2. Ornitorrinco 4. No bastidor 6. O show vai continuar 7. Curioso isso 9. Esteticamente estranho Fuzarca 4. Dia de matar porco 7.

Levante o vestido 8. Com o diabo no corpo 9. Bruta alegria Caipirinha Vinho de mesa Quem vai carpir o lote? Coisas desesperadoras do rock and roll Novos ricos Vale a pena morrer pelo protesto A viola foi pro saco Carrasco 2. Cavalo motor 3.

Fio desencapado 5. Assum cinza 7. Epifania Da idade da terra Roda da fortuna Enseada 2. Cancioneiro 3. Poucas e pequenas coisas 4. Ele 5. Dance dance dance 6. Alfredo 7. O homem morto 9. Introduzione 2. Island 3. Cosmos 4. Flanger 5. A calma 6.

Quase Laura Vento 2. Bem-vinda 3. Enquanto 5. Carnaval 6. Sensatez 7. Agora nunca Bourbon 2. Desaparecendo 3. Sexta, 23h 4. Beautiful life II 6. Motel ovo Arizona 8. Que fase! Corpo e alma 3. Carrossel 5. Tristeza 7. Versos vegetarianos 8. Sonhos 9. Cidade sem cor Rosa do morro Delicadeza 5.

Xerazade 2. Terra de sonhos 7. Mareio 8. Lar Summertime 2. Existir 3. Alegria 5. Tempo tanto faz 6. Eu caio 7. Torpe 8. Cosmic melodrama Febril 2. Ortopedia 4. Programa 5. Canto IV 6. Caverna 7. Palavra 8. Menino 6. Aurora de mil tons 7. Universo par 9. Pequenininho 2. Se nunca ouviram a "Souvenir" ao vivo, aproveitem. Italia 90 em Portugal Sunflare no Damas. Overdose falhada resulta em disco de estreia. Flamingods mostram primeiro face de Levitation.

Os primeiros para o Vira Pop. Saibam mais aqui. Fechado o cartaz do Tremor. Earth e os gatos. Quem tem BoCA Consultem todo o programa aqui. Muito para ver no IndieMusic. Clinic regressam no Presente com um olho no Passado.

Nick Murphy corre depressa e dorme nu. O regresso do cowboy diastemado. Julia Holter. Loyle Carner e Jorja Smith atam as pontas soltas.

A dias dos Crystal Fighters. Laura Gibson em Espinho. Sebadoh anunciam disco novo. The Man From Managra chega Tonight. Kalynichta Mr. Cecil K:. Confiram todas as datas em baixo. Bilhetes a 8 euros. Hey maybe that's a good thing! So anyway I've tried to switch up the styles and give you a taste of some big band, bossa nova, latin jazz, hard-hitting fusion Etiquetas: Jazz. Almost a decade later, The Herbaliser are in the middle of another new musical evolution. Understandably, they now want to capture this latest live chapter on record.

And the title? Well as Session 1 was always meant to be the start of a series the second instalment had to be called Session 2, naturally. The boundaries are a bit less distinct now, because we are a lot more musical in our approach.

Session 2 spans more than a decade of Herbaliser live favourites, from the underground beats and breaks of their album Blow Your Headphones to the more lush, soulful grooves of Same As It Never Was. This may be booty-shaking club music at heart but many of these tracks are as dense and Bem-Vinda!

- Giallos - ¡Contra! (Vinyl detailed as the classic movie scores of Quincy Jones, John Barry or Lalo Schifrin. But this album is a true sequel Album) Session 1 in both sound and spirit. Forget the old Hollywood rule: sometimes a sequel can be just as good as the original. Etiquetas: Herbaliser. Samiyam - Zomby Mix. Etiquetas: Samiyam. Wax Poetics De Roger Troutman a Booker T. Haja tempo e uma esplanada onde mergulhar em mais uma Wax poetics. Etiquetas: Waxpoetics. Etiquetas: Sun Ra.

No que ao diggin' diz respeito, Soulman foi um dos meus mestres. Depois de algum tempo ausente das lides das break mixes, Soulman voltou a dar novidades no seu blog. Just when you thought I was retired from the break mix game I thought I was retired too, who knew I started working on this mix almost exactly one year ago and finally finished it today while the wife was at the movies with the kids watching Up they said it was good.

The original idea was to do a joint with all kinds of weird records from a bunch of different genres and countries. Somehow, it ended up being all rock records. Or at least records that would probably be filed in the rock section at your friendly neighborhood record shoppe. That's all I'll say about it, other than this is probably one of my weirder mixes- definitely maintaining the basic Soulman style but with some strange deviations from my traditional format as well.

I gotta admit this is one of my favorites- I'm rarely pleased with the finished product of anything I do, but I must say that I was very happy with the results this time. Peep it for yourself down below, and if you like it please feel free to share it with others, post it up on your blog or bootleg that schitt and sell it behind the counter at the corner bodega along with the apple blunts and loosies. It's free, do what you will with it.

I just grabbed whatever rock records were laying around at the time and played whatever sounded half decent. Dollar bin to ultra rare psych Etiquetas: Soulman. Tudo para que esta possa ser a melhor noite de sempre no Adamastor. Etiquetas: Red Bull Music Academy. Depois de contactado por mim, Dj Ferrari aceitou responder a algumas perguntas por mail.

Where are you from, how long have you been djing and collecting? My name is Ivan aka DJ Ferrari. What would you say are your main areas of interest, musically speaking? I like to think of my musical tastes as being very diverse due to the vast catalogs of rare records worldwide, but in reality it is quite narrow with a focus on funk, soul, jazz and psychedelic music from the 60s and 70s.

Even so, the music and the records are endless. Everything from funk 45s to Latin and African funk to psych to Brazilian and more.

I do appreciate some newer music, but I mostly focus on the old stuff. You just presented a brazilian mix on the soulstrut board. How long have you been collecting brazilian music? At the time I was mostly a funk, soul and psych collector so the introduction of regional samba and bossa nova sounds to what I was already into really appealed to my tastes.

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